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COTTONWOOD School District #75

(SW1/4 33-13-26)


Miss Ethel Jennings ROGERS who taught school at Cottonwood, 1913-14, shared that "there were no cottonwood trees in sight in 1913." This white frame school was located five or six miles southwest of Reydon/Rankin. She taught from nine to four and every Thursday morning they observed chapel exercises. On Friday afternoons they would have ciphering matches, spelling bees or debates with neighboring schools. To hear a younger brother call his older brother "My Honorable Opponent" drew peals of laughter.


The northern part of this school district transferred to Rankin and the southern part transferred to Meridian in the spring of 1920.



ERWIN, Julia 1916-17
KENT, Inez  1919
ROGERS, Ethel  1913-14
WILLMOTH, Mable 1918


School Board

BESSIRE, Ernest  1916-19
BESSIRE, Julius  1920
BESSIRE, Lela  1920
DENTON, J. L. 1918-19
DENTON, M. L. 1917
MORSE, Grant  1918-20
REYNOLDS, J. P. 1916-17