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DUNBAR District #101

Located in Cheyenne (Black School)


Unable to find much information. In the 1945-46 term there were two boys and two girls who attended the school. About 1948 there were about 10 black children in the Cheyenne area. Their parents the JOHNSONs, the MALOYs, the SMITHs and others met in the WEAVER home to decide if they could get the children in school. They found a building used by the Methodist and used it for school during the week. Mrs. Jessie May TAYLOR from Clinton helped the first year and Mrs. SCRAM came from Enid the next year. The school closed about 1956.



BRYAND, Kathy 1947
WAKEFIELD, Jessie Mae 1946-47
WEAVER, T. D. 1946


School Board Members – no record