Ottawa County Records

The Ottawa County Courthouse
102 E. Central Ave.
Miami, OK 74355
Please direct inquiries to the individual office (i.e. Court Clerk, Tax Assessor, etc.)

Treasurer's Office
Personal property taxes. This is a tax assessed in Oklahoma on the perceived value of the property that you might have within an owned piece of property, (i.e. a home). Each home owner is assessed this tax on a yearly basis.

Court Clerk's Office
This office holds civil, (i.e. divorce, law suits, marriage) and criminal records.

NO personal checks, must be cashiers check or money order.
Attach letter giving names and dates of the particular record.
Also enclose a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope)

County Clerk's Office
This office holds deeds and information on property owners. County Commissioners Minutes.

County Assessor's Office
No records available.

No records available.

Election Board:
Records from 1940-present.

Superintendent of Schools
School Enumeration (Census) Records

Miami City Court House
City Clerk
City Council Minutes
Ordinance Books