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MULBERRY District #92

SE1/4 of 2-11-26


Mulberry was a one teacher school until 1913 when it became a two-teacher school. On April 30, 1930, Mulberry consolidated with Meridian.


If you can identify anyone in the pictures below, contact Melanie Alexander,



No records for 1914-15

ALLEN, Leroy 1911-12
ALLEN, Mildred CARLSON 1913
BODINE, Blanch 1919
BOYD, Bessie  1923
BRADY, Bryan 1902
COX, Georgia 1918
CREASON, Roxie 1922
DAVIS, Guy Bef. 1916
ELLIOTT, Maizelle 1928
HOWE, Lena 1929
KITCHENS, Luther Bef. 1916
KITCHENS, Mrs. Luther Bef. 1916
LEHNE, Eunice 1919
LONG, Bessie 1923
LONG, Carl  1929
MARTIN, Fay 1925
MCELWREATH, Annie 1917
MCELWREATH, Carson 1917
MILLINGTON, Jewel 1922
MOORE, Mildred 1925
NANNEY, Virgie 1916
REPASS, Neva 1916
RISHEL, Arthur Bef. 1916
RISHEL, Mrs. Arthur Bef. 1916
ROBERTS,  Lola 1918
SMITH, Miss Austa Bef. 1916
TUCKER, Beatrice 1928
VINCENT, Eunice Bef. 1916
WHEELER, Laverna 1924
WILSON, Hettie 1901
WOOLAM, M. O. 1926-27
WOOLAM, Newell 1927


School Board

ALBIN, W. C. 1923-26
ALLEN, Ted 1928-29
ALLEN, W. H. 1916-24
ALEXANDER, S. R. 1927-29
BLACK, R. Bef. 1916
CARLSON, C. 1926-29
CARLSON, E. N. 1916-25
DAVIS, W. J. J. 1918-20
GINN, J. W. Bef. 1916
GOODWIN, J. P.  1925-27
MCARTHUR, J. E. Bef. 1916
MCARTHUR, John 1921-22
TRAUDT, A. Bef. 1916
ZINN, J. W. 1916-17


Mulberry School Picture  1 - 1919

1. Picture associated with Mulberry School, 1919 - 1920.


Mulberry School Picture 2 - 1919

2. Possibly picture of Mulberry School, 1919 - 1920


These pictures belong to Imogene PICKERING (my aunt), of Mayfield, Beckham Co., OK, and I currently have them on loan to be scanned. They are not labeled on the back, however they appear to correspond to some notes on a couple of loose sheets of notebook paper made while my grandmother was still living.


The pages are a numbered list of family photos presumably in her posession at one time.  Generally speaking, the list gives the names of people in the photos (when the names were known), and sometimes also gives the location where it was taken, or the occasion. Most of the photos we have found that match the list have the list number marked on them, in a corner, and are circled.


These particular photos are not numbered however the descriptions of where my grandmother and her brother are, in the photos, matches these photos, and my aunt recognizes them as photos which her mother told her were taken while she was a student at the Mulberry School. Unfortunately, none of the people in the photos are identified except for my grandmother and her brother.


However, hopefully someone will see it here and be able to recognize some of the other faces, since the photos are for the most part very clear.  My grandmother, Mary Ann DAVIS, is the girl at the far right front in  picture 1 and her brother, [Willis] Grant DAVIS, is the boy at the far back left in picture 2. My guess is that these were taken shortly after WWI, maybe about 1919-1920? That would make my grandmother 15-16, and her brother 18-19.


Mary Ann and Willis Grant were the children of Ulysses Sheridan "Sherad" DAVIS and Sophia Catherine Shimel. The family moved from Wright Co., MO to the Beckham/Roger Mills Co. area of OK sometime before 1910. They are listed as living in the North Fork Township of Beckham Co. in the Federal Census for 1910 (p. 4-A), and were living with another family (W. MCCORA?) in the Meridian Township of Roger Mills Co. during the Federal Census taken in 1920 (ED 159, p. 4-B).