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LONE ELM District #45

SE1/4 NW1/4 of 8-14-21


Story told by Sterling MORROW who attended this school: “This one room schoolhouse was built in 1903. The lumber was hauled from Weatherford, OK. The community was far ahead of its time pertaining to the Equal Rights Amendment. If you will notice the school board members were all women from 1914 until it closed in 1923.”


In June 1923 Lone Elm united with three other schools and formed Union Center.



ADAMS, Mr. Billy Bef. 1916
CLIFT, Carl 1921-22
DOWN, Mr. C. L. (1st teacher) Bef. 1916
JENKINS, Margurete Bef. 1916
MCGAVOCK, Miss Elnora Bef. 1916
MOAD, Wretha (NICHOLS) Bef. 1916
OVERSTREET, Orpha 1919
PRESEWOOD, Miss Jessie Bef. 1916
STEEL, Lola Bef. 1916
STINSON, Bess 1920
THOMAS, Miss Lizzie Bef. 1916
WHITE, Willa 1916
WILMOTH, Lula 1917-18


School Board

FARNI, Vivian 1918-22
GODFREY, A. Y. Bef. 1916
HALL, Jim Bef. 1916
HILLMAN, Verna 1919-22
MORROW, Jim Bef. 1916
MORROW, Lula 1916-17
MORROW, Maude 1916-22
PORTERFIELD, Ella 1916-18
PORTERFIELD, Joe Bef. 1916