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DEMPSEY District # 78

(SE1/4NE1/4 10-11-25)


The first school was conducted in 1903 for one month. The building was 10 x 12 with 1 x 12s spaced 2 feet apart for the walls and not sealed. The floor was of sandy earth located on quarter mile west of the Dempsey Cemetery on the north side of the road. They kept warm by heating sand in a tin dish pan over a shinery fire. The next year a larger school building (22 x 24) was built and later this first school was moved to the Marion FRANKFORD homestead where it was used for a smokehouse and still stands in 1983. Pie suppers were held to raise funds for Christmas treats at this school. Discipline was very strict and fully supported by the parents.


Closing and transferring to Reydon came in the spring of 1937. For the years of 1919 to 1923 no records are available during this time. Dempsey consolidated with three other schools to create C-3.



BAILEY, Mildred 1931-32
BOURNS, W. Clayton 1929
CHAMPLAIN, Morine 1927
CLAY, Ray 1930
CROSS, Eula Wilson 1933-34
DODSON, Mrs. Noel 1925,36
GILLESPIE, Mrs. Bessie 1926
HUNT, Juanita Estes  1935
LOZER, Clara  1918
MOORE, Mildred  1924
SQUIRE, C. A.  1916-17
UNGER, Mildred   1928


School Board

CARTER, J. O.  1923-26
FETTY, Bert  1934-36
FRANKFORD, R. W.  1934-36
FRANKFORD, Wm. 1923-24
FRENCH, T. L. 1927
FRENCH, T. F.  1925-26
GILLILAND, Virgil  1918
LANER, R. D.  1918
LOWRANCE, Alice 1929-33
MARTIN, J. C.  1927-33
MARTIN, W. B.  1916-18
PARMAN, A. B.  1935-36
PARMAN, Julia  1934
PAYNE, Nesby  1928-33
SKIDGEL, Ira  1923-24, 27-28