Indianola Cemetery

Indianola, Oklahoma

Indianola Cemetery Entrance Photo Submitted by Kelley Cate.

Adams, Elmer Date  Date Submitted by: Lisa Clifton
Hazel T. Adams July 10, 1910   Born in Rogersville, Wis., to August and Martha Hemple Pinno. W/O Rosco Adams deceased Feb. 17, 1997. Married Feb. 10, 1938.
Barlow, A.G. Born 1853 Died 1908 -
Barlow, Nioma Jane  Born Mar. 18, 1856  Died 1908 -
Barlow, Leroy  Born Mar. 3, 1918  Died Nov. 28, 1996 Tec 4
Barlow, Mary  Born Aug. 4, 1923 Died June 20, 1994 -
Bess, Dorothy May Born July 20, 1922 Died June 28, 2003 Born in Indianola.           D/O Jim and Lois (Browder) Summers.  Preceded in death by her husband John W. Bess in 1976. They were married Nov. 9, 1935, in Indianola. Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home of McAlester.
Bess, Raylene Born March 20, 1961 Died Nov. 20, 2001 D/O Ray Bess            Bishop Funeral Service
Bollinger, Frelin Born Dec. 12, 1938 Died May 22, 2003 Born in Oklahoma City, OK. S/O Elmer Franklin and Gussie Adeen Cannon Bollinger. Mills Funeral Home of McAlester.
Burkes, William 15 May 1877 3 March 1920 Born in Pierce City, MO Died in Jay, OK

Submitted by:Donald Birkes A grandson of William and Daisy Anna Birkes

Choate Jr., David Lee July 7, 1965 May 29, 2004 Born in Oklahoma City. S/O David Lee and Jessie Mae Boyce Choate. Bishop Funeral Service.
Clark, Shirley May Thomas Born Nov. 15, 2002 Died Nov. 20, 1939 D/O William Henry Thomas and Melvin Maedell Blanscett
Clewein, Julia Joan Tolbert Born Aug. 1, 1973 Died Dec. 9, 2001 Granddaughter of Maxine Tolbert
Cordell, Arthur "Art"  Jr. Born April 10, 1923 Died Feb. 19, 2002 S/O Arthur and Stella Rainey Cordell Born in Indianola, died Veterans Hospital in Muskogee
Daniels, Fannie “Sam”  ~ Aug. 1999 Age 94
Merritt Funeral Ser. of Eufaula
Daniels, Haskell Born Sept. 1, 1910 Died Jan. 8, 1956 Born in: Lindsay, OK. 
S/O: John F. Daniel and Vitura Russell. Wife: Audrey Mildred Hance. 
Submitted by: Audrey Jones
Virginia (Jenny)
James F.

Born Jan 11, 1935
Born Sept 7, 1926 

Died Dec 6, 1992
Died unknown
Married Feb. 22, 1976
Doyle, Jennie V.  Dec. 23, 1923 Sept., 1999 Age 75
D/O Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth Perkins Duvall
Drummonds, Harold Lee Sept. 18, 1935 March 2, 2005 Born in Haileyville. S/O Mr. and Mrs. Leon Drummonds. Brumley-Mills Funeral Home.
Duvall, Will  Feb. 15, 1915 Oct. 2, 2000 Born in Hattesville, Ark.
S/O Alex and Elizabeth  Perkins Duvall
Died in Danville, Ark.
H/O Zetta Smith
Married: Sept. 24, 1932, in Indianola
Bishop Funeral Service
Effinger, Claude Eugene Jan. 26, 1938 April 20, 2004 Born in Crowder. S/O Raliegh Eugene and Ethel Mae Burns Effinger. Bishops Funeral Service.
Fink, Florence  Born Mar. 5, 1869 Died Feb. 18, 1945 Mother 
Our Beloved
Daisy M.
Leonard L.

