Partial list - Submitted by: Margaret Parker

 Information was taken from Picher Newspaper indexes, Miami News Record indexes, the ones from doing lookups for people and the marriage lists that are listed in the paper once a week.

 Please note that a lot of the dates are the dates that the information appeared in the newspapers.  Some are the actual dates. 

If you should decide that you want to obtain copy of marriage record, you can write to the Ottawa County District Court Clerk,  County Court House, Miami, OK  74354.  Remember to enclose $1.00 (last I heard) for each copy and a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


Abbott Homer W,age 22,(m) Lee M.Osburn,age 28,Jan.4-1914,Vol. 2- page 992

Abernathy Lester D,(m) Genevieve Massongale,June 7-1944

Abney Patience Ann,(m) George W.Beck Sr,July 25-1921

Ackley Cleveland A,age 25,(m) Lillie Skaggs,age 21,July 12-1910,Vol. 1-page 426

Adams Bithem,(m) Alva Elam,Sept.7-1920

Adams Edward W.,(m) Elsie Williams ,July 29-1921

Adams Frank,age 21,(m) Cora Stroyd,age 18,Sept.30-1908,Vol. 1-page 140

Adams John "Deb" (m) Laura Wharton ,Aug.5-1921

Adams William T.,age 64,(m) Mrs. Cynthia Braught,age 50,Nov.23-1913,Vol.2-page 968

Addington Lennah,(m) George Stepp,March 18-1918

Adkison George F.,age 39,(m) Fannie C.Chandler,age 21,Feb.16-1913,Vol. 2-page 862

Agee William R.,age 26,(m) Myrtle L.,age 21,Jan.15-1915,Vol. 2-page 1141

Akers Harry F.,age 21,(m) Elura Ellison,age 19,Sept.25-1910,Vol. 1-page 458

Adkins Gilbert (m) Jessie E. Moore,Dec.7-1922

Albo Leo Earl,age 23,(m) Myrtle Gibson,age 23,April 18-1909,Vol. 1-page 242

Albo Sam D.,age 23,(m) Jennie L.Olson,age 20,April 4-1916,Vol. 3-Page 1399

Alcott A.B.(m) Evelyn Nidiffer, July 28-1920

Alexander James B.,age 36,(m) Mrs. Marie Williams,age 23,Sept.13-1915,Vol. 3-page 1259

Algrim Ray,age 23,(m) Fannie L.May,age 21,Sept.14-1913,Vol. 2-page 948

Allen Billie (m) Velma Crisp,Aug.5-1922

Allen C.Earl,age 27,(m) Ruth A.Edwards,age 19,Aug.26-1912,Vol.2-page 773

Allen Fred ,(m) A.I. King,Sept.19-1921

Allen James C.,(m) Marie B.Lackey,May 9-1945

Allen James Granville,(m) Opal Edith Pittman,June 24-1922

Allen Joseph Carl,age 20,(m) Nelia Gibson,age 18,Oct.2-1911,Vol. 2-page 624

Allen Joseph M.,age 25,(m) Ida S.Barnett,age 16,Dec.24-1912,Vol.2-page 832

Allen Riley,age 24,(m) Lillie Waters,age 22,April 6-1912,Vol.2-page 710

Allen Roy,(m) Joyce Truelove,Oct.28-1953

Allen Victory E,age 40,(m) Stella Buzzard,age 22,Nov.21-1909,Vol. 1-page 333

Alley J.Floyd,age 21,(m) Edna Mae Hopton,age 16,Feb.11-1917,Vol. 3-page 1649

Alsbury Lloyd W.,(m) Georgetta Maudlin,June 1-1939

Altizer B.F.,(m) Minnie E.Peck,July 29-1920

Ames C.T.,age 37,(m) Essie Cayfield,age 22,Sept.23-1916,Vol.3-page 1539

Anderson A.O.,age 24,(m) Virginia Wiles,age 18,May 18-1917,Vol.3-page 1750

Anderson Alva Lee,(m) Ruth Sullivan,Junee 11-1947

Anderson Ben H.,(m) Ora Moore,Dec. 16-1922

Anderson Bert,age 24,(m) Wonita Wood,age 18,May 22-1916,Vol. 3-page 1437

Anderson D.R.,age 27,(m) Victoria Lough,age 27,June 21-1916,Vol. 3-page 1466

Anderson Frank W.,age 20,(m) Pearl Colvin,age 19,June 28-1913,Vol. 2-page 914

Anderson Will,(m) Elsie Hollans,May 10-1922

Andrews Albert S.,age 26,(m) Ida O.Lanford,age 24,Aug.19-1915,Vol. 3-page 1247

Andrews Elmer,(m) Veula McBride,Nov.20-1920

Andrews Howard,age 21,(m) Hattie Standefer,age 17,Sept.15-1915,Vol.3-page 1261

Andrews Walter A.,age 24,(m) Martha L.Staton,age 17,March 16-1911,Vol.1-page 546

Angel Jesse L.,age 22,(m) Emma Kiefer,age 22,July 19-1910,Vol.1-page 428

Angleberger J.P.,age 66,(m) Mrs.Mary Coleman Treas,age 59,Feb.10-1916,Vol.3-page 1366

Annable H.E.,age 53,(m) Laura E.Davis,age 45,April 9-1916,Vol. 3- page 1395

Archer Clyde,age 24-,(m) Osia King,age 18,Oct.6-1914,Vol. 2-page 1091

Archer Edwin S.,age 23,(m) Myrtle Sopha Crane,age 22,Jan.12-1916,Vol. 3- page 1344

Archer Floyd,(m) Fren reynolds,April 5-1944

Armstrong John,(m) Elizabeth Jeffery,May 9-1945

Armstrong John F.,age 22,(m) U.Ball,age 18,July 26-1916,Vol. 3-page 1498

Armstrong Robert,(m) Virginia Clouse,Dec.18-1946

Armstrong William J.G.,age 54,(m) Mrs.Martha Hughes,age 58,Oct.11-1916,Vol. 3- page 1553

Arnce J.A.,(m) Lola Reed,Aug.23-1920

Arnett Fred,age 30,(m) Mrs. Angeline Froman,age 36,May 5-1908,Vol. 1-page 81

Arnett Isaac,age 25,(m) Cora Lafalier,age 18,March 6-1910,Vol. 1- page 381

Arnhart Henry,age 23,(m) Emma Pearl Fulcher,age 20,June 3- 1912,Vol. 2-page 753

Arnold Geral B.,(m) Betty Lee Atnip,April 4-1945

Ash George M,age 25,(m) Ada J. Maynard,age 17,Jan. 9-1913,Vol.2- page 845

Ashton Harry E., age 23,(m) Ida Walker,age 15,March 20-1909, Vol. 1-page 265

Asman Harold,(m) Evelyn Briggs,Jan.15-1921

Atkinson Fred W.,age 35,(m) Kate Malcolm,age 28,Oct.15-1911,Vol. 2-page 636

Atwood Otha J.,age 23,(m) Anna Ellington,age 18,Aug.12-1908,Vol.1-page 112

Atzen James L.,age 26,(m) Ethel M. Neilsen,age 27,Sept.14-1910,Vol.1-page 450

Audrian Clyde W.,age 24,(m) Pearl Scott,age 23,Feb.7-1915,Vol. 2-page 1152

Augustine George D.,(m) Nettie Radford,May 2-1922

Austin Croll J,age 22,(m) Vida Chappell,age 21,Dec.20-1911,Vol. 2-page 659

Austin Everett O.,age 26,(m) Mars. Sylvia Roush King,age 18,May 3-1913,Vol. 2-page 891

Austin James,age 22,(m) Mittie Glover,age 16,May 3-1908,Vol. 1-page 83

Austin Wiley,age 18,(m) Roda Isabelle Kelley,age 19,Aug.27-1908,Vol. 1- page 121


Babb Basil G,age 52,(m) Lidia A,age 48,May 25-1915,Vol. 3-page 1205

Babst, Charles Robert & Chamberlain, Jo Nell  Dec 30, 1960

Bailey Charles L.,age 34,(m) Mrs.Mamie Hulsey,age 24,April 19-1915,Vol.3-page 1191

Bailey Floyd,age 19,(m) Addie Pickering,age 19,Feb.12-1908,Vol. 1 page 44

Bailey John,(m) Ruth Steele,Dec. 25-1920

Bain Edward D.,age 24,(m) Ruby Grace Deems,age 19,Aug.25-1914,Vol. 2- page 1073

Bain Will T.,age 25,(m) Gertie A. Franklin,age 20,Feb.5-1913,Vol. 2- page 860

Baird Glenn C.,age 22,(m) Anna S. Benderwin,age 18,Dec. 20-1909,Vol. 1- page 343

Baker Charles J.,(m) Blanche L.Perkins,Oct.24-1922

Baker Clinton ,(m) Lillian Tallman,Sept.7-1920

Baker Forest,age 22,(m) Mary Standley,age 18,March 24-1917, Vol. 3- page 1682

Baker George,age 22,(m) Maud Epperson,age 22,Dec.22-1907

Baker George W.,age 27,(m) Lizzie Wells,age 27,April 28-1911,Vol. 1- page 562

Baker Homer,(m) Mrs. Jennie Winters,Jan.24-1945

Baker John B.,age 23,(m) Faye Z. Bowman,age 18,May 31- 1913,Vol. 2-page 903

Baker L.M.,age 21,(m) Sylvia V. Skinner,age 16,Oct.21-1916,Vol. 3- page 1559

Baker Olin,age 21,(m) Mary Sheff,age 21,March 24-1917,Vol. 3- page 1681

Baker Richard E.,age 23,(m) Grace E. Gash,age 18,Vol. 2-page 1099

Baker Thomas Fletcher,age 24,(m) Verdia Sue Cunningham,age 18,Feb.2-1909,Vol. 1- page 216

Baker William,age 44,(m) Mrs. Emma Harper,age 43,Sept.11-1912,Vol. 2-page 780

Baker William L.,age 34,(m) Mary F. Whiteaker,age 19,Nov.12-1912,Vol. 2- page 801

Baker William M,age 27,(m) Edith M. Tucker ,age 19,March 23- 1913,Vol. 2- page 873

Baldwin Orval,(m) Alice McLain,Jan.28-1919

Balentine Ed,age 29,(m) Mes. Annella Taylor,age 29,Aug.16-1915,Vol. 3-,page 1245

Ball Hugh Andy,age 24,(m) Susie Wyrick,age 22,Nov.9-1910,Vol. 1-page 481

Ball John H.,age 25,(m) Maggie G.Botts,age 22,Feb. 3-1917,Vol. 3- page 1640

Ball John M.,age 27,(m) Ella C.Richardson,age 18,March 29-1913,Vol. 2- page 879

Ball Joseph E.,age 25,(m) Ida D.Whitesell,age 24,Sept.24-1913,Vol. 2- page 950

Ball L.E.,(m) Helen Downing,May 24-1939

Ball Lemuel M.,(m) Tommie C.Bummer,Jan.21-1922

Ball Ray,(m) Marjorie Williams,Aug.12-1922

Ball Stanley,(m) Mrs.Maggie Hvey,July 10-1945

Balles Martin E.,age 21,(m) Liddlie B. Jones,age 18,Jan.7- 1913, Vol. 2- page 843

Ballinger Vernon,(m) Le Ella Younger,July 16-1947

Ballon Rettie,(m) Jesse Haggard,Sept.14-1922

Balls Corbett F.,age 21,(m) Myrtle Iva Price,age 19,Dec. 14-1901,Vol. 1-page 498

Bangher Phinaha A.,age 50,(m) Mrs. Mary Poragin, age 38, Oct.24-1909,Vol. 1- page 326

Barber William M.,age 39,(m) Etta M. Bullard,age 18, May 1-1917, Vol. 3-page 1726

Barger Sam,(m) Mrs.Devine,Feb.1-1922

Barlow John,age 21,(m) Delia Edwards,age 21, June 16-1912,Vol. 2- page 746

Barnard Harvey,age 21,(m) Mattie Garber,age 16,June 26- 1912,Vol. 2- page 750

Barndollar Harry B.,(m) Vilpah N.Daniels,Jan.23-1918

Barnes Alfred F.,age 46,(m) Mrs. Rebecca Bachelor,age 32, Aug.8-1915,Vol. 3- page 1240

Barnes Claude Ambrose,age 32,(m) Mae Robinet,age 21,March 20-1909,Vol. 1-page 237

Barnes E.T.,age 37,(m) Lillie Holenquest,age 33,May 5-1917, Vol. 3- page 1729

Barnes Fred,(m) Josephine Nelson,Oct.28-1953

Barnes Harry O.,age 26,(m) Mayme Beatrice Lewellyn,age 19,June 10-1916,Vol. 3- 1455

Barnes Henry O.,age 32,(m) Eva Culver,age 21,Aug.8-1913,Vol. 2- page 932

Barnes John Samuel,age 24,(m) Ada Herndon,age 23,Jan. 17-1909, Vol. 1-page 209

Barnes P.G.,age 32,(m) Ola Sutton,age 24,Dec. 24- 1907,Vol. 1- page 25

Barnes Richard,age 32,(m) Mrs. Gertie Thornsberry, age 24, Sept. 27- 1911, Vol. 2-page 620

Barnes Walter L.,(m) Beulah J.Keene,Dec.1-1918

Barnett Armistad B.,age 33,(m) Julia E. Millard,age 21,Oct.6-1908,Vol. 1- page 144

Barnett John V.,(m) Lawand Box,Nov.28-1946

Barnett Kinnie L.,age 18,(m) Mary Gertrude Brown,age 18,April 11-1913,Vol. 2-page 886

Barnett Leo Thomas,age 28,(m) Rosa B.L. Stewart,age 24,May 8-1909,Vol. 1- page 252

Barnett Lovelace,(m) Pearl Edwards,Jun 21-1922

Barnett R.V.,age 28,(m) Mrs. Stella Smith,age 24,May 2-1917,Vol. 3- page 1725

Barnett William Edgar,age 21,(m) Eva Shields,age 21,Dec. 2-1908,Vol. 1- page 172

Barnhart Frank G.,age 25,(m) Mrs. Martha E. Johnson,age 34,Nov.2-1910,Vol. 1-page 477

Barnhart George,age 21,(m) Etta Crow,age 16,Dec. 19- 1909,Vol. 1- page 345

Barnhill George A.,age 21,(m) Bertha Ellen Fulcher,age 15,April 21-1910,Vol. 1-page 400

