Pittsburg County


Pittsburg County

Oak Hill Cemetery
13th and Washington
McAlester, Oklahoma


Entrance to Oakhill Cemetery Photo

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Photo Submitted by: Teri Cochran

Oakhill Cemetery Sign

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Rhine, John Francis July 1853 1916 Born in Prince William Co., VA. Died McAlester,Pittsburg Co., OK.
Hooe-Rhine, Mary Virginia "Molly" May 26, 1856 Feb. 8, 1931 Born in Manassas, VA. Died Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK
Hooe, Robert Theodore July 1, 1833 Jan. 1914 Born in Clarke Co., VA. Died Kiowa, Pittsburg Co., OK

Submitted by: John Mitchell

Milton Monroe Berryman b. Jun/02/1847 d. May/30/1929  
Sallie Campbell Berryman b.1849 d. Aug/02/1929 wife of M. M. Berryman
Submitted by: Email

Bruce, Cassie Jewel
Born 8-6-1907 Died 6-8-1999
W/O Mallie Carl Bruce.born Palo Pinto, TX.     
Parents , Casper and Fannie (Hardin) Lyles (they are buried at Tannehill)
Bruce, Mallie Carl Born 10-15-1900 Died 8-19-1954 H/O Cassie  Jewel Lyles. Married  12-18-1927.  Born Pierce ,OK.
Parents, Franklin & Sallie (Denny) 
Crawford, Frances Born 5-28-1930 Died 3-12-1996 H/O Alfred A Crawford. Parents Mallie Carl and Cassie Jewel Bruce. Born Cheyenne, WY
Crawford, Gary Alfred Born 8-31-1947 Died 1-3- 1948 S/O Alfred and Frances Crawford. Born McAlester, OK

Submitted by: Mallie Mize

Barlow, Archie Mayo Born Oct. 6, 1894 Died Feb. 8, 1961 Born in Indian Territory, died McAlester, OK. H/O(1)Lela Myrtle Mays Barlow (2) Maxi Alewine West
F/O Leroy, Carl, Lois Eunice, Elizabeth Ivy, and Jimmy Dale

Submitted by: Karen Taylor

Sanford "Samuel" C. Hamilton ~ April 9, 1922 age 39 in Kansas City, Kansas S/O Molly or Mollie (Luttrell) Hamilton

Submitted by: Brenda Baker

Creager, Thomas T.

Creager, Esther L.

May 27, 1894

Oct. 16, 1901

Aug. 19, 1961

May 25, 1986

Rest in Peace

"A loving couple, parents dear, faithful friends are buried here"

Submitted by: Barbara (Wininger) Vaught

George William Pendleton 18 Oct 1876 4 Oct 1951 Born:  Bolivar, MO

Died:  McAlester, OK

Virgie Stafford Buchanan Pendleton 16 Mar 1879 16 Aug 1977 Born:  Smiths Grove, KY

