Descendants of Isaac Weston Testerman

Generation No. 1  

1.  ISAAC WESTON5 TESTERMAN  (PETER4, ABRAHAM3, PETER2, THOMAS1) was born January 07, 1861 in Kyles Ford, Hancock Co., Tennessee, and died January 07, 1935 in Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.  He married CORINTHA "CARRIE" SUTTON May 08, 1898 in Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma, daughter of WILLIAM SUTTON and KISSIAH POTEET.  She was born July 18, 1873 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., Illinios, and died July 15, 1956 in Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.

Memories of Cleola Testerman Potts:

Isaac Weston Testerman saw his father shot dead by carpetbaggers when he was 5 years old.  He spoke of Chattanooga and a place called Bull's Gap.  He raised his mother's second family and his sister Mary's which is why he got married late.  There was an Oklahoma land rush on 22 Apr 1889 which is how he got his land there.  He was a judge in Fairland, Oklahoma for 42 years.  His obituary said that no one ever appealed to a higher court in all the cases he heard.  He was a fair man and was highly respected all over the state.  Officials came from all over for his funeral.  The procession was over a mile long to the graveside.  When he died Kizz (his daughter Kissiah) turned blue and never was the same.  People up town heard her scream and said the house and porch were full in minutes after.


Notes from Cleola (Testerman) Potts:
Isaac's wife, Corintha Sutton, was called "Karra".  She did a lot of home nursing and expected her kids to be able to take care of the house while she was helping other people.  She also was called to lay out the dead.  She told her kids about it so they knew what it was like and were expected to take their turn.



                 i.    RADIANT EILEEN TESTERMAN, b. January 19, 1899, Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; d. December 16, 1977, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., WA; m. GRANVILLE ERNEST BURNETT, January 01, 1918, Afton, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; d. February 28, 1933, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., Washington.

                 ii.    CLEOLA ETHELYN TESTERMAN, b. November 16, 1901, Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; d. November 14, 1968, Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon; m. EARL SHULTS POTTS, July 19, 1919, Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; b. October 02, 1900, Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas; d. March 22, 1974, Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon.

                 iii.    VERNON SUTTON TESTERMAN, b. August 14, 1907, Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; d. October 26, 1975, Winthrop, Okanogan Co., Washington; m. FRANCES MARIE DAVIS, June 28, 1941, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., Washington; d. 2004, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., WA.

                 iv.    KISSIAH ORENE TESTERMAN, b. November 22, 1909, Fairland, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma; d. buried Miami, Oklahoma; m. ROY MARTIN; d. buried GAR Cem., Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.