Barnhill S.Willard,age 32,(m) Tena Fuller,age 26, Feb.26-1909,Vol. 1- page 226

Barry Norman C.,age 30,(m) Nora Moore,age 26,Oct.16- 1909,Vol. 1- page 316

Bartmess James M.,age 40,(m) Mattie Haney,age 28,Aug.25-1909,Vol. 1- page 302

Barton Alfred,(m) Allie Shouse,Feb.19-1921

Bass Hugh H.,age 45,(m) Nettie M. Slatton,age 50,Dec.16-1916,Vol. 3- page 1588

Baulch Dee,age 21,(m) Emma Brandit,age 19,July 6-1914,Vol. 2- page 1061

Baulch Dennie J.,age 19,(m) Chlora Williams,age 17,July 4-1915,Vol. 3- page 1220

Beals Everett,(m) Dorothy Powers,Dec.16-1920

Beam Billie Mark,(m) Norma Jean Robinson,Feb.5-1947

Beaman Lonnie Knight,age 21,(m) Mary Elizabeth Mosler,age 21,Aug.19-1909,Vol. 1- page 299

Beamer Oliver C.,age 21,(m) Belle Milstead,age 18,Aug.31-1908,Vol. 1- page 125

Bean Bert H.,age 23,(m) Rachel O. Callahan,age 20,Aug.9-1915,Vol. 3- page 1244

Bear Thomas Morgan,age 21,(m) Alice Berver,age 21,Jan.20-1909,Vol.1-page 213

Beasley Dean,(m) Agens Norsworthy,Nov.6-1920

Beason Donald,(m) Hazle Sexton,Oct.6-1947

Beattie James T.,age 30,(m) Alice McCauley,age 23,Oct.1-1912,Vol.2-page 788

Beauchamp Cornelius H.,age 24,(m) Iva E. Larimore,age 21, May 8-1913,Vol. 2- page 894

Beaver Ernest,(m) Leota Morrison,March 1-1919

Beck Earl G.,age 21,(m) Maude Woods,age 22,April 14-1915,Vol. 3- page 1189

Beck George W.Sr,(m) Patience Ann Abney,July 4-1921

Beck Herman C.,age 24,(m) Edith Kern,age 19,Dec.15-1912,Vol. 2- page 826

Beck Jessie,Paul W.Wilkes,Aug.9-1919

Beckett George E.,(m) Edna Killion,Nov.21-1920

Beery William,(m) Dorothy McBride,Nov.6-1944

Beets Fred,age 20,(m) Katie Quapaw,age 16, Jan. 16- 1915,Vol. 2- page 1145

Beets John W.,age 24,(m) Rosa Blalock,age 17,July 6-1916,Vol. 3- page 1486

Beggs James A.,age 28,(m) Essie B.Roach,age 22,May 31-1913,Vol. 2- page 900

Beggs John R.,age 26,(m) Beulah B. Black,age 20,June 1-1913, Vol. 2-page 901

Beggs Lee Dean,(m) Betty Jeanne Pierson,July 25-1945

Beitel D.E.,(m) Ruth Osborne,Sept.12-1920

Bell George E.,(m) Frances M.Moore,Aug.26-1953

Bell James G.,(m) Oneilla Murhpy,Aug.26-1953

Bell Leon,(m) Leona Gamble,Dec.25-1919

Bellm Pete,age 22,(m) Ruth Swan,age 17,Feb.17-1912,Vol. 2-page  698

Beloat J.H.,age 37,(m) Mrs. Maude A. Victoe,age 38,May 7- 1915,Vol. 3- page 1197

Benbrook Charles,age 21,(m) Hazel May Newlon,age 16, Dec. 4- 1915,Vol. 3-page 1312

Bench Albert F.,age 26,(m) Mrs. Lizzie Daniels,age 25,June 8- 1914,Vol. 2- page 1049

Bench Charles M.,age 34,(m) Elsie May Daniels,age 21,Aug.6-1914,Vol. 2- page 1068

Bench Charles Manuel,age 29,(m) Allie Price,age 19,May 2- 1909,Vol. 1-page 245

Bennett Clarence A.,age 24,(m) Beulah Throop,age 18,Jan. 2-1915,Vol. 2-page  1134

Bennett George H.,age 24,(m) Ottie Beatrice Oldham,age 18,Oct.2-1913,Vol. 2-page 953

Bennett James G.,age 30,(m) Edith G. Wonner,age 25,June 23-1912,Vol. 2-page 748

Bennett William N.E.,age 26,(m) Cora E. Bayer,age 18,Jan.12-1912,Vol. 2-page 683

Benson Ed,age 43,(m) Mattie Files,age 39,Feb. 19-1916,Vol. 3-page 1372

Benton Jessey H.,age 26,(m) Myrtle A.Butler,age 15,Jan.20-1917,Vol. 3-page 1631

Bergen C.E.Rev.,(m) Mrs. Mabel McIrvin,Nov.1-1956

Berlin A.Carlton,age 37,(m) Mrs. Lea Deschamps,age 39,June 7-1913,Vol. 2- page 905

Bernal Dionisio,age 37,(m) Rufina Sanches,age 20,Jan. 3-1912,Vol. 2- page 679

Berry John,age 27,(m) Mrs. Ethel White,age 20,May 4-1916,Vol. 3- page 1425

Beshear George C.,age 22,(m) Mrs. Pearl Beshear,age 23,Jan. 13- 1917,Vol. 3- page 1626

Beshear Luster C.,age 22,(m) Letha Gladys Felkins,age 17,Jan. 5-1914,Vol. 2-page 993

Beson Clyde W.,age 29,(m) Roena L.Fish,age 20,July 12-1909,Vol. 3-page 1694

Betts Marshall,age 26,(m) Lavernia A. Pound,age 16,April 7-1917,Vol. 3- page 1694

Bible Lacey M.,age 26,(m) Frankie O.York,age 19,March 26- 1910,Vol. 1- page 387

Bigham George,(m) Mrs.Amanda Jarrett,Dec.7-1922

Bigley Carl W.,age 31,(m) Mrs.Ollie J.Nase,age 30,Feb.24-1917,Vol. 3-page 1656

Bilke Charlie,age 38,(m) Claire Harriett Curtie,age 22,Jan.29-1916,Vol. 3- page 1360

Billington Frank,age 22,(m) Emma Mayfield,age 20,Nov.27-1909,Vol.1-page 339

Billington Milton H.,age 21,(m) Angie Leach,age 19,April 18-1908,Vol. 1- page 73

Bind Ralph G.,age 26,(m) Mrs.Rose Dowty,age 21,March 9-1912,Vol. 2-page 704

Binderim Richard A.,age 27,(m) Ethel ,age 17,Dec.21-1910,Vol. 1-page 501

Bingham Charles A.,age 26,(m) Irene Lee,age 20,Sept.11-1912,Vol. 2-page 779

Bingham Grover C.,age 20,(m) Sylvia McBee,age 17,Aug.23-1914,Vol. 2- page 1072

Bingham Ray V.,age 19,(m) Harriett B.Moore,age 19,Jan. 7-1917,Vol. 3- page 1616

Bingham Roy,age 16,(m) Maud Ford,age 16,June 23- 1909,Vol. 1-page 269

Birch Thomas L.,age 51,(m) Mrs.Martha A.Dardene,age 55,June 3-1912,Vol. 2-page 740

Bivins Dewitt C.,age 24,(m) Bessie L.Officer ,age 22,Feb.21-1914,Vol. 2-page 1016

Bjerregarrd Roy,(m) Dorothy Smith,Aug.26-1953

Black Arthur (m) Ardella Potter,Feb.27-1921

Black Jesse W.,age 21,(m) Mary J.Miller,age 19,June 12-1911,Vol. 1-page 575

Black Richard E.,age 29,(m) Anna C.Campbell,age 26,Oct.19-1916,Vol. 3-page 1557

Blackmer Guy F.,age 21,(m) Mamie E. Morgan,age 18,Nov.18-1909,Vol. 1-page 331

Blackorbay Sherman,age 23,(m) Sarah E. Murrell,age 19,Nov.12-1910,Vol. 1-page 482

Blackwell  william Elmer,age 30,(m) Jessie James Dawson,age 26,Feb.18-1914,Vol. 2-page 1012

Blair Bert R.,age 24,(m) Ophelia Jones,age 18,May 29-1914,Vol. 2-page 1044

Blair Jackson W.,age 38,(m) Mrs. Ellen Dusenbury,age 59,Aug.3-1914,Vol. 2-page 1067

Blair Jesse Leroy,age 21,(m) Opal Johnson,age 18,June 30-1913,Vol. 2-page 915

Blair Joseph A.,age 29,(m) Maude Lamar,age 24,Nov.11-1914,Vol. 2-page 1107

Blake Hugh J.,age 29,(m) Ella M.Miller,age 18,Dec. 8-1914,Vol. 2-page 1119

Blakely Victor M.,(m) Ruth Taylor,Dec.1-1917

Bland George R.,age 22,(m) Malo Hubbard,age 18,April 9-1910,Vol. 1-page 391

Bland  H.W.,age 38,(m) Mrs.Emma Clevenger,age 24,Dec.7-1916,Vol.3-page 1582

Bland M.L.,age 41,(m) Mrs.May Hampton,age 36,Dec.7-1916,Vol. 3-page 1581

Blankenship Elmer,(m) Mrs.Sarah Hall,March 28-1945

Blankenship James C.,age 23,(m) Iola Hallaway,age 18,July 26-1908,Vol. 1-page 99

Blanton Timothy,age 21,(m) Alice Birch,age 18,Feb.20-1917,Vol.3-page 1654

Bledsoe Roy L.,(m) Fay Schock,Nov.28-1921

Bledsoe William,age 73,(m) Mrs.Mariah Ash,age 53,Aug.24-1910,Vol.1-page 440

Blevins Burl,(m) Violet Jones,June 11-1919

Blevins George,age 23,(m) Mrs.Winnie I.Herron,age 27,Feb.14-1911,Vol. 1-page 528

Blinzler Fred,age 32,(m) Mrs.May Coffer,age 25,Jan.15-1916,Vol. 3-page 1346

Blizzard J.F.,age 52,(m) Mrs.Mary Siple,age 42,Sept.19-1916,Vol. 3-page 1537

Blundell Harry W.,age 22,(m) Katie Wietz,age 22,Oct.1-1913,Vol. 2-page 954

Blunk Harry,(m) Edna Stites,Dec.9-1919

Blunt Reuben F.Sr,age 75,(m) Mrs.Margert Edwards,age 62,Sept.25-1911,Vol. 2-page 618

Blythe Aubury A.,age 21,(m) Ethel E.Brown,age 17,Feb. 10-1914,Vol. 2- page 1009

Boffa John F.,age 26,(m) Mary E. Miller,age 20,April 4-1915,Vol. 3-page 1181

Boggs Don S.,age 43,(m) Myrtle Brown,age 33,Aug.3-1910,Vol. 1-page 431

Bogue James Lacry,age 23,(m) Minnie Frances Allen,age 23,March 17-1917,Vol. 3-1677

Bohannon Robert F.,age 30,(m) Mrs.Myrtle Alma Wiest,age 26,Dec.20-1916,Vol.3-page 1591

Bohannon Thomas J.,age 40,(m) Rose Kessinger,age 19,March 25-1917,Vol. 3-page 1686

Bohne Edward F.,age 24,(m) Clara B.James,age 20,July 2-1914,Vol.2-page 1060

Bolley Calvin C.,(m) Betty J.Cocran,March 28-1945

Bomberry Levi,age 22(m) Susie Mudd,age 30,July 8-1911,Vol.1-page 590

Bomford George Erving,age 28,(m) Audrey Feone Sheldon,age 23,June 21-1911,Vol.1-page 582

Bond dave,age 27,(m) Mrs.Mannie Benedict,age 27,Jan.28-1913,Vol. 2-page 852

Bond Dee,age 24,(m) Zola Cole,age 18,Dec.24-1915,Vol. 3-page 1324

Bond Doll O.,age 21,(m) Effie Myetle Reno,age 19,May 22-1910,Vol. 1-page 407

Bonds Archie,age 25,(m) Mrs.Thulla Moss,age 34,March 22-1913,Vol. 2-page 875

Bonnefant Al Robert,(m) Jane LaRae Williams,Aug.12-1953

Bookout Andrew A.,(m) Minnie Martin,April 9-1921

Booth William F.,age 24,(m) Effie Fay Fancler,age 17,July 3-1913,Vol.2-page 920

Boring Levi S.,(m) Ruth Uhler,Feb.1-1919

Borland James,(m) Ella Russell,Jan.27-1921

Boswell Benjamin Franklin,age 30,(m) Lydia Austin,age 31,May 7-1909,Vol. 1-page 251

Botts Bernadotte ,(m) B.T. Everston,Oct.9-1922

Boultinghouse Arthur,age 22,(m) Fay Toliver,age 18,Nov.16-1914,Vol. 2-page 1108

Boultonghouse B.L.,(m) Mrs.Kate Woods,April 1-1922

Bowen George E.,age 49,(m) Mrs.Matilda Matthews,age 38,July 18-1911,Vol. 2-page 594

Bowers Jess,(m) Susie Scott,Aug.25-1920

Bowles Willie N.,age 18,(m) Iva Belle Nicholson,age 19,Oct.3-1911,Vol. 2-page 627

Bowlin Christopher F.,age 22,(m) Hattie Stacy,age 18,Nov.6-1915,Vol. 3-page 1294

Box J.C.,(m) Beverly Leatherman,Oct.26-1955

Box Leo B.,(m) Virginia Lee,Feb.19-1947

Boyd Clifford E.,age 24,(m) Florence May Booth,age 21,Dec.24-1914,Vol. 2-page 1128

Boyd Herbert,(m) Rosa Rule,Jan.21-1922

Boyd J.W.,(m) Bertie Crockett,Jan.19-1921

Boyd Percy E.,age 22,(m) Myrtle G.O'Dell,age 16,July 22-1916,Vol.3-page 1493

Boyd Percy W.,age 22,(m) Mrs.Effie E.McGregor,age 16,Sept.4-1915,Vol.3-page 1254

Boyd Thomas,(m) Annie Wigger,Dec.1-1920

Boyer Marion,(m) Mamie Foust,June 20-1922

Bradford Clyde,(m) Myrtle Miller,Oct.29-1921

Bradford W.H.,age 55,(m) Addie Carter,age 16,May 17-1917,Vol. 3-page 1746

Bradley Harry D.,age 19,(m) Sybil A.Bailey,age 22,June 26-1912,Vol.2-page 749

Bradley Sherman C.,age 22,(m) Pearl L.Loafman,age 21,March 12-1912,Vol. 2-page 707

