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MT. ZION District #76

SW1/4NE1/4 of 17-12-26


The Mt. Zion School was located four or five miles north of Meridian and on and one-half miles west. There was Sunday School and church held there also. The school was built around 1902 or 1903. A toilet was built for the girls, but the boys went to the shinnery patch. One day, three of the girls had gotten permission to leave the room. Johnny REED got permission to leave the room also. He went to the shinnery patch and boy as he was, the thought crossed his mind how funny it would be to turn the toilet over on the door he did. The girls were yelling so loud that Mr. DOODY, the teacher, heard them. He set out to the outbuilding and erected it so the girls could get out. They supposed the high wind had upset the little outhouse.


Mt. Zion was transferred into the Meridian School District in 1917. When the building was no longer used for the school, it became a grainery on the farm of Walter GOODWIN.


Mt. Zion closed in the spring of 1918 and the southern part of the district transferred to Meridian and the northern part transferred to Cottonwood.



COX, Mrs. Georgia 1917
DOODY, Robert  
HARRIS, Myrtle  
TUCKER, Miss M. B. 1916
TURNER, Minnie  


School Board

ROBINSON, M. C. 1916-17
SQUIRES, M. W. 1916-17