Pittsburg County

Union Chapel Cemetery
Located about 7 miles south of Pittsburg. Contains some Indian graves.

Annie Fender

Jan. 21, 1883 Oct. 31, 1951 Marker Photo
Lewis G. Fender 1913 1973 Marker Photo
Martha Ellen Fender Jan. 12, 1860 Unreadable Marker Photo
William Fender June 24, 1889 Jan. 30, 1917 Marker Photo He fell in the creek that winter and died of pneumonia.

  Submitted by: Chris
*A lot of the graves in this cemetery are children, my grandmother told my mother they died in the influenza epidemic.
And they are mostly from around the same time.

Gardner, Joseph Ben  Born Jan 7 1879 Died May 15 1916 H/O Malinda (Smallfield) Gardner. F/O Elmer Gardner and Stella (Gardner) Grove. S/O James Giden and Cordelia "Anna" Gardner and B/O Jane Ann
Gardner, Bianka "Annie" Gardner and John Vard Gardner
Gardner, Malinda (Smallfield)  Born Jan. 23, 1876 Died  July 2, 1958 W/O Joe Ben Gardner.
M/O Eli Jackson
McDonald,  Elmer Gardner and Stella (Gardner)
Grove. D/O Fred and Ellen (Wilson) Smallfield.  Sister of Minnie Wilma (Smallfield) McDonald and John Smallfield.
Submitted by: Maureen Donwen

Scroggins, Nancy Etna  Born April 5, 1897 Died March 20, 1918 (D/O William Smith and Sara Ann 
Hall Scroggins)
Scroggins, William Smith Born May 4, 1867  Died April 18, 1954  S/O Abner and Nancy Richardson Scroggins
Submitted by: Brenda Scroggins Sawyer

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