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Additions with photos submitted by: 
Lesia Rousey
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Elmwood Cemetery Entrance Sign

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James Mont Cope
B: 02/18/1885 D: 03/26/1948 Born in Byrdstown, Tenn. Died in Haileyville, Ok.
Minta Mittie Cope B: 01/31 1893 D: 05/23/1979 Born in Dixie, Ok. I.T.  Died in Hartshorne, Ok.
James Winfred "Jack" Cope B: 06/20/1922  D: 04/29/1979 Born in Craig, Ok.  Died in
Haileyville, Ok.  S/O James
 Montraville Cope and Minta Mittie Mabry /Cope
Elaine Dorothy Cope B: 11/02/1922 D: 11/12/1999 Born in Sherman,  So. Dak.  Died in Haileyville, Ok.  D/O Henry
 Jacob Van Dam and Ella Mousel / Van Dam
James Henry Cope B: 08/06/1945 D: 06/02/2006  Born in Craig, Ok.  Died in Haileyville, Ok. S/O James W. "Jack" Cope and Elaine Dorothy Cope
Florence (Caldwell) Cope B: 08/12/1924 D: 10/18/1990 Died in  Haileyville, Ok.
  Submitted by: Sharon Cope Clifton or Sharon Cope Clifton

Almeta (Graham) Acord October 18, 1881 May 8, 1922 ~
Nathaniel Turner Acord March 29, 1858 October 25, 1907 H/O Almeta (Graham) Acord Died at Hartshorne, OKa
Louisa E. (Carter, Potter) Graham 1842 1917 M/O Almeta Graham
Acord, W/O James Graham. Died at Hartshorne, OK.
Joseph Crutcher Potter July 15, 1839 October 8, 1898 H/O Mary Jane Carter, BIL of Louisa
Graham, uncle of Almeta Acord. His wife Mary Jane is buried at Mt. Ararat Cemetery, in Missouri, their original home state.
Henry Jackson Potter July 28, 1859 October 11, 1916 S/O Joseph Crutcher Potter and Mary Jane (Carter) Potter. H/O Mary Ann "Polly" Green.
James Marshall Potter July 31, 1865 1920 S/O Joseph Crutcher Potter and Mary Jane (Carter) Potter, died at Hartshorne, OK.
Susie E. (Thornton) Potter October 17, 1869 May 9, 1948 W/O James Marshall Potter, died at Hartshorne, OK.

Submitted by:  Andrea Ramsay

Hill, Inez Born March 22, 1915 Died July 10, 2003 Born in Baker. Mill Funeral Home of Hartshorne.
Templeton, Lila Mae Born Aug. 18, 1915 Died Aug. 12, 2003 Born in Bache, OK. D/O LaSimuel & Mattie Mae Wood Capers. W/O Fred W. Templeton. Married Aug. 15, 1932 in Savanna, OK. Mills F/H

Lilac Wesley Jaggars Martin Born 16 June 1914 Died 13 Jan 1992 Born Blocker, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, Died Hartshorne, Pittsburg, Oklahoma

Twin daughters: Lila Vee and Linda Vee
Father: William Donald Jaggars
Mother: Arnetta R. Powell
Twin sister: Violet Jessie
Sister: Vivian O'neal

Submitted by: Lila Clay

Bryan, Buster Ray Born 8-10-1937 Died 4-6-1996 ~
Marlow, Sherman, "Shaggy" Born ? Died? ~

Submitted by: Ann

Leslie, Sarah "Monnie" Adaline Born Dec. 22, 1868 Died June 4, 1948 Born Dotson, Panola, Texas

Died Latimore County, OK

Griffith, Calvin Lowrey Born March 8, 1873 Died December 18, 1950 Husband of Sarah "Monnie" Adaline Leslie

Submitted by: Bill or Judy W. (Info from family files)

Hendricks, Stephen Riley Born Jan. 8, 1889 Died Nov. 27, 1930 Born in Sebastian Co. AR. Married Lou Ella Bates. Died in Bristow, Creek Co., OK. S/O Francis Marion and Mary Allie Pitts.