Brady James Walter,age 18,(m) Tula M. Ladd,age 18,Feb.19-1908,Vol. 1-page 53

Bragg Fred,(m) Mrs.Essie Collins,Jan.1-1922

Brand Edward,age 22,(m) Annie Moats,age 15,May 6-1909,Vol.1-page 250

Branson Floyd ,(m) Cleo Martin,April 13-1922

Branson Perry Benjamin,age 25,(m) Cora Briggs,age 18,March 3-1909,Vol.1-page 228

Brantley J.W.,age 42,(m) Mrs.Mattie A. Hall,age 34,April 15-1916,Vol.3-page 1406

Brasch August,age 23,(m) Daisy Becholdt,age 20,Jan.28-1912,Vol. 2-page 687

Braught Zelotes W.,age 26,(m) Councel Dawson,age 19,Sept.11-1910,Vol.1-page 447

Breckenridge William L.,age 23,(m) Vinnie Chasrain,age 16,May 31-1908,Vol. 1-page 92

Breedlove John C.,age 25,(m) Allie R.Garrett,age 24,June 2-1909,Vol. 1-page 260

Breedlove Robert ,(m) Claudia Stipp,Sept.10-1947

Brewer Richard M.,age 21,(m) Florence Davis,age 18,Oct.26-1913,Vol. 2-page 960

Brice John Cash,age 20,(m) Lettie Winters,age 20,Dec.21-1911,Vol. 2-page 657

Bridges Charles A.,age 25,(m) Mrs. Ruby Winters,age 24,Dec.15-1916,Vol. 3-page 1586

Bridges Frank L.,(m) Rachel Reeder,Dec.26-1922

Bridges Jack,(m) Hazel Clays,June 3-1922

Brigance Garlon,(m) Mrs.Annabelle Davis,July 4-1956

Briggs Billy Dean,(m) Darlene Stewart,July 10-1946

Briggs Gene,(m) Jean Williams,July 3-1946

Briggs James C.,age 36,(m) Mrs. Laura Johnson,age 25,June 2-1915,Vol. 3-page 1207

Bright Columbus,age 20,(m) Bessie Charley,age 19,Dec.24-1908,Vol.1-page 191

Bright J.L.,age 37,(m) Nattie Burch,age 23,Nov.18-1907,Vol. 1-page 4

Bristow Oliver T.,(m) Hazel A.Osborn,May 28-1947

Britten Benjamin H.,age 27,(m) Bertha May Rupe,Jan.4-1916,Vol.3-page 1339

Britton David R.,age 26,(m) Mrs.Irene Steele,age 25,May 10-1917,Vol. 3-page 1738

Broan A.B.,age 36,(m) Eva Sparks,age 21,April 3-1916,Vol.3-page 1398

Brock Alfred L.,age 24,(m) Jennie Stout,age 24,Nov.15-1910,Vol.1-page 486

Brock G.B.,(m) Susie Zane,Nov.20-1920

Brock Lawrence ,age 23,(m) Susie Viola Reed,age 18,Dec.11-1901,Vol. 1-page 495

Broderson John W.,age 36,(m) Marie A.Lenz,age 40,Nov.1-1908,Vol. 1-page 160

Brodrick Charles Jr.,(m) Patsy Jones,Sept.2-1953

Brodrick Oliver,age 32,(m) Esther Carroll,age 21,Sept.7-1914,Vol. 2-page 1079

Brodrick Walter Thomas,age 22,(m) Grace Loretta Fortner,age 20,May 6-1909,Vol.1-page 248

Brooks Charley ,age 30,(m) Laura Bunch,age 36,Nov.2-1914,Vol.2-page 1105

Brooks J.R.,age 46,(m) Mrs.N.A.Burke,age 48,June 2-1915,Vol. 3-page 1206

Brooks Richard ,(m) Gazelle Collins,Nov.2-1921

Brown Arthur,age 26,(m) Mary Barnhart,age 21,April 21-1912,Vol. 2-page 722

Brown Arthur,age 23,(m) Stella B.Johnson,age 22,Oct.11-1908,Vol.1-page 150

Brown Chadmer ,(m) Dora Lewis,Nov.19-1947

Brown Charley ,(m) Effie Walker,Feb.15-1921

Brown David,age 24,(m) Daisy Hawkins,age 22,Dec.10-1911,Vol. 2-page 654

Brown Delbert Tone,age 35,(m) Katherine Whitlatch,age 24,July 3-1913,Vol. 2-page 919

Brown Earl Leroy,(m) Norma Carr,Aug.8-1956

Brown Earl M.,age 38,(m) Gladys E. Holden,age 18,Jan.1-1916,Vol. 3-page 1338

Brown Elmer,age 21,(m) Dellar Boston,age 19,April 14-1917,Vol. 3-page 1703

Brown Ernest,(m) Sylvia Anderson,May 10-1922

Brown James M.,age 40,(m) Mrs. Ida Herrod,age 38,April 6-1912,Vol. 2-page 717

Brown John,age 28,(m) Cora E.Hale,age 17,Oct.17-1912,Vol. 2-page 794

Brown John C.,age 50,(m) Mrs. Lettie O.Woodward,age 35,Aug.22-1909,Vol. 1-page 301

Brown Oscar E.,age 21,(m) Lynia E.Stafford,age 17,July 12-1911,Vol. 1-page 591

Brown Roy Lee,(m) Ellen Watson,June 1-1922

Brown Willian M.,age 26,(m) Nettie Drake,age 16,Jan.19-1916,Vol. 3-page 1350

Brumet Charles H.,age 24,(m) Mrs.Lillie Courtright,age 34,May 17-1911,Vol. 1-page 566

Brundage Harley I.,age 23,(m) Mable L.Judd,age 21,March 10-1915,Vol. 2-page 1172

Bryant Howard,(m) Mrs.Rhoda Arnold,Sept.5-1946

Bryd Osburn J.,age 63,(m) Mrs. A.Muad Thurman,age 35,Oct.23-1912,Vol. 2-page 797

Bryner Frank C.,age 26,(m) Flora H.Bellew,age 16,Sept. 24-1916,Vol. 3-page 1543

Bushanan  Nathan,age 22,(m) Myrtle May Allen,age 17,Sept.9-1916,Vol. 3-page 1528

Buck Frank,age 19,(m) Josie Decker,age 18,Dec.25-1907,Vol. 1,page 29

Buckallen Samuel,age 24,(m) Anna C.Gyer,age 18,Aug.23-1912,Vol. 2-page 769

Bulger Philip,age 21,(m) Jessie R.Staples,age 21,Oct. 31-1910,Vol. 1-page 476

Bullard Jesse A.,(m) Mrs.Mrs.Elsie G.Judd,June 22-1944

Bullmaster EdwardJ.,age 24,(m) Josephine B.Tays,age 22,Oct.22-1914,Vol. 2-page 1096

Bunch John D.,(m) Mrs.Mary Stevery,Oct.22-1921

Bunch Oscar Harold,age 22,(m) Zorena W. Ballard,age 22,July 17-1916,Vol. 3-page 1490

Burch Arthue E.,(m) Pauline Alice Barce,May 11-1944

Bundy Grant ,(m) Cecil Davis,Oct.11-1922

Burdick Gilford M.,age 21,(m) Ollie Andrews,age 19,Dec. 12-1914,Vol. 2-page 1123

Burdick William L.,age 38,(m) Crystal Sawyer,age 19,May 21-1908,Vol. 1-page 90

Burke Allen E.,(m) Myrtle Nadine Green,Dec.16-1922

Burke John,age 22,(m) Bertha A. Fulther,age 21,Oct.31-1916,Vol. 3-page 1564

Burkhart Benjamin,age 31,(m) Mrs. Matilda B. Lester,age 34,May 8-1913,Vol. 2-page 895

Burkhart Mont Ray,age 22,(m) Minnie Garret,age 19,Feb.10-1916,Vol. 3-page 1343

Burks C.Ray,(m) Nora F.Smith,Aug.24-1940

Burks John E.,age 25,(m) Florence Whitlatch,age 20,April 30-1911,Vol. 1-page 563

Burkybile Charles J.,(m) Betty J.Cole,Feb.5-1955

Burnett Earl Harrison,(m) Bertha Madelyn Holt,Aug.19-1918

Burnett Eugene McKinley,(m) Frances Opal Wilson,Feb. 6-1919

Burnett James,age 23,(m) Lillie May Thornton,age 18,June 23-1912,Vol. 2-page 747

Burns J.Earl,age 25,(m) Ruth Vivian Wade,age 22,Nov.10-1915,Vol.3-page 1296

Burns Robert R.,(m) Mrs. Vivian Gahagan,Nov.4-1922

Burnsides John B.,age 23,(m) Mary Hall,age 22,Dec.28-1910,Vol. 1-page 507

Burnsides Plez,age 22,(m) Eva Rubal,age 18,April 10-1917,Vol. 3-page 1699

Burnworth Melvin L.,(m) Irene Nichols,Aug.27-1953

Burris Charles E.,age 40,(m) Nancy A.Lee,age 16,June 12-1912,Vol. 2-page 743

Burrough Thomas,age 21,(m) Lola Lemaster,age 22,June 14-1915,Vol. 3-page 1212

Burrows Fred O.,age 22,(m) Susie Billings,age 20,Sept.14-1914,Vol. 2-page 1083

Burrows William T.,age 28,(m) Alta Gilmore,age 18,March 2-1911,Vol. 1-page 538

Burton Alfred,(m) Violet Hall, Nov. 27- 1920

Burton Orlin,(m) Rose Nicks,March 3-1919

Butler Charles L.Jr.,(m) Doris Randall, Aug 14, 1946; appeared in paper Sept.26-1946

Butler Daniel F.,age 66,(m) Mrs. Lousie Knight,age 61,March 14-1917,Vol. 3-page 1675

Butler Frank,(m) Gladys Pliler,Dec.21-1932

Butterfield James L.,age 33,(m) Gennie B.West,age 32,Feb.20-1910,Vol. 1-page 376

Butterworth Henry A.,age 40,(m) Mrs.Gertrude Wall,age 34,Nov.30-1911,Vol. 2-652

Butz Edmund,age 44,(m) Mrs. Anna Frances Large,age 44,June 10-1916,Vol. 3-page 1454

Buzzard Baline,(m) Genevieve Brumback,March 25-1944

Byard J.Henry,age 18,(m) Agnes Bowzer,age 18,May 3-1916,Vol. 3-page 1424

Byard Ray Lawson,(m) Loretta Lousie Land,Aug.27-1953

Byars James O.,age 28,(m) Erma E.Counts,age 33,Feb. 9-1912,Vol. 2-page 691

Byrd William E.,age 43,(m) Laura Mabrey,age 20,Jan.10-1912,Vol. 2-page 681

Byrum Harry F.,(m) Bertha M.Spence,Sept.2-1922


Cagle Joseph  H.,(m) Cleo E.ray,Jan.6-1921

Callaway G.A.,age 22,(m) Opal Mabrey,age 20,Sept.10-1916,Vol. 3-page 1529

Calvert Arthur S.,age 23,(m) Laura L.Keith,age 20,Feb.6-1915,Vol. 2-page 1153

Camblin Arthur M.,age 46,(m) Mrs. Ella Bozarth,age 40,Sept.19-1910,Vol. 1-page 452

Camody Conrad,(m) Joann Swalley,Nov.25-1954

Campbell Albert E.,(m) Mrs.Dorothy L.Campbell,Dec.30-1922

Campbell Arthur E.,age 23,(m) Mattie Cantrell,18,April 28-1912,Vol.2-page 723

Campbell Charles E.,(m) Opal Oxford,Dec.7-1922

Campbell Clarence,(m) Ruth Mellinger,Dec.6-1919

Campbell Dewey,(m) Merle Camp,Aug.28-1920

Campbell Floyd N.(m) Jennetta Beyke,Jan.3-1946

Campbell Frank C.,age 21,(m) Addie L.Denning,age 18,Feb.17-1916,Vol. 3-page 1370

Campbell Frank M.,age 32,(m) Clara Reed,age 20, Dec. 28-1909,Vol. 1-page 355

Campbell Franklin E.,age 20,(m) Mamie David,age 18,April 28-1917,Vol.3-page 1719

Campbell Hugh Curtis,(m) Chrisina Smith,July 26-1920

Campbell John,age 25,(m) Altie Dotay,age 20,Oct.15-1911,Vol. 2-page 635

Campbell John W.,age 21,(m) Esther Fay Beeman,age 21,March 4-1917,Vol. 3-page 1662

Campbell Virginia ,(m) William Oliphant,Dec.20-1922

Campbell W.W.,(m) Helma Harrison,July 3-1920

Canady Benjamin,age 25,(m) Mae Sharp,age 16,Sept.8-1916,Vol. 3-page 1527

Canady Walter,age 21,(m) Ethel Reaser,age 20,June 15-1912,Vol. 2-page 745

Canfield Marvin S.,(m) Frances Jones,May 14-1921

Canfield Walter,(m) Opal White,Aug.16-1919

Cannon Walter G.,age 22,(m) Myrtle Carmicheal,age 22,June 1-1912,Vol. 2-page 738

Cantrell Benjamin A.,age 32,(m) Jessie A.Douglas,age 22,Nov.8-1913,Vol. 2-page 965

Cantrell Charles,age 21,(m) Leona Newman,age 18,Sept.7-1912,Vol. 2-page 778

Cantrell Otto,age 22,(m) Cleo Goodwin,age 19,Dec.23-1916,Vol. 3-page 1603

Cantwell Stirl,(m) Jewell Burnhart,Aug.15-1920

Cantrel Wayne,(m) Alene Cousette,June 1-1939

Captain Sophronia A.,(m) Roy E.Rickner,Sept.3-1921

Captian William H.,age 18,(m) Edith Reaser,age 18,July 31-1912,Vol. 2-page 760

Carcia Raymond ,(m) Hazel Smith,June 29-1944

Carey Donald Ray,(m) Carol Beth Barnes,Dec. 3-1953

Carey Robert,(m) Carlene Morrison,Oct.14-1953

Carks Cecil ,(m) Marcella Myers,Oct.5-1920

Carlas Luther Lee Don,(m) Mildred Eva Wade,June 8-1919

Carl James E.,(m) Wilma Phillip,April 26-1942

Carlson Henry H.,age 36,(m) Kathean Voight,age 26,Aug. 8-1909,Vol. 1-page 296

Carmack Orvil C.,age 25,(m) Mrs.Myrtle B.Carman,age 21,Oct.29-1912,Vol. 2-page 799

