Divorces in Ottawa County,  Okla.

Taken from Miami Newspapers,  1900 to 1956

. Some may not be in the newspaper,  check the Court House.
You can get a copy at :
Ottawa Co.County Clerk
102 East Central
Suite 300
Miami Okla.74354

Submitted by:
Margaret Parker
445752 east 70 road
Welch Okla.74369

Aach Anita, dvf.v.s., Jerome K.Aach, July 11-1926

Aach Jerome K., dvf.v.s., Anita Aach, June 7-1931

Abbott Alberta, dvf.v.s., Wilbur Gene Abbott, June 2-1927

Able Marie, dvf.v.s., Jake Able, July 25-1924

Able Neta, dvf.v.s., Robert Able Jr., Dec.13-1931

Abrams Emma, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Abrams, May 14-1939

Abrams Harri, dvf.v.s., Josephine Abrams, May 8-1924

Abrams Melissa J., dvf.v.s., A.W.Abrams, Oct.11-1925

Acker Helen, dvf.v.s., Lee Acker, Nov.29-1936

Ackerman Mary, dvf.v.s., Jack Ackerman, April 26-1927

Adair Anna, dvf.v.s., Levi C.Adair, Aug.9-1936

Adair Coreen, dvf.v.s., Benjamin S.Adair, May 31-1935

Adams Cloria Trim, dvf.v.s., Charley Adams, Feb.13-1919

Adams Estella (nee Nolan), dvf.v.s., Tommy Adams, Feb.9-1923

Adams Gloria, dvf.v.s., Charles Adams, Feb.12-1919

Adams Henry, dvf.v.s., Ruth Adams, Nov.12-1926

Adams J.H., dvf.v.s., H.L.Adams, Dec.16-1926

Adams Minnie, dvf.v.s., Ollie Adams, June 26-1919

Adams Rosa A., dvf.v.s., George Adams, #7089, April 29-1925

Adams Stella, dvf.v.s., A.H.Adams, Aug.23-1929

Aday Margaret, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Aday, Sept.25-1928

Aden Rita B., dvf.v.s., July 19-1926

Adkins Bernice, dvf.v.s., Leonard Adkins, Sept.8-1925

Admiston Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., James Henry Admiston, Feb.21-1924

Agee Minerva, dvf.v.s., Jackson Agee, Jan.23-1925

Aisenstadt E.Albert, dvf.v.s., Minnie Aisenstadt, May 6-1927

Akins Bessie, dvf.v.s., Omer Akins, April 10-1926

Akins Charles, dvf.v.s., May Akins, Jan.4-1928

Akins Omer, dvf.v.s., Bessie Akins, May 10-1926

Albert Beulah, dvf.v.s., Clarence Albert, Dec.12-1929

Albertson Florence, dvf.v.s., Clyde Albertson, Feb.27-1919

Alberty Bessie, dvf.v.s., William Alberty, Sept.30-1930

Aldridge Charles, dvf.v.s., B.Aldridge, Aug.14-1925

Aldridge Ellen, dvf.v.s., W.R.Aldridge, March 25-1929

Aldridge Leona, dvf.v.s., W.E.Aldridge, April 3-1938

Alexander Hattie, dvf.v.s., Walter Alexander, Sept.1-1933

Alexander Minnie M., dvf.v.s., Glenn P.Alexander, Oct.27-1925

Allcott Evelyn, dvf.v.s., A.B.Allcott, Feb.5-1939

Allen Cyril, dvf.v.s., Lula Allen, Jan.4-1928

Allen Earl C., dvf.v.s., Ruth A.Allen, Sept.9-1926

Allen Huston, dvf.v.s., Ida Allen, March 17-1925

Allen Ida, dvf.v.s., Huston U.Allen, Oct.3-1927

Allen Jack, dvf.v.s., W.M.Allen, Sept.25-1929

Allen Jewell, dvf.v.s., Robert Allen, Aug.31-1926

Allen Margaret, dvf.v.s., Bevery G.Allen, Sept.19-1926

Allen Pearl, dvf.v.s., Lark Allen, Jan.5-1941

Allen Rosa, dvf.v.s., Lester Allen, Aug.9-1927

Allen Rosa D., dvf.v.s., J.E.Allen, April 29-1925

Allen Ruth, dvf.v.s., Earl Allen, #1282, Sept.17-1915

Allen Sarah, dvf.v.s., Henry Allen, Dec.29-1925

Allen Velma, dvf.v.s., William Allen, June 9-1929

Allen Willis T., dvf.v.s., Malice Manza Allen, Oct.20-1923

Allen Zelma, dvf.v.s., Harold Allen, Dec.10-1941

Alley Edna M., dvf.v.s., J.F.Alley, Sept.25-1925

Allgood LaVerne, dvf.v.s., Howard Allgood, June 14-1936

Allison Mary V., dvf.v.s , J.W.Case,  #413, July 29-1910

Allman Ruth, dvf.v.s.Willis Allman, Dec.21-1922

Allman Ruth, dvf.v.s., Willis Allman, Feb.9-1923

Allsberry Marie, dvf.v.s., Roy Allsberry, Dec.18-1938

Altop Maxine, dvf.v.s., David Altop, Feb.26-1939

Alumbaugh Ellen, dvf.v.s., Andy Alumbaugh, Sept.20-1936

Alworth Margie, dvf.v.s., Bill Alworth, Jan.19-1923

Amyett Guy, dvf.v.s., Edith Amyett, Sept.6-1929

Anchors Nannie E., dvf.v.s., Lawrence J.Anchors,  #430, Nov.11-1910 & April 7-1911

Anderley Bessie, dvf.v.s., Joe Anderley, Aug.12-1919

Anderson Dona, dvf.v.s., Soloman Anderson, Oct.27-1923

Anderson Elsie, dvf.v.s., William Anderson, March 16-1923

Anderson Goldie, dvf.v.s., Fred Anderson, Jan.15-1939

Anderson Ietta, dvf.v.s., Jewel Anderson, July 19-1934

Anderson Isabell, dvf.v.s, Thomas Anderson March 17-1905

Anderson Jenn, dvf.v.s., E.T.Anderson, Sept.7-1930

Anderson Jetta, dvf.v.s., Jewel Anderson, June 9-1934

Anderson Lula, dvf.v.s., James M.Anderson, May 26-1926

Anderson Marjorie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Anderson, April 9-1939

Anderson Mary B., dvf.v.s., John Anderson, April 30-1926

Anderson Mary, dvf.v.s., Joe Anderson, Dec.13-1936

Anderson Mary Virginia, dvf.v.s., Clark J.Anderson, March 27-1941

Anderson Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Carl Anderson, Sept.18-1935

Anderson Neva Black, dvf.v.s., Jack Anderson, March 27-1930

Anderson Otis A., dvf.v.s., Goldie Anderson, Dec.1-1927

Anderson W.F., dvf.v.s., Nettie Anderson, Oct.9-1934

Andrews Beulah McBride, dvf.v.s., Elmer Andrews, Oct.20-1921

Andrews Christine, dvf.v.s., Leondard Andrews, March 12-1931

Andrews Dolly, dvf.v.s., Leonard Andrews, Aug.9-1927

Andrews L.E., dvf.v.s., Dollie C.Andrews, Oct.11-1928

Andrews Lela, dvf.v.s.Charles Andrews, Nov.19-1941

Andrews Martha L., dvf.v.s., Walter L.Andrews, Nov.18-1919

Andrews Martha L., dvf.v.s., Walter L.Ardrews, March 18-1923

Andrews Ray, dvf.v.s., Margaret Andrews, May 15-1928

Andrews Rosa Beaver, dvf.v.s., Robert Andrews, June 22-1922

Angel Carl R., dvf.v.s., Betty Marion Angel, Oct.3-1941

Angel Emma, dvf.v.s., Jesse Angel, Feb.16-1923 & June 15-1923

Apperson Margarite Kenned, dvf.v.s., John Apperson, June 19-1932

Applegarth Frances, dvf.v.s., H.E.Applegarth, Dec.25-1914

Applegate Eugenia, dvf.v.s., Bert Applegate, Aug.15-1922 & Oct.23-1923

Archer Nancy, dvf.v.s., R.R.Archer, March 30-1900

Argo J.E., dvf.v.s., Delores Argo, June 11-1939

Armby Hattie, dvf.v.s, Tom Armby, Dec.31-1922

Armstorng Enos, dvf.v.s., Gladys Armstrong, June 2-1941

Armstrong Fred, dvf.v.s., Barbara Armstrong, Dec.4-1933

Armstrong Martha, dvf.v.s., W.G.Armstrong, Feb.9-1917

Armstorng Mintie, dvf.v.s., Sam Armstrong, Oct.1-1939

Arnes Lida, dvf.v.s., Anthony Arnes, Oct.20-1939

Arney Flossie, dvf.v.s., Roy Arney, Sept.9-1928

Arnett Blanche, dvf.v.s., Fred Arnett, June 15-1923

Arnett Isaac, dvf.v.s., Cora Arnett, April 19-1936

Arnold Ada, dvf.v.s., Charles Arnold, June 11-1929

Arnold Eugenia, dvf.v.s., Harold W.Arnold, April 18-1926

Arnold Irene, dvf.v.s., Iver Gustin Arnold, April 16-1925

Arnold Mary Z., dvf.v.s., Alvin Rubbell Arnild, June 8-1923

Arnold S.W., dvf.v.s., Cleo Arnold, May 4-1919

Arundale Joseph Edward, dvf.v.s., Myrtle Arundale, Nov.22-1927

Asbell Alberta L., dvf.v.s., Harry Asbell Jr., Nov.17-1955

Asbell Fannie, dvf.v.s., Frank Asbell, Nov.12-1926

Asbell Opal, dvf.v.s., Harry Asbell, Dec.22-1926

Asbell Opal, dvf.v.s.Harry Asbell, Jan.26-1927

Asbury Flora, dvf.v.s., Joseph Asbury, July 17-1927

Aschens Ethel, dvf.v.s., Bert Aschens, Oct.8-1917

Ash Fred, dvf.v.s., Partehnia Ash, March 31-1925

Ash Fred, dvf.v.s., Julia Ash, Dec.30-1930

Ashbrook Pearl, dvf.v.s., Arthur P.Ashbrook, April 18-1926

Asher John W., dvf.v.s., Minnie B.Asher, May 26-1925

Asher John W., dvf.v.s., Minnie B.Asher, Oct.10-1926

Asher john, dvf.v.s., Wilma Asher, Sept.30-1934

Ashton Ida, dvf.v.s, .Harry E.Ashton, #859, Sept.12-1913 & Feb.8-1914

Atkins Hazel, dvf.v.s., Jay Atkins, July 10-1927

Atkinson Christinia, dvf.v.s., Claud Atkinson, Sept.16-1941

Atkinson Luther, dvf.v.s., Stella Atkinson, Feb.8-1931

Atnit James Alonzo, dvf.v.s., Clevie E.Atnit, Jan.27-1926

Atwell Daisy, dvf.v.s., L.N.Atwell, #7086, March 31-1925

Audrain Donna, dvf.v.s., R.R.Audrain, July 3-1938

Audrian Edna, dvf.v.s., C.L.Audrian, Oct.25-1933

Audrian Edna, dvf.v.s., C.L.Audrain, Jan.22-1934

Augustine Lewis, dvf.v.s., W.J.Augustine, April 29-1925

Austin Cordia, dvf.v.s., Ira Austin, Nov.30-1926

Austin Etta, dvf.v.s., James Austin, Nov.6-1929

Austin Harley, dvf.v.s., Jeanette Austin, Aug.23-1934

Austin Henry, dvf.v.s., Anna Austin, April 12-1926

Austin J.M., dvf.v.s., Carrol B.Austin, June 6-1926

Austin Sylvia May, dvf.v.s., Everett Austin, March 27-1919

Austin Sylvia May, dvf.v.s., Everett Austin, March 9-1923

Avey Laura, dvf.v.s., Herman Avey, Aug.7-1938

Ayres Mildred, dvf.v.s., Clayborn Ayres, July 3-1931

Ayres Ocie, dvf.v.s., Ray Ayres, Nov.9-1926

Babiak Gladys, dvf.v.s., Jesse Babiak, Aug.1-1941

Bachamn Eliza, dvf.v.s., Elmer Bachman, April 6-1932

Bachman Elsie, dvf.v.s., Clarence V.Bachman, Jan.8-1940

Back Alice, dvf.v.s., Stephen Back, #627, March 15-1912

Bacon Will, dvf.v.s., Narcissis Bacon, Oct.29-1919

Bagain Dorothy June, dvf.v.s., Wayne Cantrell Bagain, March 5-1939

Beasley D., dvf.v.s., Agens Beasley, Jan.29-1939

Bailey Addie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Bailey, #485, April 7-1911

Bailey Angeline, dvf.v.s., George Bailey, Nov.10-1925

Bailey Bertha A., dvf.v.s., William A.Bailey, June 7-1927

Bailey D.D., dvf.v.s., Mattie Bailey, March 31-1923

Bailey John, dvf.v.s., Ruth Bailey, May 26-1924

Bailey Nettie, dvf.v.s., W.L.Bailey, May 23-1933

Bailey Nettie, dvf.v.s., W.I.Bailey, April 12-1936

Baker Betty Mae, dvf.v.s., Darold Devon Baker, Jan.5-1956

Baker Ethel, dvf.v.s., Burley Baker, April 30-1930

Baker Fred, dvf.v.s., Anna Baker, #1167, April 2-1915

Baker Grace, dvf.v.s., Nathan J.Baker, June 9-1932

Baker Harley, dvf.v.s., Lillie Baker, May 24-1932

Baker Jewell, dvf.v.s., Vent Baker, Dec.1-1941

Baker Lola, dvf.v.s., Harley Baker, May 16-1935

Baker Louis, dvf.v.s., Virginia Baker, May 23-1934

Baker Pauline, dvf.v.s., John F.Baker, April 18-1929

Bakewell Nelda Jean, dvf.v.s., Thomas Oliver Bakewell, Sept.9-1954

Ball Elnora, dvf.v.s., Claude Ball, Feb.15-1942

Ball Lorena, dvf.v.s., Elton Ball, March 18-1923

Ball Ola L., dvf.v.s., Lee E.Ball, April 29-1956

Ballard Freida, dvf.v.s., Randolph Ballard, Nov.3-1932

Ballard Leona Quapaw, dvf.v.s., Charles G.Ballard, April 27-1932

Ballenger Lottie, dvf.v.s., John Ballenger, Sept.5-1926

Ballinger Lottie, dvf.v.s., John Ballinger, Oct.20-1931

Ballinger Lottie, dvf.v.s., John Ballinger, Jan.31-1932

Banes Mary, dvf.v.s., Robert L.Banes Sr., Feb.7-1926

Barbee Bernice, dvf.v.s., Ray Barbee, Dec.16-1927

Barbee Bernice, dvf.v.s., Roy Barbee, Jan.17-1928

Barbee Fred S., dvf.v.s., Irene Barbee, Jan.25-1925

Barbee Eliza, dvf.v.s., John Barbee, April 26-1934

Barbee J.W.Mrs., dvf.v.s., John Barbee, Sept.26-1933

Barber Rex, dvf.v.s., Inez Barber, March 4-1934

Barclay Nellie, dvf.v.s., E.E.Barclay, March 8-1936

Barger Margaret, dvf.v.s., Roy F.Barger, Dec.2-1925

Barhan Elen, dvf.v.s., Joe Barhan, July 17-1930

Barker J.A., dvf.v.s., Lillie R.Barker, Feb.24-1926

Barnes Claude, dvf.v.s., Josie Ann Barnes,  Jan.24-1908

Barnes H.O., dvf.v.s., Eva Barnes, Oct.2-1938

Barnes John T., dvf.v.s., Margaret Barnes, April 28-1926

Barnes Mabel, dvf.v.s., Elbert Barnes, Jan.16-1934

Barnes Richard, dvf.v.s., Gertie Barnes, Jan.24-1922

Barnett Ila, dvf.v.s., Zachariah Barnett, #6571, June 5-1924

Barnett Martin H., dvf.v.s., Eulalia Barnett, April 17-1942

Barnett Roy, dvf.v.s., Helen Barnett, Nov.17-1927

Barnett Roy, dvf.v.s., Agens Barnett, June 7-1934

Barr George J., dvf.v.s., Bertha R.Barr, Jan.26-1924

Barrett Mrs.McClelland, dvf.v.s., Mr.B.Barrett, Nov.14-1920

Barrett Ruth(nee Steele), dvf.v.s., McCleland Barrett, Aug.26-1920 & Dec.2-1920

Barrow Ora Faye, dvf.v.s., William F.Barrow, Oct.17-1919

Bartholomew Edward, dvf.v.s., Lizzie Bartholomew, Sept.6-1929

Barton Cecilie E., dvf.v.s., S.H.Barton, Oct.23-1924

Barton George W., dvf.v.s., Tina Barton, March 5-1925

Barzee Elsie, dvf.v.s., Almon Barzee, March 30-1926

Basler Susie, dvf.v.s., William Basler, March 7-1927

Bateman Luther, dvf.v.s., Hattie Bateman, Nov.22-1922

Batton Clifford, dvf.v.s., Grace Batton, July 2-1922

Batton Frances, dvf.v.s., Clifford, Oct.10-1927

Baty Ella, dvf.v.s., Samuel Baty, April 27-1919

Baty Johnnie W., dvf.v.s., Juanita Irene Baty, April 28-1940

Baugher Bessie, dvf.v.s., A.Baugher, Nov.4-1910 & #470,  April 7-1911

Bauman Stella, dvf.v.s., Joseph Bauman, #7013, Feb.6-1925

Beach Daisy, dvf.v.s., Henry P.Beach, March 4-1926

Beach J.W., dvf.v.s., Mary Beach, May 4-1923

Beagle Ruth, dvf.v.s., T.R.Beagle, July 5-1936

Beal Dora, dvf.v.s., Lee Beal, Sept.4-1938

Beal P.K., dvf.v.s., Viola Beal, Feb.7-1936

Bear Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Tommy Bear, May 4-1931

Bearden Thomas, dvf.v.s., Mildred Bearden, July 12-1936

Bearskin Lizzie E., dvf.v.s, Wallace Bearskin, #439, Sept.20-1910

Beasley G.C., dvf.v.s, .Charlotte Beasley, March 20-1921

Beattie Alice, dvf.v.s., James Beattie, Nov.3-1933

Beatty Agens, dvf.v.s., Everett Beatty, March 15-1936

Beatty Kate, dvf.v.s., James Beatty, #1892, July 13-1917

Beaty Bertha, dvf.v.s., L.D.Beaty, Nov.8-1931

Beaver Ellen (nee Miller), dvf.v.s., Albert Beaver, April 13-1923

Beavers Flora, dvf.v.s., William Beavers, March 18-1923

Beaver Isador, dvf.v.s., Alex Beaver, Dec.2-1910 & #475, April 7-1911

Beaver Joyce, dvf.v.s., Obert Beaver, Sept.25-1938

Beck Margaret Nee Beavers, dvf.v.s., Albert C.Beck, April 19-1921

Becker Velma, dvf.v.s., Charles Becker, Feb.12-1932

Beckett George, dvf.v.s., Edna Beckett, #7085, March 31-1925

Beckham Lenora, dvf.v.s., Ernest E.Beckham, Aug.20-1919

Beckham Mary Maxine, dvf.v.s., Ira Lee Beckham, Sept.22-1939

Becknell John C., dvf.v.s., Clara Becknell, Sept.9-1925

Bedwell Carrie E., dvf.v.s., William D.Bedwell, Feb.17-1920

Beeler K.E., dvf.v.s., Bessie Beeler, Oct.17-1923

Beeler S.W., dvf.v.s., Tina Beeler, Oct.3-1923

Beeman Jane, dvf.v.s., D.H.Beeman, Oct.14-1910

Beer Lela, dvf.v.s., Mount Ervin Beer, Dec.27-1934

Beerbower Flora Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Albert Deloyd Beerbower, April 21-1939

Beetcher Albert, dvf.v.s., Lee Beetcher, Oct.9-1938

Beherns Emma, dvf.v.s., m1-Wood, July 22-1919

Belew Margaret L., dvf.v.s., Murray C.Belew, #46, Jan.24-1908

Bell Birda, dvf.v.s., J.S.Bell, Dec.12-1929

Bell Charles, dvf.v.s., Kate Bell, Sept.30-1930

Bell Emma Pearl (nee Rotter), dvf.v.s., Ton Bell, June 25-1923

Bell Ethel, dvf.v.s., James A.Bell, Sept.9-1919

Bell Izora, dvf.v.s., Cyrus H.Bell, Oct.30-1927

Bell Lavena, dvf.v.s., John Bell, Oct.8-1923

Bell M.D., dvf.v.s., Mary S.Bell, $453, Jan.19-1906

Bellamy Susie, dvf.v.s., Vergil Bellamy, Jan.29-1929

Bellflower Iva Francis, dvf.v.s., David Bellflower, April 21-1939

Bellflower Dave, dvf.v.s., Bessie Bellflower, Sept.4-1923

Bellflower David W., dvf.v.s., Bessie Bellflower, May 1-1924

Bellflower Miles, dvf.v.s., Elama B.Bellflower, June 24-1924

Bellm Lawrence, dvf.v.s., Helen Bellm, Jan.16-1933

Bellm Louise, dvf.v.s., Paul Bellm, May 17-1934

Beman Anna G., dvf.v.s., E.S.Beman, #843, Sept.12-1913

Benbrock Robert, dvf.v.s., Marceline Benbrock, Sept.4-1934

Benbrook Faye E., dvf.v.s., Robert Benbrook, Nov.12-1935

Benbrook Robert, dvf.v.s., Marceline Benbrook, Jan.9-1935

Bench Flo Mary, dvf.v.s., Woodrow W.Bench, Aug.1-1941

Bench Nelia, dvf.v.s., Grover Bensh, March 31-1924

Benentendi Don, dvf.v.s., Ryma Benetendi, Jan.5-1924

Benge Lottie, dvf.v.s., Mack Benge, Jan.10-1927

Bennett Ethel, dvf.v.s., William J.Bennett, May 22-1924

Bennett Billie Louise, dvf.v.s., Everett Bennett, July 6-1934

Bennett Maxine, dvf.v.s., Ralph Bennett, Oct.8-1939

Bennett Wylma, dvf.v.s., George M.Bennett, Nov.15-1935

Benscoter Opal, dvf.v.s., Orville, Aug.16-1934

Benson Mabel, dvf.v.s., Dewey Benson, Nov.17-1929

Berlin Anna, dvf.v.s., Lon Berlin, Dec.16-1924

Berry Ethel M., dvf.v.s., R.W.Berry, May 8-1929

Berryman Freda, dvf.v.s., Floyd Berryman, Dec.27-1935

Beshears Mabel, dvf.v.s., Ambrose Beshears, Aug.27-1929

Betts Annabel Brabtree, dvf.v.s., Henry A.Betts, Dec.15-1926

Betts Annabell, dvf.v.s., Henry Betts, March 30-1927

Bevers Flors, dvf.v.s., William Bevers, Jan.26-1923

Bidwell Carrie, dvf.v.s., W.D.Bidwell, April 18-1920

Biggers Lela, dvf.v.s., James B.Biggers, April 23-1928

Billings Frank H., dvf.v.s., Dorothy Billings, March 31-1925

Billings Lulla, dvf.v.s., Frank E.Billings, May 31-1929

Billingsley Oren, dvf.v.s., Pearl Billingsley, #1732, March 9-1917

Bills A.Jeanne, dvf.v.s., Hubert Bills, June 23-1930

Bingham Dora C., dvf.v.s., W.I.Bingham, #338, Feb.11-1910 & #717 Jan.17-1913

Bingham Harriett, dvf.v.s., Ray Bingham, June 4-1939

Bingham William, dvf.v.s., Grace Bingham, March 16-1941

Binkley Jewell, dvf.v.s., Otto Binkley, Sept.20-1927

Birch W., dvf.v.s., L.E.Birch, Oct.4-1926

Birdsong Sarah J., dvf.v.s., J.E.Birdsong, #797, April 25-1913

Birminghan James, dvf.v.s., Ethel Birminghan, Nov.30-1926

Birmington James L., dvf.v.s., Ethel Birmington, Jan.7-1929

Bishop Effie M., dvf.v.s., James A.Bishop, July 3-1938

Bixler Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Lester Bixler, June 9-1940

Black A.N., dvf.v.s., Della Black, #6570, June 5-1924

Black Inez, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Black, July 12-1927

Black Inez, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Black, June 10-1928