Submitted by: John Hendricks





Born 1879

Born 1883


Died 1964

Died 1950

Double headstone

Section 1, 19 - Block 9

Photo Submitted by Genea Bohanan

Strange, Jack A. Born March 15, 1921 Died January 12, 1982 Born in Sulphur Community   Married Gwendolyn Norris July 7, 1941.  U.S. Air Force WWII.  Died   in Oklahoma City.
Norris, Clarence E. Born Sept. 16, 1902 Died  November 7, 1983 Born Denison, Tx.  Married Ruth Abner April 4, 1920.   Died in McAlester, Ok.
Norris, Ruth Mae (Abner) Born November 9, 1904 Died October 25, 1987 Born in Wapanucka, Ok. Married Clarence Norris on April 4, 1920.  Died  in Sulphur, Ok.
Baldwin,  Othel Dee   born April 1, 1922 Died November 1, 1985 Born in Blanco, Ok. Married Myrtress Caldwell June 27, 1941. Died  in McAlester, Ok.
Strange, James G. Born November 12, 1890
Died July 19, 1963 Born  in Searcy Ark. Married Cora Hicks on March 15, 1912. Died in Haileyville, Ok.
Strange, Cora Ellen (Hicks) Born September 29, 1889 Died Born in Eufaula, Ok.  Married James G. Strange on March 15, 1912.  Died  in Hartshorne
Pat Strange Baldwin 
Freeman, Abner Benjamin Born 1847 Died 1917 Born in Clay Co. KY
Died at Haileyville, Pittsburg Co. OK
Buried beside 3 of his sons
Freeman, Daniel Frederick Born Aug. 24, 1870 Died Mar. 13, 1915 1st son of Abner Freeman
Born in Breathite, Co. KY
Died at Haileyville, Pittsburg Co. OK
Buried beside his father.
Freeman, Carlos Edward Born Feb. 19, 1872 Died Oct. 3, 1958 2nd son of Abner Freeman. Half-brother to Louis S. Freeman.
Born Jackson Post Office, Breathite, Co. KY
Died McAlester, Pittsburg Co. OK
Freeman, Louis Sanford Born July 22, 1873 Died Aug. 3, 1930 3rd son of Abner Freeman
Born in Louisville, Breathite Co. KY
Died Haileyville, Pittsburg Co. OK
Alvaroda, Cora Mathas
Born June 14, 1884 Died May 24, 1973 Divorced wife of Carlos Edward Freeman. (His only marriage)
Thompson, Tabatha Mary Ann (Myrtle) (Robinson)(Freeman)(Allen) Born Aug. 7, 1895 April 25, 1977 Born in TN
Buried under Thompson name
2nd wife of Louis Sanford Freeman
Freeman, Chester Born Nov. 25, 1929 Died Mar. 31, 1999 Child # 9 of Louis Freeman and Tabatha Mary Ann Robinson.

H/O of Joyce

Munholland, Norma Joel Maxine Oct. 16, 1935 Died Feb. 6, 1936 Cousin of Rose Carter
 Submitted by: Art Sarratt
This info on Abner Benjamin Freeman, told to Art Sarratt who is a Great-granson of Abner Benjamin Freeman, info from Ruby Freeman Moss. She is a Grandaughter of Abner Benjamin and daughter of son Lewis/Louis Sanford Freeman. At this date, November 23, 2001, she is still living in the state of Nevada, at age 87.


Updated information on the Freeman family and photos supplied by Rose Carter.

Forman, David Deshler Born March 8, 1845  Died May 20, 1938  Born Columbus, Ohio 
Died Hartshorne, Oklahoma 
Civil War Veteran 
Forman, Ann Rachel Moore  Born March 1860 Died July 22, 1929 Born West Plains, Howell Co., MO
Died Hartshorne, OK
W/O David D. Forman
James, Berta Helen Forman  Born February 7, 1890 Died October 17, 1967 Born Hackett, Arkansas
Died Hartshorne, Oklahoma
D/O David D. Forman
Submitted by: Gerald H. Forman

GRANGEENE, Clementine Louise Haggard  Born 26 April 1861 Died 4 April 1918  Born in TN
Died at Krebs,Pittsburg Co.OK 
Married in Crawford County,AR on 22 May 1881
Submitted by: Evelyn Flood

