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Record of Deeds to Town Lots


Submitted by: Teresa Young
Last Name First Name Page Townsite
ALDMOND Henry 7 Antlers
ALMOND Alsrey 5 Antlers
ALMOND Henry 4 Antlers
ALMOND Henry 8 Antlers
ARCHER Dollie 22 Antlers
ARCHER Dollie 23 Antlers
BRIGHT James 6 Antlers
BROWN John D. 39 Antlers
BROWN Watson 29 Tuskahoma
CARLISLE William H. 34 Antlers
CARLISLE William H. 35 Antlers
CHAPMAN Charles H. 65 Dexter
CHAPMAN Charles H. 70 Dexter
CLARK Milton A. 20 Antlers
CLAY George W. 32 Antlers
COCHRAN William P. 69 Antlers
COCKE John 7 Antlers
COMER William A. 74 Tuskahoma
COX Annie 49 Tuskahoma
CRAIN John 47 Antlers
CRAWFORD Amos B. 1 Antlers
CROW John T. 50 Antlers
DAVENPORT Luda P. 17 Antlers
EASTON Jake 32 Antlers
ENGLAND James H. 14 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 3 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 10 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 11 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 12 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 57 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 58 Antlers
ENNIS James M. 60 Antlers
EUBANKS Edward 34 Antlers
FARR Arthur T. 20 Antlers
FARR John G. 36 Antlers
FARR John G. 54 Antlers
FOSTER John 55 Antlers
FOWLKES Giles 38 Antlers
GAY Robert 38 Antlers
GLENN William T. 2 Antlers
HAMBY Michael 41 Kosoma
HAMBY Michael 42 Kosoma
HAMBY Michael 43 Kosoma
HAMBY Robert 73 Kosoma
HAMPTON Alexander 72 Tuskahoma
HAYES John W. 25 Antlers
HENDERSON Ben 24 Antlers
HERMAN James A. 26 Antlers
HERRINGTON Charles A. 3 Antlers
HORN Jeff 64 Antlers
HUDSON Peter J. 8 Tuskahoma
HURD Richard N. 30 Tuskahoma
HURD Richard N. 49 Antlers
ISHERWOOD William H. 48 Tuskahoma
JACKSON Alexander J. 39 Antlers
JACKSON Alexander J. 57 Antlers
JONES Joseph J. 1 Antlers
JONES Joseph J. 14 Antlers
KEITH William M. 44 Antlers
LANE Tilford, Jr. 10 Dexter
LEAK John 53 Antlers
LITTLEJOHN John M. 26 Antlers
LOCKE Shub 13 Antlers
LOCKE Victor M. 15 Antlers
LOCKE Victor M. 17 Antlers
LOCKE Victor M. 57 Antlers
McCLINTON James H. 13 Antlers
MILLER John C. 28 Kosoma
MORRIS William W. 6 Antlers
MOYER Henry P. 52 Antlers
NASH Frank H. 33 Antlers
NASH Henry C. 18 Antlers
NASH Henry C. 19 Antlers
NASH Henry C. 23 Antlers
NASH Henry C. 24 Antlers
NEWCOMB Sanford K. 61 Antlers
NEWCOMB Sanford K. 62 Antlers
NEWCOMB Sanford K. 63 Antlers
NORMAN Eliza 68 Antlers
PARKS James D. 19 Antlers
PARKS Walter D. 25 Antlers
POULTER Thomas B. 47 Antlers
POULTER Thomas B. 58 Antlers
RAILEY Sarah 41 Antlers
REDMAN William A. 21 Antlers
REDPATH John 45 Dexter
SHARP Elba 40 Antlers
SHARP Elba 44 Antlers
SHARP Elba 71 Antlers
SHERRER Jesse W. 2 Antlers
SILVERMAN Louis 55 Antlers
SILVERMAN Louis 56 Antlers
SMITH Thomas H. 27 Antlers
SMITH Thomas H. 28 Antlers
SMITH William C. 27 Antlers
SMITH William C. 31 Antlers
SOHNER Mary E. 48 Tuskahoma
SOHNER Mary E. 49 Tuskahoma
SOHNER Mary E. 74 Tuskahoma
STENMER Harrman 64 Antlers
STEPHENSON George D. 22 Antlers
STILLMAN Charles L. 52 Antlers
SURRETT William R. 59 Antlers
SWANTHANT? George W. 45 Antlers
TILLMAN Jesse A. 45 Dexter
TOWNSEND Liston G. 33 Antlers
TWEEDY Arista H. 63 Antlers
WALKER Charles E. 4 Antlers
WALKER Charles E. 12 Antlers
WALKER Isaac D. 5 Antlers
WALLANDER James 51 Antlers
WARD Otis B. 31 Antlers
WARD Otis B. 67 Antlers
WARD Thomas H. 11 Antlers
WARD Thomas H. 46 Antlers
WARD William E. 46 Antlers
WARD William E. 53 Antlers
WASSON Clark B. 51 Antlers
WEST James H. 29 Tuskahoma
WILMOTH Harper 9 Tuskahoma
WILSON Soloman 16 Antlers
WOMACK John F. 66 Dexter
ZIMMERMAN Barney 37 Antlers
ZIMMERMAN Barney 59 Antlers
ZIMMERMAN Barney 60 Antlers

John 3: 16 - 18:
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ), that
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the
world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not
condemned; but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believeth in the name of
the only begotten Son of God.

Favorite passage of Teresa Young


County Coordinator - J. M. Felihkatubbe

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