Black Rubye, dvf.v.s., Jeff Black, June 1-1928

Black W.H., dvf.v.s., Martha J.Black, #8087, June 16-1926

Blackburn Colene, dvf.v.s., Seldon Blackburn, May 20-1954

Blackburn Emma, dvf.v.s., Ambrose Blackburn, Sept.25-1929

Blackburn Emma, dvf.v.s., James Blackburn, Aug.14-1929

Blackburn Granville, dvf.v.s, Martha Blackburn, June 1-1923

Blackburn Letha, dvf.v.s., Charles Blackburn, July 31-1938

Blackburn Susie, dvf.v.s., Clarence Dale Blackburn, Oct.10-1946

Blackham Granville, dvf.v.s., Martha Blackham, May 30-1923

Blair Billie Hope, dvf.v.s., James Robert Blair, Feb.5-1942

Blair Opal E., dvf.v.s., Jesse L.Blair, Feb.19-1941

Blake Ruth, dvf.v.s., Richard Blake, Sept.13-1956

Blalock William, dvf.v.s.Frances Blalock, Nov.12-1935

Blanchard Vida, dvf.v.s., Earl Blanchard, Aug.3-1923

Bland Mrs., dvf.v.s., M.L.Bland, Feb.7-1919

Bland Orlen, dvf.v.s., Idress Bland,  #68, May 15-1908

Blank John, dvf.v.s., Rena Blank, March 31-1940

Blankenship Ida, dvf.v.s., M.W.Blankenship, March 16-1941

Blankenship M.W., dvf.v.s., Ida Blankenship, July 2-1939

Bledsaw Lillie, dvf.v.s., John Bledsaw, July 1-1925

Blevens Winnie, dvf.v.s., George Blevens, #1134, May 14-1915

Bluejacket Clyde Leroy, dvf.v.s., Ethel Bluejacket, Oct.11-1927

Bluejacket Juanita, dvf.v.s., Julian Bluejacket, Feb.19-1941

Blunt Lillie, dvf.v.s., H.A.Blunt, Dec.18-1938

Blunt R.F., dvf.v.s., Ollie Blunt, Oct.11-1923

Blunt R.F., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Blunt, June 5-1930

Blunt Walter, dvf.v.s., Lula Blunt, May 11-1925

Blunt Will, dvf.v.s., Mabel Blunt, Sept.9-1925

Bogan Pearl, dvf.v.s., Earl Bogan, Feb.18-1927

Bogue Christian, dvf.v.s., Judson Bogue, June 14-1933

Bohannon Myrtle A., dvf.v.s., Robert F.Bohannon, May 1-1921

Bohne Clara B., dvf.v.s., Edward F.Bohne, May 11-1923

Bolch Lucy, dvf.v.s., Charles Bolch, May 10-1927

Boles Della, dvf.v.s., Albert Boles, June 2-1925

Boles Maud, dvf.v.s., William Boles, Jan.12-1927

Bolin Floyd, dvf.v.s., Lora Bolin, April 21-1940

Bond Alta, dvf.v.s., F.Bond Jr., Nov.4-1926

Bond Alta G., dvf.v.s., Fred Bond, March 23-1930

Bond F.J., dvf.v.s., Vivian Bond, Nov.19-1939

Bond Lon, dvf.v.s., Pauline Bond, May 7-1930

Bone Lon, dvf.v.s., Almer Bone, Jan.1-1929

Bone Lon, dvf.v.s., Almer Bone, May 16-1930

Bonner Bertha A., dvf.v.s., Fred Bonner, Jan.2-1921

Bonner Glenn Dale, dvf.v.s., Mildred Marie Bonner, Dec.17-1939

Bonner Mildred Marie, dvf.v.s., Glenn Dale Bonner, May 1-1941

Booher Sarah E., dvf.v.s , J.M. and David Booher, March 17-1905

Bornhein Frank, dvf.v.s., Mary Bornhein, Dec.8-1927

Bostie Lola, dvf.v.s., Thomas Bostie, May 2-1928

Boston Edith, dvf.v.s., Lee Boston, Sept.14-1927

Boston John E., dvf.v.s., Irene Boston, June 9-1940

Boswell Henry J., dvf.v.s., Helen Boswell, Dec.15-1940

Boswell Marie, dvf.v.s., Lionel C.Boswell, March 5-1929

Bottorff Gertrude, dvf.v.s., J.W.Bottorff, Aug.28-1932

Botts Jess, dvf.v.s., Kate Botts, Feb.6-1929

Boultinghouse Bert L., dvf.v.s., Katie Boultinghouse, Dec.2-1925

Bourke Marie, dvf.v.s., Bertie Bourke, #8122, July 9-1926

Bouseman Helen, dvf.v.s.Alonzo Bousman, May 25-1930

Bowen Ed, dvf.v.s., Bertha Bowen, #924, Nov.12-1913

Bowen Iva, dvf.v.s, Tim Bowen, May 22-1934

Bower Homer, dvf.v.s., Jannia Bower, July 15-1926

Bowles Byard L., dvf.v.s., Katie L.Bowles, Aug.12-1919

Bowles William V., dvf.v.s., Sarah Bowles, #565 Oct.6-1911

Bowlin Ray, dvf.v.s., Viola Bowlin, Jan.1-1939

Bowling James A., dvf.v.s., Iva May Bowling, Jan.5-1941

Bowman Cordelia, dvf.v.s., E.L.Bowman, Feb.3-1931

Bowser Beatrice, dvf.v.s., John Bowser, May 25-1930

Box Helen, dvf.v.s., Orval Box, Aug.1-1941

Boyd Cora, dvf.v.s., Raymond Boyd, #7938, March 23-1926

Boyd Effie E., dvf.v.s., Percy Boyd, March 17-1920

Boyd Eva, dvf.v.s., Ralph Boyd, Dec.12-1929

Boyd Florine, dvf.v.s., Therman Boyd, March 19-1939

Boyd Jerry, dvf.v.s., Ina Boyd, Jan.8-1930

Boyle W.T., dvf.v.s., Florence Boyle, May 2-1920

Bradley Angeline, dvf.v.s., Paul Bradley, March 11-1919-dismissed

Bradley Edna N., dvf.v.s., Munroe Bradley, Feb.15-1926

Bradley Francella, dvf.v.s., Charles Bradley, Feb.19-1939

Bradley Francella, dvf.v.s., Charles Bardley, Feb.27-1925

Bradley Francelle, dvf.v.s., Charlie Bradley, Feb.29-1928

Bradley Mable, dvf.v.s., William Bradley, Oct.30-1927

Bradley Robert Ray, dvf.v.s., Mabel Bradley, Jan.26-1941

Bradley Vivian, dvf.v.s., Forest Bradley, Nov.25-1954

Bradley Wanetta, dvf.v.s., Alonz Bradley, July 7-1940

Bradshaw Sam, dvf.v.s., Flora Bradshaw, April 25-1928

Brady Rosa, dvf.v.s., Percy Brady, March 30-1926

Brand Katie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Brand, May 1-1919

Branderson Ella, dvf.v.s., A.H.Branderson, #301, April 29-1910

Brandley Angline, dvf.v.s., Bur Bardley, July 6-1917

Brandon Elizabeth Ann, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Joe Brandon, Jan.19-1956

Brandon Pearl, dvf.v.s., Dan V.Brandon, June 23-1940

Branson E.C.Jr., annul.v.s., Loraine Young, Aug.23-1936

Branson Era, dvf.v.s., B.A.Branson, June 15-1941

Branstetter Roy F., dvf.v.s., Vivian Golden Branstetter, Sept.8-1940

Brantley Mandy A., dvf.v.s., Oscar Brantley, Dec.29-1922

Brantley Maude, dvf.v.s., Oscar Valentine Brantley, June 15-1923

Braswell Neva, dvf.v.s., Claude Braswell, Dec.6-1932

Bratz Effie, dvf.v.s., Nicholas Bratz, Oct.27-1932

Brazell Clara Effie, dvf.v.s., John J.Brazell, March 16-1924

Breashers Mabel, dvf.v.s., Ambrose Breashers, Oct.30-1929

Breazeale Delpha, dvf.v.s., William Breazeale, Oct.21-1929

Breedlove William, dvf.v.s., Lois Breedlove, May 28-1934

Breedlove William, dvf.v.s., Arlene Breedlove, June 7-1934

Breeman Jane, dvf.v.s., D.H.Breeman, #585, May 6-1910

Bresee Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Tony Clifford Bresee, Sept.22-1955

Brewer Hardin T., dvf.v.s., Saphronia Brewer, Aug.20-1935

Brewer Mary, dvf.v.s., Cardin Brewer, Aug.12-1920

Brewer Mary, dvf.v.s., Hardin Brewer, Aug.12-1920

Brewer Mattie, dvf.v.s., Haedin Brewer, #991, April 3-1914

Brice Cordelia, dvf.v.s., William Brice, #7263, Oct.27-1925

Bridges Donald, dvf.v.s., Fumike Bridges, Oct.4-1956

Bridges I.E., dvf.v.s., Mary L. Bridges, Jan.5-1912, & #561, Oct.6-1911

Bridges T.E., dvf.v.s., Mary L.Bridges, Sept.8-1911

Briggs Anna May, dvf.v.s., Ira Briggs, Sept.4-1933

Briggs Hester, dvf.v.s., Andy Briggs, Nov.16-1923

Briggs James C., dvf.v.s., Laura Briggs, #1295, Oct.1-1915

Briggs Lucille F., dvf.v.s., N.B.Briggs, March 29-1927

Briggs N.B., dvf.v.s., Lillie F.Briggs, April 6-1926

Briggs Nettie G., dvf.v.s., James C.Briggs, #926, Nov.21-1913

Brimhall Pearl, dvf.v.s., Sam Brimhall, April 11-1919

Brimm Myrtle, dvf.v.s., John Brimm, March 12-1929

Briscoe Lucy, dvf.v.s, James Briscoe, Feb.25-1936

Brittel John, dvf.v.s., Glenna Brittel, Oct.28-1935

Brittle Madelan, dvf.v.s., Orval Brittle, Jan.19-1936

Brobst Pauline, dvf.v.s., George Brobst, April 13-1926

Brock Louise, dvf.v.s., James Brock, May 16-1934

Brock Nora, dvf.v.s., Nelson Brock, Nov.14-1934

Brock Nora, dvf.v.s., Nelson Brock, May 14-1939

Brookins Clementine, dvf.v.s., Nov.17-1921

Brooks Gene A., dvf.v.s., Allenora Brooks, Nov.1-1956

Brooks Harriet, dvf.v.s., Joseph E.Brooks, March 8-1956

Brooks John Howard, dvf.v.s., Maye Brooks, June 29-1923

Brooks Maggie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Brooks, March 28-1924

Brooks Muriel, dvf.v.s., T.B.Brooks, July23-1939

Brooks N.A., dvf.v.s., Robert Books, Feb.9-1917

Broshers Helen, dvf.v.s., Claude Broshers, Nov.28-1928

Brott H.H., dvf.v.s., Minnie E.Brott, March 26-1928

Browder Ruth, dvf.v.s., Carl Browder, Jan.27-1925

Browder S.J., dvf.v.s., Annie McCleery Browder, March 10-1925

Brower Oscar, dvf.v.s., Della Brower, Sept.26-1926

Brown Albert L., dvf.v.s., Velma P.Brown, Nov.5-1954

Brown Alice, dvf.v.s., Tom Brown, Dec.16-1924

Brown Bertha, dvf.v.s., Alvin L.Brown, Nov.12-1926

Brown Bertha, dvf.v.s., Ivin L.Brown, March 2-1927

Brown C.A., dvf.v.s., Effie Brown, April 21-1923

Brown C.B., dvf.v.s., Ellen Brown, March 15-1935

Brown C.E., dvf.v.s., Retha Brown, Aug.8-1935

Brown Charley, dvf.v.s., Ida Brown, Dec.30-1925

Brown Edna, dvf.v.s., Charles S.Brown, July 13-1923

Brown E.S., dvf.v.s., Emma S.Brown, Nov.14-1920

Brown Georgia Ann, dvf.v.s., Marion F.Brown, Oct.3-1930

Brown Hazel, dvf.v.s., W.E.Brown, Dec.16-1927

Brown Jessie, dvf.v.s., Ralph Brown, March 31-1926

Brown Leonard, dvf.v.s., Violet England alias Brown, March 17-1935

Brown Leonard, dvf.v.s., Virginia Brown, March 17-1940

Brown Loretta, dvf.v.s., Mat Brown, Oct.29-1919

Brown Marie Barbara, dvf.v.s., Joe R.Brown, April 12-1928

Brown Mary, dvf.v.s., William H.Brown, Aug.29-1919

Brown Mary, dvf.v.s., William Brown, Sept.16-1925

Brown Mildred, dvf.v.s, Leo Brown, Sept.7-1934

Brown Minnie J., dvf.v.s., Jerry J.Brown, #661, Jan.17-1913

Brown Nora, dvf.v.s., Claude Brown, April 13-1925

Brown Pearl, dvf.v.s.Jess Brown, Jan.5-1941

Brown Reba , dvf.v.s., Robert O.Brown, Aug.21-1938

Brown Roy Lee, dvf.v.s., Helen Gertie Brown, June 12-1947

Brown Ruth, dvf.v.s., C.H.Brown, Dec.6-1925

Brown Viola, dvf.v.s., Orie Brown, June 28-1936

Brownell Carmen, dvf.v.s., G.V.Brownell, June 28-1933

Browning May, dvf.v.s., Brandley J.Browning, March 27-1938

Broyles Mae Bell, dvf.v.s., Charles Broyles, Dec.20-1956

Bruce Daisy S., dvf.v.s., Henry B.Bruce, April 10-1941

Bruce Mae, dvf.v.s., Anthony"Tony"Bruce, Jan.1942

Bruff Margaret, dvf.v.s., James, Dec.19-1919

Brumbough Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., George Brumbough, Jan.17-1913

Brummett, dvf.v.s.John Brummett, Sept.4-1923

Bruten Eliza, dvf.v.s., Alfred Bruten, April 11-1928

Bruton Alfred, dvf.v.s., Violet Bruton, April 27-1926

Bryan Effie, dvf.v.s., Arthur Bryan, Sept.23-1925

Bryan Viola, dvf.v.s., Wilburn Bryan, Aug.8-1933

Bryant Arnold John, dvf.v.s., Alma Bryant, Jan.21-1942

Bryant Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Marion Bryant, Aug.10-1941

Bryant Lillie Ackley, dvf.v.s., Walter H.Bryant, Sept.8-1929

Bryant Lillie Ackley, dvf.v.s., Walter Bryant, March 31-1931

Bryant Rosa, dvf.v.s., Louis Bryant, Oct.17-1927

Bryant Jessie, dvf.v.s., W.O.Bryant, April 3-1919

Buchanan Edith, dvf.v.s., F.G.Buchanan, March 2-1917

Buck Edna, dvf.v.s., Archie Buck, April 12-1936

Buck Josie, dvf.v.s., Frank Buck, May 14-1915

Buck Lillian, dvf.v.s., Leonard Buck, March 3-1940

Buck Maxine, dvf.v.s., William Buck Jr., March 1-1956

Buckingham Lucille, dvf.v.s., Harold V.Buckingham, Sept.20-1936

Buckles Dora A., dvf.v.s., Bert Buckles, Jan.12-1941

Buckmaster Wilberta Geraldine, dvf.v.s., Edward Buckmaster, Aug.1-1941

Buckner Sadie, dvf.v.s., Charles Buckner, May 31-1922

Buffalo Eva Sloan, dvf.v.s., Willie Buffalo, March 24-1940

Buffalo Eva, dvf.v.s., William Buffalo, Aug.15-1941

Buffalo Jessie, dvf.v.s., Willie Buffalo, May 27-1931

Buffalo Pearl, dvf.v.s., Arthur Buffalo, March 16-1941

Bulawski Elsie Smith, dvf.v.s., August Bulawski, Aug.16-1920

Bulawsky Margaret W., dvf.v.s., Fred O.Bulawsky, Sept.3-1939

Bull Addie, dvf.v.s., Bert Bull, March 7-1927

Bunce Raymond Rufus, dvf.v.s., Edna Mae Bunce, Dec.1-1941

Bunnell F.G., dvf.v.s., Nina Bunnell, Oct.16-1924

Burch Grace, dvf.v.s., J.S.Burch, Aug.6-1920

Burch Minnie, dvf.v.s., Minyard Burch, Sept.18-1935

Burch Sonoma, dvf.v.s., Grover C.Burch, oct.15-1926

Burchett Nancy, dvf.v.s., Jack E.Burchett, Sept.28-1926

Burddine Jennie, dvf.v.s., George Burddine, Feb.16-1926

Burden Dick, dvf.v.s., Florence Burden, Nov.8-1929

Burdsal L.B., dvf.v.s., Annie M.Burdsal, #609, Dec.29-1911 & April 12-1912

Burget Alzora, dvf.v.s., Joseph Burget, April 10-1938

Burget Julia, dvf.v.s., John Burget, Aug.18-1927

Burke John, dvf.v.s., Bertha Burke, Aug.28-1923

Burkhart B., dvf.v.s., Matilda "Dolly" Burkhart, Jan.18-1922

Burkhart Bessie S., dvf.v.s., Clarence Burkhart, Dec.5-1935

Burkhart Maude, dvf.v.s., Roy Burkhart, Aug.8-1929

Burnett Dessie, dvf.v.s., George Burnett, Dec.31-1925

Burnett Dessie, dvf.v.s., George Burnett, March 30-1926

Burnett Genevieve, dvf.v.s., H.D.Burnett, June 8-1933

Burnett Sible, dvf.v.s., J.H.Burnett, Sept.6-1929

Burnett William H., dvf.v.s., Bernice Burnett, Oct.20-1931

Burnsworth Daisy, dvf.v.s., John Burnsworth, Aug.10-1941

Burress T.S., dvf.v.s., Sarah Jane Burress, Oct.30-1929

Burrows Cora, dvf.v.s., J.C.Burrows, Dec.3-1934

Burrows Francis, dvf.v.s., J.C.Burrows, May 7-1939

Burrows Irene, dvf.v.s., John Borrows, April 20-1923

Bursworth May, dvf.v.s., Jack Bursworth, Jan.26-1923

Burton Eliza, dvf.v.s., Alfred Burton, April 12-1928

Burton Mary, dvf.v.s., William Burton, March 22-1927

Bush Walter, dvf.v.s., Anna Bush, Dec.3-1925

Bustin Grace, dvf.v.s., John Bustin, Feb.2-1926

Butcher Albert, dvf.v.s., Lee Butcher, Oct.9-1938

Butcher Audry(nee Gregory), dvf.v.s., George Butcher, April 16-1939

Butcher George A., dvf.v.s., Pearl Butcher, June 28-1931

Butcher Nellie, dvf.vs., George Butcher, May 19-1940

Butcher Nellie, dvf.v.s., George Butcher, Jan.15-1942

Butler Florence, dvf.v.s., Earl J.Butler, Jan.20-1920

Butler Lucille, dvf.v.s., E.G.Butler, Dec, 18-19??

Butler Rose, dvf.v.s., Joel Butler, Oct.6-1930

Butler V.V., dvf.v.s., annulv.s., Milton V.Butler, Jan.12-1936

Butterfield Flora, dvf.v.s., Allen Butterfield, Aug.27-1933

Butterfly James C., dvf.v.s., Josie Butterfly, April 7-1926

Buttry S.F., dvf.v.s., Fannie Buttry, Aug.16-1918

Butts Ellie Pearl, dvf.v.s., John Butts, #897, Nov.14-1913

Byes Leona, dvf.v.s., Stewart Byes, Sept.5-1928

Byler Ruth, dvf.v.s., Thearl Byler, Sept.5-1935

Byrd Clarence Walford, dvf.v.s., Clarebel Byrd, #8086, June 16-1926

Byrd Maynard L., dvf.v.s., Wayne Byrd, Dec.5-1935

Cadwallader Ella, dvf.v.s., Benjamine Cadwallader, March 19-1931

Caglin Ina M, dvf.v.s., H.O.Caglin, Feb.18-1919

Cain Hattie, dvf.v.s., E.A.Cain, May 26-1940

Calahan B.M., dvf.v.s., Lucy B.Calahan, April 21-1929

Calclosure Goldie, dvf.v.s., Henry C.Calclosure, March 20-1929

Caldwell Helen Mary, dvf.v.s., Leroy Caldwell, April 19-1936

Calentine A.W., dvf.v.s , Pearl Calentine,  #147, Sept.25-1908

Callahan Floyd, dvf.v.s., Thelma Callahan, Dec.12-1929

Callahan Letha, dvf.v.s., Floyd Callahan, July 26-1936

Calton Nina, dvf.v.s., Joe Calton, #7471, Oct.27-1925

Calvert Alice, dvf.v.s., W.S.Calvert, July 14-1929

Camp Allie, dvf.v.s., Mr.Camp, Nov.24-1920

Camp Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Lewis Camp, Sept.6-1929

Camp Mary, dvf.v.s., Thomas Camp, Feb.20-1924

Camp Villa Jo.dvf.v.s., Peron A.Camp, Dec.6-1956

Campbell Dave S., dvf.v.s., Etta Campbell, Dec.20-1936

Campbell Delphia Grace, dvf.v.s., Ben A.Campbell, Nov.7-1923

Campbell Edith, dvf.v.s., Everett Campbell, May 29-1923 & June 1-1923

Campbell Ida, dvf.v.s., Virgia Campbell, April 10-1928

Campbell Ida May, dvf.v.s., Frank Campbell, Feb.13-1927

Campbell Ida May, dvf.v.s., Frank Campbell, April 2-1929

Campbell Martha, dvf.v.s., Virgil Campbell, Oct.13-1920

Campbell Mildred, dvf.v.s., George Campbell, March 7-1927

Campbell Ruby, dvf.v.s., Albert Campbell, Aug.12-1934

Campbell Ruth, dvf.v.s., Clarence Campbell, Dec.8-1919

Campbell Virgil, dvf.v.s., Ethel Campbell, Oct.18-1936

Campbell Virgil, dvf.v.s., Ethel Campbell, Nov.5-1939

Campbell William R., dvf.v.s., Pearl R.Campbell, April 9-1926

Canady Leo, dvf.v.s., Viola Canady, Sept.4-1941

Canady Loy, dvf.v.s., Jesse Canady, May 17-1936

Canady Viola, dvf.v.s., Cecil Canady, April 10-1932

Canady Viola, dvf.v.s., Cecil Canady, May 31-1936

Candy Katherne, dvf.v.s., Claude Candy, Jan.6-1926

Cannon Grace, dvf.v.s., George L.Cannon, nov.6-1935

Cannon Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Walter Cannon, June 22-1917