Campbell, Emma Lee  Aug. 23, 1920 Dec. 7, 2000 Born in Berlin
D/O Azoph and Callie Alyce Strow Bristow
Morgan, Gladys Florence  Feb. 15, 1904 Nov. 30, 2000 Born in St. Croix, Ind.
D/O John Christopher and Susie Morgan Klein
W/O Evan Morgan
Married: July 19, 1947 in Texas
S/O James Klein
Platt, Chester Max July 15, 1918 Nov. 19, 2000 Born in CA
S/O Claude and Bertha (Baer) Platt
U.S. Air Force World War II
Cirar, Effie M. Lilley  Aug. 19, 1924 Nov. 16,  2000 D/O William Riley, Sr. and Mary Ann Thomas Oldaker
(1st marriage: Vernon W. Lilley July 17, 1940 in Scott County, Ark. deceased)
(2nd marriage: Frank Cirar on May 30, 1989 in Haileyville, OK)
Ervin, Elmer Edward (Little Ed)  Sept. 19, 1912 Oct. 30, 2000 S/O John Edward Ervin and Odie Whiting Ervin 
H/O Julia Juanita Hays
Married: Feb. 14, 1938
Klein, James (Jim)  June 18, 1920 Oct. 29, 2000 S/O John Christopher Klein and Susan Morgan Klein
H/O Wanda June McKay married: October 1949, in
Sherman, Texas
B/O Gladys Morgan
U.S. Army  World War II
Stachmus, Betty Earle (Miller)  Jan. 6, 1920 Oct. 21, 2000 D/O Robert Earle and Belle (Cantrell) Miller
W/O Victor Stachmus 
Married: April 9, 1939 San Angelo, Texas
Zukosky, Joe Born ? Died ? Submitted by: G. Kelley
Zukosky, Mary Born ? Died ? Submitted by: G. Kelley
Zukosky, Joe E.  Oct. 20, 1919 Oct. 20, 2000 S/O Joseph and Mary Zukosky
H/O Sylvia Dean Connor (dec. 1999)
Born in Hartshorne, OK
Zukosky, Sylvia Dean  ~ Sept., 1999 Age 73
Holliday, Gustie (Zukosky) Born ? Died? Submitted by: G. Kelley
Holliday, Robert Lee Born ? Died ? S/O Gustie Holliday F/O G. Kelley

