Terlton Obituary List

The following is a list of obituary notices from the town of Terlton, Pawnee County, Oklahoma. This list is partially the work of Mrs. Betty Jones who happens to also reside in Terlton. If you have a question about a specific obituary, please contact the submitter listed for Mrs. Betty Jones who will be able to then relay your concern or question. If you would like to volunteer to list any obituary notice(s) for this page, please forward an e-mail Robert Gale Fender and put the entry "Terlton Obituary list" as the Subject line.




Harold Davis Colburn

3 June 1910

Joel Orcutt

infant Eales

27 March 1911

Joel Orcutt

Samuel Florer

20 August 1909

Joel Orcutt

William Hearne

6 August 1909

Joel Orcutt

Glen Kizer

4 March 1910

Joel Orcutt

H. E. Reid

1 October 1909

Joel Orcutt

Harvey R. Reid

16 November 1909

Joel Orcutt

Mrs. Thomas Riggs

4 March 1910

Joel Orcutt

Walter Taylor

17 September 1910

Joel Orcutt

C. C. Young

6 Mar 1902

Judy York

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