Cantrell Allene, dvf.v.s., Wayne Cantrell, Oct.13-1940

Cantrell Dopho Mae, dvf.v.s., Harold Eugene Cantrell, Dec.21-1941

Cantrell James T., dvf.v.s., Martha Cantrell, Sept.7-1923

Cantrell Mable, dvf.v.s., Roy Cantrell, Sept.7-1926

Cantrell Marie, dvf.v.s., Garland Cantrell, Nov.24-1925

Cantrell Ray, dvf.v.s., Pearl Cantrell, Dec.27-1928

Cantrell Ray, dvf.v.s., Pearl Cartrell, Feb.6-1929

Cantrell Shirley, dvf.v.s., Eurban Cantrell, Feb.18-1940

Cantwell Jewell(nee Burnhart), dvf.v.s., Sterl Cantwell, March 5 & Sept.10-1922

Cape Ethel, dvf.v.s., William A.Cape, April 9-1920

Caplen John H., dvf.v.s., Lee E.Caplen, May 25-1923

Capp Clara, dvf.v.s., Amon Capp, July 20-1923

Capps Frankie, dvf.v.s., George W.Capps, Oct.18-1927

Capps G.W., dvf.v.s., Lena Capps, Jan.13-1925

Capps Jonah, dvf.v.s., Birdie Capps, March 7-1927

Capps Margaret, dvf.v.s., Rateus Capps, May 26-1931

Capps Opal Evelyene, dvf.v.s., Rateus Capps, Aug.18-1935

Captain George E., dvf.v.s., Frona Captain, April 29-1925

Cardin Isa Wade, dvf.v.s., W.O.Cardin, July 3-1919

Cardin William, dvf.v.s., Julia N.Cardin, Nov.2-1927

Caresia Ella, dvf.v.s., Joe Caresia, Jan.2-1929

Carey Artie, dvf.v.s., Samuel W.Carey, Sept.6-1936

Carey Edwilda, dvf.v.s., George Carey, July 9-1933

Cargile Jean, dvf.v.s., James Cargile, April 29-1934

Carico Lilly, dvf.v.s., Grover Carico, Jan.31-1924

Carlew Winnie Orlene, dvf.v.s., Leonard Carlew, Feb.11-1940

Carley Maude, dvf.v.s., E.L.Carley, Dec.8-1922

Carmack Freda, dvf.v.s., Darwin Carmack, May 26-1925

Carmahan Opal, dvf.v.s., Dillard Carmahan, Oct.22-1929 & Nov.27-1929

Carman Ruby, dvf.v.s., John W.Carman, March 23-1923

Carmen Ruby, dvf.v.s., John W.Carmen, June 15-1923

Carmon Nellie, dvf.v.s., Harry Carmon, #1890, July 13-1917

Carnell Marguerite, dvf.v.s., Finis Bryant Carnell, March 17-1929

Carnes Eva L.(Myers), dvf.v.s., Walter P.Carnes, Sept.17-1919

Carpenter C.C., dvf.v.s., Gertrude Carpenter, May 23-1920

Carpenter George, dvf.v.s., Elveretta J.Carpenter, April 16-1924

Carpenter G.F., dvf.v.s., Charles Carpenter, Aug.13-1919

Carr Lillian, dvf.v.s., John Carr, #7244, May 6-1925

Carr Ramona, dvf.v.s., Floyd Carr, May 26-1940

Carrall John B., dvf.v.s., Ida F.Carrall, April 10-1928

Carrigan Zoie, dvf.v.s., Sam Carrigan, Dec.20-1936

Carrol Seth, dvf.v.s., Ora Carrol, Dec.2-1920

Carroll Addie May, dvf.v.s., Robert J.Carroll, July 2-1916

Carroll Cassie, dvf.v.s., Adram Carroll,  #340, Feb.11-1910 & April 29-1911

Carroll J.B., dvf.v.s., Pearl Carroll, June 28-1936 & Sept.13-1936

Carroll Julian B., dvf.v.s., Ida Carroll, March 5-1929

Carroll Sadie E., dvf.v.s., Allen D.Carroll, March 16-1941

Carroll Seth, dvf.v.s., Laura Carroll, Feb.5-1929

Carter Asbury, dvf.v.s., Eva E.Carter, #8084, June 17-1926

Carter Charles J., dvf.v.s., Ruby Carter, May 19-1925

Carter Charles, dvf.v.s., Zolia Carter, April 3-1929

Carter Essie E., dvf.v.s., John Norman Carter, July 18-1924

Carter George A., dvf.v.s., Nora V.Carter, Aug.3-1921

Carter John, dvf.v.s., Neil Carter, June 4-1939

Carter Lela, dvf.v.s., Albert Carter, Feb.6-1929

Carter Lena Mae, dvf.v.s., Milton Lewis Carter, Aug.4-1940

Carter Leta, dvf.v.s., Albert Carter, Nov.8-1928

Carter Maurine Hall, dvf.v.s., John Carter, Jan.17-1913

Cartwright E.H., dvf.v.s., Mary Cartwright, Oct.4-1923

Cary Edna B., dvf.v.s., William F.Cary, March 28-1927

Cassiby Arthur Paul, dvf.v.s., Lorena Margueret Cassiby, April 16-1939

Casteel Stella, dvf.v.s., Charlie Casteel, June 28-1935

Castell Martha, dvf.v.s., J.M.Castell, April 26-1920

Castle Fred, dvf.v.s., Fannie Castle, Nov.24-1925

Castle Margaret, dvf.v.s.John Castle, Nov.9-1926

Castle Mary M., dvf.v.s., Pete Castle, Sept.7-1919

Caswell Emma, dvf.v.s., William Caswell, Dec.14-1928

Caswell Emma, dvf.v.s., William Caswell, Feb.6-1929

Catlett Roda, dvf.v.s., Charles W.Catlett, #6310, Jan.18-1924

Caulk Bertha, dvf.v.s., James Caulk, June 29-1923

Caviness Tressie, dvf.v.s., Cloyd Caviness, March 1-1925

Cedar Laura, dvf.v.s., William Cedar, Oct.28-1928

Cepraga George C., dvf.v.s.Meda Cepraga, June 30-1926

Cevender Sallie, dvf.v.s., Fred Cevender, #1512, July 28-1916

Chaffin L.A., dvf.v.s., M.D.Chaffin, Dec.6-1928

Chaffin L.A., dvf.v.s., M.B.Chaffin, Feb.6-1929

Chambers Clella, dvf.v.s., Lowell A.Chambers, Jan.9-1936

Chambers Della, dvf.v.s., Henry Chambers, July 1-1925

Chambers Fern, dvf.v.s., Herrold Chambers, April 21-1940

Chambers Katherine, dvf.v.s., Olen Chambers, Nov.19-1939

Chambers Lela, dvf.v.s., Franklin E.Chambers, Nov.28-1924

Chambers Leta, dvf.v.s., Franklin E.Chambers, Jan.13-1925

Chambers Luella, dvf.v.s., Jack Chambers, Nov.9-1926

Chambers Opal, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Chambers, Jan.8-1932

Chambers Opal, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Chambers, July 21-1935

Chandler Elsie, dvf.v.s., James Jr.Chandler, Oct.13-1940

Chandler Pearl, dvf.v.s., Bill Chandler, Feb.19-1939

Chandler Robert E., dvf.v.s., LaVerne Chandler, Feb.9-1956

Chandler Wanda, dvf.v.s., Leon Chandler, April 5-1933

Chaney Hazel, dvf.v.s., Warren H.Chaney, Aug.9-1936

Chapman Charley, dvf.v.s., Clara Chapman, Aug.19-1920

Chappell Artwell, dvf.v.s., Jesse Chappell, Jan.2-1920

Chappell Attrell, dvf.v.s., Jesse Chappell, Feb.1-1920

Chase Jessie G., dvf.v.s., Patrick H.Chase, Oct.2-1930

Chase May, dvf.v.s., Daniel Chase, Jan.30-1927

Chastain Lena, dvf.v.s., Henry T.Chastain, April 17-1929

Chastain Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Arvill Chastain, July 7-1916

Chatham A.J., dvf.v.s., Daisy Chatham, Feb.2-1922

Chavalia Robert L., dvf.v.s., Betty Chavalia, Aug.13-1930

Cheprage George C., dvf.v.s., Meda Ceprage, #7602, Oct.21-1925

Cherry Elizabeth Ann, dvf.v.s., Lee Cherry, March 26-1939

Cherry Malinda, dvf.v.s., Walter D.Cherry, June 26-1919

Cherry Ollie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Cherry, July 13-1934

Chew Gladys M(nee Briggs), dvf.v.s., Harry Chew, Aug.12-1919

Childress Emma, dvf.v.s., C.C.Childress, Aug.25-1932

Childrey Anna ( nee Harding), dvf.v.s., Ellis B.Childrey, July 13-1922

Chilton Charles, dvf.v.s., Virginia Chilton, Feb.14-1934

Chilton Maggie, dvf.v.s., Charles Chilton, May 20-1930

Chittenden Bertha, dvf.v.s., Earl Chittenden, Sept.7-1926

Choat Gladys, dvf.v.s., Thomas Choat, Sept.15-1924

Choate Etta, dvf.v.s., Robert Choate, July 1-1925

Chochrane Mary N., dvf.v.s., Robert L.Chochrane, Aug.14-1932

Chrisco Eldee, dvf.v.s., Carl Chrisco, Jan.4-1935

Christie Mary Ellen, dvf.v.s., Eugene H.Christie, Sept.29-1940

Chuning Willa Jean, dvf.v.s., Gene V.Chuning, July 15-1954

Church Ross, dvf.v.s., Ollie Church, Aug.25-1927

Claborn Leonard, dvf.v.s., Mozetta Claborn, Oct.20-1940

Claborn Ora, dvf.v.s., Roy Claborn, Feb.10-1941

Clanton Earl.dvf.v.s., Mary Clanton, July 19-1929

Clanton E.G., dvf.v.s., Mary Clanton, June 23-1933

Clanton Mary, dvf.v.s., Earl Clanton, May 31-1934

Clapp Clara, dvf.v.s., Aman Clapp, July 19-1923

Clark Amos, dvf.v.s., Audrey Clark, Sept.2-1929

Clark Bertha Pliler, dvf.v.s., James D.Clark, Aug.21-1918

Clark E.C., dvf.v.s., Ruth Clark, July 20-1926

Clark Ellar, dvf.v.s., F.H.Clark, April 28-1930

Clark Elsie, dvf.v.s., Ogden Clark, Aug.9-1931

Clark Estella, dvf.v.s., James R.Clark, March 9-1923

Clark Fay, dvf.v.s., Raymond Clark, March 17-1935

Clark Frank, dvf.v.s., Mata Clark, Dec.16-1924

Clark Gilbert, dvf.v.s., Hazel Clark, Nov.22-1945

Clark Ida, dvf.v.s., A.L.Clark, #607, April 12-1912

Clark Irwin, dvf.v.s., Irene Clark, Oct.25-1928

Clark Irwin, dvf.v.s.Irene Clark, Feb.6-1929

Clark John, dvf.v.s., Gertrude Clark, #1910, Aug.3-1917

Clark Lee Roy, dvf.v.s., Ethel Marie Cook Clark, May 19-1955

Clark Maguerite, dvf.v.s., Lrvin Clark, Sept.12-1934

Clark Margaret, dvf.v.s., Eugene Clark, Sept.27-1936

Clark Maude M., dvf.v.s., Riley Clark, Sept.14-1930

Clark Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Doyle Clark, Feb.8-1926

Clark Wesley S., dvf.v.s., Bessie Clark, Sept.19-1922

Clark Wesley S., dvf.v.s., Besse Clark, Jan.26-1923

Clark Margaret, dvf.v.s., Eugene Clark, Nov.13-1938

Clark Riley, dvf.v.s., Lola Clark, Feb.18-1940

Clark Roy W., dvf.v.s., Florence Clark, May 24-1936

Clary Mildred Juanita, dvf.v.s., Ralph James Clary, Nov.24-1955

Clay Edith L., dvf.v.s., Theodore Clay, Nov.7-1926

Clay Mary, dvf.v.s., William Henry Clay, May 25-1923

Clay Sarah Fern, dvf.v.s., Carl E.Clay, April 10-1929

Claycamp Richard L., dvf.v.s., Mary Claycamp, Nov.11-1945

Clayton Grave, dvf.v.s., Henry S.Clayton, Jan.9-1919

Clemmens Pauline, dvf.v.s., George A.Clemmens, Sept.25-1938

Cline Mrs.Norman, dvf.v.s., Norman Clark, March 29-1936

Cline Rescombe, dvf.v.s., Bessie L.Cline, April 14-1924

Clingan Marquerite, dvf.v.s., W.L.Clingan, Oct.26-1926

Clinton Jennie, dvf.v.s., Daniel Clinton, #1177, April 9-1915

Clopton E., dvf.v.s., Norris Clopton, Dec.9-1925

Cloud Don., dvf.v.s., Nellie Cloud, May 7-1939

Clouse L., dvf.v.s., Martha Clouse, Aug.25-1932

Clubb Mayme, dvf.v.s., Thomas W.Clubb, Aug.27-1925

Clymore Etta, dvf.v.s., J.V.Clymore,  # 450, Nov.24-1905

Clyne Ida, dvf.v.s., John L.Clyne, #937, April 17-1914

Coats Ada Chaney, dvf.v.s., John M.Chaney, #1142, April 9-1915

Coats C.E., dvf.v.s., Blanche Coats, Jan.23-1934

Cobb Earl, dvf.v.s., Dorotha Cobb, Aug.14-1938

Cochran Jess, dvf.v.s., Eva Cochran, June 14-1933

Cochran Sleta, dvf.v.s., James Cochran, April 18-1934

Cocke Hazel, dvf.v.s., Bryan Cocke, Aug.5-1928

Coe Milton A., dvf.v.s., Edyth L.Coe, Jan.12-1936

Coffee Bob, dvf.v.s., Mildred Coffee, May 14-1933

Coffey Helen, dvf.v.s., Paul Coffey, June 23-1931

Coffey Opal, dvf.v.s., Paul Coffey, July 14-1935

Coffey Sybil, dvf.v.s., Mearl Coffey, July 13-1933

Coffman Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., James Charles Coffman, Oct.1-1922

Coffman Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., James Coffman, March 18-1923

Coffman Mabel A., dvf.v.s., Robert E.Coffman, Dec.2-1925

Coffman Nancy, dvf.v.s., James C.Coffman, Jan.26-1923

Coffman Rose, dvf.v.s., W.M.Coffman, #1985, Sept.7-1917

Coghill Bertha, dvf.v.s., Harold Coghill, Sept.6-1929

Coghill Harold, dvf.v.s., Loveta Coghill, Jan.29-1924

Coghill Laveta, dvf.v.s., Harold Coghill, Sept.9-1925

Coghill Rhoda, dvf.v.s., John Coghill, Aug.17-1926

Coiner Ralph, dvf.v.s., Lillian Coiner, Dec.3-1930

Cole Grace, dvf.v.s., Andy Cole, Dec.16-1924

Cole Jack, dvf.v.s., Georgia Cole, Dec.12-1929

Cole Jack, dvf.v.s., Grace Cole, Sept.8-1934

Cole Leth, dvf.v.s., Vernie Cole, Oct.30-1929

Cole Orville P., dvf.v.s., Minerva Cole, March 14-1926

Cole Prudence, dvf.v.s., Floyd E.Cole, Sept.22-1940

Colvard Lois, dvf.v.s., Joe R.Colvard, July 10-1933

Collins Annie, dvf.v.s., Peter Collins, Aug.16-1936

Collins Edna, dvf.v.s., Fred Collins, Nov.18-1930

Collins Erma Lillian, dvf.v.s., Leonard Collins, April 21-1940

Collins F.L., dvf.v.s., Anna Beaver Hallan, Aug.19-1929

Collins Fred, dvf.v.s., Enda Collins, May 16-1929

Collins Grover, dvf.v.s., Nettie Collins, April 19-1932

Collins J.W., dvf.v.s., Ora Collins, April 21-1940

Collins Nellie, dvf.v.s., Tom Collins, Aug.26-1926

Collins Paul, dvf.v.s., Mae Collins, June 9-1940

Collins Pearl, dvf.v.s., Oliver Collins, #7263, May 14-1925

Collins Veva Maxine, dvf.v.s., Thurman Collins, Aug.1-1941

Collins William, dvf.v.s., Julian Collins, March 12-1929

Colson J.H., dvf.v.s., Minnie M.Colson, May 28-1928

Colvard Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Lee Colvard, Dec.21-1941

Colwell Lucille, dvf.v.s., William E.Colwell, March 25-1927

Combs Dora, dvf.v.s., John Combs, Nov.14-1919

Combs John , dvf.v.s., Dora Combs, Jan.20-1920

Combs Marie, dvf.v.s., William Combs, Jan.26-1923

Combs M.G., dvf.v.s., Jess Combs, Sept.5-1933

Compton Nona, dvf.v.s., W.H.Compton, Dec.6-1916

Conder J.E., dvf.v.s., Stella Conder, #7961, April 4-1926

Conduff Maydeen, dvf.v.s., Raymond Conduff, June 2-1941

Connelly Harold, dvf.v.s., Florene Connelly, Nov.28-1935

Connelly Mary, dvf.v.s., W.W.Connelly, #7012, Feb.6-1925

Conner A.R., dvf.v.s., Lutie Conner, Oct.27-1925

Conner Charlie, dvf.v.s., Goldie Conner, Nov.24-1922

Conner Fannie, dvf.v.s., Hugh Conner, June 5-1927

Conner Isaac, dvf.v.s., Caroline Conner, Feb.27-1920

Conner Jamie, dvf.v.s., W.W.Conner, #1918, Aug.3-1917

Conner Jeff, dvf.v.s., Izetta Conner, Feb.25-1923

Conner Margie, dvf.v.s., Thomas A.Conner, Nov.5-1929

Conner William J., dvf.v.s., Julia E.Conner, July 9-1925

Conness Edith, dvf.v.s., Earl Conness, Nov.6-1932

Connor Charles, dvf.v.s, Goldie Connor, Jan.26-1923

Connor Janie, dvf.v.s., W.W.Connor, March 11-1919-dismissed

Connor Jeff, dvf.v.s., Izetta Connor, March 2-1923

Connors Emily J.(nee Botto), dvf.v.s., C.C.Connors, May 18-1923

Conrad Eunice, dvf.v.s., Fred Conrad, Jan.12-1941

Conrad J.H., dvf.v.s., Stella Conrad, July 10-1923

Conrad J.H., dvf.v.s., Mary Conrad, Feb.11-1925

Conway Perry, dvf.v.s., Hazel Conway, Oct.26-1924

Conway Perry, dvf.v.s., Hazel Conway, Jan.18-1925

Cook Hattie, dvf.v.s., George W.Cook, June 8-1932

Cook Juanita, dvf.v.s., Con Cook, Nov.1-1931

Cook Leone, dvf.v.s., Frank C.Cook, Dec.11-1938

Cook Luck Mae, dvf.v.s., Frank Cook, Jan.12-1936

Coolback Morris, dvf.v.s., Catherine Collback, Feb.8-1922

Coolbaugh Morris, dvf.v.s., Katherine Coolbaugh, Aug.13-1922

Coonrad Yvonne, dvf.v.s., Hal Cutshaw, July 23-1939

Cooper Grace Sacto, dvf.v.s., Joseph Cooper, #249, April 29-1910

Cooper Grace, dvf.v.s., Gene Cooper, March 11-1927

Cooper Harry, dvf.v.s., Minnie Cooper, Oct.31-1935

Cooper Lena, dvf.v.s., Willie Cooper, Sept.9-1928

Cooper Lilly, dvf.v.s., Glenn Cooper, Sept.4-1921

Cooper M.C., dvf.v.s., Nettie Cooper, June 10-1927

Copeland Cordelia J., dvf.v.s., J.B.Copeland,  #425, Nov.11-1910

Copeland Margarette, dvf.v.s., Homer Copeland, Jan.12-1936

Copenhaver Millie (nee Anderson), dvf.v.s., Ray Copenhaver, Oct.11-1923

Coplin Ruby, dvf.v.s., Jesse Coplin, Sept.4-1923

Corbett Helen, dvf.v.s., Claude Corbett, Feb.19-1941

Corbin Betty, dvf.v.s., Jim Corbin, Nov.20-1938

Corder J.E., dvf.v.s., Stella Corder, May 16-1926

Corker Hamilton, dvf.v.s., May L.Corker, Aug.8-1927

Corley Edith Agatha, dvf.v.s., Elish Almon Corley, March 10-1940

Cornelison David A., dvf.v.s., Edna Cornelison, Sept.7-1926

Corp Rosalie, dvf.v.s., Clarence Corp, Jan.19-1933

Cosper B.W., dvf.v.s., Anna m1 Haggerman Cosper, Oct.17-1919

Cotter Mary, dvf.v.s., Orville Cotter, Aug.10-1927

Cotter Milton Silas, dvf.v.s., Leona Mae Cotter, June 28-1936

Cotter M.S., dvf.v.s., Ethel Cotter, Nov.24-1929

Cottrell Roy, dvf.v.s., Myrtle Cottrell, July 18-1926

Cottrell Velma, dvf.v.s., Leroy Cottrell, Oct.13-1929

Coulter Mildred, dvf.v.s., Tommie Coulter, Jan.24-1933

Coulter Virginia, dvf.v.s., Delmar Coulter, Oct.16-1927

Coulter Virginia, dvf.v.s., Delmar Coulter, May 2-1928

Countryman L.W., dvf.v.s., Ada Countryman, Sept.20-1932

Countryman Rose, dvf.v.s., Fate Countryman, Dec.13-1931

Countryman Rose, dvf.v.s., Fate Countryman, March 14-1932

Courington Mable, dvf.v.s., Paul Courington, March 27-1919

Courtwright Ovie, dvf.v.s., G.W.Courtwright, Oct.16-1935

Cousatte Grace, dvf.v.s., Joseph M.Cousatte, April 16-1939

Covington Loverna Dollie, dvf.v.s., Charlie Covington, Aug.18-1940

Cowan Estella A., dvf.v.s., Felix G.Cowan, #720, July 4-1913

Cowan J.C., dvf.v.s., Hallie Cowan, May 12-1911

Cowan Nadine, dvf.v.s., John Cowan, Oct.23-1922

Cowen William H., dvf.v.s., Mattie Cowen, #8099, Sept.9-1926

Cowherd Cleo, dvf.v.s., H.Ray Cowherd, March 22-1933

Cowherd Cleo, dvf.v.s., Ray Cowherd, June 23-1940

Cox Arthur, dvf.v.s., Sue Cox, March 27-1941

Cox Earl, dvf.v.s., Edna Cox, Dec.2-1925

Cox Earl, dvf.v.s., Edna Cox, April 27-1926

Cox Grace Leona, dvf.v.s., Iveah Cox, Oct.27-1925

Cox Hazel, dvf.v.s., Fred Cox, Feb.12-1936

Cox Lois, dvf.v.s., Clyde Cox, Feb.10-1941

Cox Lucille, dvf.v.s., Roy Cox, June 23-1940

Cox Ola, dvf.v.s., Henry Craig Cox, Dec.19-1926

Cox Paul, dvf.v.s.Pauline Cox, Aug.27-1929

Cox Susie, dvf.v.s., Charles Cox, Sept.7-1933

Cox Tabatha E., dvf.v.s., J.E.Cox, #847, Sept.12-1913

Coyle Della, dvf.v.s., Harry Sutton, Dec.21-1921

Crabtree Bertha, dvf.v.s., Charles Crabtree, June 5-1930

Craft Ada, dvf.v.s., Sm.Craft, May 11-1933

Craig Doloris, dvf.v.s., Eddie Craig, June 4-1939

Craig Eddie, dvf.v.s., Pauline Craig, Dec.20-1934

Craig Gertrude, dvf.v.s., William A.Craig, July 17-1933

Craig Henry Mrs., dvf.v.s., Henry Craig, April 13-1933

Craig Lloyd Lane, dvf.v.s., Loraine Rosaline Craig, March 24-1940

Craig Violet, dvf.v.s., Virgil Craig, March 27-1938

Crain John A., dvf.v.s., Stella Crain, Sept.22-1940

Crain Letha, dvf.v.s., Virgil Crain, Sept.24-1931

Crantz Fern, dvf.v.s., Earnest Crantz, March 27-1938

Craig Harold A., dvf.v.s., Ruby Charlene Craig, Nov.29-1956

Craven Lydie R., dvf.v.s., George H.Craven, July 5-1923

Crawford Elsie, dvf.v.s., Leonard Crawford, Aug.30-1925

Crawford Joe, dvf.v.s., Vonie Crawford, Aug.19-1926

Crawford Lillie, dvf.v.s., Clarence Crawford, Sept.6-1927

Crawley Lula, dvf.v.s., William Crawley, Dec.4-1925

Creech Lucinda, dvf.v.s., M.J.Creech, March 31-1925

Creech Ruth, dvf.v.s., Joe Creech, April 28-1926

Cress Lucy, dvf.v.s., Joe Cress, Jan.19-1926

Crewer Hortense, dvf.v.s., Floyd Crewer, Aug.21-1929

Crewse Clarice, dvf.v.s., Sherman Crewse, May 28-1926

Crewse Hortense, dvf.v.s., Floyd Crewse, Oct.30-1929

Crider Mary, dvf.v.s., William Crider, Sept.27-1920

Crilly Ina, dvf.v.s., Joe Crilly, June 22-1917

Criss Hazel, dvf.v.s., Ralph Criss, Jan.31-1928

Crockett Helen, dvf.v.s., Charles W.Crockett, Aug.25-1926

Cromwell Anna M., dvf.v.s., Z.R.Cromwell, #175, Jan.15-1909

Crossland A.B., dvf.v.s., Juanita Crossland, Jan.10-1933

Crossland Leora, dvf.v.s., Albert W.Crossland, July 28-1940

Crossland Mary, dvf.v.s., Sam Crossland, April 29-1934

Crow Jessie, dvf.v.s., Cecil Crow, Dec.28-1924

Crow J.W., dvf.v.s., Emma Crow, Nov.27-1928

Crow Minnie, dvf.v.s., James Crow, #561, April 7-1911

Crowder Ercell, dvf.v.s., Jinny Crowder, Oct.2-1938

Crowder Retha Hayes, Hugh J.Cowder, March 24-1940

Crowson P.C., dvf.v.s., Mattie Crowson, Nov.18-1934

Crumley Irene, dvf.v.s., Steve Crumley, Nov.2-1930

Crumley John E., dvf.v.s., Opal May Crumley, Dec.3-1925

Crumley John E., dvf.v.s., Edna Crumley, May 19-1930

Crumley Kathleen, dvf.v.s., Steve Crumley, Aug.5-1935

Cruse GLadys(nee Wagoner), dvf.v.s., Silas Hubert Cruse, Dec.3-1922

Cruzan Charles, dvf.v.s., Hazel Cruzan, Feb.23-1934

Cudney Esther, dvf.v.s., Otis E.Cudney, Oct.3-1927

Cullen Cartha, dvf.v.s., James E.Cullen, Dec.11-1938

Cullens Gladys, dvf.v.s., Joe Cullens, Dec.8-1940

Cullen Gertie May, dvf.v.s., J.E.Cullen, Dec.17-1939

Culley Ethel C., dvf.v.s., Carter Culley, March 7-1919

Cullison Nettie, dvf.v.s., Carl Cullison, Nov.8-1928

Cullison Netta, dvf.v.s., Carl Cullison, Feb.6-1929

Culvert Mamie Zella, dvf.v.s., Charles R.Culvert, April 9-1939

Cummins Fred, dvf.v.s., Willis Cummins, May 20-1924

Cunningham Bertha, dvf.v.s., Bert Cunningham, May 14-1919

Cunningham Elsie, dvf.v.s., Alvin Cunningham, May 25-1923

Cunningham Fred, dvf.v.s., Edna Cunningham, Jan.12-1925

Cunningham Minnie, dvf.v.s., Ernest Cunningham, Oct.20-1933

Curl Fred, dvf.v.s., Lucy Curl, Jan.10-1929

Currie W.E., dvf.v.s., Edna Curry, Sept.12-1919

Curry Ethel, dvf.v.s., J.R.Curry, July 17-1930

Curry Taka, dvf.v.s., Earl Curry, Nov.10-1932

Cutherth Eugenie, dvf.v.s., John Cutherth, #358, April 7-1911

Curtion Dora Mae, dvf.v.s., Thomas E.Curtion, June 28-1936

Cusick Harold S., dvf.v.s., Hazel R.Cusick, May 31-1936

Cutshall Jacob, dvf.v.s., Florence Cutshall, May 1-1934

Cuzan Charles R., dvf.v.s., Jessie Irene Cuzan, Feb.19-1929

Dale Laura, dvf.v.s., George Dale, Nov.4-1926

Dalton Alta, dvf.v.s., Clyde Dalton, April 17-1921

Damron Cora, dvf.v.s., James Damron, Aug.9-1931

Danford Ruth M., dvf.v.s., Theodore Danford, Oct.1-1928

Daniel Albert, dvf.v.s., May Daniel, Nov.30-1924

Daniel Alfred Harold, dvf.v.s., Alte May Daniel, Oct.27-1925

Daniel Dora Mae, dvf.v.s, .#1736, April 27-1917

Daniel Rosetta, dvf.v.s., Albert Daniel, June 1-1926

Daniels A.D., dvf.v.s., Fayetta Daniels, Oct.31-1929

Daniels Opal, dvf.v.s., Archie Daniels, May 17-1934

Danley Della, dvf.v.s., Nebin Danley, #1081, Sept.25-1914

Dardenne Benjamin, dvf.v.s., Grace Dardenne, Feb.15-1933

Dardenne Beulah C., dvf.v.s., Frederick A.Dardenne, June 28-1922

Dardenne Nettie, dvf.v.s., Felix T.Dardenne, #1197, May 28-1915

Darity Anna , dvf.v.s., Lafe Darity, March 17-1905

Darity Bertha, dvf.v.s., D.C.Darity, Nov.22-1936

Darling Maud, dvf.v.s., Jack G.Darling, May 26-1940

Darnell Harold, dvf.v.s., Lyda Darnell, Aug.14-1938

Darnell Lorenzo, dvf.v.s., Nannie Darnell Darnell, #333, Feb.4-1910

Darnell Una, dvf.v.s., Willard Darnell, Feb.2-1923

Darnell Virginia, dvf.v.s., Virgil Darnell, Aug.20-1939

Daugherty Helen, dvf.v.s., Richard Ed Daugherty, Sept.29-1940

Dause Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Albert Dause, July 5-1922