Carpenter Thomas,(m) Mrs.Hazel Wallace,April 22-1919

Carr Charles M.,(m) June Clouse,Feb. 1-1945

Carr Charley ,age 21,(m) Tiny Chandler,age 18,May 17-1908,Vol. 1-page 84

Carr Eddit,(m) Viena Wall,April 4-1918

Carr Hillman O.,age 23,(m) Almeda Thomas,age 19,Feb.22-1908,Vol.1-page 52

Carr Roy ,(m) Sadie Hamilton,Sept.2-1918

Carrico R.H.,(m) Lois Marie Flynn,Oct.28-1953

Carrigan Sam I.,(m) Zoie Garrison,July 5-1919

Carrington Hugh,(m) May Devine,March 4-1920

Carroll Hiran,age 53,(m) Hattie Shaver,age 26,Dec.13-1908,Vol.1-page 177

Carsewell Joseph E.,35,(m) Jessie Pearl Brundage,age 24,Dec. 29-1907,Vol. 1-page 33

Carter Adah,(m) Willis Frank Tangye,March 22-1922

Carter Isabel ,(m) Charles T.Simmons,Jan.21-1922

Carter John M.,age 21,(m) Leota Maurine Hall,age 18,Feb.19-1911,Vol. 1-page 533

Carter Noah Frederick,age 29,(m) Etta Lee Slayton,age 22,Feb.10-1909,Vol. 1-page 220

Carter Oliver,(m) Waynette Verse,June 5-1920

Cartwright J.W.,(m) Florence Delcamp,June 21-1944

Carver Charles R.,age 36,(m) Stella M. Conklin,age 29,Oct.30-1908,Vol. 1-page 156

Cash Elmer,(m) Ethel Dean Douglas,Oct.14-1953

Casner Price H.,age 24,(m) Nellie E. Moran,age 21,Jan.10-1917,Vol.3-page 1619

Cassady H.L.,age 33,(m) Mrs.Rosa A.Cassady,age 30,April 27-1908,Vol. 1-page 76

Casteel J.W.(m) Garneda Pauline Harris,July 27-1944

Casteel J.O.,(m) Wynoma Keck,July 25-1918

Catchings Reese B.,age 38,(m) Mrs.Bessie Batchleor,age 20,Jan.26-1913,Vol.2-page 851

Causteet James E.,(m) Madie Sutton, June 25-1921

Cavender Fred,age 28,(m) Mrs.Emma Boyer,age 25,April 18-1908,Vol.1-page 75

Caylor Orleigh,(m) Beatrice Burns,Sept.6-1920

Caywood Lee Z.,age 29,(m) Myrtle Bess,age 17,Dec.31-1907,Vol. 1-page 36

Chambers Franklin Ellworth,(m) Leta Beatrice Pyle,Nov.23-1919

Chambers Roscoe,(m) Essie Waldron,Oct.16-1919

Champlain Marvin Eugene,(m) Mildred Hawn,Dec.4-1922

Champlin Barney,age 21,(m) Etta Leona Durhan,age 20,March 31-1913,Vol. 2-page 882

Chandler J.,(m) Alice Keith,Feb.17-1921

Chandler John,(m) Helen Loraine Cunningham,Nov.16-1920

Chandler John Dewitt,age 22,(m) Lucile Oakley,age 18,Dec.14-1908,Vol. 1-page 197

Chandler Lura,(m) Arthur L.Commons,Aug.10-1922

Chaney Carl,age 34,(m) Mrs.Nannie Garrison,age 36,Dec.14-1915,Vol. 3-page 1317

Chapman John C.,age 58,(m) Mrs. Evaline Goodman,age 58,April 23-1917,Vol. 3-page 1715

Chapman Victory C.,age 36,(m) Mrs. Rosa Shoush,age 26,June 2-1914,Vol. 2-page 1046

Chappell Sherman G.,age 22,(m) Josie M.Houk,age 21,Jan.3-1910,Vol. 1-page 358

Chase Gene,(m) Gladys Hise,(m) Aug.5-1922

Chase John W.,age 67,(m) Mrs.Millie A.Herrick,age 48,Aug.2-1908,Vol. 1-page 107

Chedwick Bessie,(m) Vollie Edwards,July 25-1920

Cheek Troy,(m) Cora Worley,Nov.27-1920

Cheney Dolphus M.,age 39,(m) Nelle O.Robnett,age 20,Oct.31-1914,Vol. 2-page 1103

Chenoweth Glen,(m) Nellie D.Hill,Jan.20-1919

Chevalier August E.,age 22,(m) Anna Price,age 16,March 28-1912,Vol. 2-page 711

Chew Benjamin Harrison,(m) Gladys Marion Briggs,March 18-1918

Chew Harry,(m) Gladys Briggs,Aug.12-1918

Chilton C.F.,(m) Sylvia Perkins,Dec.25-1919

Chilton W.O.,(m) Mary Boswell,Dec.26-1919

Chitwood William H.,age 22,(m) Lola M.Flanigna,age 19,Dec.30-1912,Vol. 2-page 836

Christenson Charles,(m) Lillian Eupha Duncan,Oct.8-1920

Church Enoch Levi,age 74,(m) Ellen Sickels,age 60,Dec.11-1908,Vol. 1-page 179

Chumlea E.J.,(m) Eulalia Hagle,Jan.17-1921

Clabber Peter,age 65,(m) Mrs. Minnie Conner,age 35,May 10-1915,Vol. 3-page 1198

Clanton Floyd (m) Wanda Bogard,Jan.19-1955

Clark Asa ,(m) Clara Cummings,July 17-1919

Clark Edward,age 21,(m) Lulu Waybright,age 21,June 28-1909,Vol. 1-page 273

Clark Ephrain W.,age 36,(m) Carrie Boyd,age 29,Sept.14-1914,Vol. 2-page 1082

Clark George P.,(m) Mabel Stanley,Sept.2-1922

Clark James D.,(m) Estella Butler,March 20-1920

Clark John Franklin,(m) Charlene Anderson,Dec.2-1953

Clark Lonnie B.,age 20,(m) Grace Anna Gibson,age 17,Sept.2-1916,Vol. 3-page 1523

Clark Montie C.,age 19,(m) Laura Price ,age 18,March 4-1913,Vol. 2-page 866

Clark Oliver,age 23,(m) Jociephine Mae Crain,age 18,Dec.19-1914,Vol. 2-page 1122

Clark Orville Austin,age 24,(m) Grace McBride,age 17,May 12-1909,Vol. 1-page 253

Clark Wilbur B.,age 29,(m) Mrs.Grace Bell Simms,age 26,Nov.20-1909,Vol.1-page 334

Clark William A.,age 21,(m) Minnie G.Pliler,age 18,May 23-1915,Vol. 3-page 1202

Clarkson Robert M.,(m) Betty L.Collier,April 1-1944

Clay Hiran Edgar,age 22,(m) Letha Elizaberth Thomas,age 18,Feb.16-1912,Vol.2-page 697

Claypool Howard S.,(m) Lois Everett,Jan.10-1922

Clayton Charles,(m) Bessie Asher,April 24-1920

Claytor John H.,(m) Margurie Hamm,July 30-1918

Clineball W.M.,(m) Mrs.Jennie Odell,June 24-1919

Clippenger Charles E.,(m) Cecil Peppers,May 22-1922

Clouse Virginia,(m) Robert Armstrong,Dec.18-1946

Clubb Louis,age 23,(m) Ina Chaney,age 18,May 8-1916,Vol. 3-page 1429

Clubb Thomas"Tom",age 26,(m) Elzory Sheppheard,age 17,May 21- 1916,Vol. 3-page 1444

Coats Charles N.,age 27,(m) M.F. Horton,age 16,Feb. 28-1916,Vol. 3-page 1382

Cobb Joseph,age 26,(m) Ida M.Ballard,age 19,Oct.1-1908,Vol. 1-page 141

Cochrane Charles,(m) Lois Martin,July 5-1944

Cochran Clay,(m) Mary O.Kar,April 25-1920

Cody Lewis Wilburn,(m) Ruby Heiman,Feb.4-1920

Coe Earl,(m) Jane Thrasher,April 22-1918

Coffey John E.,(m) Florine Henderson,Aug.30-1944

Coffman James M.,(m) Cora Potter,Jan.3-1921

Coffman James P.,(m) Cora Potter,Jan.5-1921

Coffman Robert E.,(m) Mabel Anna Myers,June 24-1918

Coger John,age 30,(m) Nora L. Augsburger,age 32,March 18-1917,Vol. 3-page 1678

Coghill Harold,(m) Levita Garoute,Dec.11-1920

Cohen Isador Harmon,(m) Zue Stewart,May 21-1921

Colbert John W.,age 62,(m) Mrs.Janie Culp,age 48,Aug.18-1913,Vol. 2-page 938

Cole Andy,age 21,(m) Grace L.Givens,age 17,Jan.7-1908,Vol. 1-page 40

Cole James B.,age 22,(m) Bessie Akers,age 18,Sept.25-1910,Vol. 1-page 457

Cole John H.,age 28,(m) Pearl May Wallace,age 21,April 6-1913,Vol. 2-page 884

Cole Joseph B.,age 36,(m) Mrs. Zetta P. Pound,age 28,Nov.17-1915,Vol. 3-page 1300

Cole M.W.,(m) Lucille Johnson,Aug.24-1919

Cole O.L.,(m) Mrs.Lillian Bond,June 24-1919

Coleman George L.,age 45,(m) Jessie E.Carr,age 27,Feb. 28-1911,Vol. 1-page 536

Coleman H.A.Rev.(m) Pearl Dickson,April 23-1947

Collie P.T.B.,age 42,(m) Nancy O.Carson,age 30,April 22-1917,Vol. 3-1709

Collier Charlie,age 29,(m) Lizzie Murrell,age 17,Dec.12-1908,Vol. 1-page 183

Collier Grover A.,age 21,(m) Charity E.Crow,age 17,Sept.6-1908,Vol. 1-page 127

Collier Ora,age 27,(m) Delilah Phillips,age 31,Dec.8-1909,Vol.1-page 342

Collins A.L.,(m) Pearl Brumley,June 12-1920

Collins Allman,(m) Nellie Livingston,Nov.2-1921

Collins D.H.,(m) Zola Newport,June 27-1922

Collins Fred,age 33,(m) Edna McBee,age 21,Dec.26-1915,Vol.3-page 1335

Collins Guy,age 24,(m) Ethel Spence,age 23,Sept.20-1908,Vol. 1-page 134

Collins Harve,age 21,(m) Lela Tutt,age 18,Jan.5-1908,Vol. 1-page 39

Collins I.L.,age 39,(m) Mrs. Dollie T.Stevens,age 29,Nov.4-1916,Vol.3-page 1565

Collins Leonard B.,age 26,(m) Erma Jones,age 19,Feb.18-1912,Vol. 2-page 699

Collins Ott William,age 23,(m) Massie McWaters,age 18,Dec.22-1908,Vol. 1-page 186

Combs Amos D.,(m) Opal M.Harper,June 29-1921

Combs Samuel,(m) Mrs.E.J.Warren,Nov.13-1916,Vol. 3-page 1570

Comer Charles,(m) Goldie Gibens,Dec.7-1918

Comer Charles C.,age 21,(m) Grace Hart,age 20,March 2-1913,Vol. 2-page 864

Commons Arthur L.,(m) Lura Chandler,Aug.9-1922

Compton G.W.,(m) Mrs.Penelope E.Campbell,Feb.15-1921

Compton Orville D.,age 20,(m) Clifford P.McGraw,age 18,Dec. 23-1911,Vol. 2-page 665

Comstock John,age 26,(m) Vivian Clare Hughes,age 18,Dec.25-1911,Vol.2-page 660

Conder Gen(m) Rexene Dail,Aug.22-1945

Conder Luther,(m) Eva Murray,Sept.24-1919

Condiff, Walter & Mills, Elsie  Dec 24, 1939

Condiff, Warren & Mills, Juanita   Dec 24, 1939

Condon Ernest A.,age 21,(m) Daphna A. Ambrose,age 19,Sept.29,1910,Vol. 1-page 461

Congdon Frank M.,(m) Bessie Gardner,May 14-1921

Conley daniel E.,(m) Mrs. Mattie Avis Gardner,Oct.23-1920

Connally Frank C.,age 25,(m) Lessie E.Labadie,age 24,Sept.2-1916,Vol.3-page 1524

Connelly  William,(m) Thelma M.Rooney,Sept.14-1920

Conner James M.,age 32,(m) Viola Brown,age 23,Jan.6-1910,Vol. 3-page 360

Conner Simpson I.,age 23,(m) Caroline Spicer,age 24,April 15-1912,Vol.2-page 720

Conner W.L.,age 21,(m) Ora May Garman,age 18,Sept.27-1908,Vol. 1-page 136

Connett Chester A.,age 26,(m) Berta E. Newman,age 20,Jan.31-1917,Vol.3-page 1639

Connor Ernest ,age 23,(m) Retha M.Boyd,age 18,May 2-1917,Vol. 3-page 1723

Conrad Harold,(m) Garnett Newkirk,Dec.15-1920

Conrow Luther M.,(m) Anna B.Willis,June 16-1918

Cook Albert,age 26,(m) Blanch Perkins,age 18,April 24-1910,Vol. 1-page 401

Cook Clyde,(m) Catherine Johson,Sept.7-1920

Cook Frances Elmer,age 27,(m) Belle King,age 17,Vol.1-page 449

Cook George V.,age 36,(m) Hattie Roupe,age 21,Sept.29-1912,Vol. 2-page 787

Cook G.S.,(m) Neva Ping,Jan.8-1921

Cook Lee G.,age 22,(m) Imogene Stauffer,age 18,Feb. 17-1917,Vol. 3-page 1652

Cook Oscar B.,(m) Mrs.L.V.Green,Oct.8-1917

Cook Silas L.,(m) Ivvle Pitts,March 25-1921

Cook Walter,age 36,(m) Fannie Parker,age 37,July 20-1911,Vol. 2-page 595

Coonce James,(m) Goldie Beaver,Aug.30-1919

Coons Peter Mason,age 24,(m) Jennie Cornelia Bradley,age 18,Feb. 23-1910,Vol 1-page 377

