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CLEAR SPRINGS District # 37

(NE1/4NE1/4 27-15-24)


Ralph HANAWALT and Trammell BOWMAN both wrote articles about their school. The school was located about two and a half miles south of Roll and a mile west. It was located on the north bank of Clear Spring Creek. The school was 30 by 40 feet, two doors and six double windows. In the spring of 1937, Clear Springs transferred to Crawford by petition.



BEAVIN, F. A. 1905-06
BLACK, Ora  1910-11
CLAY, Ray  1933-35
COMBS, Virgil 1916-17
CRAIG, Carl 1929-31
FLEMING, Elizabeth 1932
HAIGHT, T. S. 1922
HANAWALT, Stella 1923-24
KYSER, Mr. 1909
LITTLE, Lee 1927-28
NICHOLS, Beulah 1925-26
REYNOLDS, Pearl  1907-08
SCOTT, Zola 1936
STAMPER, Thelma 1919-20
STAUBER, Emma  1918
THOMPSON, Maggie 1914-15
WHITE, Earl  1912-13


School Board

BRAZELL, Bob 1916-18
GOIN, J. W.  1916-24
JONES, H. A. 1930-35
MEANS, J. J. 1921-29
MURPHY, Virginia  1925-34
REUST, Chris  1922-34
SPRINGER, W. E. 1916-21, 35-36
SWITZER, Bertha  1935-36
THOMPSON, J. W.  1936
WISE, John 1919-20