Died:  Pasadena, CA

W/O George William Pendleton

D/O: Newton Lafayette Buchanan & Sarah Ellen Cox

Verna Pendleton 9 Jul 1904 10 Jan 1935 Born:  Mineola, TX

Died:  McAlester, OK

D/O George William Pendleton and Virgie Buchanan Pendleton

Submitted by: Britton Buchanan

James Harvey Watson Born July 18, 1855 Died Nov. 11, 1930 Born in Arkansas and Died in McAlester, OK.
Charlie C. Webb Born 1889 Died Dec.1955 Born in Cumberland county, KY. Died  in McAlester. OK. He was a Water Well Driller  in McAlester for many years.
Ardella Stewart Webb Born Nov. 22, 1902 Died Jan. 9, 1993 W/O Charlie C. Webb. Died in Newcastle, OK.
Myrtle Webb Lewis Born Mar. 8, 1920 Died Dec. 7, 1984 Born in Indianola, OK., and died in McAlester, OK. D/O Charlie C. and Ardella Stewart Webb.
Hulsey Webb Bprn April 28, 1921 Died Aug. 1986 Born in Indianola, OK. Died in Clinton, Cluster County, OK. S/O Charlie C. and Ardella Stewart Webb.
Anna Lou Webb Born June 27, 1928 Died March 7, 2000 Born in Indianola, OK., and died in Oklahoma City, OK. D/O Charlie C. and Ardella Stewart Webb.
John J. Webb Born April 7, 1872 Died June 3, 1958 He was born in Tennessee and died in McAlester, OK.
Edna Byrd Webb Born Jan. 6, 1868 Died Dec. 11, 1947 Died in McAlester, OK. W/O John J. Webb
Jimmie J. Webb Born March 23, 1902 Died Oct. 16, 1971 Died in McAlester, OK. S/O John J. and Edna Byrd Webb.
Estie S. Harper Webb Born June 17, 1906 Died Sept. 29, 1986 Died in McAlester, OK. W/O Jimmie J. Webb
Jessie Robert Webb Born June 14, 1909 Died Sept. 22, 1987 Died in McAlester, OK. S/O John J. and Edna Byrd Webb

Submitted by: Helen D. Farris

Collier, Frank Born Nov. 17, 1932 Died July 18, 2003 Born in Tannehill, OK. S/O Paul and Frances (Palmer) Collier. Mills Funeral Home of McAlester.
Ogiela, Joe Born March 2, 1918 Died Aug. 22, 2003 Born in Alderson, OK. Died in McAlester.  S/O John and Anna (Piatka) Ogiela. H/O of Elsie who died May 10, 1999. B/O Agnes Eales, Helen Stroub and Bertha Ogiela, (all preceded him in death).

Charles Wilfred Moore b.Apr 3, 1913 d.May 31, 1947 born in in Kiowa OK, died in McAlester OK.    His is a double stone.
Madie Roxie Moore b.Dec 23, 1913 d.Nov 8,1988 born in Indianola OK, died in McAlester OK.  She is the wife of Charles Wilfred Moore & they share the same headstone.  Their stone says they were married Apr 5, 1934.  They are my grandparents.
Alyssa Dawn Clements b.Aug 18, 1988 d.Aug 18,1988. She was born & died in McAlester OK.  She is my granddaughter.

Submitted by: Becky Cacy (no email address available)





Tate, John Allen

5 Jun 1873

29 Jun 1954

H/O Alfretta (Wilson) Tate; F/O Jess, Pearl, Lolie, Fay, Sybil, Fern, Juanita

Tate, Alfretta (Fred)

5 Apr 1883

15 Nov 1964

W/O John Allen Tate; M/O Jess, Pearl, Lolie, Fay, Sybil, Fern, Juanita

Lidle, Fay Louise

1 Oct 1911

25 Apr 1999

M/O Patsy Robertson, Don Robertson, and William Robertson

Robertson, William Frederick

7 Aug 1928

14 Dec 1999

S/O Fay (Tate) Lidle and Raymond Robertson






Submitted by Jo White

FISHER, Sam Richard Born June 27, 1920 Died February 22, 2003 Born in McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK

Died in McAlester Regional Health Center, McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK

s/o Ulysses Grant and Nettie Pearl Abbott Fisher

Submitted by: Tom & Judy Brewster

Born Sept. 1838 Died 1904 month day unknown. By public donation at Chaney Funeral Home records, by order of R.E. Munn died in So. McAlester. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetary Pottersfield section McAlester, Pittsburg Co., OK. Born in Tennessee. Father born in So. Carolina, mother born in Virginia.  Survived by 3 grandchildren, Edward Benton (aka) Philpot, James Benton (aka) Philpot, Maude Benton.  He and the grandchildren are listed together in the 1900 Indian Choctaw Nation Census.

Submitter's email address:

Boozer, James Cornelius Born August 24, 1887 Died September 17,
Born in Texas. Died in McAlester. H/O Bessie Bell Copeland/Son of Newton & Lucy
Boozer/Cause of death: dropped cigarette into container of gasoline at the
Continental Oil Co. on 5th Street & Choctaw Avenue
Bravo, Clemmie Mae Boozer
Born April 23, 1912 Died August 4, 1941 Born near Reynolds, OK. Died in McAlester. D/O James Cornelius & Bessie Bell
Copeland Boozer/Wife of Joe Bravo/Cause of death: Cancer of the uterus.