Born Mar. 3, 1905
Born Aug. 19, 1901

Died April 20, 1996
Died Aug. 20, 1969
Mother       Father 
In between the names is a 
carving of wedding bands
& roses with the words "45 Years" 
Ford, Donald E. April 5, 1921 March 30, 2003 Born in Norton, Kan., S/O Alonzo and Faye Garrison Ford.
Foster, Billy Don Born May 5, 1942 Died July 7, 2003 Born in Lamesa, TX,       S/O Herbert C. and Ella Mae Smith Foster      Bishop Funeral Service of McAlester
Erma D.
Hartsil Dean

Born Feb 7, 1929
Born Aug 22, 1930

Died June 1, 1991
Died May 13, 2002_

Hartsil Dean was born in Lamar, AR Chaney-Harkins FH


Hairston, Nettie Born  Died  - Submitted by: Lisa Clifton
Hance, Eva  Feb. 11, 1911 Aug. 2, 2000 Born in Indianola
D/O Benjamin and Elizabeth
Stewart Brown
W/O Willie B. Hance 
Married: Jan. 5, 1930, in Indianola
Bishop Funeral Service
Hance, Nancy Ann  Born Dec. 23, 1884 Died Jun. 26, 1970 Father: Thomas C. Graham, 
Mother: Catherine Barkhimer. 
Children: Ethel Hance, Oscar Franklin Hance, William Edward Hance, Tolly Hance, Eva Hance, Charley Hance, Audrey Hance, Luther Hance, Faye & Ray Hance, Viola Hance, Andrew Jackson Hance. 
Submitted by:Audrey Jones
Hayes, Elrena May Sager June 28, 1906 Feb. 23, 2004 Born in Indian Territory. D/O Charles Delmar Sager and Margaret Adelia Willingham. W/O Homer Hayes (deceased). Married Oct. 26, 1921.Baggerley Funeral Home of Edmond.
Herron, Frances L. Born 1868 Died 1912 M/O Ida Mae Jackson 
(b. 1885);  Ada Jackson 
(b. 1887); & Virginia Belle 
Jackson (b. 1889)
Hill, Alfred Born Oct. 07, 1923  Died Feb. 07, 1971 S/O Charlie Hill and Hannah Elizabeth (Mason) (Duvall) Hill. Marker Photo
H/O Wilma Hill
Hill, Wilma Born May 12, 1926  Died Mar. 10, 1969  W/O Alfred Hill Marker Photo
Daniels-Hubbard, Audrey M. (Hance) June 3, 1914 May 5, 2004 Born at Indianola. D/O Thomas "Jeff" and Nancy A. (Graham) Hance. W/O Haskell Daniels (deceased)
Hughes, Glenda Sue - Died Apr. 15, 1999 Age 51
Graveside services 2 p.m. Monday, Indianola Cemetery. Mills FH
Johnson, Jessie Earl Born Sept. 22, 1908 Died July 1, 2002 Born in Jacksboro, Texas. S/O Jeff and Beulah Newman. W/O Kenneth Johnson. Bishop Funeral Service
Kirk, Daisy M.  ~ Aug. 1999 Age 91
Mills FH
Kirk, Leonard Born May 7, 1921 Died April 28, 2001 S/O John and Maggie (Potter) Kirk
Lesley, Flossie Mae Josephene (Abbott)  Feb. 14, 1914 July 24, 2000 Born in Excelsior, Ark.
D/O Benjamin Franklin  and Alice (Copeland) Abbott
W/O  Barney LaFayette Lesley (dec.)
Married: July 10, 1937, in Sallisaw
Chaney's Funeral Home of McAlester
Lusk, Myrna Jo Born Oct. 29, 1939 Died Sept. 19, 2002 D/O Joe Brown and Rebecca Eldridge Allford. W/O Homer Eugene Lusk.
Maddox, Edward "Ed" Price March 5, 1932 April 3, 2004 Born in Mount Clare, Neb. S/O Sterling and Claudia (Coral) Maddox. Chaney-Harkins FH
Vera M. Masters Dec. 23, 1917 Feb. 8, 2003 D/O Edgar "Buddy" and Sally (Denson) Johnson. Fred H. "Dave" Master (deceased). Married  June 11, 1932.
Mays, Arnold Born Mar. 2, 1912 Died Feb. 23, 1913 S/O G.W. & C. L.
Mays, Cordia L. Born Aug. 17, 1884 Died Oct. 31, 1918 W/O G.W.
Mays, Dessie Born Nov. 15, 1896 Died Dec. 26, 1940  -
Mays, Julia Born Feb. 3, 1863 Died Aug. 8, 1920  -
Mays, R. G.  Born Oct. 11, 1919 Died April 17, 1920  S/O G.W. & Iva
McAdoo, Freda Gayle Born Feb. 14, 1940 Died April 30, 2003 Born in Indianola.           D/O Fred and Lessie Mae White Nale.
McHenry, Emma (Cook) Born March 1, 1894 Died March 29, 1929 Died in Tulsa, OK. First wife of Johnny McHenry