Submitted by: G.Kelley

Anderson, Buck E.  July 18, 1907 Sept. 26, 2000 Born in Blanco, OK
S/O Charlie and Jincy Clay
H/O Helen Hart i
Married: 1932 in Weathers
Blanlot, Larry  Dec. 28, 1959 Sept. 25, 2000 Age 40
Born in McAlester, OK
S/O William J. and Oline (Barno) Blanlot
Grandson of:  (maternal) Wasyl and Eva Barno and (paternal) Amil and Maria Blanlot
Slotta, Lucille  Oct. 17, 1916 Sept. 13, 2000 Born in Hartshorne
D/O Jess and Hessie
W/O John Slotta 
Married: Jan. 17, 1934, in McAlester
Dupire, Dora Mae  Aug. 6, 1906 Sept. 9, 2000 Born in Coalgate, OK
D/O Andrew and Ida (Ford) Marinelle
W/O James Dupire (dec.)
Harris, Debbie  Nov. 14, 1956 Aug. 17, 2000 Born in Hartshorne
D/O Bob and Helen Doak
Grandaughter of: (maternal)  Gregg and Ethel Doak; (paternal) Jim and Lula Harris
McCullough, Jewell I.  Sept. 25, 1920 Aug. 14, 2000 Born in Brock, OK
D/O Charles Issiac and Lillie Mae Jones Daniels
W/O Jeff McCullough (dec.)
Married: Nov. 20, 1936, in Ardmore
Curliss, Margaret Mary (Tiney)  March 2, 1926 Aug. 13, 2000 Born in Hartshorne, OK
D/O Charley Buck and
Mary Brady Graham
W/O Jim Curliss (dec.)
Lovelace, Georgia Brown  March 15, 1908 Aug. 14, 2000 Born in Red Oak, OK
D/O Mary Brown
W/O (1st) Oscar Mathews in August 1929 
(2nd) Ed Lovelace in December 1945
O’Kelley, Henry  Sept. 5, 1913 Aug. 2, 2000 Born in Gainesville, Ga.
S/O T.B. and Luella Lovings O’Kelley
H/O Dorothy Dean Reed O'Kelley
Married: May 26, 1935, in Jackfork
Inman, Fred E.  Aug. 28, 1910 July 31, 2000 Born: Ava, Mo.
S/O Barney and Myrtle Thornton Inman
H/O Wilma Lois Mills Inman (dec.)
Married: 1942 in Texas
U.S. Army World War II
Walker, Sarah  Nov., 3, 1921 July 3, 2000 Born in Coalgate, OK
D/O James and Minnie Gibson Mason
W/O Luther Walker (dec.)
Married: 1939
Russell, Edna Irene  Dec. 7, 1920 June 30, 2000 Born in Waldron, Ark.
D/O Delmar and Ollie Johnston Taft
W/O Henry Everett Russell (dec.)
Married: June 8, 1942, in McAlester`
Cowen, Raymond “Rusty”  May 23, 1924 June 15, 2000 Born in Blue Community, near Hartshorne
S/O Hugh Ed and Essie Ledbetter Cowen
Baker, Brittani Nicol  June 3, 1991 June 5, 2000 Born in Tulsa, Ok
D/O Michael and Christina
Ledbetter Baker
Grandaughter of: Linda Costello  and John Costello & Alice Baker (dec.)
David Ledbetter (dec.)
Great-grandparents: Arthur & Wanda Chaney  and John & Marie Ledbetter and Dorothy Chaney (dec.)
Ford, Sylvia C.  May 11, 1900 May 3, 2000 Age 99
Born in Leven, Scotland
D/O William and Annie Clarke Williamson
W/O Sherman Dee Ford (dec.)
Married in Hartshorne
Parkinson, Bill  Aug. 15, 1915 April 2, 2000 Born in Dow, OK
S/O Alton Lee and Blanche Boswell Parkinson
Dollins, George M.,  Sr. March 28, 1930 March 29, 2000 Born in Hartshorne
S/O Harvey Leon and Violet C. Housely Dollins
H/O Phyllis J. Neubauer Dollins 
Married:  Feb. 26, 1954, in Wilburton
Melton, Donnie  July 8, 1946 March 16, 2000 Born in Wilburton
S/O  Ray and Jerrie James Melton
Mordecai, Lue  Oct. 14, 1947 March 12, 2000 Born in Wewoka, OK
D/O Norman Buster and
Wilma Marie Merideth Munn
W/O William Mordecai 
Married: Nov. 26, 1969, in McAlester
Curbow, Billy  July 16, 1955 Feb. 29, 2000 Born in McAlester, OK
S/O Bill and Mary Hulet Curbow
Grandson of: Ezekiel Curbow
Zukosky, Roger  Jan. 14, 1953 March 1, 2000 Born in McAlester, OK
S/O Joe and Sylvia Connor
Collins, James A. “Jack”  ~ Feb. 17, 2000 Age 80
Buried with Military Honors
Sirmans, Elpha “Big Mama”  (Criner)  Dec. 7, 1905 Feb. 15, 2000 Born in Mt. Judea, Ark.
D/O Bolin and Paralee
(Marten) Criner
W/O Daniel Willis Sirmans (dec. 1959)
Married: Sept. 17, 1922 in Brooken
Kline, Jo Ann  ~ Feb. 4, 2000 Age 70
Salyers, Tobitha  ~ Jan. 30, 2000 Age 88
W/O Paul Salyers
(see below)
Harrison, Hazel Stenhouse  ~ Jan. 26, 2000 Age 92
Willis, Georgia Layne  ~ Jan. 26, 2000 Age 96
Salyers, Paul  Feb. 2, 1916 Jan. 10, 2000 Age 84
Born in Arch community
H/O Tobitha Lance Salyers Married: Nov. 22, 1933
U.S. Army World War II
Bruton, Cecil E.  Dec. 19, 1918 Jan. 1, 2000 Born in Henryetta
S/O  Edgar and Rhoda Cole Bruton
H/O Florence McCaslin Colvard 
Married: Sept. 18, 1954
Served in: World War II, the Korean Conflict and
Loveless, Alice Doshier  ~ July 1999 Age 51
Submitted by: V. Sternenberg

Hollis, Kimberly  July 1958 July 1958 infant d/o Glenn and Louellen Moody Hollis
Hollis, Jesse Lee  Born May 30, 1905 Died July 19, 1995 H/O Maudie Casey Hollis.
S/O William (Bill) and Safronia Belle (Belle) Daniels  Hollis Snow. Born near McCurtain, died in Adamson.
Hollis, Leon Terry  Born Sept. 2, 1928 Died Nov. 14, 1948 First-born son of Lee and Maudie Casey Hollis
Born: McCurtain
Died: McAlester
Hollis, Maudie Casey Born Oct.22, 1905 Died Feb. 27, 2001 D/O Jehu and Dovie Eugenia Patton Casey 
Born: Rocky Point, Indian Territory. Married Lee Hollis July 22, 1924.
Submitted by: Patricia Hollis Emich

PIERCE, Jack W. Born Aug. 22, 1916 Died April 16, 1917 ~
PIERCE, Gene H. Born Dec. 2, 1921 Died Feb. 5, 1925 ~
PIERCE, Earnest F. Born 1868 Died 1933 FATHER
PIERCE, John H. Born Oct. 5, 1880 Died Jan. 4, 1901 H/O Delphia
PIERCE, Roy L. Born  Died Aug. 26, 1908 Age 28 yrs. 8 mo. 14da.
PIERCE, J. N. Born Aug. 28, 1908 Died May 3, 1909 ~
HARDIN, W.W. “Woody” Born July 21, 1921 Died Oct. 31, 1999 Born: Hartshorne
Died: McAlester
S/O: James W. and Nellie
B. Parsons Hardin
Mills FH
Submitter's: Vivian Sternenberg , C. A. Allen

