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DOG HOLLOW (WILSON) District #36

(NE1/4NE1/4 26-15-25)


Because this school was located near J. J. WILSON's land it was called the Wilson School until one day that Mr. T. C.  MOORE, the County Superintendent paid a visit. It seems that a pack of dogs got under the building and they were barking, yelping and carrying on so that Mr. MOORE had a hard time being able to make himself heard over all the ruckus. From then on, the school was always called "Dog Holler"!! In the spring of 1926 Dog Holler was transferred to Clear Springs.



CHAPPELL, Jessie  1918
COMBS, Carrie  1917
INMAN, Mary  1919
INMAN, Vera  1925
JACKSON, Pyrle  1921-22
KEAHEY, Reba (ROSS)  1922
MOORE, Alvin  1916
PATTERSON, A. M. 1923-24
PATTERSON, Mrs. A. M. 1920


School Board

BATHING, H. H.  1925
BEAVIN, H. H. 1922-25
BRIGGS, T. E.  1922-24
MCGLOTHLIN, Mrs.  1920-21
MCGLOTHLIN, Mrs. E. N.  1918-19
OWENS, J. T.   1916-17
PATTERSON, A. M.  1916-17
REYNOLDS, Captolia  1920-22
THOMPSON, J. W.  1924-25
WALKER, Sam 1923
WILSON, J. J.  1916-21