Cooper  Benjamin,age 32,(m) Mrs. Edith McGeary,age 42,Jan.27-1917,Vol. 3-page 1636

Cooper Joseph ,age 45,(m) Mrs. Grace Sacto,age 32,May 19-1908,Vol. 1-page 86

Cooper Mearl Adeath,age 22,(m) Louise,age 25,March 3-1909,Vol. 1-page 229

Copeland George W.,age 21,(m) Fannie Alberty,age 18,Dec.15-1912,Vol. 2-page 825

Copeland Walter,age 40,(m) Clara Dell James,age 36,May 12-1915,Vol. 3-page 1199

Corbitt Amos L.,age 30,(m) Bessie Waters,age 18,July 26-1909,Vol.1-page 288

Cordes J.E.,(m) Stella Cox,Dec.23-1919

Cornage Edward,(m) Fannie Long,June 6-1920

Corroll J.J.,(m) Lorene Rowden,Sept.17-1922

Corse Kenneth,(m) Ruby Robinson,March 3-1920

Cothran Gilbert,(m) Marie Martin,May 19-1920

Cotes L.R.,(m) Mrs.Rosa Swaldrop,Sept.14-1922

Cotter Claud V.,age 20,(m) Esther Crotzer,age 19,Sept.10-1916,Vol. 3-page 1531

Cotter Silas Milton,age 18,(m) Ethel Crotzer,age 23,Oct.26-1908,Vol. 1-page 154

Coulter J.L.,(m) Levine Calkins,May 22-1920

Coume Marion E.,age 19,(m) Maybelle Kelly,age 17,Oct.4-1910,Vol. 1-page 463

Countryman Andrew,(m) Grace Nunamaker,Sept.17-1920

Countryman Fate,(m) Rosa Bellah,May 19-1920

Countryman John J.,(m) Mrs. Blanche Perkins,Oct.18-1944

Courtright George C.,age 27,(m) Mrs.Pearl Hickel,age 25,Jan.9-1915,Vol. 2-page 1138

Cousatte Martin L.,age 21,(m) Bonnie Mizer,Vol. 3-page 1138

Cowherd Guy B.,age 20,(m) Stella May Houk,age 18,March 12-1911,Vol. 1-page 540

Cox Albert,(m) Lora V.Martin,Sept.14-1922

Cox Bill,(m) Beatrice Cole,Oct.3-1945

Cox Blaine H.,(m) Mrs.C.Elizabeth Davis,Aug.3-1921

Cox Calvin,(m) Lucille Hulsey,March 28-1921

Cox Carl,(m) Mirian Havener,July 3-1946

Cox Clifford V.,age 19(m) Pheobe Colvin,age 20,Jan.26-1913,Vol. 2-page 849

Cox Elmer,(m) Annie Larmana,Sept.14-1922

Cox Ira Clark,age 22,(m) Allie Hyatt,age 18,March 19-1908,Vol.1-page 60

Cox Ivan Dewey,(m) Grace Leona Green,July 17-1922

Cox Joe,(m) Beulah Sedyars,Sept.6-1920

Cox Lloyd,(m) Opal Ritter,May 22-1920

Cox Oliver A.,age 29,(m) Mrs. Carrie Hess,age 28,Nov.5-1910,Vol. 1-page 479

Cox Sam S.,age 37,(m) Letha A.Robbins,age 21,March 5-1917,Vol.3-page 1663

Crabtree Benjamin D.,age 21,(m) Frances Levina Dyson,age 19,March 8-1914,Vol.2-page 1019

Crabtree Charlie Bents,(m) Sarah Alma Nukim,March 26-1921

Craft Ernest,age 27,(m) Nellie R. Hazelwood,age 19,July 30-1909,Vol.1-page 292

Craft Herman,(m) Mildred M.Carpenter,June 20-1945

Craig Aden,(m) Edith Woolard,Aug.1-1920

Craig Art R.,age 25,(m) Silvia Staton,age 18,Sept.5-1915,Vol. 3-page 1253

Craig Clarence,(m) Mrs.Mona Thornberry,Oct.18-1921

Craig Elmer,(m) Dollie Ebersole,May 7-1947

Craig Frances Aldean,(m) July 8-1953

Craig Harry F.,age 21,(m) Grace Bush,age 19,Dec.18-1909,Vol. 1-page 344

Craig James W,age 42,(m) Florence Mae Bramble,age 27,May 7-1913,Vol. 2-page 893

Cramer Earl,(m) Dora Randall,April 27-1921

Crawford Andrew J.(m) Elizabeth E.Powell,March 29-1944

Crawford Bert L.,age 27,(m) Nora Davis,age 19,March 5-1908,Vol.1-page 54

Crawford James E.,age 36,(m) Maude Preston,age 21,June 27-1913,Vol.2-page 913

Crawley John Thomas,age 26,(m) Stella Beatrice Riddle,age 26,Feb. 14-1909,Vol. 1-page 221

Crawley William H.,age 37,(m) Janie Hussong,age 29,June 26-1911,Vol. 1-page 585

Creson Oran B.,age 20,(m) Lennie M.Morton,age 16,Dec. 24-1916,Vol. 3-page 1604

Crippin Walter,age 21,(m) Annie May Karnes,age 17,Sept.28-1911,Vol. 2-page 617

Crockett Frank ,(m) Rachel Parmer,Dec.23-1922

Crockett Samuel,age 21,(m) Minnie Jones,age 18,Dec.15-1907,Vol.1-page 20

Crockett Thomas S.,age 26,(m) Minnie Bowen,age 22,Nov.28-1907,Vol. 1-page 5

Cronin Harry J.,(m) Corinad Gene Maxwell,May 18-1919

Cronk Charles,(m) Georgia Broughton,Feb.23-1920

Crooks William A.,(m) Mable E.Garren,June 14-1921

Cross Lind,age 22,Marie Forster,age 22,April 18-1910,Vol. 1-page 398

Crossin John S.,(m) Mrs.Thelma Johnson,Aug.12-1918

Crossland John W.,(m) Bessie Cavender,Feb.6-1946

Crow Cecil C.,(m) Mrs.Jessie Maud,May 4-1921

Crow Howard,(m) Belle Wilson,Nov.8-1920

Crow Marion,age 19,(m) Alma Potts,age 18,Sept.22-1915,Vol. 3-page 1265

Crow Thomas L.,age 21,(m) Bertie E.Wilson,age 24,Dec.11-1916,Vol.3-page 1584

Crowell M.J.,age 58,(m) Mrs.Annie Stalcup,age 46,March 18-1915,Vol. 2-page 1174

Crowley H.H.,(m) Emma Woldridge,Oct.29-1919

Crumliss  Dallas,(m) Lula Karh,March 15-1920

Crumm Ira A.,age 21,(m) Lola May Hubbard,age 17,July 17-1912,Vol. 2-page 755

Crumrine L.C.,(m) Lillian Hunt,Sept.7-1920

Cully Carter,age 17,(m) Ethel Courtney,age 17,June 13-1916,Vol. 3-page 1456

Culp Allie,age 21,Mrs.Della Staves,age 23,June 18-1911,Vol. 1-page 580

Culver William D.,age 23,(m) Susie Ketcher,age 18,June 22-1908,Vol. 1-page 95

Cummings Clyde,(m) Ellen Clark,Jan.27-1919

Cummings Robert Lee,(m) Dorothy Simons,Jan.15-1947

Cummings William F.,age 47,(m) Mrs. Alice E.Ashley,age 52,Dec. 25-1913,Vol.2-page 983

Cumpton Miles I.,(m) Mrs.Eliza E.Berton,Oct.30-1922

Cunningham Albert L.age 30,(m) Leverna L.Shurhart,age 18,June 11-1911,Vol.1-page 576

Cunningham Charles F.,age 21,(m) Lovella Stella,age 17,Sept.22-1915,Vol. 3-page1264

Cunningham Everett,age 20,(m) Minnie Reno,age 19,April 21-1912,Vol. 2-page 719

Cunningham Herman,(m) Elizabeth Hill,Aug.8-1920

Cunningham Wilton,age 21,(m) Ethel Williams,age 18,Dec. 23-1915,Vol. 3-1323

Curl Charles ,(m) Lois Lazenby,Jan.10-1921

Curlee Walter,(m) Jean Sturgess,June 13-1945

Curtain Thomas E.,age 19,(m) Dorothy Sullivan,age 16,Feb.3-1917,Vol. 3-page 1642

Curtis, D.S.,age 47,(m) Mrs. Laura Milla Hetfield,age 27,May 22-1917,Vol. 3-page 1757

