Pittsburg County

Pittsburg County

Hugh Low Cemetery
Near Scipio

Submitted by: Kathie Adair

Alonzo L. ADAIR 31 Oct 1874 03 Nov 1923

Born in Paulding, Georgia s/o of Mary F. BAXTER and Ashbury H. ADAIR of Georgia. He was a farmer.  Married:  abt 1904 to Nancy Bell GANN of Texas. d/o of Cynthia PITTS and Joseph Alan GANN. Children of Nancy Bell GANN and Alonzo Lucius ADAIR: Eugene Clyde ADAIR, Walter Marron ADAIR, and Suzanna ADAIR TURNER.  He was also stepfather to Nancy Gann's first son: William Jessie GIBBINS. Marker Photo





Submitted by Willa Sorensen 

James Alexander Cummins Born July 11 l857 Died Sept7 l927 Born in Hempstead co Ark. S/O William and Mary Ann Andrews Cummins Died at Ulan Oklahoma, married Oct 25 l877 Washington co Arkansas
Cynthia Alice Smith Born Aug 28 l855 Died March l2 l940 Born in Washington co Arkansas D/O George Robert and Armanda Jane Mc Kinney Died at McAlester, Oklahoma James and Cynthia children: Rowena Tillie Ann, born 24 Nov l880, Birdie E, born 26 Nov l883, Oliver Cody, born 2l Feb l886  Edith Ellen, born 4 Ot l888, Steven Alexander, born 23 Feb l89l   Cisero Anderson, 20 Dec l893.Grace Ona, l6 Sept l896 and Ella May,  l0 Aug l899

Submitted by: Sheila Clagg Cathey, g-granddaughter of Alfred and Dora Reed
Reed, Alfred H. (Doc) Born August 24, 1880 Died July 25, 1949 H/O Dora Marie
Reed, Dora Marie (Anderson) Reed Born April 22, 1892 Died December 27, 1932 W/O Alfred, D/O Andel Anderson & Rhoda (Folsom) Anderson. Dora died from pneumonia 2 mo. after giving birth to her 11th child.  Dora - full-blood Choctaw/Chickasaw. (Dawes Roll # 13765) M/O 11 children:"Dollie" Mae Lorene Reed Shipley; Lillian Lucille Reed Slover; Rosella Dora Marie Reed Henderson; Hazel Reed Martin; Edward Harding Reed; Helen Louise Reed Clagg Hefley; Alfred Harlon Reed; Oreta Jean Reed Perez; Bob Junior Reed; David Wayne Reed; Hugh Reed.
Reed, Alfred Harlon, Jr. Born Sept. 11, 1924 Died July 12, 1956 Served in Marine Corps, WWII. Stabbed to death in California. S/O Alfred & Dora.
 Alfred Harlon Reed June 1, 1957 Mar. 17, 1968 Hit and killed by a car.  S/O David Wayne Reed
Reed, Edward Harding Born Dec. 29, 1920 Died Nov. 18, 1972 Served in WWII. S/O Alfred & Dora. Died from pneumonia
Bowen, Rhoda (Folsom) Anderson Born Sept. 25, 1872 Died Dec. 10, 1965 M/O Dora Marie (Anderson) Reed. Full-blood Choctaw/Chickasaw. Dawes Roll # 13764). 1st husband - Andel Anderson; after his death, she married Lon H. Bowen.  Child of Rhoda and Andel:  Dora Marie (Anderson) Reed.  Children of Rhoda and Lon Bowen:  Melvin Bowen, Grover C. Bowen, Tux C. Bowen, Otis F. Bowen, Mattie Bowen, Della Bowen.  Nationality:  Full-Blood Choctaw-Chickasaw
Lon H. Bowen Feb. 8, 1882 Feb. 2, 1960  H/O Rhoda Folsom
Grover C. Bowen Aug. 30, 1920 Mar.19, 1980 -
Otis F. Bowen Feb. 2, 1916 Aug. 7, 1944 Killed overseas while serving in WWII
Mattie Bowen 1907 1930 Had tuberculosis
Viola E. Bowen Sept. 22, 1918 Oct. 25, 1990 W/O Tux C. Bowen
Dallas Hance
May 7, 1910 Jan. 21, 1990
S/O Jacob Hance and Maudie Mae Davis.  Siblings: 
Bill, Lois, Mintie, Myrel, Olla, Otis Dee, Sophia, J.C. "Jack," Lavada

Submitted by: Mary Loftin (mother)

Loftin, Tyler Benjamin Wayne  Born April 23, 1997  Died July 11, 2000 S/O Stewart ( Ben ) & Mary Loftin
Born in Victoria, Texas
Died North of Scipio on Choctow Creek
Accidental death
Age 3 yrs.

Submitted by Vivian Sternenberg

Williamson, Keith  Nov. 8, 1980 Aug. 12, 2000 S/O Robert Williamson and
Jeannie Petty
Heskett, Herbert,  Jr. May 21, 1931 May 31, 2000 Born in Scipio
S/O Herbert and Ina Crandell Heskett
H/O Annie Gertrude Dover Married: July 14, 1973, in Fellows, Calif.
Rains, Thomas A. Born Dec. 29, 1953 Died Dec. 10, 2002 Born in McAlester. Died in McAlester. Preceded in death by a daughter.

Submitted by: Larry Glenn

Towry, Edward Lawrence  July 31, 1832 Sept. 291895 H/O Mildred
Towry, Mildred Capehart  Dec. 18,1847 Jan. 31, 1900 W/O Edward
Towry, Ann ~ 1897 D/O Edward & Mildred
Towry, Mary ~ 1898 D/O Edward & Mildred

Submitted by: Tammie

Brumfield, Ollie Bearden Born  August 1871 Alabama Died  October 02, 1904 Scipio, Oklahoma W/O 1st Joel Brumfield  - 2nd  George Brumfield

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