Pittsburg County


Chambers Cemetery

Savannah, OK
LOCATION: South of McAlester, OK on Highway 69 to Chambers Road, turn west travel .7 mile to just beyond the underpass (Indian Nation Turnpike) turn left .1 mile to the cemetery.

Meggs, Mae Nell
May 15, 1934
March 12, 2004
Born Greenscap, N.M., D/O M.K. and Minnie Cordell Barnett, (Bishop Funeral Service)
Beasley, Mildred L.
Oct. 7, 1923
Oct. 10, 2000
Born Calvin, OK. Age 77. D/O Hudy and Myrtle Cross DeWees. W/OGabriel Dillard Beasley (deceased) Married Aug. 9, 1941 in McAlester. (Bishop Funeral Service)
Hayes, Claudie
April 9, 1919
Dec. 31, 2001
Born Nacogdoches, Texas. D/O Ehmanuel and Amanda (Cordoba) Herrera W/O Herbert Hayes (died Sept. 1986). Married Sept. 14, 1944, in McAlester. (Mills FH)
Grubbs, Terrell Franklin
July 23, 1946
March 11, 2001
Born McAlester. Died Daytona Beach, FLS/O Burl and Pauline Standridge Grubbs. U. S. Marine Corp. (Bishop Funeral Service)
Jones, Curtis G.
July 15, 1932
April 15, 2003
Born Blanco, OK. Died McAlester, OK. S/O Thomas Henry and Annie Elizabeth (Adams) Jones. U.S. Army. (Mills FH)
Turner, Geraldine
Oct. 28, 1918
Oct. 7, 2002
Died Tulsa, OK. Born Russett, OK. D/O Thomas Newton and Julia Stilley Lynn. W/O Carl Turner (died 1973). Married  July 25, 1938. (Bishop Funeral Service)
Forlines, Sam A
April 24, 1928
May 30,2000
Born Bell-ville, Ark. S/O Joshua L. and Mary I. Gilbreath Forlines. (Bishop Funeral Service).
Submitted by: Vivian Sternenberg

Cummins, Audie
5 May 1937
13 Apr 1996
US Navy (Bratcher FH)
Cummins, Audman C.
11 Mar 1907
OK 24 Sept 1944
Born at Scipio, OK, died at McAlester.  May God be with you until we meet again. (B/O Fines W. Cummins, H/O Susan N. Cummins)
Cummins, "Buddy" Clarence
17 Apr 1932
1 Aug 1995
S/O Fines W. and Mary Ann Cummins (Mills FH)
Cummins, Fines W.
12 Dec 1901
30 Dec 1962
(B/O Audman C. Cummins; H/O Mary Ann Cummins; F/O Belva E. Cummins Janway, "Buddy" Clarence Cummins)
Cummins, Genie
5 Sept 1881
31 Mar 1917
Cummins, George
12 Oct 1912
24 Sept 1943
Cummins, Geneva
26 Jan 1928
4 Nov 1968
Born Kiowa, OK (Wife of Reuben F. Cummins-Double Headstone)
Cummins, James A.
23 Dec 1910
16 Dec 1978
Cummins, Lora
25 June 1917
5 Aug 1946
Cummins, Reuben F.
23 Feb 1915
24 July 1974
Born McAlester, OK, H/O Geneva Cummins, Double Headstone)(Mills FH)
Cummins, Susan N.
12 May 1908
16 July 1973
W/O)Audman C. Cummins
Cummins, Mary Ann
23 July 1904
27 Oct 1984
W/OFines W. Cummins; M/O "Buddy"Clarence Cummins (Mills FH)
Steele, Bert W.
(Mills FH)
Submitted by: John and Ileta Janway Smith, Sandra Janway Jones. CONTACT: Ileta Janway Smith

Earl C. Holt
b. March 25, 1889
d. Jan. 17, 1971
Marker Photo
Emma R. Holt
b. Sept. 7, 1907
d. No Date
Marker Photo
John D. Holt (Husband of Sarah A.)
b. Nov. 14, 1849
d. Nov. 19, 1932
Marker Photo
Sarah A. Holt (Wife of John D. Holt
b. March 18, 1851
d. July 31, 1931
Marker Photo
Holt, Celia Joan
b. Dec.11, 1955
d. Dec. 26, 1955
Marker Photo
Holt, Silas
Died November 13, 1914
Age 1, Son of George M. & Mindia (Aynes) Holt.
Holt, Infant
Still born May 27, 1918
Died May 27, 1918
Child of George M. & Mindia (Aynes) Holt.
Holt, Mindia (Aynes)
Born Nov. 13, 1888
Died March 19, 1920
Wife of George M. Holt. (Husband George is buried in Old Cache, Cemetery Keota, Haskell Co., Oklahoma.)
Holt, Linnie
Died November 12, 1924
Died age 15  daughter of George M. & Mindia (Aynes) Holt.
Submitted by: Linda Knote  (This is my great grandmother and children. And great great grandparents.)
5845 West Pook Road
South Whitley, IN 46787-9668

Whitener, Goldie Elizabeth Gatewood
Born 11-20-1898
Died 11-2-1950
Gatewood, M.
Born 3-28-1868
Died 7-29-1932
(Riley Moses Gatewood)
Mason, Lula Alene Gatewood
Born 3-17-1900
Died 2-6-1997
Baker, J. T.
Born 10-19-1870
Died 2-27-1915
Submitted by: L. Farrell  (The above are my Grandmother, Great-grandfather & great-aunt.)

Cleeton, Lena Alice
Born March 8,1886
Died October 17, 1914
great grand mother
Fryhover, James Joseph
Born Aug. 20, 1883
Died September 15, 1962
great grand father
Submitted by: Victoria Hardison


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