Submitted by: Karen Higgins

Pascoe, Ernest W. Born Jan. 31, 1910 Died Sept. 10, 1974 U.S. Army
Pascoe, Belva

Pascoe, August

Born Sept. 15, 1910

Born Oct. 24, 1904

Died Aug. 14, 1974

Died Feb. 7, 1992

Double headstone
Brookins, William A. Born April 26, 1894 Died June 27, 1962 "Oklahoma Sea US Navy World War 1"
Brookins Double Stone

Wm. A.

Ruth M.


Born April 26, 1894

Born Oct. 4, 1904


Died June 27, 1962

Died June 21, 1980

(See Wm's. military marker link above)

Photos submitted by Genea Bohanan

William "Happy Jack" Earl Watts Born May 10, 1910 Died Feb. 19, 1982 ~

Submitted by: Kelley Cate


Cochran, Leroy Born (no date) Died May 22, 1924

Age 25 yrs.

Submitted by Teri Cochran

Cochran Family Photo Page

Nelson, Samantha A. Born Oct. 17, 1872 Died Mar. 2,  1927

"Our Mother, Gone but not Forgotten"

Submitted by Teri Cochran

Cochran Family Photo Page

Ernest Edward Akin Born Dec. 31, 1890 Died April 7, 1939

b.  in Saltillo Mississippi

d.  in McAlester, OK

Mr. Akin served as county commissioner for Pittsburg County for a time.

Submitted by: Joan Wright

Phyllis Williamson Akin  January 24, 1899 September 29, 1977

b. in Huntsdale, Missouri

d.  in Stillwater, OK

She was married to Ernest Edward Akin

Submitted by: Joan Wright

Brotherton, J.D. (John)
Born October 1854 Died December 14, 1923

Born Franklin Co. Arkansas
Died McAlester Ok.

Married June 14. 1874

Brotherton, Martha

 (Odum) Born Feb. 14, 1858 Died June 7, 1931 ~ Brotherton, Joe Edward Born April 15, 1879 Died Jan 4, 1943 Old Singlerow :Double stone
Married May 25, 1902
Son of J. D. and Martha Brotherton Brotherton, Vernie Vee (Vose) Born Dec.14, 1884 Died May 26, 1951 ~ Brotherton, John O. Born Jan 3, 1881 Died Oct 14, 1952 Son of J. D. and Martha Brotherton Husband of Myrtle Wagoner Noel Brotherton, William K. Born April 24, 1875 Died Aug 17, 1946

Married Nettie,  March 8, 1895

Son of J. D. and Martha Brotherton

  Higgins, Fannie Roberta (Brotherton) Born Jan 11, 1877 Died April 8, 1940 Daughter of J. D. and Martha Brotherton

Submitted by: Jean Brotherton

Slaughter, Dudley Richard Born Nov.14,1880 Died Jan. 12, 1976 Born in Bonham, Texas
Died in McAlester, OK
S/O Louis Charles and Annie Thomas Slaughter of Ardmore OK. 
F/O Louis Charles Slaughter 
  Submitted by: Marilouis Stout

Peila, Isidoro  Born 12/02/1876 Died Aug. 2, 1917 Information from funeral home record. Grave not found at this time.
Born in Italy.
Died in Mine # 5 Alderson explosion
Date of service: Sat. Aug. 4th, 1917
Time of service: 10:00AM
Residence: Alderson
Age at death: 42 yrs.
Burial: Oak Hill, Odd Fellows Lot
Submitted by: Robert A Iwasyk

Crawley, Alfred Omega Aug. 27, 1918 Sep. 7, 1975 ~
Crawley, Gaylord Gartie Aug. 5, 1953 Aug. 21, 1969 ~
Crawley, Robert Dwayne Dec. 5, 1967 Aug. 29, 1988 ~
Crawley, Sybil Martin Jan. 3, 1923 Dec. 24, 1994 ~
Logan, Mattie Crawley  Dec. 26, 1885 Nov. 27, 1961 ~
Submitted by: Laquetta Montgomery

