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BLUE RIDGE District #77


(NW1/4NW1/4 47-12-25)  In 1916 there were 29 students and on the 25th day of May, 1931, Blue Ridge closed and transferred to Meridian School. (In the picture of Blue Ridge 1919 there are students identified as Charley ISCH, Ural SCISM, Russell DRAKE, Herman ISCH, Rhoda PAYNE, Clyde ISCH, Ethel ISCH, Pearl GUTHRIE, Sirrilda WOOD, Forrest GUTHRIE, Harold KEITH, Louise SCISM, May KEITH, Ollie KEITH, Ruby WOOD, Orpha WOOD, and Tip SCISM.



ARNOLD, Lonnie 1922
CHEVES, Bertha  1919
DICKEY, Anna 1920
KING, Anna Bell  1930
LATHAM,  Bertha 1919
LONG, Carl  1923-24
LOWRANCE, Alice 1916
PARMAN, Julia Erwin  1925-29
ROBINSON, Fern  1919
ROWEN, Emma  1918
WELLS, Jennie 1921


School Board Members

ALLEE, T. E. 1925
CARTER, J. O.  1928-29
DARE, D. C.  1924-29
HARRIS, Fred 1922-23
HAWKINS, H. G. 1926
ISCH, John  1920-24
KAGAY, Roy  1916
KEITH, John 1920-21, 24-26
MOORE, W. W. 1917-19
PAYNE, J. M.  1916-19
PAYNE, J. N.  1928-29
SMITH, R. W.  1921-23, 27
THAXTON, D. M. 1928-30
THORNTON, J. M. 1930
WOOD, A. F. 1916-20, 27-30