Cleora "Cleo"  Arizona Reed Fletcher
Oct. 25-1928
                                  Death Laid To Gas Poisoning Carbon Monoxide Vapor Fatal To Mrs. Cleora Fletcher, Doctor Decide
 Medical authorties at Miami Baptist hospital this morning pronounced carbon monoxide gas poisoning the cause of the death of Mrs. Cleora Fletcher, 17 years old, employee of the Boster cafe, who died yesterday afternoon at the hospital after being discovered unconscious in her room at the Pinnell apartments, 28 A street, northeast the day before. Persons who found Mrs. Fletcher in her room stated that a gas stove was burning in the room and that the heat had become oppresive. The generally accepted theory of her is that she went to sleep with a fire burning and little ventilation in the room , failed to wake up as the carbon monoxide fumes generated when oxygen became ????? and finally inhaled enough of the gas to cause death. One part in 10,000 of carbon monoxide gas in the air has been known to be fatally. Ernest Fletcher , husband of the woman, returned to Miami yesterday morning from the Seminole oil fields, where he had been working. Other relative are her mother, Mrs. Flora Hillight, of Seminole, one brother, Arthur Reed of Commerce Okla., and six sisters, Mrs. Delia Lowery of Southwest City Mo., Mrs. Eva Sargent of Purcell Mo., Mrs. Zelphia Barton of Commerce Okla., Mrs. Helen Waston of Deerfield Mo., Mrs. Lola Larutz of Joplin Mo., and Mrs. Ruth Butler of Commerce Okla. Burial, G.A.R. cemetery, Miami Okla.