Heathcock, Ennis B. Born 1-15-1867  Died 2-07-1940 ~
Heathcock, Sarah Eva Born 5-31-1869  Died 2-24-1926 ~
Talburt, Ruth Heathcock Born 7-24-1904  Died 1956 ~
Information source:  family Bible in custody of Gerald McNevin, Jr., Dallas, TX
Submitted by: neice Rhonda Hall

Beugler, John B.  b. Feb 6, 1859 d. July 8, 1939 b. Pennsylvania
S/O Samuel and Harriet Beugler
d. Checotah, Oklahoma
H/O  Ellen M. Chace
F/O sons Clinton Pierce, John Chace, James Webb, and Samuel Beno
Beugler, Ellen (Ella) M. (Chace) b. About 1854 d. 1932 b. Ohio
d.  Checotah, Oklahoma
W/O John B. Beugler 
M/O  Clinton Pierce, John Chace, James Webb, and Samuel Beno
Beugler, John Chace b. April 12, 1885 d. November 28, 1961 b. Pennsylvania
S/O John B. and Ellen M. (Chace) Beugler
d.  in Los Angeles, California
Submitted by: Loral Munson

Sheehan, David James  August 16,1952 July 30,1981 H/O Shirley, F/O Michele
Submitted by: Helen Marvel

TAPP, Ralph C.  November 15, 1920 August 18, 1965 Place of Birth:  McAlester, Pittsburg County, OK
Place of Death:  Tulsa, Tulsa County, OK
Parents:  Robert Allen Tapp & Della Miller Tapp (daughter of Melvina Belle Fisher Miller and Austine M. Miller)
Submitter: Higgins, Karen G.

LOGAN, Columbus "Lum" America  August 14, 1874 March 25, 1949
Born in Christian County, Missouri
Died in Krebs or McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
BAKER LOGAN GOLDEN, Anna-Annie Elizabeth-Lizzie  December 19, 1900 March 14, 1988 Born in Jones, Oklahoma
m: October 24, 1917 in Co.  Courthouse, Atoka, OK
Father: Jiles-Judge B. BAKER (buried at Triplett Cemetery, McIntosh Co., OK.)
Mother: Georgia Ann HILER (third wife of Columbus "Lum" America LOGAN, she was second married to Ed GOLDEN)
Submitted by: Barbara Logan

Youell, Edward Franklin  November 28, 1921 January 9, 1994 Son of John Youell & 
Ada McDonald Youell
Ada Loucretia 'McDonald' Youell January 11, 1895 May 29, 1980  Daughter of Eli McDonald & Minnie Smallfield
Submitted by: Cheryl Maloy

CHAPMAN, Shirley "Moss" Born Oct. 6, 1939 Died Oct. 31, 1999 W/O Pete Chapman, m. Feb. 2, 1967,
D/O Buck and Nell
Born: McAlester
Died: Tulsa
Bishop F/H
VAUGHAN, Robert Walton "Walt” Born April 28, 1918 Died Oct. 30, 1999 S/O Robert Walton
Vaughan and Dollie (McDonald) Vaughan
Born: Kiowa
Died: Longview, Texas
Chaney’s F/H
LAKE, Maxine Parker Born  Died Oct. 31, 1999 Died: Lubbock, Texas
Bishop FH
MARTIN, Leora Kathleen Born Died Jan 15, 1996 Age 92
Chaney's FH
WOODY, Otha S. Born Died Jan. 15, 1996 Age 79
Mills FH
McLEAN, Cora L. Born Died April 6, 1999 nee BROWN
Services 4-8-1999
Chaney's FH
Submitter: Vivian Sternenberg