Davenport Elva, dvf.v.s., M.Davenport, Jan.14-1927

Davenport Marie, dvf.v.s., Lester Davenport, June -1929

Davis Blanche Leroy, dvf.v.s., E.F.Davis, March 3-1919

Davis Elsie, dvf.v.s., W.E.Davis, #1723, March 2-1917

Davis Etta, dvf.v.s.Mathew Davis, July 20-1920

Davis Goldie, dvf.v.s., Eli Davis, Sept.23-1930

Davis Hattie, dvf.v.s., Charles Davis, March 13-1921

Davis Helen, dvf.v.s., Jack Davis, Sept.4-1941

Davis Helen Irene, dvf.v.s., Ronald Davis, March 10-1940

Davis Henry B., dvf.v.s., Betty Marion Davis, Oct.17-1946

Davis Isabelle, dvf.v.s., Charles W.Davis, April 27-1917

Davis Juanita, dvf.v.s., Robert Davis, #7539, Sept.18-1925

Davis L.C., dvf.v.s., Nettie Davis,  April 22-1920

Davis Louie, dvf.v.s., Bessie Davis, May 26-1940

Davis Lyle A., dvf.v.s., Genevieve Davis, May 14-1941

Davis Margie, dvf.v.s., Clifford Davis, Nov.22-1925

Davis Marigold, dvf.v.s., Thomas Davis, Feb.27-1925

Davis Marjorie, dvf.v.s., Vernon Davis, Aug.20-1939

Davis Mark, dvf.v.s., Ethel Davis, May 16-1935

Davis Maxine, dvf.v.s., Darwin Davis, Oct.14-1930

Davis Nora, dvf.v.s.Lee Davis, Nov.24-1929

Davis Ola, dvf.v.s., Mark Davis, Feb.3-1925

Davis Preston S., dvf.v.s., Minnie Davis, May 30-1930

Davis Prudence..nee Safford, dvf.v.s., Ben Davis, June 18-1933-Cherokee Co.Kansas

Davis Robert, dvf.v.s., Anna Davis, Jan.14-1926

Davis Ruby, dvf.v.s., Jake A.Davis, Feb.10-1922 & June 16-1922

Davis Ruby, dvf.v.s., H.M.Davis, Oct.19-1934

Davis Russell, dvf.v.s., Roma Davis, Dec.8-1940

Davis Sue, dvf.v.s., William Homer Davis, Oct.16-1935

Davis Thena, dvf.v.s., John Davis, Feb.8-1928

Davis Thena, dvf.v.s., John Davis, March 13-1930

Davis Vada, dvf.v.s., Jimmie Davis, May 16-1935

Davis Vanita, dvf.v.s., Lester Davis, March 20-1938

Davis W.H., dvf.v.s., Martha Davis, Aug.14-1927

Dawson Cleva, dvf.v.s., Irb Dawson, Jan.6-1920

Dawson Grace Hannah, dvf.v.s., Colonel Albert Dawson, Sept.12-1947

Dawson James, dvf.v.s., Kittie Dawson, March 26-1919

Dawson James, dvf.v.s., Nannie Dawson, Oct.21-1926

Dawson James Ulrech, dvf.v.s., Blanche Myrtle Dawson, March 31-1925

Dawson S.U., dvf.v.s., R.T.Dawson, Jan.1-1933

Dean Aleene, dvf.v.d., Merritt J., July 28-1940

Dearing Bertha, dvf.v.s., Hayes R.Dearing, Oct.3-1941

Dearing Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Haze R.Dearing, June 14-1929

Dearing Tillie, dvf.v.s., Hayes Dearing, Aug.22-1933

Dearington Rose Ella, dvf.v.s., Fred P.Darington, May 26-1940

DeArman Bess, dvf.v.s., Thomas M., July 26-1933 & Sept.3-1933

Deatherage Jessie, dvf.v.s., John Deatherage, Jan.5-1933

Deathridge Geneva, dvf.v.s., Virgil Deathridge, Jan.19-1941

DeButch Virginia Marie, dvf.v.s., Paul DeButch, July 24-1941

Deck Fay, dvf.v.s., Florence Deck, Sept.24-1922

Deer Nellie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Deer, Dec.17-1918

Degraff William, dvf.v.s., Flora Degraff, Nov.6-1922

Dehanas Mike, dvf.v.s.Elizabeth Dehanas, May 26-1940

DeHannas Ruth, dvf.v.s., Jesse L.DeHannas, Aug.29-1928

DeHannas Ruth, dvf.v.s., Jess L.DeHannas, May 19-1929

DeHannas Ruth, dvf.v.s., Jesse DeHannas, Jan.26-1932

DeHannas Ruth, dvf.v.s., Jess DeHannas, May 26-1933

Delaplaine Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Donald Delaplaine, March 7-1934

DeLapp Audry, dvf.v.s., J.R.DeLapp, July 14-1935

Delcoure Dorothy, dvf.v.s., H.Delcoure, Oct.17-1919

Delmar Ethel, dvf.v.s., George Delmar, July 10-1931

Demier Buel W., dvf.v.s., Gladys Demier, June 7-1927

Demo Bertha Mae, dvf.v.s., J.F.Demo, Dec.4-1938

Denison William G., dvf.v.s., Orpha Denison, Aug.5-1931

Denman Goldie Louise, dvf.v.s., Eli Ralph Denman, May 26-1940

Denney Nellie H.Harris, dvf.v.s.J.H.Denney, Feb.1-1922

Dennison Orpha, dvf.v.s., Sam Dennison, March 3-1925

Denoya Mary Frances, dvf.v.s., Louis A.Denoya, Sept.30-1930

Denton Ulis, dvf.v.s., Alma Denton, June 4-1939

Depriest Katria Louise, dvf.v.s., Oliver Raymond Depriest, April 15-1941

DeRosia Opal (nee Smith), dvf.v.s., Archie DeRosia, Dec.27-1923

Deruy Dona, dvf.v.s., Norvelle Deruy, June 9-1931

DeTar Ella M., dvf.v.s., Dr.George DeTar, Oct.28-1928

Devereaux Grace Mae, dvf.v.s., Charles Devereaux, June 21-1933

Dewey George, dvf.v.s., Dora Dewey, July 6-1930

Dewey Willis, dvf.v.s., Marie Dewey, Dec.14-1928

Dewey Willis, dvf.v.s., Marie Dewey, Feb.6-1929

Dewitt Jessie, dvf.v.s., Willie Dewitt, Dec.16-1934

DeWitte Opal, dvf.v.s., Everette Dewitte, July 24-1929

Dial Alene, dvf.v.s., Eugene Dial, March 8-1936

Dial Reece, dvf.v.s., Nellie Dial, June 5-1938

Diamond Clara, dvf.v.s., Walter Diamond, May 8-1923

Dibert George, dvf.v.s., J.Dibert, Jan.7-1940

Dick Fay, dvf.v.s., Florence Dick, Nov.28-1922

Dick Saphronia, dvf.v.s., Frank Dick, Dec.21-1919

Dickens Lois, dvf.v.s., Eldridge Dickens, March 11-1926

Dickensheet E.H., dvf.v.s., Rose Dickensheet, Aug.27-1926

Dickson Lula, dvf.v.s., Bob Dickson, Jan.9-1935

Dill Tennie, dvf.v.s., Newman Grant Dill, Aug.24-1921

Dimomd Clara, dvf.v.s., Walter D.Dimond, Jan.29-1919

Dion Mae, dvf.v.s., David Doin, Dec.27-1934

Dirck Nannie, dvf.v.s., Charles Dirck, March 11-1919, dismissed

Dirck Viola, dvf.v.s., Charles Dirk, Oct.20-1924

Disney Harvey C., dvf.v.s., Lula Disney, March 17-1920

Divine Leslie, dvf.v.s., Myrtle Divine, May 22-1933

Dix Jean, dvf.v.s, Tony Dix, Aug.14-1938

Dix Margaret, dvf.v.s., Seymour Dix, Oct.25-1926

Dixon Grace, dvf.v.s., Virgil Dixon, #7989, April 14-1926

Dixon Lelia, dvf.v.s., Gene Dixon, Nov.11-1934

Dixon Mrs Thompson, dvf.v.s., James Dixon, May 4-1923

Dixon Nora, dvf.v.s., Charlie Dixon, Aug.5-1928

Dixon Pauline, dvf.v.s., Frank Dixon, July 28-1933

Dixon W.R., dvf.v.s., Lucille Dixon, April 5-1928

Dobbin Lucille, dvf.v.s., Leo Dobbin, Aug.20-1929

Dobbins John D., dvf.v.s., Thelma Dobbins, Nov.16-1926

Dobbins John, dvf.v.s., Thelma Dobbins, March 30-1927

Dobbins Rosa, dvf.v.s., Edward Dobbins, May 2-1928

Dobson Oliver , dvf.v.s., Rachel Dobson, Sept.5-1918

Dobson Oliver, dvf.v.s., Rachel Dobson, Feb.1-1920

Dohary Minnie, dvf.v.s., Salome Dohary, April 16-1924

Doheray Minnie, dvf.v.s., Salame Doheray, Sept.14-1923

Doke Mr., dvf.v.s., Rosa Doke, Aug.10-1919

Doke Oscar, dvf.v.s., Rosa Doke, Aug.7-1919

Doles Mary, dvf.v.s., Frank Doles, Oct.11-1929

Doll Daisy May, dvf.v.s., Earl Doll, Dec.28-1927

Doll Daisy May, dvf.v.s., Earl Doll, Jan.2-1928

Dolson Bessie, dvf.v.s., Lee Dolson, June 28-1936

Dolson B.J., dvf.v.s., Maude Dolson, Nov.10-1922

Dolson B.J., dvf.v.s., Mrs.Maude Dolson, Jan.19-1923

Donaldson , dvf.v.s., Lloyd Donaldson, March 4-1930

Doniker Ellen, dvf.v.s., James Doniker, March 2-1917

Donley W.E., dvf.v.s., Rhonda Donley, #1205, June 4-1915

Donnell Maude, dvf.v.s., J.W.Donnell, Sept.19-1926

Donohue Lillie (nee Davis), dvf.v.s., Jesse Donohue, Sept.20-1923

Doolen Harvey W., dvf.v.s., Sybil Doolen, Feb.13-1928

Doolen Ruth, dvf.v.s., Harvey Doolen, Aug.20-1922

Doolin Ruth, dvf.v.s., Harvey Doolin, March 18-1923

Dorrell Arthur, dvf.v.s., Helen Dorrell, June 8-1923

Dorrell Helen, dvf.v.s., Arthur Dorrell, March 1-1925

Dorrell Ruth M., dvf.v.s., Ralph Dorrell, Sept.9-1925

Dorsey Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Connie H.Dorsey, Nov.13-1938

Doshier Russell, dvf.v.s., La Wanda Doshier, Jan.15-1942

Doss James, dvf.v.s., Mildred M.Doss, Dec.13-1926

Dotson Martha, dvf.v.s., Wesley Dotson, May 14-1941

Doty Anna, dvf.v.s., Joseph Doty, March 2-1927

Doty Charles, dvf.v.s., Mabel Doty, Jan 28-1924

Doty Dorothy, dvf.v.s.James Doty, Dec.10-1939

Doty Lucille, dvf.v.s.Charles Doty, June 23-1940

Doty Susie L., dvf.v.s., John E.Doty, June 11-1928

Douglas Luther, dvf.v.s., Nellie Douglas, Dec.27-1926

Douglas Luther, dvf.v.s., Nellie Douglas, Jan.18-1927

Douglas Mary E., dvf.v.s., A.J.Douglas, #622, Feb.9-1912

Douglas Mary E., dvf.v.s., A.J.Douglas, #431, Sept.2-1910

Douse Paul L., dvf.v.s., Betty Lou Douse, Aug.11-1955

Douse Zelma, dvf.v.s., Bert Douse, June 27-1929

Douthat C.W., dvf.v.s.Julia Douthat, #1616, Dec.1-1916

Douthitt Ida Mae, dvf.v.s., Paul F.Douthitt, Feb.21-1932

Dove Dallas, dvf.v.s., Randolph Dove, Sept.8-1940

Downing Frances, dvf.v.s., George Downing, Sept.1-1929

Downing Frances, dvf.v.s., George Downing, June 8-1933

Downing Georgia Ethel, dvf.v.s., Mashall G.Downing, Spet.11-1947

Downing Willie Arizina, dvf.v.s., William H.Downing, June 1-1926

Downing Mrs.Willie, dvf.v.s., William Downing, Dec.4-1924

Dowler Lillie, dvf.v.s., Walter Dowler, June 3-1927

Downum J.P., dvf.v.s., Emma Downum, June 2-1941

Downs Ida, dvf.v.s., Robert Downs, Dec.10-1939

Downs Ray, dvf.v.s., Ruth G.Downs, May 25-1928

Doyle Edgarita, dvf.v.s., Owen Doyle, June 28-1936

Drake Pauline, dvf.v.s., Sherman Drake, Feb.1-1942

Driggs Florence, dvf.v.s., Fred Driggs, July 12-1922

Dry Eli Jr., dvf.v.s., Billie Marie Dry, Feb.11-1940

Dry Gladys, dvf.v.s., John E.Dry, Oct.2-1928

Dry J.W., dvf.v.s., Mary E.Dry, April 22-1920

Dry Lillian, dvf.v.s., Milo Dry, March 26-1931

Dudley Florence Ellis, dvf.v.s., R.L.Dudley, Dec.17-1919

Dudley Maudie, dvf.v.s., R.S.Dudley, April 9-1924

Dudley Minnie, dvf.v.s., Charles Dudley, March 31-1940

Duffee D.H., dvf.v.s., LaVera Duffee, July 15-1927

Duffield Minnie, dvf.v.s., G.C.Duffield, Sept.16-1928

Duke Elsie, dvf.v.s., Harry Duke, April 20-1927

Dunbar Mildred, dvf.v.s., George Dunbar, Feb.15-1934

Duncan C.H., dvf.v.s., Glayds Duncan, Nov.17-1940

Duncan May Rohrer, dvf.v.s., Lee Henry Duncan, Oct.1-1939

Duncan Robbie Dean, dvf.v.s., Joseph H.Duncan, May 17-1932

Duncan Willie, dvf.v.s., Vernie Duncan, Nov.28-1934

Dunham Edna L., dvf.v.s., Fred Dunham, Jan.23-1919

Dunham Edna L., dvf.v.s., Fred Dunham, March 31-1921

Dunham Edward, dvf.v.s., Fred Dunham, March 18-1923

Duniphin Catherine, dvf.v.s., Marion Duniphin, June 9-1940

Duniphin M.F., dvf.v.s., Eliza Duniphin,  #446,  Nov.4-1910 & 486, April 7-1911

Dunithin M.L., dvf.v.s., Lucille Dunithin, Feb.12-1939

Dunithin Mary, dvf.v.s., Marion Dunithin, Jan.15-1942

Dunn Beulah, dvf.v.s., Clarnece Dunn, Jan.13-1921

Dunn Laura, dvf.v.s., Patrick Dunn, March 9-1919

Dunn Lizzie, dvf.v.s., C.F.Dunn, Dec.21-1919

Dunning Alma, dvf.v.s., R.E.Dunning, June 4-1939

Dunning Ferba E., dvf.v.s., Fred Dunning,  July 1-1920

Dunwoody Magdelena, dvf.v.s., Jacob Z.Dunwoody, Oct.28-1925

Duprez Beulah, dvf.v.s., Morria Duprez, Oct.5-1933

Duprez Beulah, dvf.v.s., Morris Duprez, Sept.18-1934

Dushane Clara, dvf.v.s., Walter Dushane, Sept.21-1924

Dushane Clara, dvf.v.s., Walter Dushane, April 29-1925

Dushane Henrietta, dvf.v.s, .Clifford Dushane, Dec.17-1922

Dushane Henrietta, dvf.v.s., Clifford Dushane, #7603, Oct.20-1925

Dushane Maxine, dvf.v.s., Clifford Dushane, Feb.15-1942

Dusky Edna, dvf.v.s., Cecil Dusky, Nov.4-1926

Dutty Grace, dvf.v.s., Agno Dutty, #1073, Dec.25-1914

Duvall C.M., dvf.v.s., Margaret Duvall, June 22-1928

Dweyer Lillie, dvf.v.s., Jesse Dweyer, July 27-1926

Dye Albert E, annul.v.s., Rebecca Dye, Oct.4-1936

Dye Lloyd, dvf.v.s., Martha Dry, Sept.16-1927

Eagan Naoma, dvf.v.s., Clyde Eagan, March 19-1931

Eagle Vena C., dvf.v.s., Ben H.Eagle, Oct.28-1930

Eagleston Il L., dvf.v.s., Mattie Eagleston, July 26-1936

Earl C.B., dvf.v.s., Inez Earl, #7230, Sept.9-1925

Earl Joe A., dvf.v.s., Mary Earl, Jan.29-1939

Early Frank M., dvf.v.s., May Everly Early, Dec.1-1920

Earp Jeneva, dvf.v.s., Herbert Earp, Feb.15-1934

Easom Mamie ( nee Lowe), dvf.v.s.Dent Eason, Dec.27-1923

East Agnes, dvf.v.s., Joe East, Sept.6-1933

East Opal, dvf.v.s., Joe East, Aug.-1933

Easter Christine Ellis, dvf.v.s., Jimmy C.Easter, Oct.24-1946

Easterly William Lester, dvf.v.s., Lillie Easterly, Feb.19-1942

Easterly Vesta, dvf.v.s., W.L.Easterly, April 13-1943

Eaton J.W., dvf.v.s., Julia Eaton,  #103, Sept.25-1908

Ebersole A.D., dvf.v.s., Dollie Ebersole, Nov.13-1938

Ebersole Lottie, dvf.v.s., A.D.Ebersole, May 23-1929

Echols E., dvf.v.s., Lucille Echols, May 7-1929

Echols Elmer, dvf.v.s., Louise Echols, July 23-1926

Echols Lucille, dvf.v.s., Elmer Echols, Dec.2-1927

Eckert Richard J., dvf.v.s., Christine Eckert, Feb.5-1939

Edens Arthur, dvf.v.s., Lula B.Ednes, Sept.4-1918

Edison Clyde, dvf.v.s, Ethel Edison, March 5-1924

Edmonds Lois, dvf.v.s., Jesse Edmonds, Oct.7-1930

Edmonds Pauline, dvf.v.s., J.Edmonds, Nov.5-1939

Edwards Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Dan Edwards, July 19-1936

Edwards Dessa, dvf.v.s., Ed Edwards, Nov.13-1924

Edwards Dessa, dvf.v.s., Edwin Edwards, June 29-1927

Edwards Everet E., dvf.v.s., Katherine Edwards, April 16-1925

Edwards Ferral, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Edwards, July 23-1923

Edwards Ferrol, dvf.v.s., Laurence Edwards, #7010, Feb.4-1925

Edwards Hattie E, dvf.v.s., Elmer Edwards, #992, April 3-1914

Edwards Ida (Smith), dvf.v.s., Jan.29-1919

Edwards Mamie, dvf.v.s., C.J.Edwards, May 8-1923

Edwards Martha , dvf.v.s., F.M.Edwards, #974, April 17-1914

Edwards Mary, dvf.v.s., Sammie Edwards, April 16-1926

Edwards Mary, dvf.v.s., George Edwards, Aug.29-1928

Edwards Maudie, dvf.v.s., Clore Edwards, March 16-1926

Edwards May, dvf.v.s., Rall Edwards, Jan.11-1927

Edwards Opal, dvf.v.s., Everett Edwards, April 13-1925

Edwards S.E., dvf.v.s., Effie Edwards, Oct.15-1941

Edwin Mary E., dvf.v.s., Theodore Edwin, March 30-1926

Ehnman Leo, dvf.v.s., Anna Ehnman, March 27-1927

Ehrhart Jay, dvf.v.s., Eunice Ehrhart, April 17-1927

Eichelberger Ruby, dvf.v.s., Andrew Eichelberger, July 7-1940

Elderton Grace, dvf.v.s., Leonard Elderton, March 22-1936

Elgin Elsie, dvf.v.s., Grover Elgin, Dec.7-1927

Elgin Elsie, dvf.v.s., Grover Elgin, Feb.3-1928

Elkins C.H., dvf.v.s., Pauline E.Elkins, Oct.6-1924

Elkins C.H., dvf.v.s., Pauline Elkins, July 1-1925

Elkins Edna, dvf.v.s., Lindel Elkins, March 22-1931

Elkins Lena, dvf.v.s., H.L.Elkins, #7941, March 30-1926

Ellick Beatrice, dvf.v.s., McNeer Ellick, Oct.8-1934

Elliott Birdie, dvf.v.s., Bud Elliott, Oct.9-1924

Elliott Flora M., dvf.v.s., Earl W.Elliott, Dec.17-1918

Elliott O.J., dvf.v.s., Ada Condita Elliott, Aug.19-1919

Elliott O.J., dvf.v.s., Sarah Elliott, March 25-1924

Elliott Ollie, dvf.v.s., L.W.Elliott, July 8-1925

Ellis Audra, dvf.v.s., John Ellis, Aug.16-1931

Ellis Mary E., dvf.v.s., J.R.Ellis, Aug.25-1919

Ellis Myrtle, dvf.v.s., George Ellis, Nov.4-1926

Ellis Pearl, dvf.v.s., Ira Ellis, Dec.5-1933

Ellison Cora, dvf.v.s., Ralph Ellison, March 9-1934

Ellison Juanita, dvf.v.s., Orban Ellison, Sept.4-1938

Ellison Opal Bernice, dvf.v.s., Frank M.Ellison, March 8-1936

Elrod D.E.B., dvf.v.s., Irene Elrod, April 30-1930

Ellsworth Pauline Naomi, dvf.v.s., Ray William Ellsworth, Nov.6-1941

Ely Blanch, dvf.v.s., J.R.Ely, June 17-1919

Emberson Marion, dvf.v.s., Floyd Emberson, # 3964, April 18-1920

Emerson Mildred, dvf.v.s., Jake Emerson, June 18-1929

Emerson Mildred, dvf.v.s., Jack Emerson, Oct.10-1930

Emery Artie, dvf.v.s., Andrew Emery, March 26-1939

Emmett D.G., dvf.v.s., Ethel Emmett, Sept.14-1925

Emmons Gertie, dvf.v.s., Richard B.Emmons, Aug.29-1917

Emmons May, dvf.v.s., Otto F.Emmons, June 15-1925

Enders Dennie, dvf.v.s., Goldie Enders, April 1-1935

Enders Jewels, dvf.v.s., Charles Enders, April 7-1933

Endicott Ed, dvf.v.s., Ethel Endicott, #1671, March 2-1917

Endicott Ruth, dvf.v.s., Lige Endicott, Dec.15-1940

England Flores, dvf.v.s., Melvin England, Sept.4-1938

England Lela, dvf.v.s., T.E.England, June 11-1939

England Violet, dvf.v.s., James England, May 16-1935

English Belle, dvf.v.s., Nathan English, Sept.1-1920 & Nov.1-1920

Enloe Elsie, dvf.v.s., James P.Enloe, Aug.19-1932

Epperson Paul, dvf.v.s., Maxine Epperson, April 17-1942

Epperson Verna, dvf.v.s., Earl Eooerson, Dec.9-1925

Epps Charles, dvf.v.s.Lizzie Epps, Aug.24-1939

Epps James, dvf.v.s., Marjorie Epps, March 3-1940

Epps Sam, dvf.v.s., Arlene Epps, April 16-1939

Epps Sellon, dvf.v.s., Arthur Epps, Oct.3-1926

Erdmann Rubye, dvf.v.s., Par Erdmann, March 8-1936

Erwin Anna L., dvf.v.s., Claud Erwin, , April 2-1922

Erwin Juanita, dvf.v.s., Oscar Erwin, April 11-1934

Eslinger Vivian, dvf.v.s., Harry Eslinger, Feb.18-1918

Essex Lola E., dvf.v.s., John W.Essex, Feb.5-1926

Essex Lola, dvf.v.s., John W.Essex, June 27-1935

Estep Flossie, dvf.v.s., Harry Estep, May 1-1921

Estep Flossie, dvf.v.s., Wayne Estep, March 29-1921

Estes Velma, dvf.v.s., Charles Estes, July 11-1938

Estes Viola, dvf.v.s., George Estes, July 22-1928

Eubanks Gladys, dvf.v.s., Clyde Eubanks, Dec.30-1925

Eulitt Eileen, annulment, v.s., William D.Eulitt, July 25-1935

Eulitt W.D., dvf.v.s., Edna A.Eulitt, March 10-1940

Eunice Forrest, dvf.v.s., Elizabeth Eunice, April 15-1941

Evans Elsie, dvf.v.s., Frank Evans, April 12-1936

Evans Frank, dvf.v.s., Erances Evans, #7800, Jan.26-1926

Evans Isabell, dvf.v.s., C.M.Evans, Dec.15-1929

Evans Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Jack Evans, Oct.10-1926

