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CROTON (TAYLOR) District 59

(SW1/4NE1/4 12-13-25)


Trammell Bowman stated that this school house was about seven miles west of Cheyenne, on the south side of the road. (On June 26, 1924 Croton closed by petition and united with Mt. Rose). There are no records for the years of 1917 and 1918.



BELLAMY, Mrs. Pearl  1919
BULLARD, Jackie  1922
DICKEY, Ann 1921-22
LEARY, Kate 1916
MEEKS, Laura  1920
SIMMONS, Jewell  1922-23


School Board

BAUMAN, O. A.  1917-23
HUNTER, J. W.  1921-23
MALONE, F. N.  1916
MILLER, J. B.  1916-20
SEWELL, E. W.  1923
TAYLOR, J. E. 1916
WARREN, J. L.  1917-22