Baum, Joseph Franklin  Born Aug. 3, 1869 Died Oct. 8, 1959 Born in Holly Springs, Miss., died in McAlester,OK. He was a was a doctor in McAlester . (Info from death record)
Cartmel, Chester Clyde  Born  June 10, 1924 Died Jan. 22, 1959 S.O Andrew Cartmel & Julie Thomas Cartmel, B/O Clifton Mack Cartmel, Navy Military Marker, died in an ammunition explosion at the United States Naval Ammunition Depot, Savanah, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.
Dismukes, George M.  Born Oct. 10, 1889 Died Sept. 25, 1968 Double Tombstone
H/O Florence L.
Dismukes, Florence L. Born Mar. 16, 1897 Died Aug. 15, 1992 Double Tombstone
W/O George M. Dismukes
Flowers, James Henry  Born Mar. 24, 1880 Died Mar. 20, 1945 S/O Benjamin  S. Flowers (b. KY) & Martha Thacker Flowers, born in IL, died in McAlester, OK 
: farmer
Survived by:
H/O Maggie, (age 35)
F/O: 5 dau - Ethel Evans, Mary Alice Williams, Annie Bell Orsack, Leona Ann Flowers, Minnie Alice Flowers 
3 sons - B. F., John E., Wm R.
1 step-son -  Cecil Reed
1 bro     -  Elvis Flowers
5 sis - not listed
Hamner, Alton Bascom Born May 4, 1907 Died Dec 29, 1981 H/O Sybil Maxine Tate

Double tombstone, "Together Forever." Submitted by Jo White

Hamner, Sybil Maxine Tate Born Nov 28, 1913 Died Sept. 12, 2005 Double tombstone, "Together Forever." Submitted by Jo White
La Rue, James Walter Born Mar. 25, 1878 Died July 26, 1964  H/O Violet Ida White La Rue 
Jordan, James J. Born Apr 5, 1863 Died Jul 31, 1941 -
La Rue, Violet Ida (White) Born: Nov. 4, 1880 Died Dec. 31, 1943 W/O James Walter La Rue
La Rue, Carl Arthur Born Mar. 20, 1903 Died May 28, 1965 S/O James Walter La Rue and Violet Ida White La Rue
Magdalena,  Adolphus S. Born 1893 Died 1937 H/O Anna
Magdalena, Anna Pepino Born 1897 Died 1978 W/O Adolphus
Magdalena, Albert, Sr. Born 2-22-1905 Died 3-5-1980 -
Magdalena Keim, Ann Rosso  Born 7-3-1911 Died 5-6-1955 -
Magdalena, John P. Born Jan. 22, 1910 Died April 27, 1981 Brother of Leona
Magdalena, Leona (Maggie) Born Oct. 28, 1912 Died Sept. 19, 1990 Sister of John P.
Magdalena, Philip Born 1867 Died 1931 H/O Julia
Magdalena, Julia O. Born 1874 Died 1931 W/O Philip
Nichols, Francis
Born Oct 25, 1880 Died Nov 27, 1951 -
Oxford, John Samuel  Born Jan 23, 1876 Died Oct. 1, 1963 -
Pierce, Claudia Butler Born Dec. 30, 1884 Died Feb. 1950 D/O of Naubon Butler & Rachel Angeline Starr Butler, born in Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, died in Tulsa.
Pierce, Lonnie F. Born Jan. 2, 1892 Died Feb. 1960 S/O Willis Pierce & Tennie Odom,
born in Jenny Lind, Arkansas, died in Tulsa.
Springer, Christopher Born, Nov. 30, 1849 Died, July 18, 1926 Double Tombstone
Springer, Sarah Born, Sept. 9, 1851 Died, 1905 Double Tombstone
Springer, John W.  Born Oct. 10, 1879 Died, Nov. 1, 1928  -
Whitehead, James C. Born May30,1886 Died Dec. 28,1961 Double Headstone
Whitehead, Vera M. Knox Born Mar. 10,1894 Died Dec.4,1983  Double Headstone
Whitehead, Earl A. Born Jan.18,1910 Died June 10, 1978  --
Joan Lahtinen
Patricia Louks
 Anita Johnson
Bruce S. Gebbeken
Betty Downey
Debbie Oxford Long
Joan Cartmel Miller
Vernon Orsack