Evans Ora, dvf.v.s., Alexander Evans, June 6-1926

Evans Robert L., dvf.v.s., Emma Evans, June 8-1923

Everett Edith, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Everett, Nov.21-1923

Everett Lucy, dvf.v.s., Lewis Everett, March 23-1934

Evilsizer Gladys, dvf.v.s., Wesley Evilsizer, May 26-1931

Evilsizer Lucille, dvf.v.s., Wesley Evilsizer, Feb.8-1933

Evilsizer Oude, dvf.v.s., Della Evilsizer, Sept.9-1919

Evilsizer Weslie, dvf.v.s., Bessie F.Evilsizer, May 29-1928

Eyerly Gladys, dvf.v.s., Harry Eyerly, Feb.16-1930

Fabbre Louis, dvf.v.s., Mae Fabbre, Oct.18-1927

Fagan Martha, dvf.v.s., Alonzo Fagan, March 8-1923

Fagan Martha, dvf.v.s., Alonzo Fagan, #7537, Oct.27-1925

Fain Alma, dvf.v.s., Lawernce Fain, June-1929

Fain Alma, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Fain, Jan.10-1930

Fain Clara, dvf.v.s., Orville Fain, July 18-1926

Fain O.R., dvf.v.s., Clara Fain, Nov.15-1925

Fanning Frances, dvf.v.s., Cleo Fanning, June 22-1932

Fanning James, dvf.v.s., Pinkie Fanning, July 29-1919

Farley Francis, dvf.v.s., Ray Farley, May 22-1938

Farmer C.R., dvf.v.s., Jennie Framer, Oct.7-1926

Farmer Grace, dvf.v.s., Earl Farmer, Sept.16-1928

Farrell Dora, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Farrell, Dec.341-1920

Farrington Homer, dvf.v.s., Helen Farrington, Feb.21-1934

Farrington Sam, dvf.v.s., May Farrington, March 14-1926

Farris Delphine, dvf.v.s., Frank Farris, Feb.12-1936

Farris Pearl, dvf.v.s., Elbert Farris, #7009, Feb.6-1925

Faulkner Bell, dvf.v.s., Frank E.Faulkner, June 14-1922

Faulkner Fern, dvf.v.s., Paul Faulkner, Nov.28-1935

Fay Orlo, dvf.v.s., Lelia Fay, Jan.23-1938

Feagan Ida M., dvf.v.s., Kenneth M.Feagan, Dec.12-1935

Feaster Lena, dvf.v.s., Earl Feaster, Dec.3-1939

Featherstun Lucy H, dvf.v.s., John L.Featherstum, #321 June 27-1913 & #821, July 4-1913

Feese Amos, dvf.v.s , Nannie J.Feese, Jan.24-1908

Fennimore Glennella, dvf.v.s., Fred W.Fennimore, Sept.14-1926

Ferguson Alvin, dvf.v.s., Myrtle Ferguson, Oct.25-1927

Ferguson Lutie D., dvf.v.s., George W.Ferguson, Oct.9-1923

Ficker Bernice O., dvf.v.s., William Ficker, Dec.16-1930

Ficker Emma, dvf.v.s., Leroy Ficker, March 13-1930

Fields Charles, dvf.v.s., Ethel Fields, March 15-1923

Fields Charles, dvf.v.s., Frances H.Fields, Sept.21-1920

Fields Charles M., dvf.v.s., Frances A.Fields, May 3-1921

Fields Irene, dvf.v.s., Eugene Fields, Aug.11-1926

Fields Maud, dvf.v.s., J.M.Fields, #1294, Oct.1-1915

Finch Josie, dvf.v.s., W.W.Finch, Dec, 7-1920

Finks James Eugene, dvf.v.s., Violet Maude Finks, April 16-1939

Finley Ray W., dvf.v.s., Lucy E.Finley, Sept.26-1926

Finney Charles D., dvf.v.s., Beartice Finney, annul., March 15-1956

Finney Hannah L., dvf.v.s., E.P.Finney, April 16-1939

Finney Ovie, dvf.v.s., J.E.Finney, April 14-1921 & July 11-1921

Fisher Agnes, dvf.v.s., Orlando Fisher, Dec.11-1919

Fisher Emily R., dvf.v.s., S.B.Fisher, #1246, Aug.20-1915

Fisher Libbie B., dvf.v.s., Charles A.Fisher, Feb.23-1927

Fisher Libbie, dvf.v.s., Charles Fisher, May 27-1931

Fisk Naoma, dvf.v.s., G.D.”Dewey”, Fisk, April 24-1934

Fitchett Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Joseph Fitchett, March 27-1928

Flaherty Rhoda, dvf.v.s., Alonzo Flaherty, Feb.7-1926

Fleet Bertha, dvf.v.s., Charles Fleet, Aug.2-1928

Fletcher Alpha, dvf.v.s., Daley Fletcher, May 14-1941

Fletcher E.W., dvf.v.s., Mabel Fletcher, Dec.15-1931

Fletcher Mabel, dvf.v.s., Ernest Fletcher, May 6-1932

Fletcher Ruby, dvf.v.s., Earl Fletcher, Oct.4-1936

Fletcher Verna, dvf.v.s., George Fletcher, May 20-1932

Flippins Flossie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Flippins, March 6-1929

Flowers R.L., dvf.v.s., Viola Flowers, Oct.28-1935

Flowers Ruth, dvf.v.s., Roy Flowers, July 19-1936

Flowers Velda, dvf.v.s., Freddie Lee Flowers, April 21-1940

Floyd Mary, dvf.v.s., Baily Floyd, Oct.7-1926

Flynn Clarence O., dvf.v.s., Gladys Louise Flynn, June 9-1955

Flynn Jack, dvf.v.s., Frances Flynn, Dec.7-1927

Flynn John, dvf.v.s., Laura Flynn, Aug.24-1919

Flynn Nona, dvf.v.s., Johnnie Flynn, March 25-1924

Fogg Bessie, dvf.v.s., William H.Fogg, Nov.30-1917

Fogle Clifford, dvf.v.s., Mary Fogle, Jan.7-1940

Foley Hattie, dvf.v.s., J.O.Foley, Jan.13-1925

Foley Mattie Sue, dvf.v.s., Daniel J.Foley, Sept.6-1936

Folk Ben, dvf.v.s., Ada Folk, May 16-1930

Ford Jessie, dvf.v.s., Leslie C.Ford, Jan.19-1941

Ford John, dvf.v.s., Beulah Ford, Dec.27-1934

Ford Lola, dvf.v.s., Ton Ford, Jan.9-1927

Ford Mollie W., dvf.v.s., William H.Ford, March 29-1921

Ford Robert, dvf.v.s., Madge Ford, Jan.5-1928

Forester Myrtle B., dvf.v.s., John R.Forester, Jan.19-1923

Forhan Clara, dvf.v.s., Glenn Forhan, Jan.5-1941

Forman Kate, dvf.v.s., Thomas F.Forman, #1942, Aug.17-1917

Forman Kate, dvf.v.s., Thomas Forman, March 11-1919 dismissed

Forney Joe, dvf.v.s., Florence Forney, Feb.29-1924

Forrester Evelyn, dvf.v.s., James Forrester, April 17-1942

Fortner Doris, dvf.v.s., William Fortner, April 7-1940

Fortner Robert B., dvf.v.s., Flora Fortner, March 31-1940

Foshee J.A., dvf.v.s., Bessie Foshee, Feb.13-1920

Foster Mamie, dvf.v.s., F.B.Foster, June 23-1924

Fountain Claude, dvf.v.s., Nina Fountain, May 6-1929

Fountain Una, dvf.v.s., Claude Fountain, May 22-1927

Foust Annie M., dvf.v.s., T.J.Foust, Aug.1-1926

Foust Goldie, dvf.v.s., Bert Foust, Aug.13-1919

Fowler Dora, dvf.v.s., Hugh Fowler, March 30-1926

Fowler Robert, dvf.v.s., Williamette Fowler, #7299, May 29-1925

Fox Myra, dvf.v.s., Byrl Fox, Feb.13-1931

Fox Myra E., dvf.v.s., B.Y.Fox, May 8-1932

Fraley Ollie, dvf.v.s., Dick Fraley, May 6-1926

Fraley Ollie, dvf.v.s., Edward Fraley, May 8-1925

France Grace, dvf.v.s., Jake France, #7120, March 24-1925

France James, dvf.v.s., Mary France, Oct.29-1919

France Thomas, dvf.v.s., Marie France, July 27-1926

Francis Dixie, dvf.v.s., Murray Francis, Sept.24-1939

Francis Sallie E.(nee Jones), dvf.v.s, Myron E.Francis, March 16-1923

Francisco Lula Etta, dvf.v.s., Clarence Francisco, June 2-1941

Frankel Lelia, dvf.v.s., Donald Frankel, Sept.1-1940

Frankenstein Claudine, dvf.v.s., Arthur Frankenstein, Nov.24-1929

Frankier Mae, dvf.v.s., Simon Frankier, Dec.17-1931

Franklin H.B., dvf.v.s., Edith Franklin, Jan.16-1927 & Nov.28-1927

Franklin Hugh, dvf.v.s., Myrtle Franklin, March 11-1935

Franklin John, dvf.v.s., Lillie Franklin, Oct.10-1933

Franklin Mae, dvf.v.s., Simon Franklin, Oct.2-1931

Franklyn Lahoma, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Franklyn, March 7-1934

Frantz Adam, dvf.v.s., Birdie Frantz, Dec.8-1930

Fredericks Ethel M., dvf.v.s., L.E.Fredericks, April 21-1940

Fredericks Ruby, dvf.v.s., L.E.Fredericks, Nov.14-1922

Freeman Anna, dvf.v.s., Albert Freeman, Sept.14-1931

Freeman Charles, dvf.v.s., Almeda Freeman, Sept.9-1928

Freeman Hugh, dvf.v.s., Opal Freeman, Oct.28-1934

Freeman Mary, dvf.v.s., William H.Freeman, Jan.24-1926

Freeman Mary W., dvf.v.s., John F.Freeman, Feb.10-1918

Freeman Maxine, dvf.v.s.George Ganstine Freeman, Feb.27-1941

Frellick Henry, dvf.v.s., Mary Frellie Frellick, Aug.24-1923

French Letha Bell, dvf.v.s., Claude Edward French, March 31-1955

Fribley James K., dvf.v.s., Eleoner Fribley, Feb.26-1928

Friedlein Mary E., dvf.v.s., Geroge W.Friedlein, Feb.26-1920

Fritz Ruby, dvf.v.s., Homer Fritz, Oct.30-1929

Fry Era, dvf.v.s., Orven Fry, #6559, June 1-1924

Fry Laura Mae, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Raymond Fry, Feb.5-1939

Fugate Ethelyne, dvf.v.s., Bill Fugate, June 27-1935

Fugate Golda, dvf.v.s.,  Zack Fugate, Oct.10-1929

Fugate G.W., dvf.v.s., Avo Fugate, Nov.4-1926

Fugate Matilda, dvf.v.s., Bert Fugate, Jan.26-1922

Fugate Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Bert Fugate, Oct.28-1935

Fulcher A.A., dvf.v.s., Ethel Fulcher, Oct.30-1938

Fulcher Wayne, dvf.v.s., Ellen Fulcher, Aug.19-1928

Fulkerson Alice, dvf.v.s., W.F.Fulkerson, March 7-1934

Fuller Josephine, dvf.v.s., William Fuller, Jan.15-1930

Fuller William, dvf.v.s., Josephine Fuller, Feb.2-1928

Fullerton Edgar L., dvf.v.s., Pearl Fullerton, May 18-1930

Fullerton Hattie, dvf.v.s., Tomie Fullerton, Aug.18-1920

Fusselman Hilda, dvf.v.s., Albert Fusselman, Oct.10-1933

Gabsky Margaret, dvf.v.s., Steve Gabsky, Nov.12-1935

Gaff Ina, dvf.v.s., Jack Gaff, July 1-1925

Gaines Ed, dvf.v.s., Leon Gaines, Jan.13-1932

Gaines Virginia, dvf.v.s., Floyd Gaines, Dec.28-1933

Gaines Virginia, dvf.v.s., Floyd Gaines, Sept.4-1938

Gaither W.H., dvf.v.s., Dora B.Gaither, April 21-1940

Gallager Oapl, dvf.v.s., James T.Gallager, Feb.20-1924

Gallimore Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Mels Gallimore, Feb.23-1928

Gamble Beulah J., dvf.v.s., Chauncey Gamble, Aug.10-1924

Gamble Dollie, dvf.v.s., Berdie Gamble, July 10-1934

Gamble Ethel, dvf.v.s., V.A.Gamble, April 29-1925

Gamble Maude, dvf.v.s., Homer Gamble, March 18-1923

Gambrel Ethel, dvf.v.s., Archie Gambrel, Nov.17-1940

Gandy Henry, dvf.v.s., Ruby G.Gandy, Jan.21-1942

Gandy Roliegh W., dvf.v.s., Edith Gandy, March 25-1927

Gannon R.C., dvf.v.s., Katherine Gannon, May 26-1940

Garber Quincy, dvf.v.s., Onnie Garber, March 13-1927

Garman Henry, dvf.v.s., Gladys Garman, Nov.19-1939

Garman Irene, dvf.v.s., Raymond Garman, March 12-1926

Garman Joe, dvf.v.s., Ninnea Garman, Aug.8-1924

Garman Laura Dawson, dvf.v.s., Dexter Garman, May 15-1923

Garner Clarence, dvf.v.s., Philoma Mathews Garner, March 24-1940

Garner Elsie, dvf.v.s.Raymond Garner, March 26-1939

Garner Grovie, dvf.v.s., Silas Garner, June 13-1922 & Oct.1-1922

Garner Irene, dvf.v.s., Roy Garman, June 14-1928

Garner Nola V., dvf.v.s., Jimmie Bernard Garner, Feb.9-1956

Garoutte Helen, dvf.v.s.Houston Eugene Garoutte, May 1-1941

Garrett Bertha, dvf.v.s., Jessie J.Garrett, July 11-1924

Garrett David L., dvf.v.s., Edna Irene Garrett, Jan.28-1954

Garret J.L., dvf.v.s., Zada Garrett, Sept.18-1935

Garrett Roberta, dvf.v.s., Sterling Garrett, Nov.17-1940

Garriett Grace E., dvf.v.s., R.B.Garriett, Aug.30-1929

Garrison Hulda, dvf.v.s., Ray Garrison, April 1-1935

Garrison Vivian, dvf.v.s., Floyd Garrison, Nov.13-1933

Garside Hattie, dvf.v.s., Ben Garside, #6390, Jan.16-1924

Garwood Hodgie, dvf.v.s., Bert R.Garwood, Jan.30-1930

Gary Kenneth, dvf.v.s., Melrene Gray, Jan.21-1936

Gass Raymond, dvf.v.s., Mary Gass, #8209, Aug.19-1926

Gaston Grave, dvf.v.s., Dave Gaston, Aug.16-1936

Gates Esther, dvf.v.s., Vern W.Gates, July 31-1938

Gates Zilpha, dvf.v.s., Harvey Gates, Aug.11-1940

Gatewood Eula, dvf.v.s., Phil E.Gatewood, April 11-1924

Geasland Uursula, dvf.v.s., Jim Geasland, June 8-1930

Gebhardt Lydia Sweet, dvf.v.s., Arthur A.Gebhardt, Sept.11-1914

Geboe Estella, dvf.v.s., Clifford Geboe, March 8-1936

Geboe Mabel, dvf.v.s, Charles C.Geboe, #479, March 23-1906

George Rhoda, dvf.v.s., Phillip George, March 30-1917

Gettys Mar., dvf.v.s., Hugh Gettys, Dec.18-1938

Gibbons Beulah, dvf.v.s., Orval Gibbons, Feb.18-1925

Gibbons Cecil, dvf.v.s., Oval Gibbons, April 20-1931

Gibbs Ralph, dvf.v.s., Floy Roberts Gibbs, July 8-1923

Gibson Eliza , dvf.v.s, .G.O.Gibson, #1072, Sept.11-1914

Gibson Ione, dvf.v.s., G.D.Gibson Jr., Feb.11-1940

Gibson Janis Jean, dvf.v.s., Glenn Gibson, June 30-1940

Gibson Mildred O'Dell, dvf.v.s., William Edwin Gibson, Aug.9-1920

Giest C.E., dvf.v.s., Ora Giest, March 11-1919, stricken

Gifford Ruby, dvf.v.s., Everett Gifford, April 17-1935

Gilbert John W., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Gilbert, April 12-1927

Gilbert H.E., dvf.v.s., Jessie Gilbert, Sept.22-1931

Gilbert Marian, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Gilbert, June 11-1939

Gilbert Mildred, dvf.v.s.Virgil Gilbert, Dec.3-1939

Gilbert Ruby, dvf.v.s., William Gilbert, Dec.3-1939

Gilbreth Viola, dvf.v.s., Charlie Gilbreth, Feb.16-1927

Giles Alice, dvf.v.s., J.Giles, Jan.10-1926

Giles Eva, dvf.v.s., Robert Giles, Sept.21-1924

Giley May, dvf.v.s., John Giley, Oct.13-1920

Gill Allie, dvf.v.s., Harry J.Gill, #1483, June 26-1916

Gill Leona, dvf.v.s., Juanita Gill, Oct.6-1940

Gill Lora, dvf.v.s., Harry Gill, May 8-1923

Gill Redtha, dvf.v.s., Joseph Gill, dvf.v.s., May 4-1930

Gillespie Cecil, dvf.v.s., Virgie Gillespie, Oct.15-1939

Gillespie R.O., dvf.v.s., Eva Gillespie, Jan.9-1935

Gillespie S., dvf.v.s., B.Gillespie, Jan.4-1934

Gilley May, dvf.v.s., J.J.Gilley, Jan.12-1923

Gilliam Minnie E., dvf.v.s., George L.Gilliam, March 30-1900

Gillian Thomas, dvf.v.s., Zealon Gillian, June 1-1926

Gilligan Thomas, dvf.v.s., Zealon Gilliagan, March 19-1926

Gillstrap Vernon, dvf.v.s., Lavon Gillstrap, Nov.28-1935

Gilmore Beatrice Cherry, dvf.v.s., James Gilmore, March 1-1936

Gilmore Bertie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Gilmore, March 18-1925

Gilmore  Birdie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Gilmore, Sept.22-1940

Gilstrap Alpha J., dvf.v.s., Lizzie Gilstrap, May 3-1936

Gist Ethel, dvf.v.s., Orville Gist, May 27-1928

Gist Polly Ann, dvf.v.s., Timothy Gist, Dec.22-1920

Givens Claude, dvf.v.s., Lula Givens, Feb.18-1930

Givens June, dvf.v.s., James K.Givens, Sept.17-1928

Givens Maud, dvf.v.s., Roy Givens, March 11-1926

Glass Ira M., dvf.v.s., Earl C.Glass, Oct.24-1925

Glenn Frank, dvf.v.s., Nellie B.Glenn, Nov.6-1929

Glenn Geraldine, dvf.v.s., Clarence Glenn, Jan.22-1939

Glosson Charotte, dvf.v.s., Badie Glosson, May 5-1920

Glynn Clestia, dvf.v.s., Clarence Glynn, Nov.19-1939

Goddard Mabel, dvf.v.s., Dewey Goddard, June 10-1928

Goddard Minnie M., dvf.v.s., William Goddard, Jan.23-1921

Godwin Vera, dvf.v.s., Frank H.Godwin, Jan.31-1919

Goens June, dvf.v.s., James K.Goens, July 12-1936

Goettel Gladys, dvf.v.s., Ralph Goettel, May 15-1929

Goettel Gladys, dvf.v.s., Ralph Goettel, July 25-1930

Goff Brooks, dvf.v.s., James Goff,  #500, Feb.24-1911 & April 7-1911

Goforth Grace Opal, dvf.v.s., Ralph Goforth, Dec.3-1939

Goins Bettie, dvf.v.s., J.C.Goins, Sept.1-1921

Goins Maude M., dvf.v.s., Doyle Goins, April 16-1935

Gokey Frances, dvf.v.s., Jake Gokey, Oct.16-1928

Gokey Frances, dvf.v.s., Jake Gokey, Feb.6-1929

Golden Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Everett Golden, May 21-1929

