Genealogical Societies

The Ottawa County Genealogical Society Newsletter 
P. O. Box 1383 
Miami, OK 74355-1383 

Membership and Newsletter: $7.00/yr 

Information can not be submitted, i.e. queries, articles on ancestor, and research information. You can contact them for limited volunteer research, or information on extended research.

Early Ottawa County Mining Families 

Lake O' the Cherokees Chapter, National Society, DAR has begun a project has begun to record the history of the mining families in Ottawa County. This project is open to anyone who can prove their ancestry in Ottawa County back to the mining fields. 

They are encouraging everyone eligible to take this opportunity to document their family history. The family records will be placed on file in the Picher Mining Museum where the information will be available to researchers. Eventually, a book will be published of these family histories. 

For those who request it, the society will issue a certificate, suitable for framing, at the cost of $5.00. 

To receive the application packet send your name, address, phone number and $1.00 to: 

c/o Thelma Jarnigin Seamon
9 I Street N. E.
Miami, OK 74354

For more information contact: Donna Seamon Reeves at 918-542-9650

Delaware County Genealogical Society Newsletter
c/o Grove Public Library 
206 So Elk St 
Grove, Oklahoma 74344  

The Historical Society of Delaware County
Wynona Nelson 
P. O. Box 567 
Jay, OK 74346 

Twice yearly periodical, comes with membership. Deals mostly with the Cherokee Nation West. They have a museum which is closed during the winter. Information can be submitted, such as inquiries, articles on ancestors, etc.   

Old Families of Delaware County
c/o Grove Public Library 
206 So. Elk 
Grove, OK 74344 

Please send $1.00 for a packet with information on submitting your family to this periodical.
It explains how to prove your ancestry in the Cherokee Nation West.    

T. L. & M. Genealogy Quarterly
P. O. Box 349 
Colcord, OK 74338-0349 

Published by the Talbot Library & Museum, the cost is $15.00 for four issues. Mr. Talbot, who owns the library and museum, has an extensive collection of historical items on Indian Territory, and early Oklahoma. His newsletter includes items such as Trail of Tears Detachments, area cemeteries, the Dawes Roles, the Dawes Doubtful and Rejected Roles, a bulletin board, family association information from all over the U.S., social security records information, Oklahoma pre-statehood marriages, and much more. Back issues are available. Mr. Talbot runs his museum out of his own pocket, and contributions are appreciated. He will give information and look-ups over the phone, and has an extensive library.  

The Goingsnake Messenger
P. O. Box 349 
Colcord, OK 74338-0349 

Another of Mr. Talbot's newsletters, this one deals with the Goingsnake District of the Cherokee Nation West, Indian Territory. $15.00 for four issues mailed quarterly. This newsletter has completely different information in it. Contains stories about families and their experiences while living in Indian Territory, historical information on towns and communities in the Goingsnake District, Cherokee Indian stories and legends, research tips on Indian Territory, biographies on the Cherokee Chiefs, and book reviews. This is an excellent newsletter for anyone doing research in the Cherokee Nation West, Goingsnake District.