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NEW SITE (LOPE UP or HITCH) District #46

NW1/4NE1/4 of 11-14-22


This one room school was 30x40 feet with a potbellied stove and a pump organ. During World War I it was the headquarters for the women war workers who made hospital gowns and knitted socks and scarves for the soldiers. The school was also used for church meetings and especially for the debates between the Church of Christ, Baptists and the Carmelites. The school had a recitation bench across the front near the stage where the teacher had her desk. Everyone drank out of the same dipper at the pump.


In June of 1923 New Site united with Number Five, Lone Elm, and Midway to form UNION CENTER.



BRADY, Nell 1917-18
HYER, Lola 1919
LATHROP, Helen 1921-22
MULLENIX, Agnes 1916
STAMPER, Thelma 1920


School Board

EAKINS, J. O. 1916-17
HARRISON, John 1916-17
INMAN, T. B. 1920-22
JERNIGAN, W. L. 1916-19
LONG, C. J. 1918-22
NICHOLS, J. B. 1918-22