Good Harry O., dvf.v.s., Jessie B.Good, March 2-1917

Goode Eva, dvf.v.s., Robert Goode, Oct.26-1926

Goodeagle Marie, dvf.v.s., Paul Goodeagle, May 17-1932

Goodeagle Wanada, dvf.v.s., Merton Goodeagle, Aug.29-1932

Goodell Irene, dvf.v.s., Leonard Goodell, March 10-1932

Goodell Treva, dvf.v.s., Forrest Goodell, April 10-1938

Goodell W.L., dvf.v.s , Josephine Goodell,  #88,  May 15-1908

Goodhoo Mae, dvf.v.s., Frank Goodhoo, Feb.1-1927

Goodman Drucilla, dvf.v.s., Sam Goodman, Nov.10-1940

Goodman Inez, dvf.v.s., Lyman Goodman, Jan.12-1936

Goodpaster C.L., dvf.v.s., Bernice Goodpaster, May 2-1928

Goodwin Laura B., dvf.v.s., Wilbur E.Goodwin, Sept.10-1925

Goodwin Maye, dvf.v.s., H.W.Goodwin, Jan.25-1925

Goolsby Dixie, dvf.v.s., V.B.Goolsby, Oct.9-1924

Gorden Andy Lee, dvf.v.s., Mabel Gorden, Feb.7-1926

Gordon C.A., dvf.v.s., Bessie A.Gordon, Oct.2-1928

Gordon Clara, dvf.v.s., John Gordon, Feb.9-1917  & Oct.25-1922

Gordon Clara, dvf.v.s., John Gordon, March 11-1919, stricken

Gordon G., dvf.v.s., Cecil Gordon, Aug.25-1927

Gordon Hattie, dvf.v.s., Millard Gordon, Feb.19-1929

Gordon Josephine, dvf.v.s., Lee Gordon, Oct.21-1927

Gordon Lizzie L., dvf.v.s., Virgil Gordon, April 23-1939

Gordon Mabel, dvf.v.s., H.E.Gordon, May 25-1934 & July 17-1934

Gordon Nellie, dvf.v.s., H.O.Gordon, May 31-1936

Gordon Ollie Mae, dvf.v.s., Virgil Wallie Gordon, March 8-1936

Gordon Orlando, dvf.v.s., Mary E.Gordon, Aug.12-1918

Gorman Ethel Mae, dvf.v.s., Bearl D.Gorman, Aug.26-1935

Gorton E.J., dvf.v.s., Helen Gorton, Feb.19-1942

Gosnell Anna, dvf.v.s., C.N., Gosnell, July 14-1922

Goss Magadalena, dvf.v.s., Jake Goss, April 23-1933

Goss May, dvf.v.s, George Goss, Sept.4-1938

Gowdy Vera, dvf.v.s., Maurice Gowdy, Sept.15-1933

Goy Juanita, dvf.v.s., Micharl H.Goy, Aug.14-1938

Graeber Winnie, dvf.v.s., F.C.Graeber, Aug.21-1919

Graff E.R., dvf.v.s., Elva Graff, Oct.28-1934

Graff Rosa E., dvf.v.s., Frank Stricken Graff

Graham Ethel, dvf.v.s., Albert L.Graham, Nov.18-1925

Graham Ethel, dvf.v.s., Albert R.Graham, March 30-1926

Graham H.H., dvf.v.s., Adah Graham, March 20-1927

Graham Sadie M., dvf.v.s., Henry A.Graham, Aug.15-1920

Grant Grace, dvf.v.s., Jesse Grant, April 19-1932

Graves Cecil, dvf.v.s., Charles L.Graves, Feb.20-1923

Graves E.J., dvf.v.s., Tillie Graves, Nov.24-1940

Graves Otis, dvf.v.s., Reasie Graves, Feb.19-1939

Grayson Dollie, dvf.v.s., Earl Grayson, March 17-1933

Grayson James, dvf.v.s., Annie Grayson, Nov.22-1926

Grayson James A., dvf.v.s., Loretta Grayson, May 14-1941

Grayson Traville, dvf.v.s., Harley Grayson, Nov.28-1928

Grayston Francilla, dvf.v.s., Harley Grayston, Feb.6-1929

Greathouse Pauline, dvf.v.s., William Wilbur Greathouse, Sept.8-1920

Green Ethel, dvf.v.s., Louis Green, Feb.17-1924

Green Fred J., dvf.v.s., Ethel Mae Green, Feb.29-1920

Green George, dvf.v.s., Belle Green, Jan.28-1924

Green George, dvf.v.s., Rose Rosa Green, Dec.9-1925

Green George, dvf.v.s., Rosa Green, Feb.15-1926

Green J.K., dvf.v.s., Thelma Green, Dec.19-1923

Green Julia, dvf.v.s.Hugh Green, Nov.22-1926

Green Leora, dvf.v.s., Ray Green, May 25-1923

Green Lucian, dvf.v.s., Marguerite Green, Feb.6-1927

Green Mary, dvf.v.s., Sam Green, Jan.23-1921

Green Mary Aletha, dvf.v.s., Clyde Green, Sept.10-1942

Greenback Alfonso, annul v.s.Annie Robbins Greenback, May 2-1924

Greenback Alphonse, dvf.v.s., Frankie Greenback, Sept.2-1932

Greenback Annie R., dvf.v.s., Alfhonso Greenback, Nov.4-1924

Greenback Anna, dvf.v.s., Alfonso Greenback, April 29-1926

Greenback Anna, dvf.v.s., Alphonse Greenback, Oct.21-1927

Greenback Anna, dvf.v.s., Alfonzo Greenback, May 15-1928

Greenback Antoine, dvf.v.s., Sarah Greenback, April 16-1924

Greenback Audrey, dvf.v.s., Charles Alfonso Greenback, May 22-1938

Greenback Charles A., annul v.s., Audrey A.Quapaw Harrison, July 29-1936

Greenback Eunice, dvf.v.s., Joe Greenback, July 14-1922

Greenback Frankie, dvf.v.s., Alphonso Greenback, Aug.30-1929

Greenback Frankie, dvf.v.s., Alphonse Greenback, May 14-1931

Greenback Frankie, dvf.v.s., Alfonso, Jan.26-1936 & Aug.9-1936

Greenback J., dvf.v.s., Zelma Greenback, Dec.2-1927

Greenback Joe, dvf.v.s., Josephine Greenback, Oct.28-1929

Greenback Maxine, dvf.v.s., Charles A.Greenback, Dec.3-1939

Greenback Sarah Nonkesis, dvf.v.s., Alphonso Greenback, March 22-1922

Greenback Sarah, dvf.v.s.Alfonso Greenback, Oct.17-1923

Greenback Virgil, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Wilson Greenback, July 19-1931

Greenback Virgie Brown, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Greenback, April 15-1932

Greenback Woodrow, dvf.v.s., Virginia Greenback, Sept.6-1936

Greene Pearl, dvf.v.s., C.F.Greene, March 23-1917

Greening Jane, dvf.v.s., C.E.Greening, June 22-1917

Greenlee Harley, dvf.v.s., Lula Greenlee, Sept.11-1935

Greenlee Juanita, dvf.v.s., Cecil Greelee, Dec.10-1941

Greffith Mary, dvf.v.s., Harland Greffith, March 28-1926

Gregory Anna Agnes, dvf.v.s., William J.Gregory, Feb.6-1914

Gregory Callie, dvf.v.s., George Gregory, Nov.14-1941

Gregory G.A., dvf.v.s., Susan Gregory, Aug.18-1927

Gregory Grace, dvf.v.s., William Gregory, Sept.20-1933

Gregory H.M., dvf.v.s., Gertrude Gregory, May 6-1920

Gregory Iva, dvf.v.s., Arnold Gregory, July 19-1936

Gregory Oma, dvf.v.s., Cooper Gregory, March 30-1926

Gribbs Stella, dvf.v.s., Louis Gribbs, May 25-1923

Grier Albert B., dvf.v.s., Thelma Grier, April 18-1926

Griffin Catherine Redlinger, dvf.v.s., Emmett H.Griffin, Oct.9-1924

Griffin Grecthen, dvf.v.s., Clay Griffin, Dec.1-1941

Griffin Hayes, dvf.v.s., Bernice Grubb Griffin, April 9-1941

Griffin Iva May, dvf.v.s., Lester W.Griffin, Dec.24-1922

Griffin James, dvf.v.s., Nellie K.Griffin, Oct.14-1927

Griffin James, dvf.v.s., Nellie Griffin, Aug.15-1934

Griffin Melissa L., dvf.v.s., Victor W.Griffin, #515,  April 7-1911

Griffin Rita, dvf.v.s., Harry Griffith Jr., Jan.28-1954

Griffin Victor, dvf.v.s., Cho-doh-squire Goodeagle Griffin, March 3-1905

Griffith C.M., dvf.v.s., Dema Griffith, March 27-1930

Griffith Viola, dvf.v.s., Charles Griffith, Feb.18-1927

Griggs Sarah, dvf.v.s, Hugh Griggs, Aug.14-1938

Griggs Stella, dvf.v.s., Louis Griggs, May 22-1923

Grimes Alta, dvf.v.s., Lewis Grimes, May 26-1935

Grimes Clara, dvf.v.s., Louis Grimes, April 22-1929

Grimes Clara, dvf.v.s., Louis Grimes, Oct.28-1930

Grimes Ethel, dvf.v.s., Albert Grimes, Nov.18-1925

Grimes Leola, dvf.v.s., J.R.Grimes, Nov.20-1924

Grimes Nora, dvf.v.s, Tom William Grimes, March 30-1900

Grimes Treva Baugh, dvf.v.s., James Grimes, July 2-1931

Grimes Treva, dvf.v.s., J.R.Grimes, Sept.28-1933

Griner Hugh, dvf.v.s., Hattie Griner, Aug.2-1928

Grissom Madge, dvf.v.s., Rosco G.Grissom, Sept.9-1923

Grist Martha, dvf.v.s., Grist A.L., March 22-1932

Groom Dickcie, dvf.v.s., Howard Groom, Oct.3-1941

Groom Flossie, dvf.v.s., Guy Groom, Sept.21-1926

Groom Jennie, dvf.v.s., C.W.Groom,  #507, March 17-1911

Gross G.H., dvf.v.s., Mary Bell Gross, July 25-1924

Grubb Lonzo, dvf.v.s., Anna Grubb, Sept.28-1933

Grundler Tessie, dvf.v.s., W.A.Grundler, Oct.1-1939

Guffey Mildred, dvf.v.s., Doyle Guffy, Jan.8-1939

Guinn George E., dvf.v.s., Daisy M.Guinn, Sept.22-1940

Guinn Henry M., dvf.v.s., Dorothy June Guinn, Jan.12-1941

Guinn Loye Mae, dvf.v.s., W.P.Guinn, March 26-1939

Gullett Henry, dvf.v.s., Ada Gullett, Jan.29-1928

Gumm C.E., dvf.v.s., Isa Ethel Gumm, Feb.2-1923

Gunn Archie, dvf.v.s.Esther Gunn, Nov.30-1926

Gunn C.E., dvf.v.s., Ida Ethel Gunn, June 15-1923

Gunnett Carl Andrew, dvf.v.s., Mable Daisy Gunnett, June 14-1936

Gunter Ollie, dvf.v.s., Mose Gunter, Oct.2-1932

Guthrie Mary, dvf.v.s., Lee Guthrie, Jan.15-1942

Guthrie Sarah, dvf.v.s., Homer Guthie, #7246, July 1-1925

Guyer A.E., dvf.v.s., Anna E.Guyer, Oct.16-1935

Gwartney Lillie, dvf.v.s., Eugene Gwartney, June 3-1928

Gwyn Alice, dvf.v.s, Levi Gwyn, April 28-1926

Hackett Clara, dvf.v.s., Tom Hackett, Sept.22-1932

Hackett Clara, dvf.v.s., Tom Hackett, Oct.25-1936

Hackett Edith, dvf.v.s., Thomas Hackett, July 23-1925

Hackett T.W., dvf.v.s., Mary Edith Hackett, Oct.22-1926

Hackney Eva, dvf.v.s., Del Hackney, Aug.22-1922

Hackney J.C., dvf.v.s., Lola Hackney, March 30-1927

Hackney Merle, dvf.v.s., J.C.Hackey, May 3-1936

Hackworth Dollie, dvf.v.s., R.Hackworth, Oct.9-1924

Hadden Bert, dvf.v.s., Presha Hadden, July 25-1926

Haddox E.S., dvf.v.s., Lelia C.Haddox, Jan.6-1928

Hahn Dora E., dvf.v.s., Lawrence L.Hahn, Oct.17-1928

Haight R.L., dvf.v.s., Margaret Haight, Aug.13-1928

Hail John G., dvf.v.s., Allie Hail, April 29-1935

Haines Blanche, dvf.v.s., Marvin Haines, Dec.12-1935

Haizlip Ollie, dvf.v.s., William Haizlip, Oct.25-1925

Haizlip Ollie, dvf.v.s., William Haizlip, March 30-1926

Halbert Beulah, dvf.v.s., George Halbert, Feb.21-1924

Hale Avery, dvf.v.s., Bonnie Hale, Feb.26-1933

Hale Claire, dvf.v.s., Squire Vernon Hale, Oct.21-1926

Hale Odee, dvf.v.s., Geroge Charles Hale, March 19-1920

Hale Oscar, dvf.v.s.Kate Hale, April 29-1930

Hall Bessie, dvf.v.s., Cute Hall, Dec.3-1939

Hall Carl, dvf.v.s., Josephine Hall, Oct.22-1929

Hall Eilene, dvf.v.s., George Hall, May 27-1928

Hall Ethel, dvf.v.s., Robert Hall, Oct.31-1929

Hall Gertrude, dvf.v.s., W.H.Hall,  #504, March 17-1911

Hall Grace, dvf.v.s., I.C.Hall, March 17-1929

Hall J.B., dvf.v.s., Lillie R.Hall, Oct.31-1922 & Nov.6-1922

Hall Josephine, dvf.v.s., George Hall, March 30-1900

Hall L.C., dvf.v.s., Goldie Hall, Feb.26-1929

Hall Lena, dvf.v.s., Charlie Hall, Feb.10-1924

Hall Lillie R., dvf.v.s., J.B.Hall, March 13-1921

Hall Maggie, dvf.v.s., Robert E.Hall, July 10-1923

Hall Maggie, dvf.v.s., Robert E.Hall, June 1-1926

Hall Margie, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Hall, July 21-1931

Hall Ola (Odee), dvf.v.s., Charlie Hall, #1738, March 9-1917, strickin

Hall Pauline, dvf.v.s., Pierce Hall, Aug.20-1939

Hall R.E., dvf.v.s., Maggie Hall, July 11-1924

Hall Vashti, dvf.v.s., Claud Hall, #6569, June 5-1924

Hall Wanda Jewell, dvf.v.s., Eugene Emmett Hall, June 12-1946

Hall Willaim, dvf.v.s., Mary Hall, April 12-1934

Hallan Anna Beaver, dvf.v.s., Fred L.Hallan, Feb.15-1927

Hallan Inez C., dvf.v.s., David C.Hallan, Aug.29-1929

Hallmark Fred, dvf.v.s., Irene Hallmark, Aug.7-1923

Hallmark Irene, dvf.v.s., Fred Hallmark, July 22-1923

Hallock Angeline, dvf.v.s., D.W.Hallock, Jan.30-1928

Halloman Betty, dvf.v.s., Ed Halloman, June 21-1933

Ham J.T., dvf.v.s., Lillie Ham, April 26-1920, dismissed

Ham J.T., dvf.v.s., Lillian Ham, Sept.5-1920

Hamby B.L., dvf.v.s., Sanoma Edith Hamby, Aug.25-1923

Hamby Beulah, dvf.v.s., C.E.Hamby, Sept.1919

Hamby Beulah, dvf.v.s., Carl E.Hamby, Jan.26-1923

Hamilton Alice Cooper, dvf.v.s., Boyd Hamilton, #1485, June 26-1916

Hamilton Cordelia, dvf.v.s., W.H.Hamilton, Feb.16-1923

Hamilton F.M., dvf.v.s., Clara A.Hamilton, April 29-1910

Hamilton Hattie, dvf.v.s., Mr.Hamilton, July 25-1919

Hammond Anna Faye, dvf.v.s., Richard Joseph Hammond, May 26-1940

Hampton Cora E., dvf.v.s., John Thomas Hampton, Sept.11-1938

Hampton Cora, dvf.v.s., John Thomas Hampton, Jan.26-1941

Hampton Cordelia J., dvf.v.s., W.H.Hampton, Sept.7-1920

Hampton Cordelia, dvf.v.s., W.H.Hampton, March 18-1923

Hampton Evelyn, dvf.v.s., S.B.Hampton, Aug.10-1928

Hampton Georgia, dvf.v.s., M.F.Hampton, Sept.5-1928

Hampton Georgia, dvf.v.s., Mark H.Hampton, April 29-1931

Hampton James B., dvf.v.s., Edith Hampton, April 3-1919

Hampton Mona, dvf.v.s., Mark Hampton, Nov.19-1939

Hampton Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Tom Hampton, Aug.2-1931

Hampton Myrtle, dvf.v.s., J.T.Hampton, May 25-1933

Hampton Newakis, dvf.v.s., Ora Hampton, March 31-1927

Hampton Newakis, dvf.v.s., Ora Hampton, Nov.28-1935

Hampton Newakis, dvf.v.s., Ora Hampton, Sept.13-1936

Hampton Rosa E., dvf.v.s., S.B.Hampton, Aug.20-1925

Hance Doris, dvf.v.s., Donald E.Hance, May 14-1930

Hand Earl, dvf.v.s., Rhyldia Hand, July 1-1925

Hankins Mary, dvf.v.s., Joe Hankins, Jan.17-1913

Hanks Roy, dvf.v.s., Maye Hanks, Dec.19-1933

Hanks ???, dvf.v.s., Roy Hanks, April 3-1935

Hann Eva, dvf.v.s., Carl Hann, Oct.5-1923

Hanna Bessie, dvf.v.s., Joe Hanna, Feb.3-1931

Hanna Sol E., dvf.v.s., Nina Hanna, #1855, 1917

Hanna Valina, dvf.v.s., Ridge Hanna, Feb.13-1934

Hanna Velma, dvf.v.s., Ridge, Jan.16-1934

Hannebohn C.A., dvf.v.s., Emma Hannebohn, May 8-1934

Hannebohn Myrtle, dvf.v.s., C.A.Hannebohn, Aug.22-1926

Hanson Henry F., dvf.v.s., Anna Hanson, Sept.7-1926

Hardaway Frank, dvf.v.s., Bessie Hardaway, March 28-1926

Hardcastle R.C., dvf.v.s., Viola Hardcastle, April 17-1942

Hardesty George W., dvf.v.s., Mary E.Hardesty, March 30-1923

Hardin Ethel, dvf.v.s., Ellis Hardin, April 7-1933

Hardin Glee M., dvf.v.s., Roy Hardin, Nov.29-1927

Hardison Lillie Bernice, dvf.v.s., James Ellis Hardison, May 13-1954

Hardy Lee, dvf.v.s., Ruth Hardy, March 5-1923

Hardy Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Everett Hardy, Nov.17-1930

Harford Mary, dvf.v.s., George Harford, Feb.20-1920

Hargis Delsa, dvf.v.s., Harry Hargis, Jan.4-1934

Hargis Larkin, dvf.v.s., Ava Hargis, Dec.29-1925

Hargis Larkin, dvf.v.s., Ava Hargis, Feb.21-1926

Hargis Ora, dvf.v.s., L.W.Hargis, Sept.20-1933

Hargis Ruth, dvf.v.s., John L.Hargis, Feb.9-1941

Harlan David L., dvf.v.s., Necie Harlan, Sept.3-1920

Harlin David L., dvf.v.s., Necie Harlin, Aug.1-1920

Harlin Olive, dvf.v.s., Lane Harlin, May 26-1940

Harness Gladys, dvf.v.s., Daniel Harness, March 30-1926

Harper Albert, dvf.v.s., Mary Jane, May 28-1939

Harper C., dvf.v.s., E.Harper, Aug.27-1933

Harper Claude, dvf.v.s., Rosie Harper, May 19-1930

Harper Eula, dvf.v.s.Albert Harper, July 17-1922

Harper William J., dvf.v.s., Lois Harper, July 7-1940

Harr A.C., dvf.v.s., Bell Harr, #996, May 22-1912

Harr Marie, dvf.v.s., Owell Harr, March 26-1939

Harrington Merle, dvf.v.s., Charles Harrington, Dec.15-1930

Harriott Georgia K., dvf.v.s., Pike O.Harriott, #71, Jan.15-1909

Harris Alta, dvf.v.s., Gene Harris, June 2-1927

Harris Eva, dvf.v.s., James F.Harris, Aug.13-1920

Harris Frank, dvf.v.s., Mattie Harris, Sept.28-1926

Harris Lola, dvf.v.s., Roy Harris, Nov.12-1925

Harris Maude, dvf.v.s., Walter Harris, Nov.3-1935

Harris Myrtle Bell, dvf.v.s., Kenneth B.Harris, Feb.10-1941

Harris Robert L., dvf.v.s., Billie Joyce Harris, Oct.27-1955

Harris Roberta A., dvf.v.s., E.R.Harris, June 13-1923

Harris Ruth, dvf.v.s., Logan Harris, March 18-1923

Harrison Benjamin H., dvf.v.s., Josie Harrison, Nov.2-1921

Harrison Leroy, dvf.v.s., Evelyn Marie Harrison, Dec.10-1941

Harrison Nancy E., dvf.v.s., Samuel L.Harrison, #1272, Sept.10-1915

Harrison Ruth, dvf.v.s., Earl Harrison, Jan.12-1936

Harry A.H., dvf.v.s., Nora Harry, Jan.21-1924

Harryman Irma, dvf.v.s., Frank Harryman, Dec.19-1920

Hart Doris, dvf.v.s., Raymond Hart, Dec.23-1934

Hart Dorothy Montez, dvf.v.s., Ray Hart, Jan.30-1941

Hart Frank P., dvf.v.s., Thelma Hart, July 12-1936

Hart Martha M., dvf.v.s., Guy S.Hart, June 23-1940

Harter Delilah Elmira, dvf.v.s., Frederick Harter, Dec.6-1917

Harter Fred, dvf.v.s., Eva Harter, June 17-1929

Harting Minnie, dvf.v.s., George Harding, Jan.26-1923 & June 15-1923

Hartman Arthur, dvf.v.s., Ida Hartman, June 17-1931

Hartman Grace Clayton, dvf.v.s, Henry S.Hartman, Jan.9-1919

Hartsock Lizzie, dvf.v.s., George Hartsock, March 3-1905

Harvey Inez Vaughn, dvf.v.s., V.Claire Harvey, June 15-1923

Harvey Mable E., dvf.v.s., Thomas J.Harvey, Jan.4-1928

Harvey R.D., dvf.v.s., Letha Harvey, March 21-1929

Harwood Ella, dvf.v.s., R.M.Harwood, May 19-1931

Hassell Beulah Irene, dvf.v.s., Bulas W.Hassell, April 21-1940

Hatch J.F., dvf.v.s., Lola Harcher, March 25-1919

Hatfield Jesse, dvf.v.s., Goldie Hatfield, July 9-1935

Hatfield Madge, dvf.v.s., J.N.Hatfield, Oct.23-1928

Hauptman Mary, dvf.v.s, Leroy Hauptman, Jan.7-1919

Havener Sanford E., dvf.v.s., Lettie Havener, Feb.11-1921

Hawk Ruth, dvf.v.s., Clyde Hawk, Sept.26-1934

Hawkins Ethel, dvf.v.s., Lester Hawkins, May 14-1939

Hawkins Fern, dvf.v.s., Floyd Hawkins, April 13-1932

Hawkins Freda (nee Hubbard), dvf.v.s., William Hawkins, March 2-1923

Hawkins Patsy, dvf.v.s., John Hawkins, Oct.27-1940

Hawkins Whiteman, dvf.v.s., Pearl Hawkins, Aug.17-1926

Hawks Amos E., dvf.v.s., Opal M.Hawks, Aug.15-1941

Hawks Cathrine, dvf.v.s., Amos Hawks, Nov.25-1934

Hawks Catherine, dvf.v.s., Amos Hawks, July 9-1939

Hayden Clara Mae, dvf.v.s., Murphy Hayden, Dec.19-1930

Hayden Clara May, dvf.v.s., Murphy Hayden, June 17-1931

Hayden Minnie, dvf.v.s., O.L.Hayden, Oct.18-1927

Hayden Muriel, dvf.v.s., Neal Hayden, May 11-1925

Hayhome T.A., dvf.v.s., Minnie Hayhome, #7801, Jan.26-1926

Haynes Ethel, dvf.v.s., Longo Haynes, Sept.8-1929

Hayes E.O., dvf.v.s., Ethel Hayes, July 6-1926

Hayes J.E., dvf.v.s., Marie Hayes, Dec.18-1938

Hayes Joe B., dvf.v.s., Laura Hayes, Feb.10-1924

Hayes Koeetia, dvf.v.s., George E.Hayes, Sept.27-1936

Hayes Lillie, dvf.v.s, Charles Hayes, June 8-1920

Hayes Pauline, dvf.v.s., Russell Hayes, May 8-1938

Hayes Pink, dvf.v.s., Bertha Hayes,  #91, Sept.11-1908

Hayes Viola, dvf.v.s., Ernest L.Hayes, Nov.19-1939

Hayhurst Jewell, annul v.s., Wesley Hayhurst, Aug.16-1936

Haymaker Mary J., dvf.v.s.W.L.Haymaker, Sept.4-1941

Hays George Ellis, dvf.v.s., Marie Hays, July 31-1938

Hays Lilly, dvf.v.s, Charles Hays, Oct.10-1920

Hays Mary, dvf.v.s., Ott hays, May 1-1929

Hayter Rose Lee, dvf.v.s., Guy Hayter, May 14-1939

Head D.C., dvf.v.s., Dora B.Head, Feb.17-1923 & June 9-1923

Heald Frances Alene, dvf.v.s., Arthur Heald, April 17-1942

Heaps Julia, dvf.v.s, Charles Heaps, Feb.17-1920

Heath Mary Wilson, dvf.v.s., Arvin Heath, Jan.9-1942

Heath R.C., dvf.v.s., Edith Emoline Heath, Nov.5-1939

Heats Garland, dvf.v.s., Freda Heats, Dec.12-1929

Heavener A.S., dvf.v.s., Della Heavener, April 7-1930

Heavener Cora, dvf.v.s., Silas Heavener, Oct.21-1931

Heavins Weldon, dvf.v.s., Lillian Heavins, Aug.11-1940

Heavner Silas, dvf.v.s., Clara Heavner, Oct.12-1933

Heckler Hazel, dvf.v.s., Floyd Heckler, Feb.27-1925

Hecksher Leo, dvf.v.s., Flossie Hecksher, March 11-1934

Hedworth Hilda, dvf.v.s, Ira Hedworth, Aug.12-1920

Hedworth Zela, dvf.v.s., Mr.Ira Hedworth, Sept.27-1921

Hefley Anabel, dvf.v.s., Hubert Hefley, Nov.14-1941

Heindenrick Charles, dvf.v.s., H.Heindenrick, March 18-1930

Heiskell Agnes, dvf.v.s., Ed Heiskell, July 24-1938

Heiskell Eunice, dvf.v.s., K.L.Heiskell, Jan.19-1923 & March 18-1923

Heistand Bert, dvf.v.s., Gertie Heistand, Nov.17-1916

Heistand Bert, dvf.v.s., Lottie Heistand, March 2-1917

Heitman Ida, dvf.v.s., Julius G.Heitman, April 19-1920

Helm Barney O., dvf.v.s., Foy Dell Helm, Jan.15-1942

Helm Pearl, dvf.v.s., W.F.Helm, Nov.30-1928

Helm Rachel E., dvf.v.s., James F.Helm, #1249, Aug.20-1915

Helm Vivian, dvf.v.s, Hubert Helm, Oct.9-1938

Helm Vivian, dvf.v.s., J.H.Helm, Jan.15-1942

Helms Pearl, dvf.v.s., William Helms, Feb.6-1929

Helteel William T., dvf.v.s., Ruby Hosephine Helteel, Feb.18-1940

Henderson Ethel, dvf.v.s., Frank Henderson, April 12-1928

Henderson G.M., dvf.v.s., Stella Henderson, July 1-1924

Henderson Hattie, dvf.v.s., H.L.Henderson, July 10-1929

Henderson W.T., dvf.v.s., Blanche Henderson, Sept.30-1930

Henry Margaret, dvf.v.s., Elmer Henry, March 12-1929

Henry Pauline, dvf.v.s.Thomas Henry, April 25-1941

Hensley Maxine, dvf.v.s., Richard Heardell Hensley, May 14-1939

Henson Daisy D., dvf.v.s., Clarence Henson, Sept.1-1940

Herd J.Vincent, dvf.v.s., Audrey Herd, March 1-1935

Hereford Ruby, dvf.v.s., Frank Hereford, Jan.21-1927

Herring Inez, dvf.v.s., Ralph Herring, Nov.6-1935

Herring William, dvf.v.s.L.J.Herring, April 24-1926

Herriott Gerogia K., dvf.v.s., Pike O.Herriott,  #79, April 17-1908

Herrod Veda, dvf.v.s., Raymond Herrod, April 9-1924

Herron Maggie, dvf.v.s., Leroy Herron, Oct.9-1938

Hersman Ben, dvf.v.s., Bertha Hersman, March 14-1933

Hesksher Leon, dvf.v.s., Elizabeth Hesksher, June 21-1925

Hetherington Arvilla, dvf.v.s., Jack Hetherington, Nov.3-1941

Hewett Horace E., dvf.v.s., Martha Jane Hewett, Oct.11-1936

Hewkins Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Paul Hewkins, Aug.14-1935

