Pittsburg County


Pittsburg County

Pine Top Cemetery
South of Blanco, OK
Please send your Pine Top Cemetery information to: Vivian Sternenberg

Pinetop Cemetery Photos
Submitted by: Lesia Rousey

Long, Vina Born April 11, 1895 Died Mar. 12, 1941 & Mills, Mrs. Vina
Long, Delbert Born Sept. 2, 1935 Died Nov. 7, 1935  
Stiles, William Born June 11, 1832 Died Oct. 18, 1914 H/O Sarah M.
Stiles, H. R.  Born Mar. 7, 1872 Died Jan 6, 1931 Metal Fence

H/O Della

Stiles, Della Born Jan. 4, 1889 Died Aug. 28, 1974 Metal Fence

W/O H. R. Stiles

Wilson, Baby No Dates   Broken
Wilson, Henry Born Jan. 3, 1880 Died Feb. 2, 1918 Concrete
Wilson, Robert 1912 1918 Too Worn to Read
Eplie Mrs. Grandma E.

Epperly, Sarah Jennie (Shelton)

Born Jan. 1,1850 Died April 23,1928 Rock Marker W/O George S. Epperly. She came to Indian Terr. ca 1895.
Wilson, Emma Born Sept. 1884 Died 1929 Rock Marker

D/O Sarah J. Epperly

2nd W/O Richard W. Wilson

Wilson, Richard W. Born Oct 3,1883 Died Aug 28, 1856 Buried next to 1st Wife.
Johnson, George A Born April 21, 1891 Died Feb. 26, 1913 Fenced
Cook, Henry C. Born 1898 Died 1978 Chaney F. H. Marker
Cook, Annie Elb.

(Annie Elizabeth)

Born Nov. 13, 1882 Died Oct. 7, 1966 Age 83, Born at Wapanucka, OK, W/O Henry




Barbara Barrett

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