Submitted by: Jerry McHenry

McKinney, Ernest D.  Born Jan. 4, 1925 Died Oct 30, 1965 Oklahoma 
World War II
McKinney, George F.  Born Jan 30, 1944 Died Nov 9, 1984 SSG  US Army 
Viet Nam
Virgil (Gabe)

Born Mar 3, 1900
Born Jan 3, 1909

Died June 1, 1983 
Died Mar 1, 1984 
In memory of our 
Beloved Grandparents
Newman, George Washington  Born  Died October 19 (?), 1952 Age 70 
H/O Anna Josephine (Berry) 
Services held on October 23, 1952 Humphrey Funeral Home
Bearers: Frank Henry, Boss Clark, Tom 
Creager, Kenneth Johnson, Harry Stiers and Sam Emery. Rev. Earl Jensen, 
Indianola, officiated
Submitted by:Robin Adams
Pearce, Lynn Born March 8, 1944 Died Sept. 20, 2005 Born in Hanna, OK. S/O Almey and Nola Nelvina Barton Pearce. Bishop F/H
Pearce, Nola Nelvina  Aug. 8, 1917 April 8, 2000 Born in Coalgate, OK
D/O William and Artie Mae Wheeler Barton
W/O Almey Pearce (dec.)
Married: Oct. 11, 1934, in Scipio
Bishop Funeral Service
Prescott, Don J. Aug. 30, 1939 March 13, 2003 Born in Indianola. S/O W.D. and Sybil Virginia Barlow Prescott. Grandson of Bud and Lou Prescott and Clyde and Meryl Barlow

Prescott , Sybil (Barlow)

Jan. 12, 1922 March 28, 2005 Age 83. D/O Clyde James and Myrl Idell Burke Barlow. W/O W. D. Prescott. Married Sept. 21, 1938. Bishop Funeral Service
Pryor, Betty Jo Sept. 26, 1930 Dec. 21, 2004 Born in Indianola. D/O Joe E. and Lena Moody Weeks. W/O Willie Pryor.
Ragan, Louise Born June 1, 1929 Died Dec. 20, 2001 D/O Alf and Winnie Browder Ragan. Bishop Funeral Service
Robert (Bob)
Essie V.

Born Nov 25, 1865
Born Mar. 02, 1876

Died Mar 2, 1876 
Died Apr 14, 1952 
Rodden, Ethel Born Feb. 12, 1912 Died Nov. 4, 2002 W/O Alfred Rodden who preceded her in death in  1981.

