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Provided on 1/2018 from: Martie Crowder and quotes: Mrs. Jack T. Smith

The Turner-McElhaney Cemetery Indianola, Oklahoma

In order of the survey by Mrs. Jack T. Smith:
1. Jones, Amanda S. I cannot find any connection between her and any of the other people buried here. Wife of Stephen C. Vaughan, with whom she had nine children. He eventually succumbed to chronic illness due to the Civil War. She married again Rev. Henry Jones.
2. Standley, Ephraim Foster
3. Turner, William Foster. Son of Robert Freeman Turner and Olga Thressa Standley
4. Proctor, Baby Boy. The Proctors married into the Turner family
5. Proctor, Baby Boy
6. Manners, Olga Cynthia listed on second page
7. Leona Turner Terrell listed on second page
1. Estella Barnard I cannot find any connection between her and any of the other people buried here.
2. Broken Stone – I believe this belongs to Amanda Napier Smith Jones, listen as #1 above
3. Marrs, Minnie Wife of John Marrs. Daughter of Henry Monroe McElhaney
4. McElhaney, infant daughter of Henry Monroe McElhaney
5. McElhaney, Ethel P. daughter of Henry Monroe McElhaney
6. McElhaney, Henry Monroe, patriarch. Arkansas in 1887, Okahoma 1889 and I.T. 1900
No death date on stone. Ancestry shows died 31 Jan 1944
7. McElhaney, Sara Elizabeth, wife of Henry Monroe McElhaney Born 27 Sep1857, Died 17 Jan 1936
8. Knapp, Carmelita died 30 Mar 1936. granddaughter of Henry Monroe McElhaney. Her parents were George Smellcer and Helen Elizabeth McElhaney, daughter of Henry Monroe McElhaney.
George and Helen moved to California; they had at least two more children
9. M K, footstone
INSIDE FENCE (all are from the Turner family, and all have birth and death dates)
1. Turner, Albert A. Middle name Apuckshunnubbee, per his niece Maxine Almeda Terrell Miller
2. Turner, Ola Harper, wife of #1
3. Manners, Turner E. two months, son of T. E.Manners and Eva Almeda Turner Manners
4. Manners, Olga C. six months, daughter of T. E. and Eva Almeda Turner Manners
5. Manners, Eva died Aug. 1903. Married 1 May 1901, had babies listed as #2 and #3, died the same month as #3. Daughter of Robert Freeman Turner and Olga Thressa Standley Turner
6. Terrell, John Greene/Green, Jr. husband of #7
7. Leona Theresa Turner Terrell. Wife of #6. Double headstone gives her birth date, but she is buried in Kansas where she lived with her daughter
#6 - John Green Terrell's sister Lena May Terrell married Robert Standley Turner, brother of #7 – Leona Theresa Turner Terrell.
1. Robert Freeman Turner b. 28 Jun 1854 d. 27 Feb 1926
2. Olga Thressa Standley Turner, b. 29 Nov 1855 d. 3 Mar 1926 #1& #2 Robert and Olga had nine children. Two are buried inside fence: #1Albert, #5 Eva. #7 Leona is their daughter. Their infant son is listed above under Page 1, William Foster Turner
3. James Irwin Turner b 30 Jan 1885 d 12 June 1912
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