Fisher, Daniel  Born - January 1, 1824
Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Died - Feb. 14, 1906
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
h/o Jane Cox Fisher,
s/o Daniel Fisher & Damaris Starbuck Fisher
Fisher, Ulyses Grant Born - August 14, 1862
Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana
Died - April 3, 1944
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
h/o Nettie Pearl Abbott Fisher, s/o Daniel Fisher & Jane Cox Fisher
Fisher, Nettie Pearl Abbott Born - Nov. 23, 1881
Humbolt, Kansas 
Died - Dec. 9, 1955
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
w/o Ulyses Grant Fisher
Jones, Bessie Bell Copeland Boozer Born - June 20, 1890
Graham, Young County, Texas
Died - August 26, 1963
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
w/o Edmond Jones
d/o Wilson Copeland & Martha Susie Wadley Copeland
Lackey, Ethel Lorene Boozer Born - July 27, 1914
Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Died - June 6, 1992
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
d/o James Corneilus Boozer & Bessie Bell Copeland Boozer
Miller, Melviana Belle Fisher Born - March 13, 1860
Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana
Died - October 21, 1937
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
 w/o Austine M. Miller, d/o Daniel Fisher & Jane Cox Fisher
Fisher, Dessie Abbott Born - January 10, 1870
Canton, Illinois
Died - Feb. 10, 1951 McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma w/o O.F. Fisher
d/o Robert Abbott & Sarah ? Abbott
Fisher, O.F. Born - August 31, 1866 Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana Died - May 27, 1936 McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma h/o Dessie Abbott Fisher
s/o Daniel Fisher & Jane Cox Fisher
Jones, Edmond  Born - May 7, 1892 Died - January 7, 1979  Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma s/o Samuel Jones & Rebecca Leflore
h/o Bessie Bell Copeland Boozer Jones
Lackey, William A.  Born - April 9, 1871 Greenville, Texas Died - July 16, 1950
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
McNeil, Louise Baugh Abbott  Born - March 30, 1856 Kentucky Died - July 28, 1921
McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
m/o Nettie Pearl Abbott Fisher
w/o Jack McNeil
Submitter: Higgins, Karen G.

Murray, Ann Brewster  Born  3-18-1903 Died  10-1-1964 wife of Carl
Murray, Carl Higgins Born  4-15-1896 Died  10-1-1974 son of George & Elizabeth
Murray, Don Morris Born  12-17-1929 Died   8-4-1944 son of Jasper & Eula
Murray, Jasper Born  9-26-1874 Died  2-2-1944 son of George & Elizabeth
Murray, Eula M. Born  12-29-1890 Died  8-12-1977 wife of Jasper
Hale, Jania Murray Born  12-20-1875 Died  2-25-1970 dau. of George & Elizabeth
Hale, Clyde Born  1875 Died  1943 hus. of Jania
Hale, W. Loyd  Born  1904 Died  1925 son of Clyde & Jania
Murray, Elizabeth Satterwhite  Born  10-28-1854 Died  1-7-1929 wife of George
Murray, George E.  Born  1851 Died  1932 -
Pigg, Ethel Ann  Born  6-16-1900 Died  1-14-1977 dau. of Lemuel Keith & 
Grace Murray Keith
Pigg, Alvin A.  Born  2-16-1889 Died  4-1-1970 hus. of Ethel
Murray, Larry Gant  Born  7-8-1892 Died  1-4-1977 son of George & Elizabeth
Murray, Ruby E.  No Date No Date wife of Larry
Rager, Hattie Murray  Born  2-3-1887 Died  6-20-1945 dau. of George & Elizabeth
Rager, Lon  Born  9-29-1880 Died  1-2-1956 hus. of Hattie
Worsham, Willie L. Murray  Born  2-25-1894 Died  11-1-1970 dau. of George & Elizabeth
Worsham, Grover  Born  5-2-1889 Died  5-2-1889 hus. of Willie
Worsham, Gus  Born  8-19-1919 Died  9-3-1966 son of Willie & Grover
Surry, Jewell Murray  Born  8-22-1898 Died  3-27-1983 dau. of George & Elizabeth
Surry, Cyril M.  Born  4-8-1896 Died  9-5-1971 hus. of Jewell
Murray, John Born  2-18-1882 Died  8-25-1914 son of George & Elizabeth -
died in Coal Mine electrocution accident in Alderson Mine.
Submitted by: Ronnie Theroux

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