Hicks Donna, dvf.v.s., Floyd Hicks, Nov.6-1927

Hicks Esther, dvf.v.s., Marion B.Hicks, July 13-1927

Hicks Floyd, dvf.v.s., Dona Hicks, Jan.10-1930

Hicks George L., dvf.v.s., Bessie A.Hicks, #617, Feb.9-1912

Hicks Nora B, dvf.v.s., Robert F.Hicks, #529, April 28-1911

Hicks Pauline, dvf.v.s., A.O.Hicks, May 9-1934

Higginbotham Evadean, dvf.v.s., Paul Higginbotham, March 23-1926

Higgins James, dvf.v.s, Alice Higgins, Sept.9-1917

Higgs Samuel F., dvf.v.s., Mildred Marie Higgs, Jan.26-1941

Hight Fern, dvf.v.s., Harry Hight, May 15-1923

Hilburn Charles, dvf.v.s., Grace Hilburn, Sept.16-1926

Hilderbrand Maude, dvf.v.s., James Hilderbrand, Oct.27-1926

Hildreth Ab, dvf.v.s., Ida May Hildreth, Sept.26-1926

Hildreth A.C., dvf.v.s., Carrie Hildreth, March 31-1925

Hildreth Carrie, dvf.v.s., A.B.Hildreth, Oct.20-1924

Hile Lydia, dvf.v.s., G.W.Hile, Sept.11-1928

Hiles Beulah, dvf.v.s., Leroy Hiles, Oct.1-1939

Hile W.G., dvf.v.s., Frances Hile, Dec.10-1939

Hill Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Virgil Hill, Sept.12-1930

Hill D., dvf.v.s., Lucy Hill, Oct.19-1921

Hill Dixie, dvf.v.s., John P.Hill, Aug.24-1926

Hill James, dvf.v.s., Alma Hill, May 22-1928

Hill Janie, dvf.v.s., Jim Hill, #7201, April 14-1925

Hill John, dvf.v.s., Belle Hill, Aug.26-1929

Hill John F., dvf.v.s., Anna Bell Hill, Jan.15-1942

Hill Josie, dvf.v.s., Frank Hill, July 25-1920

Hill Lucille, dvf.v.s., Robert Hill, May 3-1936

Hill Lucille, dvf.v.s., Robert Hill, July 6-1941

Hill Lucy, dvf.v.s., Davis Hill, Aug.31-1920

Hill William, dvf.v.s., Winnford Hill, Sept.12-1933

Hilliard Golda Fay, dvf.v.s., John Henry Hilliard, Nov.6-1941

Hilliard J.C., dvf.v.s., Pearl Hilliard, Sept.2-1926

Hillman Roberta, dvf.v.s., Virgil Hillman, Feb.9-1941

Hills Ida, dvf.v.s., R.B.Hills, May 1-1929

Hilton May, dvf.v.s., William Hilton, July 22-1922 & Oct.23-1922

Hinate Bertha, dvf.v.s., John F.Hinate, April 26-1922

Hinch Maud, dvf.v.s, Mr.Hinch, Nov.14-1920

Hines Carrie, dvf.v.s , William E Hines, March 30-1900

Hines Floyd M., dvf.v.s., Emma Lee Hines, June 17-1954

Hines Gertrude, dvf.v.s., J.A.Hines, Oct.13-1925

Hinkle Helen, dvf.v.s., Charles Hinkle, April 12-1924

Hinz Velma, dvf.v.s., Henry Hinz, April 22-1930

Hires Virginia Lee, dvf.v.s., Floyd W.Hires, April 21-1940

Hiveley Henry, dvf.v.s., Emily Hiveley, March 30-1917

Hivner Edna, dvf.v.s., Grant Hivner, May 9-1926

Hobbs William, dvf.v.s., Ruby Hobbs, Dec.29-1925

Hobbs William J., dvf.v.s., Nora Jane Hobbs, Oct.20-1921

Hodge Minnie, dvf.v.s., Ernest Hodge, Oct.4-1932

Hodgkiss Rozetta, dvf.v.s., W.M.Hodgkiss, #383, April 7-1911

Hodson Edna, dvf.v.s., Claude Hodson, #523, April 28-1911

Hodson Ida, dvf.v.s., Luther Hodson, July 21-1935

Hodson Nellie, dvf.v.s., John Hodson, Feb.5-1928

Hogan Eunice May, dvf.v.s., Vernie F.Hogan, April 20-1927

Hogan Mamie Stamper, dvf.v.s., Thomas H.Hogan, March 6-1918

Hogland Jane, dvf.v.s., Walter, #1696, Feb.9-1917

Holden Arline, dvf.v.s., Mack Holden, Nov.28-1935

Holden Clara, dvf.v.s., Max Holden, Oct.30-1938

Holden Leona, dvf.v.s., Walter Holden, March 30-1926

Holden Lola, dvf.v.s., Max Holden, April 1-1930

Holdman Opal, dvf.v.s., Oris E.Holdman, Dec.9-1925

Hollan Inez C., dvf.v.s., David H.Hollan, Sept.2-1929

Hollis Curt S., dvf.v.s., Clara May Hollis, March 10-1929

Hollis Jonathan B., dvf.v.s, Polly F.Hollis, Feb.13-1919

Hollis Lillie, dvf.v.s., Marvin Hollis, Jan.19-1923

Holloman Betty, dvf.v.s., Ed Holloway, June 21-1933

Holman Cora, dvf.v.s, Grover C.Holman, July 5-1919

Holman Inoa, dvf.v.s., Walter Holman, May 3-1936

Holman Opal, dvf.v.s., Oris Holman, Feb.24-1926

Holmes Alfred, dvf.v.s., Bertha Holmes, Nov.6-1941

Holmes Nim, dvf.v.s., Thelma Holmes, Sept.19-1926

Holmes Nim, dvf.v.s., Jessie Holmes, Aug.1-1941

Holt Bonnie, dvf.v.s., George E.Holt, May 17-1934

Holt Flora, dvf.v.s., Steve Holt, April 3-1923

Holt Geneva, dvf.v.s., John Holt, Oct.25-1933

Holt Geneva, dvf.v.s., John Holt, March 18-1934

Holt Geneva, dvf.v.s., John Holt, March 18-1935

Holt Joe, dvf.v.s., Pearl Holt, April 17-1930

Hood Cyrus, , dvf.v.s, Luella Hood, May 21-1919

Hood Flora, dvf.v.s., Clayton P.Hood, Jan.26-1941

Hood Isabell, dvf.v.s., William Hood, Nov.14-1929

Hood Lily V., dvf.v.s., John Hood, July 29-1919

Hood Luella M.(nee Mann), dvf.v.s., Cyrus C.Hood, April 3-1921

Hooper Annie, dvf.v.s., George Hooper, May 27-1930

Hooper Dorothy Paul, dvf.v.s., Clyde Hooper, Nov.22-1928

Hope Flora, dvf.v.s., Charles Hope, March 29-1920

Hopkins Donald, dvf.v.s., Pauline Hopkins, Feb.15-1942

Hopkins Floyd L., dvf.v.s., Nova Hopkins, Nov.30-1926

Hopkins Floyd L., dvf.v.s., Nova Hopkins, March 30-1927

Hopkins M.E., dvf.v.s., Bettie Hopkins, Dec.21-1941

Hopkins Nettie, dvf.v.s., Walter Hopkins, Feb.11-1940

Hopkins William T., dvf.v.s., Bertie P.Hopkins, March 26-1939

Hopper Daisy, dvf.v.s., Earnest Hopper, July 27-1923

Hopper Emma, dvf.v.s., Clarence Hopper, Sept.6-1927

Hopper Jack, dvf.v.s., Liddie Hopper, April 12-1933

Hopper Jewell, dvf.v.s., Frank Hopper, March 18-1932

Hopper Jewel, dvf.v.s.Frank Hopper, June 9-1940

Hopper Lee, dvf.v.s., Dorothy Hopper, April 12-1933

Hopper Lillian, dvf.v.s., Earnie Hopper, Oct.18-1936

Hopper Nancy, dvf.v.s., A.L.Hopper, #1652, Jan.12-1917

Hoppes Daisy, dvf.v.s.Paul Hoppes, Oct.27-1940

Horn Garnette, dvf.v.s., Maurice Horn, Aug.6-1939

Horner Cecil, dvf.v.s., Marion Horner, Dec.28-1927

Horner Cecil, dvf.v.s., Marion Horner, Jan.2-1928

Horton Mary, dvf.v.s., John Horton, June 5-1938

Horton Viola, dvf.v.s., A.E.Horton, April 20-1923

Houchin Mona Hope, dvf.v.s., Snow Houchin, Dec.21-1941

Housman Ada, dvf.v.s., Harm Housman, Nov.11-1923

Houston Stella, dvf.v.s., Lee Houston, May 19-1926

Howard Lottie, dvf.v.s., Ernest Howard, March 5-1924

Howard Neva, dvf.v.s., Ernest Howard, Dec.31-1925

Howard Ollie, dvf.v.s., Tom Howard, Nov.18-1925

Howard W.S., dvf.v.s., Anna Howard, March 31-1926

Howe Grace, dvf.v.s., Alfred Howe, #8160, July 23-1926

Howell Cora, dvf.v.s., Claude L.Howell, Sept.19-1926

Howell Dorothy, dvf.v.s., James Howell, Jan.18-1925

Howell Lee, dvf.v.s., Hanna Howell, July 25-1929

Howell Mike G., dvf.v.s., Mary Howell, May 8-1929

Howerton Rose, dvf.v.s., Fred Howerton, Feb.10-1941

Howley William, dvf.v.s., Gladys Howley, April 25-1923

Hubbard Eva, dvf.v.s., Howard Hubbard, Feb.12-1931

Huckins Emma, dvf.v.s., G.W.Huckins, April 18-1920

Hudson Charles E., dvf.v.s., Edna Hudson, June 15-1923

Hudson Cherokee M., dvf.v.s., S.B.Hudson, #506, March 17-1911

Hudson Florence, v.s.James Hudson, Sept.4-1934-annulment

Hudson Harry, dvf.v.s., Geraldine Hudson, Nov.20-1921

Hudson Henry, dvf.v.s., Geraldine Hudson, March 30-1920

Hudson Irvin, dvf.v.s., Lois Hudson, Feb.11-1934--March 21-1934

Hudson James A., dvf.v.s., Annabelle Hudson, Nov.13-1938

Hudson Joy, dvf.v.s, April 18-1919

Hudson Oney, dvf.v.s., William Hudson, Aug.17-1922

Hudson Paul, dvf.v.s., Lulla Hudson, Jan.26-1923

Hudson W.J., dvf.v.s., Bessie Bingham Hudson, Feb.13-1921

Huff H., dvf.v.s., Emma Huff, Aug.12-1920

Huff Julia, dvf.v.s., Estella Huff, April 15-1930

Huff Martha, dvf.v.s., Lesley Huff, Sept.9-1926

Huff Sarah, dvf.v.s., Tom Huff, Dec.20-1936

Huffman Ernest, dvf.v.s., Avala Huffman, June 8-1924

Huffman Flora, dvf.v.s., Lester Huffman, July 23-1934

Huffman Milam, dvf.v.s., Ruth Huffman, June 9-1930

Hufford Clover, dvf.v.s., Ernest M.Hufford, June 16-1927

Hufford Clover, dvf.v.s., Ernest Hufford, March 25-1930

Hufft T.F., dvf.v.s., Ara Hufft, March 25-1924

Hufft T.F., dvf.v.s.Ara Hufft, Jan.27-1926

Hughes Cecil, dvf.v.s., Lillian Hughes, Sept.24-1939

Hughes Charles, dvf.v.s., M.V.Hughes, April 19-1932

Hughes Clara, dvf.v.s., M.V.Hughes, June 22-1932

Hughes Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Charles Hughes, Oct.6-1931

Hughes Elmer, dvf.v.s., Ethel Hughes, #7239, May 6-1925

Hughes May, dvf.v.s., Owen Hughes, April 15-1924

Hulsey Willard, dvf.v.s., Maxine Hulsey, April 21-1940

Hulsey W.H., dvf.v.s., Hulda Husley, Aug.28-1931

Hulvey Pearl, dvf.v.s., Thomas B.Hulvey, June 3-1923

Hulvey T.B., dvf.v.s., Katie Hulvey, Dec.27-1936

Hummel Jesse L., dvf.v.s., Nellie Hummel, April 16-1939

Hummer Anna, dvf.v.s., Joseph Hummer, March 8-1922 & April 30-1922

Hummingbird Winnie, dvf.v.s., Homer Hummingbird, Sept.30-1926

Humphrey Maude, dvf.v.s., Ernest Humphrey, April 5-1933

Humphrey Nannie, dvf.v.s., Wade Humphrey, April 27-1926

Hunt Albert R., dvf.v.s., May Hunt, #7245, May 6-1925

Hunt Allen, dvf.v.s., Lona Hunt, Sept.30-1930

Hunt Edith, dvf.v.s., Elmer Hunt, April 6-1921

Hunt Fern, dvf.v.s., W.J.Hunt, Nov.6-1935

Hunt Flossie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Hunt, June 10-1927

Hunter Lillian, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Hunter, Sept.1-1927

Hupperfelt Beulah, dvf.v.s., John Hupperfelt, Feb.25-1931

Hurley Ina, dvf.v.s., Fred Hurley, Oct.14-1919

Hurley Woodrow, dvf.v.s., Clara Hurley, April 25-1941

Hurn C.B., dvf.v.s., Lula Hurn, March 13-1923

Hurst Elfa, dvf.v.s., Robert Hurst, Nov.5-1926

Hurst Margaret, dvf.v.s., Harry Hurst, Sept.9-1925

Husted Irene, dvf.v.s., Charles G.Husted, Sept.24-1929

Huston Bessie, dvf.v.s., W.S.Huston, Oct.6-1927

Hutchens Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Earl Hutchens, April 27-1920

Hutchens Jewell, dvf.v.s., Albert Hutchens, Oct.30-1929

Hutchens Leonard, dvf.v.s., Bertha Hutchens, April 8-1926

Hutchins Leonard, dvf.v.s., Bertha Hutchins, April 27-1926

Hutchinson Griffin, dvf.v.s., Irene Hutchinson, Dec.8-1926

Hutchinson Martha, dvf.v.s., Tom Hutchinson, May 14-1915

Hutson Bessie, dvf.v.s., W.S.Hutson, Aug.15-1928

Hutson Bessie, dvf.v.s., W.S. Hutson, Dec.22-1931

Hutson Charles, dvf.v.s., Helen Hutson, Jan.15-1942

Hutts Joe C., dvf.v.s., Ann Hutts, Nov.6-1927

Huxall Beulah, dvf.v.s., T.F.Huxall, Feb.19-1941

Hyde Ina May, dvf.v.s., D.H.Hyde, #7485, Aug.26-1925

Ide Jess, dvf.v.s., Marjorie Ide, June 21-1934

Imbeau B.F., dvf.v.s., L.J.Imbeau, #668, April 18-1913

Inglebrecht Mrs., dvf.v.s., Fred Inglebrecht, Aug.15-1919

Inman Edith, dvf.v.s., Omer Inman, May 31-1928

Inman Ida Mae, dvf.v.s., Cecil Inman, Oct.28-1935

Inman Nellie May, dvf.v.s., Robert T.Inman, March 26-1925

Irby Dwight, dvf.v.s., Irene Irby, July 6-1923 & Sept.17-1923

Ireland Buelah, dvf.v.s., George Ireland, March 30-1923 & June 15-1923

Irwin Geneva Irene, dvf.v.s., James Lyndell Irwin, Jan.23-1938

Irwin Geneva, dvf.v.s., Lyndel Irwin, Nov.18-1931

Isaac Ovazine, dvf.v.s., Oliver Isaac, May 22-1932

Isley James O., dvf.v.s., Rhoda J.Isley, #188, Jan.15-1909

Jacob Annie, dvf.v.s., Ben T.Jacob, Jan.3-1928

Jacobs Lily, dvf.v.s, J.W.Jacobs, March 25-1919

Jacks Birdie, dvf.v.s., Charles Jacks, Sept.21-1924

Jackson Bessie, dvf.v.s., Charlie Jackson, Sept.12-1923

Jackson D.J., dvf.v.s., Juanita Jackson, May 14-1941

Jackson Earl, dvf.v.s., Lena Jackson, March 30-1917

Jackson Firman, dvf.v.s., Ollie Jackson, March 28-1926

Jackson G.B., dvf.v.s., Mattie B.”Hattie” Jackson, Dec.30-1925

Jackson Ida Howard, dvf.v.s., Marion Jackson, Nov.14-1924

Jackson Ila, dvf.v.s., M.T.Jackson, Dec.17-1939

Jackson J.A., dvf.v.s., Dora Jackson, Dec.10-1909 & April 29-1910

Jackson Lillian, dvf.v.s., July 6-1941

Jackson Olla, dvf.v.s., Earl Jackson, June 6-1929

Jackson May, dvf.v.s., Oscar Jackson, July 13-1926

Jackson Naomi Dolores, dvf.v.s., E.S.Jackson, Feb.21-1932

Jackson Opal, dvf.v.s., Garrett D.Jackson, Sept.4-1941

Jackson Ralph, dvf.v.s., Gertrude Jackson, Dec.2-1929

Jackson Ralph, dvf.v.s., Gertrude Jackson, March 27-1930

Jacobs Ethel Lee, dvf.v.s., Raymond E.Jacobs, July 24-1941

Jacobs Georgia, dvf.v.s., Lee Jacob, Oct.10-1926

Jacques Amy, dvf.v.s., Earl Jacques, Sept.1-1923

James Ethel Mae, dvf.v.s., George E.James, July 9-1925

James Gertrude Lee, dvf.v.s., Charles C.James, May 1-1941

James Maude, dvf.v.s., Norman W.James, Oct.20-1941

Jameson Faye C., dvf.v.s., Homer W.Jameson, Jan.19-1941

Jameson Margaret, dvf.v.s., Roy H.Jameson, Dec.7-1927

Jameson W.N., dvf.v.s., Lucille Jameson, Feb.26-1928

Jamison Irene Gill, dvf.v.s., Roy Jamison, Aug.9-1936

Jamison Roy R., dvf.v.s., Ruth Jamison, Nov.4-1925

Janeway Blanch E., dvf.v.s., Charles Janeway, Dec.8-1926

January Bessie, dvf.v.s., Jack January, Aug.2-1934

Jarnagin Ethel, dvf.v.s., Clarence Jarnagin, Aug.1-1941

Jarrard Daisy, dvf.v.s., Roy Jarrard, Nov.10-1927

Jarrett Amanda, dvf.v.s, John Jarrett, Feb.27-1920

Jarrett Claude E., dvf.v.s., Daisy Irene Jarrett, Dec.20-1936

Jefferson John, dvf.v.s., Lottie Burkhart Jefferson, Aug.7-1919

Jefferson Lottie(nee Burkhart), dvf.v.s, John Jefferson, Aug.7-1919

Jeffery Gertie, dvf.v.s., John Jeffery, Feb.14-1924

Jeffries Anna, dvf.v.s., Ovid Jeffries, July 11-1941

Jenkins Auber A., dvf.v.s., Ella Jenkins, Aug.22-1926

Jenkins Evalyn, dvf.v.s., Walter Jenkins, Feb.15-1933

Jenkins Fannie Alice, dvf.v.s., Robert Leamon, Dec.21-1941

Jennings Martha Jane, dvf.v.s., Delbert L.Jennings, Feb.19-1941

Jennison Gene, dvf.v.s., Louise W.Jennison, Feb.12-1939

Jennison Louise, dvf.v.s., Gene Jennison, Dec.27-1935

Jennison Pauline, dvf.v.s., Guy Jennison, Nov.6-1938

Jockers E.J., dvf.v.s., Leona Jockers, March 27-1938

Johnson Alice, dvf.v.s., William Johnson, #86, April 17-1908 & Jan.15-1909

Johnson Anna Crow, dvf.v.s., Silas Arthur Johnson, April 27-1917

Johnson Daisy C., dv.v.s., James H.Johnson, June 15-1923

Johnson Daisy, dvf.v.s., James H.Johnson, March 31-1925

Johnson Evelyn C., dvf.v.s., Arthur Johnson, Feb.25-1925

Johnson Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Freeman Truman Johnson, May 21-1934

Johnson Flossie, dvf.v.s., Charles Johnson, Feb.27-1927

Johnson George, dvf.v.s., Lora Johnson, Feb.11-1926

Johnson Hazel, dvf.v.s., Fred Johnson, Jan.22-1939

Johnson Helen, dvf.v.s., James Clifford Johnson, Oct.29-1939

Johnson Isabelle, dvf.v.s., Vincent Johnson, #1259, Sept.3-1915

Johnson Letha, dvf.v.s., T.J.Johnson, May 2-1928

Johnson Irene, dvf.v.s., Harold E.Johnson, July 19-1956

Johnson Irene, dvf.v.s., Merle C.Johnson, Sept.23-1954

Johnson Lula B., dvf.v.s., Harvey A.Johnson, #561, 1911

Johnson Mary A., dvf.v.s., W.K.Johnson, #1260, Sept.3-1915

Johnson Mary S., dvf.v.s., Harry Johnson, #6522, May 13-1924

Johnson Maud, dvf.v.s., Charles E.Johnson, Aug.25-1925

Johnson Mildred, dvf.v.s., Truman Johnson, April 17-1942

Johnson Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Everett Johnson, #1270, Sept.10-1915