Curtis George M.,(m) Bernice Poe,Nov.13-1920


 Dabbs William A.,(m) Ollie May Harris,Aug.10-1920

Dale R.L.,age 47,(m)Winnie Smith,age 18,Nov.18-1907

Daley V.Elmo,(m) Aug.18-1940

Daley Wayne Eugene Jr.,(m) June 9-1940

Dalton Earl Holman,age 21,(m) Hazel E.Long,age 18,April 27-1917

Dalton John E.,(m) Christine Neflett,Oct.1-1922

Dameron John L.,(m) Jan.28-1940

Dameron J.Ralph,age 21,(m) Crystella C.Scarbaugh,age 18,April 22-1916

Damron James,(m) Aug.6-1939

Dandurand Harold,age 30,(m) Freda Sawyer,age 26,Jan.31-1913

Dane John Preston,(m) Nov.24-1939

Daneron John J.,age 50,(m) Mrs.Laura McCabe,age 42,Jan.31-1913

Daniel Archie H.,(m) Opal Courtney,Jan.27-1919

Dardenne Fred A.,age 21,(m) Beulah Bloomer,age 18,Jan.4-1917

Darkenwald Martin E.,(m) Marie West,March 30-1919

Darling Jack G.,(m) March 31-1940

Darnell Lorenzo D.,age 47,(m) Mrs.Nancy L.Bond,age33,Oct.29-1908

Darnell Virgil Venis,(m) March 31-1940

Darrell James W.,(m) Mrs.Bertha Davis,Nov.18-1917

Darrow Robert Dr.,(m) Nov.3-1940

Daugherty D.C.,(m) Dec.21-1938

Daugherty Dave,(m) Jan.19-1938

Daugherty Fred,(m) Mrs.Nettie Trusty,Sept.14-1920

Daugherty Fredrick,age 22,(m) Iva Trotter,age 20,Nov.9-1908

Davenport Walter,(m) Jan.23-1938

Davidson Harold,(m) Mabel Woodall,Feb.2-1919

Davidson J.L.,age 37,(m) Pearl O.Overstreet,age 23,April 24,1916

Davidson Norman,(m) June 16-1940

Davis Arthur Jay,(m) Nov.17-1940

Davis Bryan,(m) Lulu Daniels,Dec.7-1922

Davis Burnis,age 25,(m) Clara Blanch Fairchild,age 18,Dec.2-1908

Davis Cecil,(m) Grant Bundy,Oct.11-1922

Davis Charlie,(m) Jennie M.White,Nov.29-1921

Davis Charles N.,age 42,(m) Mrs. Della V.Davis,age 35,Aug.20-1916


Davis Elmer C.,age 27,(m) Agnes M.Gilbert,age 18,Sept.25-1915

Davis Francis Marion,(m) Nellie May Simpson,March 21-1921

Davis Fred C.,age 31,(m) Mattie Boyd,age 22,Jan.1-1913

Davis Grover C.,(m) Crystal Marion,Aug.24-1946

Davis Guy E.,(m) Alva Davis,July 24-1920

Davis H.R.,age 21,(m) Flora V. Patton,age 18,Aug.3-1915

Davis James S.,age 39,(m) Elsie M.Pierpont,age 21,Feb. 9-1917

Davis Jessie R.,(m) Edith Allen Nash,Oct.2-1946

Davis John ,age 27,(m) Myrtle Rhamy,age20,April 6-1916

Davis John A.,age 48,(m) Mrs. Emma H.Roach,age 39,Jan.11-1911

Davis John W.,age 33,(m) Stella Crotzer,age 22,Nov.13-1911

Davis L.A.,(m) Sept.1-1940

Davis Leon,(m) Peggy Sue Wilson,Dec.29-1953

Davis Leonard,age 22,(m) Srella H,Highsmith,age 19,May 20-1911

Davis Melvin,(m) May 18-1939

Davis Omlee K.,age 21,(m) Nora E. Sanders,age 19,Aug.16-1908

Davis Raymond A.,(m) Aug.7-1938

Davis Robbie Dean,(m) Dec.3-1940

Davis Robert,(m) Annie Murray,Feb.28-1922

Davis Roy M.,age 18,(m) May Wallace,age 16,Sept.2-1911

Davis Rufus F.,age 39,(m) Abbie Rowland,age 32,Aug.19-1916

Davis W.H.,(m) Nov.12-1939

Davis William,(m) Mrs.Virginia Sullivan,April 23-1919

Dawson Carlisle E.,age 21,(m) Bessie M. McWherter,age 18,Oct.10-1915

Dawson Clarence E.,age 26,(m) Hattie Wilson,age 18,Jan.11-1914

Dawson Elmer A.,age 21,(m) Anna Christiansen,age 19,Oct.20-1912

Dawson Ermine,age 21,(m) Jessie McWherter,age 18,July 4-1915

Dawson Jared S.,age 34,(m) Bonnie E.Wollard,age 22,Dec.26-1911

Dawson Ralph H.,(m) Mabel Lucile Ballard,July 26-1919

Dawson Roy Lee,(m) Sept.6-1939

Dawson Spincer,(m) Florence E.Post, June 10-1947

Dawson William A.,(m) Mrs.Marcelind Wilder Plank,March 9-1955

Dawson William J.,age 25,(m) Gladys B.Harris,age 18,Dec.12-1914

Day Lewis,(m) Dec.19-1940

Day Victor,(m) Sept.27-1939

Dean Ray,(m) Matilda J.Buck,Dec.23-1915

Dearing Haze R.,(m) Evelyn Pettet,Aug.1-1915

Deatherage Arthur,(m) Sept.21-1939

Deatherage Virgil H.,(m) Dec.20-1938

Deaton Luther,(m) rettie Baker,Feb.23-1911

Deema Francis E.,(m) Edna Barger,Dec.8-1912

Deems William Elmer,(m) July 21-1940

Degasmo Carl A.,age 32,(m) Mrs. Ola E.Rhodes,age 34,Oct.14-1909

Degraff Oscar,(m) Gertrude Wright,Sept.11-1920

Dehanas Everett B.,age 24,(m) Lulu Jane Hutchison,age 21,June 21-1914

DeHanas Mike,(m) Elizabeth Ray,Dec.21-1919

DeJarnett Novella,(m) Dec.13-1938

DeJarrett Frank,(m) Pearl Hart,July 22-1919

DeLay John (m) Bertha Jameson,March 4-1912

DeLay Paul Edison,(m) April 2-1939

Delcour Bobby Jo,(m) Marjorie Sue Carey,April 19-1956

Delongy Howard C.,age 27,(m) Frances C.Audrain,age 23,Sept.10-1911

Delosier Don,(m) Barbara White,Dec.1-1954

DeLozier George Henry,(m) June 9-1938

Demo Charles M,(m) Mary Willis Bailey,Aug.8-1909

Demo Joseph F.,(m) Laura Pfost,May 30-1909

Demo Joseph F.Jr.,(m) Bertha May McCleery,Nov.19-1911

Dendon Albert J.(m) Jan.14-1940

Dendy Sam R.,(m) Marie Jaeger,Nov.29-1921

Denney Elmer H.,(m) Oct.30-1938

Dennis Bill,(m) July 4-1938

Dennis Ray,(m) July 8-1938

Denton Cable,(m) Arulia Hodson,June 20-1916

Denton James C.,(m) Minnie Guthrie,Nov.20-1910

Denton James F.,(m) Frances Melindy Worrell,March 21-1921

Denton James Ray,(m) Ollie Belle DeVore,Jan.17-1914

Depee Ed,(m) Effie Hahn ,Nov.24-1909

Depew Cecil,(m) Letha Bilderback,Dec.17-1922

DePriest Auston Lee,(m) Mrs. Mollie McGraw,March 14-1916

DePriest O.R.(m) Letha Hallmark,Feb.27-1946

Dermott E.F.,(m) Lee Ellis,May 19-1917

Derringer Ralph David,(m) Mae Maryilliam,July 5-1944

Derry G.F.,(m) Martha Spriggs,March 3-1918

DeTar Burleigh,(m) Ruth Irene Traul,July 11-1920

Detherage dale,(m) Aug.31-1939

DeVaney Frances,(m) March 15-1939

Deupree Arthur Lee,(m) Nov.4-1938

Devilliers Cameron F.,age 25,(m) Opal Hampton,age 19,Oct.31-1915

Dewees H.E.,age 39,(m) Iva Inhoff,age 31,Oct.14-1913

Deweese Norman,age 28,(m) Mrs.Anna Skye,age 26,Jan.3-1909

Dewey Darryle,(m) March 15-1939

Dewey Jimmy,(m) Aug.11-1940

DeWitt J.E.,(m) Irma C.Gorton,Oct.12-1920

DeWolf J.B.,(m) Jane Crites, May 29-1920

Dial George Hobart,(m) Delia Breedlove,July 25-1920

Dial Hardy,(m) Mrs.Hattie Raymond,Dec.23-1919

Dial Samuel E.,age 25,(m) Kate Neff,age 19,Oct.11-1910

Diamond Floyd,(m) Margaret Smith,Dec.11-1946

Dick Chloe,(m) Sept.27-1939

Dick W.R.,(m) June 20-1939

Dickensheet Phill W.,age 21,(m) Grace E.Strode,age 18,April 9-1910

Dickensheet Phillip W.,age 28,(m) Mrs.Tinzy G.Merrion,age 25,May 10-1917

Dieken Richard J.Rev.,(m) July 28-1940

Dietz James F.,age 30,(m) Clara Huercamp,age 23,Nov.28-1910

Dilherage Clarence M.,(m) Flossie M.Austin,Aug.26-1922

Dilliner George,age 27,(m) Elena Balay,age 20,Aug.18-1908

Dimond Walter D.,age 24,(m) Clara Thompson,age 19,Dec.23-1916

Dirch Charles,(m) Viola Starks,Sept.13-1920

Divine James Ray,age 19,(m) Leona Albro,age 17,Sept.10-1913

Divine John B.,age 48,(m) Samantha Roberts,age 42,May 19-1912

Divine Robert H.,age 20,(m) Joda Shaffer,age 18,Oct.4-1911

Dixon Bob,(m) June 9-1939

Dixon C.A.(m) Grace Loving,Jan.4-1920

Dixon Hedrick,age 21,(m) Stella Brown,age 18,July 24-1915

Dixon James .,(m) Bertha Beaver,Feb.20-1920

Dixon James H.,(m) Ozina A.Clay,Feb.2-1921

Dixon John W.,age 21,(m) Lottie B.Nonkesis,age 16,May 23-1910

Dixon Marion,(m) Sept.26-1940

Dixon Max Daugherty,(m) Nov.13-1938

Dixon Virgil R.,age 23,(m) Grace L.Captian,age 18,Feb.27-1915

Doan Harry R.,age 28,(m) Josie I.Kelley,age 25,June 24-1916

Dobson Oliver R.,age 23,(m) Rachel Roberts,age 18,May 21-1917

Dodd, Paul D. & Walkenbach, Norma A.  license Dec 4, 1960

Dodge Alonzo S.,(m) Loise Harrison,Feb.13-1922

Dodson Calsie ,(m) Venona Cunningham,Sept.8-1921

Dodson Chester,(m) Weeweta Watson,Feb.27-1946

Dodson James D.,(m) Mrs.T.C. Drury,Feb.11-1919

Dohogne Leo,age 21,(m) Mary Schubert,age 17,Nov.12-1913

Dollison Clarence L.,(m) Doris L.Benscoter,June 21-1944

Dolson B.J.,age 35,(m) Maud Hall,age 22,May 13-1917

Domer Charles W.,age 35,(m) Leonora Bandy,age 38,Feb.8-1912

Donald Raymond,(m) Sept.20-1940

Donhue Jesse,(m) Lillie Huffman,April 16-1919

Donica, Claude E. & Stokes, Suella  Sep[ 30, 1956

Donica James B.,(m) Mrs.Dell Spotts,July 6-1919

Dooley Andrew Edwin,(m) Dec.1-1940

Doolin L.,(m) Hazel Doolin,Oct.14-1919

Doran Charles S.,age 26,(m) Sarah L.A.Ussery,age 16,Dec.18-1915

Dorman Elmer,(m) Nov.2-1938

Dorn David V.,age 32,(m) Mrs.Marguerite L.Beaver,age 28,Sept.6-1916

Dorrell James W.,(m) Mrs.Bertha Davis,Nov.18-1917

Doty Clifton,age 21,(m) Cora Gullet,age 20,April 18-1908

Doty John E.,age 19,(m) Myrtle Thompson,age 17,Sept.22-1913

Doty Maney F.,age 26,(m) Minnie Reynolds,age 18,Aug.19-1916

Doty S.Wilbert,age 23,(m) Mayme E.Maxwell,age 21,April 8-1908

Doty Sam D.,age 19,(m) Lulu Courtney,age 17,July 11-1915

Doty Samuel,age 19,(m) Sina A.King,age 21,Dec. 25-1915

Doty W.H.,(m) Mrs.Stella Jordan,Sept.1-1919

Douglas Andrew J.,age 33,(m) Mrs.Mary E.James,age 52, Aug.25-1910

Douglas R.E.,(m) Sylvia Beckham,March 3-1918

Douse Bert,(m) Myrtle Stowers,Feb.9-1920

Douthat Laglondia,(m) May 12-1940

Douthitt Bryan E.,(m) Jan.30-1938

Dowell Frank,(m) Cleo Mallett,June 15-1919

Dowell J.,(m) Charlotte VanLandingham,Feb.16-1919

Downing Virgil E.Jr,(m) June 30-1940

Downing William H.,(m) Mrs.W.A.West,May 3-1920

Dowty Orvil I.,age 26,(m) Cynthia Ragsdale,age 16,Nov.30-1913

Dreager Wesly E.,age 30,(m) Mrs.Ruea Henshaw,age 27,Nov.2-1913

Drake James Albert,(m) Jannie Kirk,Sept.12-1920

Drake John Logan,age 25,(m) Della Leonard,age 19,May 17-1909

Drake Thomas S.,age 24,(m) June Leach,age 18,Feb.12-1911

Draper Raymond Lester,(m) June 16-1940

Draun Louis B.,(m) Aug.4-1940

Dray Gordon,(m) Parthena Ellen Coatney,Oct.12-1920

Drewry Homer,age 31,(m) Ludamae Montgomery,age 22,Oct.16-1915

Dry Charles E.,(m) Mrs.May McKenzie,June 6-1945

Dry Floyd,(m) Mabel Long,Sept.6-1920

Dry John Carl,age 19,(m) Dora Mohillnia Blankenship,age 19,Nov.25-1908

DuBois Herbert Wayne,(m) July 10-1938

Dubois Irvin,(m) Laura Avey,Sept.3-1953

Duff John W.,age 39,(m) Mrs. Florence R.Ward,age 39,Nov.25-1914

Duffee Virgil H.,age 21,(m) LaVera DeSilva,age 20,Aug.24-1910

Dugger Fred,age 22,(m) Lydia Schmitz,age 18,June 14-1913

Dumas, Robert & Jacobs, Betty Jo  Feb. 14, 1947

Dunbar Ralph Jr.,(m) June 3-1938

Duncan A.,(m) Jan.23-1938

Duncan Earl E.,(m) Jan.28-1940

Duncan Eugene,(m) Nov.27-1938

Duncan Leonard C.,age 30,(m) Adell E.Shirley,age 21,Aug.25-1912

Duncan Marvin (m) Carrie Potter,May 30-1920

Duncan Robert Dale,(m) Bessie Lucille Craig,March 21-1945

Duncan Thurman,age 25,(m) Ruth E.Naylor,age 22,May 12-1914

Dunham Carl,(m) March 26 1939

Dunham Fred,age 46,(m) Edna Jamison,age 28,Dec.18-1916

Dunham John D.,age 21,(m) Mrs.Lillie Hartman,age 18,Feb.19-1916

Dunham Thos.E.,(m) Feb.13-1938

Duniphin Roy,(m) June 29-1938

Dunkle W.H.,(m) Pearl Folk,Oct.22-1919

Dunkle Will,(m) Hazel Coats,Aug.23-1922

Dunlap L.H.,(m) Sept.16-1938

Dunn Howard,(m) Jan.9-1940

Dunn Martin W.,age 23,(m) Mary E.Grover,age 24,Sept.18-1915

Dunn Melvin Z.,age 33,(m) Effie Carpenter,age 32,April 6-1915

Dunphy James Clay,(m) Beulah Sanders,Dec.18-1921

Dunwoodie Francis,(m) Nov.3-1938

Duprez Morris,age 27,(m) Beulah Hatfield,age 17,April 16-1911

