Pittsburg County



Ash Creek Cemetery

East of McAlester, Near Blocker, Oklahoma
Cemetery is behind the church.
Cemetery photos taken in July of 2003 below provided by Lisa Hopper .



Date of Birth

Date of Death



Arthur Lee Simmons
Ruby Francis Decker-Underwood- Simmons
Paul Simmons
Twin Brother of Pauline
Pauline Lee Simmons-Sawyer
Mother of Connie Raulston
Submitted by: Connie Ann Wooley-Sawyer-VanCuren-Raulston


Troy Cleo Beshears
October 03, 1933
October 03, 1933
Submitted by Helen D. Farris
Roy Leo Beshears
October 03, 1933
October 03, 1933
Submitted by Helen D. Farris
Mary Belle Zachary
June 26,1890
August 3,1967
Born in Pacola, Oklahoma. D/O Francis Marion (Frank) and Mary Elizabeth (Richardson) Decker. W/O Albert N. Zachary.
Mary Belle Zachary was my Mother's Mom.
Albert N. Zachary
September 3,1887
January 29,1981
Born in Shoal Creek, Arkansas. S/O John Ward and Martha Elizabeth (Burkes) Zachary. H/O Mary Belle (Decker) Zachary. Albert was my Mother's Dad.
Sylvan Zachary
August 12,1912
February 3,1981
Born in Wilburton, OK.  S/O Albert N. and Mary Belle (Decker)
Zachary. Sylvan was my Mother's older brother.
Ken C. Zachary
August 13,1938
January 22,1986
Born in OK. S/O Sylvan and "Duge" (Mason) Zachary.
Ken was the son of Mother's older brother.
Annie Lee Henson (double)
October 19,1930
August 31,2001
Born in Little Onion, Oklahoma. D/O Albert N. and Mary Belle (Decker) Zachary.  W/O Otis Lee Henson. Annie Henson was my Mother's baby sister...she married my Dad's half-brother Otis Lee Henson.
MULLINS(double)                         James Frank
Sylvia Dell
                                                           July 1,1919                            
June 15,1921
July 13,1996
  April 4,1996
                                                        James Frank born in Pittsburg Co.,OK.  S/O Grant & Julie May (Burgess, Henson)Mullins.     H/O Sylvia Dell (Mason) Mullins.                                   Sylvia born in OK.  W/O James Frank Mullins
Bobby Gene Mullins
August 12, 1941
February 28, 2001
Born in Crowder,Oklahoma    S/O Robert and Theo(Zachary) Mullins. B/O Lisa Hopper     Died in Midland, TX
Julie May (Burgess, Mullins) Henson
June 12,1893
December 29,1986
Born in Coalgate, OK.           D/O Bill and Fronie (Compton) Burgess. Wife of Joe Henson
Joseph (Joe) Henson
November 9,1875
January 2,1956
Born in Mena, Arkansas. Husband of Julie May Henson.
Submitted by: Lisa Hopper  Grand daughter of Julie Henson, step-grand daughter of Joe Henson.

Washington, Wanda M. (Traylor)
Aug. 1, 1941
July 14, 2003
Born in McAlester, OK. D/O Clarence and Rosie Moffett Traylor. Bishop Funeral Service of McAlester.

Robert H. Wright
9- 13-1926
"His toils are past; His work is done; He fought the fight; The victory won." Heart shaped marker.
Submitted by: Norman Davis

Sarah E. Ramsey
Born Mar. 2, 1874
Died Feb. 24, 1957
Essie Emaline Terry
Born August 2, 1915
Died October, 18 1992
W/O Jesse Lee Terry (he is buried at North McAlester Cemetery)

Submitted by Kelley Cate

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