Married Feb. 6, 1937

D/O John & Bessie (Potter) Kirk

Rodden, Hilda Born 15 Mar 1899 Died 8 Oct 1928 Wife of Raymond Rodden
Rodden, Dorothy Marie Born 15 Jul 1923 Died Oct 1928 D/O Raymond and Hilda 
Rodden, Infant Born 2 Aug.  1929 Died 2 Aug. 1929 infant D/O Raymond and Hilda
Rodden, Lillie Born 1910 Died 1964 wife of Harvey Rodden
Rodden, H.L. Born 1942 Died 1942 son of Harvey and Lillie
Rodden, Eliza Jane (Elizabeth) Born 18 Dec 1874 Died 3 Oct 1927 wife of Charles Rodden 
Rodden, Ernest Born 1910 Died 1920 son of Eliza and Charles Rodden 
Slayton, Bobby John "Buddy" Born 12 May 1925 Died  2 Jan 1978 H/O Myrl Francis White Slayton
Smoot, Effie ~ April 18, 2004 Age 99. Hunn, Black & Merritt Funeral Home of Eufaula.
Stiers, Ruby E.  March 10, 1908 April 20, 2000 Born in Hartshorne
D/O Tom and Emma D. Hurst Houser
W/O Harry R. Stiers (dec.)
Married: Jan. 30, 1930, in McAlester
Preceded in death by: 2 brothers,
Sam and Stanley Houser and a sister, Elsie Houser
Tackett, Henry Born (no date) Died (no date) ~
Tackett, Mary Alice (Wells) Lumbert Born (no date) Died (no date) ~
Tackett, Clarence Born (no date) Died (no date) S/O Henry and Mary
Thomas, Lue Dee Viola (Rennels) Adams Worthen Born  Died 20 December 1914 ~
Travis, Dale Born Dec. 29, 1916 Died May 27, 2001 Born in Indianola
S/O Clarence Reed and Minnie Danner Travis
Tripp, Garrett Ray ~ Died Dec. 15, 2004 Infant. Bishop Funeral Service
Tripp, Vuel Ray Born Died Dec. 2, 1999 age 53, Son of John Tripp
Ware, Orvil Earnest Born Feb. 23, 1917 Died May 25, 2005 Born in Okemah. S/O Patilla and Mary Massey Ware. Bishop Funeral Service. H/O Lela Louise Lusk Ware. Married Dec. 11, 1939.
Ware, Lela Louise Lusk Sept. 17, 1920 Died April 9, 2005 W/O Orvil Earnest Ware. D/O Rensey Sr. and Esther Smith Lusk. Bishop Funeral Service
Weeks, Billy Mack Born Dec. 29, 1937 Died Dec. 8, 2001 Born in Indianola

S/O James and Anita Weeks

Weddle, E. Anita  Born June 19, 1937 Died Oct. 25, 2000 Age 63
Born in Indianola
D/O John and Dorothy (Thomas) Bess
W/O Ralph Weddle 
Married: May 23, 1953 in Pittsburg Co.
West, Pat Born Nov. 12, 1932 Died Nov. 22, 2001 Born in Ulan

D/O Virgil and Addie McKinney

White, Wanda Barlow Born  Died Jul, 20 1999 Age 77
Bishop Funeral Service
Wise, Lessie Mae Nale May 19, 1908 Jan. 24, 2003 Born in Holdenville. D/O James Monroe and Susan Ann Taylor White. W/O 1st: Fred Nale(deceased July 17, 1947) married on Dec. 24, 1926: 2nd: William R. "Bill" Wise (deceased)
Wise, William Riley "Bill" Born Mar. 15, 1907 Died Nov. 5, 2001 Born in Hanna, OK

S/O William and Josephine Wise

Zeal, Lella Jane Born May 18, 1910 Died Dec. 4, 2001 Born in Purcell, OK

D/O Raymond and Navada (Salyer Brown) Wallace

Chaney-Harkins Funeral Home

Submitter's: Vivian Sternenberg

Jo White

L. Thomas

Lyrita Gochenouer

Karla Barlow Taylor or alternate

Jerry Fink

G. Wallace (Rodden)

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