DEATHERAGE, Callie Marie "Poss"  Born Jan. 14, 1904 d. 1 Jan 1988 D/O James Barton DEATHERAGE & 
Mariah Ann FOREMAN.  Married 
h/1 Elbert W. "Red" ROE, 18 Sept.
1926, Gowen, Latimer, Okla (div), 
h/2 Ivan AUSTIN, 30 May 1958, Las
Vegas, Clark, Nevada (div) Born in 
Anniwake, Tahlequah Dist, Okla, 
Cherokee Nation
Clara Ellen "Jack" 
Born Feb. 11, 1906 d. 20 Jan 1998 Daug of James Barton DEATHERAGE 
& Mariah Ann FOREMAN.  Married 
John Richard KILGORE, 11 Feb 1932, Wilburton, Latimer, Okla.
Dingle, Harry Born Feb. 16, 1885 Died Oct. 24, 1894 S/O Richard Luke Dingle and Julia Ann Neusum Smith. Born in Collinsville, Died 
in Hartshorne
Dingle, Ruth Hennrietta Born Oct. 1, 1892 Died Dec. 27, 1894 D/O Richard Luke DINGLE and Julia Ann Neusum Smith, Born in Hillsboro, IL, Died 
in Hartshorne
James, Sarah Nalty Smith  Born 1827 Died, Unknown between 1893 and 1920 W/O John Randall Smith (#1), m.16Jan
1846, St. Saviors, Arklow, Ireland
W/O Henry James (#2), m.1867, 
Collinsville, IL
M/O Julia Ann Neusum Smith Dingle
(of Hartshorne, at the time of
Sarah's death) Born in Curranstown 
Upper, County Wicklow, Ireland, Died in Hartshorne
Joyce, Luther James Born Apr. 13, 1867 Died Oct. 13, 1961  S/O William Reid Joyce and Sallie Ann Hall (Born: Viginia, Died: Oklahoma)
Joyce, Albert Clarence Born Feb. 12, 1946 Died Dec. 24, 1974 S/O Arthur Claude Joyce and Lula Virgie Hudson (Born: McAlester, OK, Died: 
Little Rock, AR)
Jewell, Kathrine 
Elizabeth (Joyce)
Born Sept. 19, 1939 Died Nov. 21, 1960 W/O Ralph Jewell, D/O Arthur Claude 
Joyce and Lula Virgie Hudson, M/O Leroy Jewell and Russell Jewell. **This mother 
and 2 sons died in a car/train crash and are buried together.
Jewell, Leroy Born April 26, 1958 Died Nov. 21, 1960 S/O Ralph Jewell and Kathrine Elizabeth 
Jewell, Russell Born Jan 13, 1960 Died Nov. 21, 1960 S/O Ralph Jewell and Kathrine Elizabeth 
Born Oct. 18, 1905 Died May 21, 1993 Twin son of John KILGORE & Arper 
DRAKE. Married Clara Ellen "Jack" DEATHERAGE, 11 Feb 1932, Wilburton, Latimer, Okla. Born in Bache, Pittsburg, 
Okla, I.T.
Kathryn Joyce Gonzalez
Marty Medak
Bonnie Favazza

Smith, David Jackson  Born  11-4-1902 Died  1-4-1906 son of Mattie & Henry
Smith, Henry Thomas  Born  1-2-1873 Died 10-9-1945 -
Smith, Mattie Myrtle Born  5-25-1877 Died 3-7-1952 -
Smith, Clarence F. Born  6-5-1898 Died 3-13-1964 son of Mattie & Henry
Smith, Amee Beth Born  6-15-1980 Died 6-18-1980 dau. of Thomas Seth Smith
Smith, Jerry Lee Born  12-13-1944 Died 7-17-1991 son of Clarence & Louise
Smith, Francis Louise Keith Born  4-9-1915 Died 11-5-1978 dau. of Lemuel & Grace
Keith, Lemuel Laffette Born  12-28-1870 Died 3-22-1951 son of James & Mary
Keith, Grace Murray Born  4-21-1879 Died 2-8-1959 dau. of George & Elizabeth Murray, wife of Lem.
Keith, Faye No Date No Date dau. of Lem & Grace
Submitted by: Ronnie Smith-Theroux

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