Durbin Blaine A.,age 23,(m) Alta May Green,age 20,Oct.20-1909

Durbin Votan Swaine,age 25,(m) Mrs.Sudie E.Miller,age 25,July 6-1910

Duree Daniel ,(m) Angie Smith,Dec.12-1920

Durfee Chester,(m) Mrs.Sarah Hunt,Feb.5-1919

Durham Cromley C.,age 21,(m) Cassie Holt,age 17,April 7-1909

Dushane Walter,age 24,(m) Clara Taylor,age 20,April 21-1917

Dutcher Ralph E.,(m) Bertha Slade,Jan.26-1920

Dutton Bill,(m) March 21-1940

Dutton Robert R.,age 21,(m) Bonnie Benbrook,age 16,Oct.21-1915

Dye Luther,(m) Nort Pearce,April 3-1920

Dyer Jacob L.(m) Glenda Beezley,Jan.12-1955

Dyer Wayne Elsworth,(m) April 13-1939

Dyke Delbert,(m) Feb.13-1939

Dykes P.N.,(m) July 1-1938

Dyson D.H.,(m) April 3-1939



Eads George,(m) Nov.12-1939

Eagle Thomas N,(m) Zella A.Worley,July 3-1913

Eagle Ulysses G.,(m) Edith May Chaney,Dec.25-1921

Earl A.H.,(m) M.L. Seidenstricker,March 25-1916

Earl A.W.,(m) Flossie Penn,March 31-1916

Earl Joe,(m) Oct.23-1938

Earlgr A.H.,(m) Minnie L.V.Seidenstricker,March 13-1915

Earls C.B.,(m) Ina Stewart,May 20-1920

Earlywine Cecil J.,(m) Maggie J.McClay,April 20-1910

Earnhardt Claud H.,(m) Mrs.R.Ella Thompson,April 19-1917

East Arley ,(m) Nettie Dixon,Jan.14-1916

East Thomas B.,(m) Mrs. Lillian Suman, Sept.17-1912

Eaton John W.,(m) Mrs. Jeanetta Arnold,April 9-1912

Eaton Leslie,(m) Nov.4-1938

Ebersole A.D.,(m) Jan.26-1939

Ebersole Truman P.,(m) Edith J.Black,Dec.25-1916

Eccles W.J.,(m) Frances Nichols,March 24-1921

Eckert Frank,(m) Mrs. Melissa Helm,Oct.3-1916

Eddy Clifford,(m) Sept.29-1940

Edge E.L.,(m) May 15-1938

Edmonds Bryant,(m) Lila Asher,April 4-1920

Edson Vurnis,(m) Sept.6-1938

Edwards Albert,(m) July 9-1939

Edwards Clarence ,(m) Etta Eagle,April 13-1919

Edwards Clifford Ancil,(m) Mrs. Evelyn Lee,June 28-1945

Edwards Elmer,(m) Hattie Clark,Oct.12-1910

Edwards E.R.,(m) Opal Jackson,Nov.28-1920

Edwards Jesse L.,(m) May Eva Dial,July 14-1915

Edwards Robert,(m) Aug.16-1939

Edwards Vollie,(m) Bessie Chedwick,July 26-1920

Ehrhart Dick G.,(m) Ida J.White,May 11-1944

Ehrhart Otheo,(m) Lue Nettie Bradley,June 5-1909

Eidson Donald N.,(m)Mrs. Mary Cleo Eidson,Sept.3-1953

Eidson William,(m) April 3-1938

Einhellig William Lee,(m) April 9-1939

Ekberg Lloyd Wilbur,(m) Aug.7-1938

Elder Elmer,(m) Gladys Parkinson,Sept.26-1910

Elfrid Alfred B.,(m) Helen Leonard,July 18-1946

Elliott Claud,(m) Mrs.Susie Dearing,May 21-1908

Elliott Earl,(m) Bess Sanders,June 22-1922

Elliott Herbert,(m) Nov.25-1938

Elliott James W.,(m) Lena Myers,Dec.24-1915

Elliott John Homer,(m) Aug.6-1940

Elliott Jud,(m) Bessie May Gordon,March 12-1911

Elliott Max,(m) Nona McCrea,March 6-1921

Elliott Raymond O.,(m) Nov.27-1938

Elliott T.M.,(m) Maude Crockett,Dec. 2-1917

Elliott Thomas M.,(m) Maud Crockett,Dec.26-1907

Elliott William ,(m) Cecil Boswell,April 13-1919

Elliott Wyandotte,(m) Ollie Martin,Aug.29-1914

Ellis C.E.,(m) July 17-1938

Ellis Charles Isaac,(m) Minnie Francis Swindle,Feb. 19-1909

Ellis Emmett N,(m) Eldora Niece,Jan.25-1922

Ellison Alfonso,(m) Lula Webb,June 1-1920

Ellison Orban Cleo,(m) Sept.3-1939

Ellison Roy,(m) Ellen Douglas,Dec.28-1921

Ely Steven V.,(m) Cora Algrim,April 7-1912

Embree Clide C.,(m) Bessie Freshner,Dec.24-1907

Emerick Phil,(m) Nov.7-1940

Emons Frank,(m) Eunice Bray,Sept.26-1922

Endicott Robert V.,(m) Georgia A. Kenney,Oct.5-1915

Engard Marion W.,(m) July 2-1939

Engelbrecht Lee,(m) ?? Sartain,Sept.12-1920

England Grover,(m) Bessie Nash,April 11-1914

England J.M.,(m) Jessie A.James,Nov.19-1916

England Joseph C.,(m) Minnie Hayhurst,Nov.12-1910

Engle N.Ferd,(m) March 19-1939

Ensworth Clarence,(m) Grace Hale,June 27-1910

Ensworth Fred,(m) Minnie Wertz,Nov.28-1914

Enyart Hollie ,(m) Tina Opal Fulcher,June 29-1915

Enyart Raymond Hollie,(m) Helen Jeanne Vantrase,June 27-1946

Epperson Marion Hauk,(m) Anna E.Williams,Nov.22-1908

Epperson William,(m) Nellie Madison,Sept.13-1917

Eppinger G.M.,(m) Aug.30-1939

Epps George C.,(m) Jessie Allen,Jan.14-1915

Ess Askley ,(m) Beulah Steen,Nov.23-1922

Estabrooks Bert,(m) Edna Newkirk,July 27-1913

Estep Ruben E.,(m) Florence,Feb.20-1915

Estes George W.,(m) Polly A.White,Feb. 26-1915

Estlin William A.,(m) Lora D.Shoe,Oct.6-1914

Eulitt Harry,(m) Eva Long,July 6-1920

Evans Bert,(m) Vanceile Irene Elliott,May 12-1916

Evans Earl E.,(m) Letia McGonigle,March 6-1916

Evans George W.,(m) Mary Farthing,Nov.1-1945

Evans Hortense,(m) Nov.13-1938

Evans John A.,(m) Mrs. Margaret Hope,July 26-1908

Evans John Mack,(m) June 3-1938

Evans John W.,(m) Ruth N.England,May 21-1915

Evans John W.,(m) Lovey Hemby,July 23-1922

Evans Ralph S.,(m) Bertha Lane,Jan.15-1918

Evans Robert,(m) Flora Cribbett,April 2-1919

Evans Samuel A.,(m) Rittie Headley,Jan.6-1917

Evans William S.,(m) Sarah E.Williams,Nov.18-1910

Everett Carl E.,(m) May 28-1939

Everett Eugene,(m) May 12-1939

Everett Paul Eugene Dr.,(m) May 14-1939

Everston B.T.,(m) Bernadotte Botts,Oct.10-1922

Ewing H.C.,(m) Della I.Grant,July 30-1922



Fain Bob,(m) Aug.31-1939

Fair Ira W,(m) Luella Picket, Oct.8-1922

Fanning Tom,(m) Ussrey Priscilla,Jan.23-1917

Farman Kelley,(m) Burty Reece,Jan.9-1919

Farmer J.R.,(m) Leota Martin,Aug.1916

Farrell Kenneth M.,(m) Dora V.Stanley,May 22-1916

Farrell Matt,(m) April 14-1940

Farrier John T.,(m) Mrs. Roxanna E.Ward,Aug.27-1908

Farris Benjamin H.,(m) Mrs. Anna E.Cogshall,Feb.15-1922

Faulkner Ernest,(m) june 30-1938

Faulkner Hiram,(m) Cora Partain, June 8- 1920

Faust Frank,(m) Catherine Karleskint,Oct. 14-1920

Fell Darrell Dean,(m) Barbara Heaneen Newton, Aug.27-1953

Fell Roy S.,(m) Fannie A.Brown,Dec.18-1912

Fenton Theodore,(m) Nadine Coffee, Aug.17-1919

Fergerson L.F.,(m) Mrs.Frances Barrett,March 28-1917

Fergus James Theron,(m) April 5-1938

Ferguson C.W.,(m) April 13-1938

Ferguson Charlie,(m) Dec.8-1940

Ferguson Jack,(m) Cecil Wright,July 23-1919

Ferling Charley R.,(m) Elsie L. Asher,Dec.25-1915

Ferris William B.,(m) Nellie E. Hoover,Oct.8-1922

Fesler Fred C.,(m) Mrs. Leona May Newlon,March 22-1916

Fessenden Guy,(m) Lella M. Kinder,June 3-1916

Fields Clyde,(m) Beulah Love,June 8-1920

Fields Inez,(m) May 22-1938

Fields Jess,(m) Dec.25-1938

Fields John L.,(m) Ester West,April 8-1916

Fields Lee,(m) Ina B.Arnhart,Aug.13-1908

Fields Richard,(m) Jan.24-1938

Fields Willie,(m) Jan.15-1939

Filby G.H.,(m) Mrs.Laura Sartin,Jan.6-1915

Finger Frank,(m) Sept.4-1938

Fink Carl,(m) Almeda McDowell,Oct.13-1922

Fink Cleone,(m) O.J. Neslage,Sept.2-1920

Fink Ivan,(m) July 1-1938

Finke Louis H.,(m) Edna Clark,May 18-1913

Finke Richard W.,(m) Bessie Duncan,April 17-1910

Finley George ,(m) Nora B. Crosby,April 28-1918

Finley Johney Lee,(m) Georgia Ann Mousk,April 17-1912

Finley Lee,(m) Mable Eulett,June 2-1919

Finley Leo J.,(m) Wilma E. Dunham,Dec.14-1913

Finn Leonard,(m) June 17-1938

Finn Walter,(m) Myrtle Mallet,March 12-1920

Fipps Arthur L.,(m) June 8-1938

Fish Eudora,(m) J.H. Hendrix,Oct.1-1953

Fisher Jimmie,(m) Oct.23-1938

Fisher John ,(m) Miss Childress,July 6-1919

Fisher William E.,(m) Mrs. Minnie Adams,Dec.23-1917

Fisher Wilton,(m) Aug.21-1938

Fisk Frank ,(m) May 15-1938

Fitch Earl,(m) Adie Leon Mossie, Sept. 25-1917

Fitch Harold,(m) May 19-1938

Fitch Marvin,(m) Alvia Sapp, Dec.26-1917

Fite Roy Edgar,(m) Virgie Lawrence, May 28-1922

Fitzgerald Archie J.,(m) Emma L. Fanin,Aug.4-1908

Fitzgerald Ray ,(m) Jessie Cox,Dec.1-1919

Flanagan Thomas W.,(m) Pheba J.Neal,Dec.30-1913

Fleanal Felix,(m) Mrs. Annal Moyer, April 23-1918

Fleharty E.L.,(m) May Bulawsky,Jan.15-1916

Fleharty Irl,(m) Helen Kruger,Dec.25-1921

Fleming Albert,(m) March 4-1940

Fletcher Robert A.,(m) Blanche Lawrence, Sept. 4-1917

Flink Oscar,(m) Alma Ferrell,April 13-1917

Flint Charley,(m) Ida Long,March 7-1909

Flint Oscar Floyd,(m) Jan.5-1938

Flook Henry,(m) Edna Nelson,Jan.15-1918

Flora Ina,(m) Jennings Kock,Aug.5-1920

Flowers Charles F.,(m) Dottie Dimple Sparlin,Feb. 8-1910

Flowers Clyde Millard,(m) Jan.16-1938

Flowers Roscoe E.,(m) Leona Sullens, Oct.29-1922

Floyd Henry,(m) Lelia Johnson,Jan.19-1920

Floyd Will C.,(m) Dora Dry,Oct.29-1922

Flynn Nelson William,(m) Elizabeth Lewis Gingrich, Aug.8-1920

Fogle Clifford Harvey,(m) March 15-1939

Fogle Eugene,(m) Irene Pottpe,Sept.7-1944

Fogleman Perry Jr.,(m) May 8-1938

Folley George ,(m) Maggie Maples,Feb. 20-1921

Follis Clyde,(m) Nora Dixon,Feb. 2-1922

Follis George A.,(m) Elsie Brice,Aug.21-1912

Forbes Noble Guy,(m) Zack Taylor,Aug.12-1916

Ford John,(m) Eva Firth,Nov.23-1920

Ford John,(m) June Smothermon,Aug.22-1946

Ford Thomas A.,(m) Racheal Skidmore,May 31-1913

Foreman Chasles,(m) June 25-1939

Foreman Walter R.,(m) Edith Thompson,Feb.7-1946

Forney F.F.,(m) Mrs.Pearl Ford,Feb.22-1921

Forrest Sam,(m) Oct.6-1938

Forrester Patten J.,(m) Olga Medlin,Aug.21-1922

Forsythe Leroy,(m) Dec.2-1938

Fortner Claud,(m) Minnie Smith,Feb. 10-1921

Fortner Roy L.,(m) Maggie V.Long,May 3-1916

Foster Bill,(m) Sept. 15-1938

Foster Harley,(m) Jan. 11-1938

Foster Jack,(m) May 29-1938

Foster John,(m) Mrs. Jennie Euphunwrite, Oct. 18-1920

Foster John,(m) Mrs. Margaret Roberts,Jan. 11-1922

Foster Louis L.,(m) April 30-1939

Foster Ross,(m) Nov. 9-1938

Foster Thomas W.,(m) Mrs.Anna Foster,Sept.10-1953

Foster Walter E.,(m) Mary I.Bigham,July 29-1909

Foused Ed,(m) Georgia Grayson,Sept.7-1920

Foust Elmer P.,(m) Mae J.Masterson,June 29-1916

Foust Harry Hammond,(m) Maggie M.Watkins,July 31-1921

Fouts Noah,(m) July 31-1938

Fouts William Henry,(m) Minta Ethel Hill,March 21-1915

Fox J.J.,(m) Jan.21-1940

Fox, Jessie & Stacy, Jess E.  license Oct 7, 1953

Fox Johnnie ,(m) Eula Cole, March 18-1920

Fox Louis,(m) Ruth V.Bagby,April 10-1917

Fox Robert,(m) Jessie Watts,June 13-1920

Fraley Clarence,(m) Nov.27-1938

Francis G.B.,(m) April 13-1938

Frankenberger Donald C.,(m) Marjorie C. Yeargin, Dec.2-1917

Franklin Hugh B.,(m) Jan.28-1940

Frazier Franklin,(m) June 24-1938

Frederick H.Earl,(m) Jennie Jayner,Nov.29-1911

Frederick L.E.,(m) Ruby Morgan,Sept. 17-1919

Freeman C.K.,(m) Mrs. Cora James , April 13-1916

Freeman Howard,Oct.2-1940

Freeman Hugh,(m) Opal James,Feb.2-1919

Freeman William C.,(m)Clara B.Lowery, April 5-1908

Freeman William Henry,(m) Mary Elizabeth Eagle,Dec.13-1914

Frellick Jacob P.,(m) Oma Gallamore,March 11-1911

French Abe L.,(m) Euna Brock,April 24-1921

French Jess D.,(m) March 15-1939

Freshner Thomas,(m) Softa C.Carter, Feb.23-1915

Friend Jesse,(m) Bessie E. Heistand,Aug.24-1913

Frisbie Clayton Gene,(m) Virginia Jean Jones,June 12-1947

Frisbie Kenneth,(m) Jeanie Hunt,July 23-1953

Frisble Walter C.,(m) Millie C. Strong,Oct. 22-1909

Frogley Bill,(m) April 22-1938

Frogue W.A.,(m) Eva McGhee,Oct.12-1919

Froom Ira,(m) May Pyatt,May 2-1919

Fry Kenneth A,(m) ?? King,March 20-1939

Frye Glenn,(m) Grace Wolf,May 4-1919

Fueston Gaines,(m) Edna Belcher,June 2-1920

