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FAIRVIEW or SHUGART District No. 28

SW1/4SE1/4 of 5-15-24 Near Crawford


1916-17 (7 months) 

Teacher: J.E. McKenney, Board: W.J. Davis, G.L. Gilliland, Census: 40 


1917-18 (7 months) 

Teacher: Mrs. Willa (Hyman) White, Board: W.J. Davis, G.L. Gilliland, Census: 45 


On October 21, 1918, District No. 28 (Fairview-Shugart) united with District No. 8 (Twin Hills), District No. 10 (Streeter or Little Crawford) and District No. 29 (Fairmont or Vaughn) combined to form UG1 or Crawford.