Fugate Bert, (m) Matilda C. Owens,Dec. 24-1907

Fulcher Elmer,(m) Jan.8-1939

Fulcher Jake,(m) Jan.23-1938

Fulcher Jasper O.,(m) Mearle Jennie Ferris,July 23-1912

Fuller L.A.,(m) Jennie Holmes,June 21-1920

Fuller Milford,(m) Mrs. Anna Hickman, Aug.20-1918

Fulton Carl,(m) March 9-1938

Funk Paul,(m) Dec.12-1940

Furgeson Grover W.,(m) Bertha M. Stephens,Feb. 14-1914


 Gadberry James W.,(m) Mrs.Maud A. Endicott, Aug.19-1915

Gaines Ralph ,(m) Gladys Victor, Oct.17-1922

Gaines Robert Ralph, (m) Sept.18-1938

Gaines Walter,(m) Lillie M. Baker, Nov. 4-1908

Gallager Thomas,(m) Mrs. Laura Sholtz, March 7-1919

Gallagher George, (m) Opal Brown, Dec.13-1920

Gallagher John A.,(m) Birdie M.Cooper, Nov.11-1915

Gallaher Charles S.,(m) Marguerite H. Swenson, June 28-1916

Gallentti Charles, (m) June 4-1939

Gamble Burnie, (m) Ethel Goodbue, June 28-1909

Gamble Perry,(m) Corda Clark, July 30-1908

Garcia Joseph T.,(m) Mrs.Eizzie A.Logan, Sept.24-1913

Gardner Emery C.,(m) Geraldine A.Leake, March 26-1922

Gardner Quincy,(m) Onnie Redman, June 13-1920

Gardner Rissie,(m) Frank Congdon, May 15-1921

Garland Jimmie,(m) Sept.7-1939

Garman Morgan F.,(m) Efie May Chaney, Aug.13-1913

Garner Charles Richard,(m) Barbara Jean Manning, Jan.14-1954

Garner Clifford A.,(m) Bessie Stroup, Aug. 3-1915

Garner Elmer Lee, (m) Feb.25-1940

Garner Harley H.,(m) Barbara Beck, March 2-1922

Garner James R.,(m) Esther Jeffrey, Aug. 27-1922

Garner Owen R.,(m) Marie S. Hodden, June 30-1921

Garoutte George W.,(m) Nora A. Hart, Aug.3-1915

Garren Carl Justin, (m) July 2-1939

Garrett Corbett Roy,(m) Milda E. Staton, Dec.23-1915

Garrett Fred, (m) Sally Chaney, Sept.19-1916

Garrett Gordon, (m) Alma Lewis, Oct.2-1921

Garrett Jack, (m) Francis B.Cawby, Dec.31-1912

Garrett Jesse F.,(m) Eva Tucker, June 12-1921

Garrett M.S.,(m) Effie Duvall, Sept.3-1908

Garrett Noreen,(m) Elzie Hale, Feb.10-1919

Garrett Oren C.,(m) Cleata F. Allen, Dec.29-1912

Garrett Sterling P.,(m) Helen M. Hutson, April 6-1944

Garrison Billy,(m) Oct.21-1954

Garrison Charles,(m) Minnie Davis, May 21-1908

Garrison Harry W.,(m) Floyd Hall, July 24-1914

Garrison Hulen  (m) Sarah Bumgardner, Sept. 8-1920

Gartside Gerald Merl,(m) Nov.17-1940

Gavin Walter M.,(m) Almeda L.Krudwig, Oct.11-1913

Gaynor Frank, (m) Bettie Baker, Dec. 26-1919

Gearhart Charlie M.,(m) Charlotte Williams, July 24-1909

Gearheart Samuel C.,(m) Jan.7-1940

Gebhard Adolph A.,(m)  Mrs.Lydia C.Sweet, Dec.26-1911

George Flake, (m) Rhoda Rees, Sept. 3-1920

George Fred,(m( Darlene Willis, Sept.13-1956

Gest, James C. & Harrison, Karolynsue  license Oct 7, 1953

Gibbs Joseph Bennett, (m) Marquerite Lois Roberts, Dec.17-1911

Gibbs W.R., (m) Nov.17-1940

Gibson Alvin W.,(m) Dec.28-1938

Gibson Ariel Morgan, (m) Lorene Davis, Feb.27-1921

Gibson Clarence ,(m) Ora O.Hallum, Oct.11-1914

Gibson Glen E.,(m) Aug.14-1938

Gibson Ralph Edwin,(m) April 10-1938

Gilbert Frank P.,(m) Feb.14-1939

Gibson Lon E.,(m) Margaret L.Smith, Dec.12-1915

Giett James F.,(m) Bertha E. Reynolds, Nov.10-1913

Giett William ,(m) Mrs. Bertie Tode, March 9-1915

Giffin John  H.,(m) Jane Elizabeth Marsh, June 4-1913

Gilbert Elisha,(m) Lela M.Allen, May 18-1917

Gilbert William F.,(m) June 5-1938

Giles H. G.,(m) Grace Parrish, Oct.9-1922

Giles Leroy, (m) Ruby Lucille Peckham, Sept.7-1921

Giles Thomas H.,(m) Myrtella Wagner, Nov.24-1912

Gill William Arthur, (m) Oct.13-1938

Gillespie J.O.,(m) Ora Callis, Jan.15-1922

Gillespie Rufus E., (m) Jan. 22-1939

Gillett John D.,(m) March 17-1940

Gilliam J. Arthur,(m) Jessie Mc Farland, Dec.9- 1914

Gillispie Harvey A.,(m) Ida M. Zimmerman, Nov. 20-1912

Gilmore Edward, A (m) Alice Platter, May 26-1916

Gilmore Fred, (m) Ola kimbell, June 23-1909

Gilmore Grover N.,(m) Jessie Crossatte, Oct.15-1911

Gilmore Homer C.,(m) Alice E.Crawfish, March 6-1911

Gilmore James S.,(m) Bessie M. Cook, June 14-1914

Gilmore Leonard,(m) June 15-1939

Gilmore Roy, (m) Sept.2-1940

Gilmore W.J.,(m) Flora M. Macy, April 23- 1918

Girton Leo Ellis,(m) Dillie Burris, Jan.31-1917

Gist Orville,(m) Ethel Curless, Sept.12-1919

Givan John, (m) Jan.15-1939

Givens Charles L.,(m) Cordelia V.Chambers, May 2-1915

Giyer John B.,(m) Ollie Morgan, Dec15-1913

Giyer Lester,(m) Mrs.Stella Hawkins, Sept.25-1917

Glascock French,(m) Callie Jackson, Oct.21-1910

Glass George, (m) May 8-1938

Glass William O.,(m) Mabel Graham, March 18-1920

Gleaves Allen Ross,(m) Patricia June Poynter, Jan.27-1955

Glendening Blaine, (m) Lelia A. Humphey, Nov.9-1911

Glenn Homer, (m) Oct.21-1940

Goard Bob,(m) Virginia Crews, March 29-1945

Gobspm Bob,(m) Opal McBride, May 23-1920

Godfrey Norman, (m) July 10-1940

Goebel Gerhard, (m) Ida May Thomas, Nov. 22-1910

Goff Alen, (m) Nov.25-1938

Goff Ervin, (m) Oct.29-1939

Goff James N.Jr.,(m) Ethel Brooks Wilson, Nov.20-1907

Goldberg A.J.,(m) Anna Barnett, Jan. 23-1917

Golden Charles, (m) July 21-1939

Goman Gerl D.,(m) Ethel M. McIntire, Oct.19-1922

Good H.C.,(m) Mrs. Flossie Good, Sept.26-1919

Goode Frank,(m) Beatrice Fry, March 31-1912

Goodeagle Charles, (m) Helen Lockley ,Sept.7-1908

Goodell Elwood,(m) Mildred Kirby, April 12-1939

Gooding Dibrell Matt,(m) March 15-1939

Gooding Harvey M.,(m) Mrs.Dora A.Edds, Sept. 29-1914

Goodman Andrew, (m) Addie E. Marlett, May 16-1914

Goodman G.C. ,(m) April 15-1938

Goodrich Ralph D.,(m) Grace E. Robertille, Feb.19-1911

Goodwin Ementrude, (m) May 28-1939

Gordon Alfred Dowe,(m) Pansy Loftis, Oct.29-1953

Gordon Billy Zack, (m) May 20-1940

Gordon Clarence Seth, (m) April 10-1938

Gordon Harley E.,(m) Mable G. Stroup, March 28-1913

Gordon Mercedes ,(m) Nov. 27-1940

Gordon William, (m) Grace Lee,July 16-1919

Goshen Herman, (m) May M.Kelley, Aug.28-1911

Gourd L.R.,(m) Lavina Dherty, March 30-1920

Gower Herman,(m) Connie Weaver, July 26-1945

Grabe Evard, (m) Nov.14-1940

Grable Albert C.,(m) Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, Nov. 7-1921

Graham Clyde, (m) Feb.6-1938

Graham Deward, (m) June 9-1940

Graham Everett, (m) Altie Longan, Aug.11-1911

Graham S. M., (m) Sept. 6-1938

Granat Magnus P. Sr.,(m) Mrs. Minnie Davis, May 14-1916

Grant Carl Lance, (m) July 21-1940

Grant Leo,(m) Aug.20-1940

Grant Melvin, (m) Sept.23-1938

Grason William J.,(m) May Ransdell, June 20-1920

Grassi Lewis A., (m) Jan.16-1938

Graves Glenn, (m) Helen Medrich, Feb.22-1945

Gray Carl V.,(m) Frances Fluke, Oct.23-1921

Gray Charles Edgar, (m) Oct.30-1938

Gray Grover, (m) Sept.27-1939

Gray M. Frank,(m) Maude Ola Maude, June 6-1914

Gray Wiliam Charles, (m) Pearl Skaggs, Oct. 9-1917

Graybell Floyd Robert, (m) Sept. 7-1938

Grayson Charles F., (m) Donna Knoctgen, Nov.15-1956

Grayson Frank, (m) Vera Willyard, Nov.13-1947

Grayson Jerry E.,(m) Nevada Vaughn, March 1-1916

Grazier Luther,(m) Jessie Dawson, Aug.24-1912

Greaves Byron Leslie, (m) Sept.4-1938

Greaves George  C.,(m) Beulah Swartz,Aug. 4-1918

Greaves Raymond L.,(m) Ann Marie Blair,Sept. 12-1911

Greaves R.L.,(m) Dec. 4-1938

Green Alfred A.,(m) Mrs. Effie Lamar, Dec.5-1915

Green Charles,(m) Susie B. Jones, Dec.1-1914

Green Charles W.,(m) Louise Newland, July 18-1922

Green Fred J.A.,(m) Ethel May Christian, June 21-1913

Green Fred L.,(m) Charlotte Gearhart, Dec.7-1920

Green George, (m) June 30-1938

Green Ivan, (m) July 22-1938

Green James ,(m) Edith E. Danels, Nov.18-1907

Green J.D."Buck", (m) Jan. 3-1938

Green Joseph P.,(m) Mrs. Rebecca J.McCrary, May 15-1912

Green Lester, (m) April 3-1938

Green R.E.,(m) Letha L. Mattingly, April 18-1917

Greenback Alfonso,(m) Mary I.Johnson, Oct.30-1916

Greenback Joseph ,(m) Eunice Non-hesis Ball, Oct. 4-1916

Greening Charles E.,(m) Mrs. Jane Standefer, April 15-1916

Greening J. Neal,(m) Larue Reinhart, Oct. 22-1917

Greenlee Ebert Hayden, (m) March 17-1940

Greenlee Eder H., (m) Sallie Gidion, April 5-1945

Greenwood Samuel H.,(m) Lucy Henderson, April 7-1916

Greer Ivey,(m) Mrs.Emma Hamons, Oct.3-1917

Greer Monroe, (m) Feb.20-1938

Gregory John E., (m) Dec.3-1939

Griffin Dale,(m) July 16-1939

Griffin E.H.,(m) Catherine Redlinger, Jan.25-1918

Griffin George J.,(m) Andrs Chism, Jan.9-1913

Griffis William H.,(m) Mrs.Annie Cottingham, Jan.11-1916

Griffith  Claude Emery, (m) Nov.14-1940

Giffith Forest E.,(m) Fannie Trewin, Nov.6-1915

Griffith Fred,(m) Oma Talley, March 25-1917

Griffith Gail E., (m) Dec.29-1940

Griffith Howard, (m) April 30-1939

Grimes Albert R.,(m) Ethel May Warner, March 26-1911

Grimes Foster E.,(m) Harry Deanna Morse, Sept.20-1920

Grimes Wilbur, (m) Kathryn George, Dec.6-1945

Grimes William S.,(m) Dora Ely, Dec12-1915

Grissom Clyde H.,(m) Martha Louis, Jan.30-1917

Grist Allen,(m) Nellie Matthrew, Aug.1-1920

Grogan Jewell R.,(m) Margaret Hulsey, May 4-1919

Groom Guy,(m) Flossie Houk, Sept.25-1915

Groom Howard, April 26-1938

Groom Roy L.,(m) Parmelia Walker, Aug.11-1921

Grooms Hubert Charley,(m) Myrtle Alice Nigh, Dec.23-1908

Grooms John,(m) Maud Night, Feb.2-1910

Grove Ben L., (m) May 22-1938

Grove Willie E.,(m) Daisy Akers, March 28-1921

Groves Jesse J.,(m) Effie Bothwell, May 19-1912

Grubb Virgil H.,(m) Hilda R. Turnbaugh, Jan.1-1908

Grunden Albert,(m) Rosa England, Jan.1-1913

Grunden Richard "Dick", (m) Nov.9-1938

Guelett Burt,(m) Edna S.E. Goodall, July 3-1911

Guinn Rutherford ,(m) Aug.14-1940

Gulick Jasper O.,(m) Bessie V.Garrett, Dec.31-1912

Gullet Henry, (m) Ada Burman, Feb.3-1922

Gunn Floyd W.,(m) Pearl Richard, June 28-1916

Gunnell Albert,(m) Carrie Clubb, Nov.2-1908

Gurley Ed, (m) July 24-1938

Gustin Joe "Tony",(m) Oct. 24-1940

Gustin Merle Lee,(m) Lallah S. Davidson, Aug. 28-1921

Guthrie Frankaleen, (m) Sept. 17-1939

Guthrey G. H. Dr., (m) Jay Ann Wiley, Sept. 26-1946

Gutowsky Harold E.W.,(m) Jan.1-1939

Guy Leslie F.,(m) Mrs. Frank Johnson, March 27-1919

Gwens Ray G.,(m) Maude McWatter, May 6-1914

Gyon George ,(m) Violet Shuck, March 14-1946











Long, William L. & Ramsey, Georgia  license Oct 7, 1953


Morris, C. N. & Clary, Elaine   Sep 8, 1946

Murray, Albert D. and Lawrence, Anna Mable  license  Oct 7, 1953




Overacre, George W. & Vineyard, Treva  license  Oct 7, 1953


Painter, Rex Marion & Osborne, Grace Margaret  license Oct 7, 1953

Payton, Johnnie Del & Hall, Doris Lee  license  Oct 7, 1953

Peckham, Jefferson C. & Stacy, Helen Elaine  4-20-1957

Peery, David & Smith, Ada G.  license  Oct 7, 1953

Pesek, Robert L. & Fudge, Lois  3-31-1957

Q - R

Reed, Oliver & Stotts, Lillian  license Dec 17, 1920


Snodgrass, Henry & Crandall, Minnie   license Dec 17, 1920


Terry, John & Sherwin, Ida  license  Dec 17, 1920




Vaughn, Donald Gene & Buxton, Elsie Louise  license  Oct 7, 1953

W - X

Watts, Clyde & Llington, Mary E.  license Oct 7, 1953

Wills, Don Paul & Willett, Donna Dean   11-24-1956

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