Johnson Ola, dvf.v.s., George Johnson, Dec.11-1923

Johnson Ollie, dvf.v.s., P.B.Johnson, Sept.27-1918

Johnson Rena, dvf.v.s., Charles Johnson, Sept.9-1925

Johnson Robert, dvf.v.s, Jewell Johnson, Jan.15-1919

Johnson Roy, dvf.v.s., Evelyn Johnson, Dec.12-1929

Johnson Velma, dvf.v.s., Vernie Johnson, Jan.15-1939

Johnson Venda Pearl, dvf.v.s., Edward Johnson, Aug.29-1929

Johnson Vera, dvf.v.s., Bill Johnson, July 10-1932

Johnson Vera Ella, dvf.v.s., William Earl Johnson, Oct.11-1936

Johnson Verda Pearl, dvf.v.s., Edward Miller Johnson, Sept.2-1929

Johnson Virginia, dvf.v.s., Boyd Johnson, Jan.21-1942

Johnson William, dvf.v.s., Ella Johnson, June 15-1923

Johnson William, dvf.v.s., Ellen Johnson, June 10-1923

Johnston Eva, dvf.v.s., William Johnston, April 12-1936

Jolley Lillie, dvf.v.s., Don Jolley, July 31-1929

Jones Alta M., dvf.v.s., Noel E.Jones, Aug.3-1933

Jones Barbara, dvf.v.s., J.L.Jones, Oct.28-1928

Jones Barbara, dvf.v.s., J.L.Jones, Feb.6-1929

Jones Bernice, dvf.v.s., Jack Jones, April 22-1935

Jones Bertha G., dvf.v.s., Ottinger S.Jones, Feb.1-1942

Jones C.B., dvf.v.s., Ethel Jones, Nov.11-1934

Jones Christine, dvf.v.s., Herbert R.Jones, June 23-1940

Jones C.J., dvf.v.s., Earl Jones, June 3-1928

Jones Clara, dvf.v.s., J.A.Jones, Dec.13-1929

Jones Claud R., dvf.v.s., Mabel Jones, Sept.24-1922

Jones Claud R., dvf.v.s., Mable Jones, March 9-1923

Jones Elbert H., dvf.v.s., Jessie Jones, Feb.8-1932

Jones Enola, dvf.v.s., Leroy Jones, March 26-1939

Jones Ethel M., dvf.v.s., George E.Jones, Sept.9-1925

Jones Eugene B., dvf.v.s., Leatha Jones, #7443, Aug.10-1925

Jones Eugene B., dvf.v.s., Leotha Jones, March 30-1926

Jones Flossie N., dvf.v.s., Sylvester N.Jones, May 8-1919

Jones Gertrude Ross, dvf.v.s., Curtis J.J.Jones, July 20-1924

Jones Girtie, dvf.v.s., Ralph Jones, Jan.13-1925

Jones Gladys M., dvf.v.s., B.H.Jones, March 27-1924

Jones Jack, dvf.v.s., Minnie Jones, Aug.10-1941

Jones Jesse, dvf.v.s., Fred Jones, July 26-1936

Jones John R., dvf.v.s., Hazel Jones, April 15-1930

Jones J.R., dvf.v.s., Iva Jones, #7497, Oct.27-1925

Jones Juanita, dvf.v.s., Claude Jones, July 26-1936

Jones Lola, dvf.v.s., George Jones, Aug.9-1936

Jones Lottie, dvf.v.s., J.R.Jones, Jan.31-1924

Jones Lula, dvf.v.s., Edgar Jones, June 6-1934

Jones Margaret, dvf.v.s., Henry Dean Jones, Oct.6-1940

Jones Mariam, dvf.v.s., Harry Jones, Jan.17-1913

Jones Martha, dvf.v.s., Carl Jones, Oct.22-1929

Jones Mary A., dvf.v.s., Edward Jones, April 13-1920

Jones Maurine Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., E.John Jones, Oct.22-1928

Jones Maurine, dvf.v.s., E.J.Jones, June 5-1930

Jones Minnie, dvf.v.s., Jack Jones, Nov.17-1940

Jones Nancy, dvf.v.s., Troy Jones, Sept.17-1939

Jones Nettie, dvf.v.s., Clyde G.Jones, Aug.6-1919

Jones Silas W., dvf.v.s., Pearl Jones, Jan.17-1913

Jones Stella, dvf.v.s., Earl Jones, Sept.4-1941

Jones Wilber, dvf.v.s., Martin Jones, March 2-1917

Jordan Jay E., dvf.v.s., Maude Jordan, Aug.13-1922

Jordan Lewis, dvf.v.s., Grace Jordan, Oct.1-1928

Jordan William, dvf.v.s., Lillian Jordan, Jan.4-1933

Jordon Grace, dvf.v.s., Lewis Jordon, Sept.25-1929

Joseph Robbie, dvf.v.s., J.Joseph, Nov.13-1924

KaGrand Grace, dvf.v.s., George KaGrand, Feb.6-1929

Kallenbon Grace, dvf.v.s., George Kallenbon, Oct.19-1921

Karr Lucille, dvf.v.s., John Karr, Dec.27-1934

Karr Lucille, dvf.v.s., John Karr, Jan.9-1935

Kaufman Bessie J., dvf.v.s., Clarnece Kaufman, March 27-1938

Kaufman Joe Henry, dvf.v.s., Sarah Kaufman, March 5-1933

Kay Carl, dvf.v.s., Lucille Kay, May 10-1945

Kays Anna L., dvf.v.s., Clarence Kays, Nov.13-1925

Kearney Burton V., dvf.v.s., Gertie Kearney, Sept.14-1926

Keegan Patrick J., dvf.v.s., Louise Keegan, April 27-1923

Keene Bertha, dvf.v.s., Ralph Keene, April 3-1938

Keene Otto, dvf.v.s., J.H.Keene, June 26-1929

Keener Dora, dvf.v.s., W.E.Keener, Jan.21-1925

Keener H.C., dvf.v.s., Sarah E.Keener, Dec.15-1925

Keener H.C., dvf.v.s., Sarah E.Keener, March 30-1926

Keernan Lucille, dvf.v.s., Buford Keernan, Nov.14-1933

Keith Lois, dvf.v.s., Jim Keith, June 11-1928

Keith Sarah, dvf.v.s., Thomas Keith, June 4-1920

Keithcart John, dvf.v.s., Effie Keithcart, Setp.6-1933

Kellar Gertie B., dvf.v.s., Charles W.Kellar, #564, 1911

Keller Orah, dvf.v.s., George W.Keller, Nov.3-1927

Kelley Belle, dvf.v.s., Martin J.Kelley, April 29-1925

Kelley Fay, dvf.v.s., Audrey Kelley, May 14-1931

Kelley John M., dvf.v.s., Sarah Kelley, April 10-1925

Kelly Alberta, dvf.v.s., Charles Kelly, July 25-1935

Kelly Belle, dvf.v.s., Martin J.Kelly, Feb.6-1921

Kelly Buddy, dvf.v.s., Ava Margarette Kelly, Feb.21-1935

Kemple Julius E., dvf.v.s., Gillie D.Thurston Kemple, July 30-1920

Kendell Samuel W., dvf.v.s., Thelma Kendell, Aug.6-1923

Kennedy Pauline, dvf.v.s., Leroy Keene Kennedy, Sept.25-1938

Kennedy Richard E., dvf.v.s., Margaret L.Kennedy, Jan.5-1941

Kennedy T.J., dvf.v.s., Nancy Kennedy, Sept.8-1929

Kenney Lela, dvf.v.s., William Kenney, March 10-1931

Kenney Zenia, dvf.v.s., Sam Kenney, Oct.27-1940

Keno Mary, dvf.v.s., Henry Keno, # 40, May 1908

Kenslow Winefred, dvf.v.s., William Kenslow, May 18-1928

Kentner Phenora, dvf.v.s., G.W.Kentner, April 9-1941

Kentner Susan E., dvf.v.s., G.W.Kentner, Aug.27-1939

Keough Nora A.(nee Warren), dvf.v.s., Charles H.Keouugh, Jan.25-1923 & March 13-1923

Kepner Laura Mae, dvf.v.s., Carl Kepner, June 23-1935

Kerley Gwendolyn, dvf.v.s., Edwin Kerley, June 5-1938

Kerley May, dvf.v.s., George Kerley, July 31-1938

Kerley Mike, dvf.v.s., Hallie Kerley, Jan.15-1942

Kerr Grace, dvf.v.s., Truman Kerr, Nov.8-1931

Kerr Mamie, dvf.v.s., Ray kerr, Dec.12-1929

Kertz John, dvf.v.s., Mary Kertz, Dec.16-1924

Kessler Eva, dvf.v.s., Clyda A.Kessler, #7444, Oct.27-1925

Kessel Miller F., dvf.v.s., Lula Kessel, July 13-1928

Ketcher Bert, dvf.v.s., Naomi Ketcher, June 14-1927

Ketcher Nadine, dvf.v.s., Bert Ketcher, Feb.3-1929

Ketcher Rowena, dvf.v.s., David Ross Ketcher, April 7-1955

Key Bertha, dvf.v.s., Carl Key, May 22-1933

Kidd Heber, dvf.v.s., Frank Kidd, Sept.15-1921

Kidwin Mike, dvf.v.s., Tula Kidwin, Aug.27-1919

Kimball Daniel F., dvf.v.s., Alvina Kimball, Oct.17-1922

Kimball Margaretta, dvf.v.s., Daniel Kimball, April 12-1924

Kimball W.P., dvf.v.s., Ambie C.Kimball, Oct.26-1926

Kimble Mabel, dvf.v.s., Oren Kimbel, July 7-1940

King Anna, dvf.v.s., Charles King, Feb.2-1917

King Bessie, dvf.v.s., Robert King, May 26-1941

King C.H., dvf.v.s., Della King, Sept.9-1925

King Estella (nee Owens), dvf.v.s., Oral E.King, May 24-1923

King Floyd, dvf.v.s., Goldie King, Sept.7-1926

King Frank, dvf.v.s., Lucille King, Dec.7-1934

King Josephine, dvf.v.s., Biley King, July 17-1919

King J.T., dvf.v.s., Anna King, #1276, Sept.17-1915

King Lena, dvf.v.s., Charles Edward King, Sept.15-1940

King Mabel, dvf.v.s., Francis King, July 15-1930

King Mary Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., John King, Oct.8-1934

King Maud, dvf.v.s., Geroge M.King, March 26-1919, stricken

King M.L., dvf.v.s., Rosy Anna King, Jan.25-1921

King Mollie G., dvf.v.s., Walter King, May 14-1929

King Myrtle, dvf.v.s., William King, #356, Feb.25-1910

King Nellie, dvf.v.s., L.C.King, Jan.17-1913

King Oscar, dvf.v.s., Clara King, July 15-1927

King Oscar J., dvf.v.s., Clara B.King, Sept.12-1928

King Phyrne, dvf.v.s., Clarence M.King, July 25-1926

King Ray M., dvf.v.s., Ralph Wilburn King, Jan.22-1919

King Thyrne, dvf.v.s., Clarence M.King, Nov.28-1927

King Vola, dvf.v.s., H.G.King, May 22-1929

Kingery I.A., dvf.v.s., Retta May Kingery, Nov.21-1917

Kingman Ruby, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Kingman, July 18-1927

Kinnaman Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Max C.Kinnaman, Nov.29-1936

Kinney Anna L., dvf.v.s., Sam C.Kinney, June 13-1926

Kinsey Florence, dvf.v.s., A.J.Kinsey, Nov.26-1930

Kinslow Winnifred, dvf.v.s., William Kinslow, Feb.24-1926

Kirby Owen C., dvf.v.s., Beulah Kirby, June 25-1939

Kirk Ester, dvf.v.s., Robert Kirk, May 12-1924

Kirk Lewis, dvf.v.s., Laura Kirk, May 25-1930

Kirkland William I., dvf.v.s., Viola Kirkland, Aug.29-1919

Kiser Dan Jr., dvf.v.s., Virginia Lee Kiser, July 6-1941

Kist Mary Frances, dvf.v.s., Frank Kist, May 17-1936

Kist Mary, dvf.v.s., Frank Kist, Oct.9-1938

Kitto Ella, dvf.v.s., Frank Kitto, March 25-1927

Klein Etta, dvf.v.s., W.G.Klein, Dec.28-1926

Klinefelter Florence, dvf.v.s., Graham Klinefelter, Dec.29-1927

Klinefelter Lena, dvf.v.s., James Klinefelter, Aug.2-1934

Klinefelter Pauline, dvf.v.s., Harry Klinefelter, Sept.27-1936

Knight Lena, dvf.v.s., Henry Grady Knight, June 18-1939

Kolar Hazel, dvf.v.s., Vandy G.Kolar, Dec.11-1930

Knapp Shirl, dvf.v.s., Davin Knapp, Feb.1-1933

Knight Anna, dvf.v.s., Richard S.Knight, July 9-1935

Knowles Ruby, dvf.v.s., Abe Knowles, Dec.10-1939

Knowlton Mable, dvf.v.s., Darwin K.Knowlton, April 27-1926

Knox Clyde, dvf.v.s., Edna Knox, Jan.19-1928

Knox Iva E., dvf.v.s., H.G.Knox, June 9-1940

Kollenbon Grace, dvf.v.s., George Kollenbon, Jan.29-1922

Kroenke Ella, dvf.v.s., William Kroenke, Nov.5-1939

Kromeich Anna, dvf.v.s., Sm.H.Kromeich, March 30-1917

Krug Dessie, dvf.v.s., Albert Krug, Feb.8-1925

Kuhns Lela, dvf.v.s., Clifford Kuhns, Sept.4-1938

LaFalier Henry, dvf.v.s., Ella LaFalier, Feb.25-1910

LaFallier Homer, dvf.v.s., Sophia LaFallier, Sept.12-1920

Laffoon E.B., dvf.v.s., Walsie Laffoon, Oct.30-1930

Lafoon Walsie, dvf.v.s., E.B.Lafoon, June 23-1930

Lafoon Maxine, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Lafoon, April 23-1939

LaGrand Grace, dvf.v.s., George LaGarnd, Dec.7-1928

Lair Jessie Ward, dvf.v.s., Frank Lair, Aug.24-1920

Lake Charles, dvf.v.s., Inze Lake, Aug.27-1919

Lake Ella, dvf.v.s., Reben Lake, Sept.24-1922

Lake Willa, dvf.v.s., Gerald Lake, June 2-1941

Lamar Elmer, dvf.v.s.Etta Lamar, Dec.9-1923

LaMar Elmer, dvf.v.s., Etta LaMar, Jan.27-1926

LaMarr Dorothy Madge, Robert F., LaMarr, Nov.5-1939

Lamb Della, dvf.v.s., Harvey Lamb, Aug.3-1919

Lambert Elvenia, dvf.v.s., Claud Lambert, Feb.5-1939

Lamon Clara B., dvf.v.s., Joe Lamon, Dec.25-1914

Lampkin A.J., dvf.v.s., Robbie M.Lampkin, July 27-1928

Land Henry, dvf.v.s., Helen Land, April 16-1929

Landerdale Florence, dvf.v.s., Carl Landerdale, Sept.29-1930

Landers Bessie, dvf.v.s., Fred Landers, Jan.15-1919

Landers W.R., dvf.v.s., Beulah Landers, Nov.20-1928

Landers W.R., dvf.v.s., Beulah Landers, Feb.6-1929

Landreth Bessie, dvf.v.s., Walter Landreth, Sept.2-1927

Landreth Charles C., dvf.v.s., Lola V.Landreth, March 3-1929

Landreth Lola, dvf.v.s., Charles Landreth, Jan.30-1927

Landreth Sylna, dvf.v.s., Walter Landreth, #7242, Sept.19-1925

Landrum Rena, dvf.v.s., James Landrum, May 2-1930

Lane Beatrice, dvf.v.s., William Lane, Feb.21-1923

Lane Dorothy E., dvf.v.s., Woodrow W.Lane, June 18-1939

Lane Cloice, dvf.v.s., Orville Lane, Nov.27-1934

Lane Myrtle Gillispie, dvf.v.s., Charles Lane, June 11-1929

Lane Richard, dvf.v.s., Mae Lane, Oct.30-1929

Lane Tom, dvf.v.s, .Julia Lane, #637, April 19-1912

Laney Juanita, dvf.v.s., Omar Laney, June 28-1936

Lanford Rosa, dvf.v.s , C.W.Landford, Jan.24-1908

Langley John, dvf.v.s., Beatrice Langley, July 19-1936

Langston Letha, dvf.v.s., Arthur Langston, Sept.7-1925

Langston Martha, dvf.v.s., Wilburn Langston, Oct.9-1938

Langston William, dvf.v.s., Golda Landston, Aug.29-1934

Lankard Goldie, dvf.v.s., Donald Lankard, March 1-1929

Lankard Grant, dvf.v.s., Rosa Lankard, July 25-1927

Lankard Sam, dvf.v.s., Dolores Lankard, Oct.10-1934

Lanning Lillian E., dvf.v.s., J.M.Lanning, May 13-1930

Lanscott Grace L., dvf.v.s., John W.Lanscott, Aug.31-1923

Laramore Luke, dvf.v.s., Opal Laramore, Dec.27-1923

Larkin Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Joe Larkin, June 28-1928

Larkin Eva, dvf.v.s., Babe Larkin, April 7-1935

Lasalle Ralph C., dvf.v.s., Marie Irene Lasalle, June 15-1941

Lassiter J.D., dvf.v.s., Della Lassiter, Sept.2-1927

Lassiter Thelma, dvf.v.s., Carl Lassiter, Feb.13-1927

Laswell Commodore T., dvf.v.s., Lola Laswell, Oct.30-1938

Laswell W.D., dvf.v.s., Della Laswell, Dec.13-1928

Lauderdale Florence, dvf.v.s., Carl Lauderdale, Aug.6-1926

Lauderdale Florence, dvf.v.s., Carl Lauderdale, April 24-1934

Lauderdale Josephine, dvf.v.s., John Lauderdale, Aug.29-1929

Laughrey Edith, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Laughrey, March 5-1924

Lavell Helen, dvf.v.s., Fred Lavell, May 19-1926

Lawell Viola, dvf.v.s., Sam Lawell, March 17-1931

Lawhead Irene, dvf.v.s., William Lawhead, Jan.19-1941

Lawrence Armond W., dvf.v.s., Jean Lawrence, Sept.22-1940

Lawrence Florence, dvf.v.s., Oris Lawrence, #7084, July 1-1925

Lawrence Florence, dvf.v.s., Walter D.Lawrence, Sept.13-1936

Lawrence Walter D., dvf.v.s., Gladys Lawrence, Feb.17-1928

Lawrence William H., dvf.v.s., Virgie V.Lawrence, June 1-1927

Laws Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Raymond Laws, March 4-1928

Laws Lois, dvf.v.s, Raymond Laws, Sept.14-1923

Lawson Eva, dvf.v.s., Aug.14-1927

Lawson Floyd, dvf.v.s., Evelyn Lawson, April 17-1942

Lawson R.H., dvf.v.s., Letha Christine Lawson, Nov.15-1936

Layne Belle, dvf.v.s., Theordore B.Layne, #7797, Jan.24-1926

Layton Clara, dvf.v.s., Eugene Layton, Dec.12-1935

Layton Nellie, dvf.v.s., Clarence Layton, Jan.10-1927

Lear Sylvia, dvf.v.s., W.E.Lear, Aug.25-1925

Leavitt R.A., dvf.v.s., Maggie Leavitt, May 20-1910

Ledbetter Laura, dvf.v.s., Hershel Ledbetter, June 11-1923

Ledford Hannah, dvf.v.s., William I.Ledford, Jan.1-1939

Lee Alta B., dvf.v.s., W.J.Lee, Aug.8-1923

Lee Alva B., dvf.v.s., W.J.Lee, Jan.18-1925

Lee Edna, dvf.v.s., Richard Lee, July 20-1927

Lee Ethel, dvf.v.s., Everett Lee, #1278, Sept.17-1915

Lee Eva M., dvf.v.s., Walter T.Lee, Dec.9-1920 & May 1-1921

Lee Harley, dvf.v.s., Coye Lee, July 5-1933

Lee Irene, dvf.v.s., Gerald Lee, May 1-1941

Lee Kathleen, dvf.v.s., Elza Lee, July 31-1929

Lee Ross, dvf.v.s., Leonard Lee, Dec.15-1923

Lee W.R., dvf.v.s., Osie Lee, Oct.19-1926

Leeman Viola, dvf.v.s., Buster Leeman, Aug.24-1926

Leemaster Thelma, dvf.v.s., Robert Laamaster, Sept.3-1926

Lees Ollie(nee Rakestraw), dvf.v.s., William Lees, July 15-1919

Leffen Louis, dvf.v.s., Kathryn Ruth Leffen, April 4-1928

Leishing Emmett, dvf.v.s., Belle Leishing, Jan.24-1924

Lemaster Eliza J., dvf.v.s., Ed Lamaster, Aug.18-1920

Lemaster Jewell, dvf.v.s., Oscar Lemaster, May 14-1939

Lemaster Luther, dvf.v.s., Tessie Hale Lemaster, Feb.12-1919

Lemaster Nadine, dvf.v.s., Robert Lemaster, July 12-1931

Leonard Ada M., dvf.v.s., George W.Leonard, #444, Sept.30-1910 & Oct.7-1910

Leonard G.W., dvf.v.s., Sarah Leonard, #1948, Aug.17-1917

Leonard Ida, dvf.v.s., George W.Leonard, #444, Nov.11-1910

Leonard Julia, dvf.v.s.John Leonard, Nov.4-1926

Leonard Kate(nee Marcile), dvf.v.s., W.J.Leonard, Jan.13-1920

Leonard Mabel, dvf.v.s., Ed Leonard, March 11-1919, stricken

Leonard Opal, dvf.v.s., Marvin Leonard, Aug.16-1931

Leonard Rose, dvf.v.s., Emanuel Leonard, Dec.12-1929

Leslie Anna, dvf.v.s., Tom Leslie, Sept.14-1925

Leslie Annie, dvf.v.s., Tom Leslie, May 16-1929

Leslie Anna, dvf.v.s., Tom Leslie, Sept.9-1930

Lewellen Crystal, dvf.v.s., Wayne Lewellen, Dec.11-1938

Lewellen Wayne, dvf.v.s., Dorothy Lewellen, Jan.19-1941

Lewis Ada, dvf.v.s., Ray Lewis, June 23-1925

Lewis Amy, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Lewis, June 18-1939

Lewis David, dvf.v.s., Eva Lewis, Sept.15-1927

Lewis David L., dvf.v.s., Eva Lewis, Sept.5-1928

Lewis Eva, dvf.v.s., Charley Lewis, Feb.26-1929

Lewis Grace Florence, dvf.v.s., James Thomas, June 9-1940

Lewis Lee S., dvf.v.s., Pearl Lewis, Sept.21-1926

Lewis Lorraine, dvf.v.s., James Lewis, July 6-1941

Lewis Louise, dvf.v.s., Charles F.Lewis, July 7-1940

Lewis Margie, dvf.v.s., Charles Lewis, Nov.18-1931

Lewis Mary, dvf.v.s., Leon Lewis, Nov.22-1936

Lewis Olivia, dvf.v.s.Roscoe Lewis, #6551, May 27-1924

Lewis Ray, dvf.v.s., Ada Opal Lewis, Aug.6-1926

Lewis S.E. dvf.v.s., Jospeh Lewis, Jan.16-1903

Lewis Sylvia, dvf.v.s., Roscoe Lewis, Jan.25-1925

Lillard Georgia, dvf.v.s., Smith Lillard, Sept.6-1929

Lillard Olivene Yocum, dvf.v.s., Clarence Lillard, March 14-1929

Limbocker Pearl May, dvf.v.s., Paul L.Limbocker, April 9-1939

Linn Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Eugene Linn, Sept.24-1939

Lish Nora, dvf.v.s., Alex Lish, March 28-1926

List Celia E., dvf.v.s., Harold D.List, #4143, July 10-1920

List Celia, dvf.v.s., Harold List, April 20-1923

Little Fannie, dvf.v.s., A.W.Little, June 4-1931

Little Mary E., dvf.v.s., Fletcher Little, May 24-1925

Little Nadine, dvf.v.s., Seth Little, Feb.19-1942

Lively W.A., dvf.v.s., Clara Lively, April 18-1920

Livington Mable, dvf.v.s, Marvin Livington, Aug.27-1919

Livingston Nona, dvf.v.s., James Livingston, Aug.20-1922

Llindeman B.E., dvf.v.s., Ruth Llindman, Oct.29-1939

Lloyd Clara, dvf.v.s., W.M.Lloyd, March 16-1923

Lloyd E.B., dvf.v.s., Bertie E.Lloyd, March 8-1936

Lloyd Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Homer Lloyd, May 8-1930

Lloyd Vona, dvf.v.s., Howard Lloyd, May 26-1925

Lockwood Mary, dvf.v.s., Mark B.Lockwood, May 8-1924

Loftis T., dvf.v.s., Della Loftis, April 12-1924

Logsdon Ella M., dvf.v.s., Fred E.Logsdon, #423, Jan.16-1906

Lollar Lois, dvf.v.s., John Lollar, July 6-1941

Long Anna, dvf.v.s., Ben Long, Feb.22-1922

Long Clara, dvf.v.s., Joe Long, Aug.1-1928

Long Cora B., dvf.v.s., Lucien Long, Nov.3-1941

Long Kittie, dvf.v.s., Elmer Long, Sept.14-1934

Long L.C., dvf.v.s., Mildred Long, March 12-1931

Long Leonard C., dvf.v.s., Zelma E.Long, June 11-1939

Long Lottie, dvf.v.s., Mary Long, March 14-1934

Long Nadine, dvf.v.s., Ralph Long, Dec.6-1936

Long Ruth DeHanas, dvf.v.s., Lottie Long, Oct.9-1938

Long Ruth Dehannas, dvf.v.s., Lottie Long, April 23-1939

Long Viola, dvf.v.s., Lottie B.Long, April 18-1926

Longenbaugh Charles, dvf.v.s., Georgia Longenbaugh, July 10-1934

Longenbaugh Mildred, dvf.v.s., Charles Longenbaugh, June 5-1938

Loomis Minnie, dvf.v.s., Washington Lrving Loomis, Feb.8-1926

Looney B.F., dvf.v.s., Maude Looney, #4010, June 3-1920

Looney Riley F., dvf.v.s., Betty Looney, May 18-1921

Loop Florencedvf.v.s., Walter Loop, July 24-1938

Lopp Eva W., dvf.v.s., D.A.Lopp, March 30-1917

Lovelace Addie, dvf.v.s., Jeff Lovelace, June 20-1926

Lovesee Carrie, dvf.v.s., Daniel Lovesee, April 17-1942

Lovesey Madge, dvf.v.s., Daniel Lovesey, Sept.11-1925

Lowe Anna, dvf.v.s., E.H.Lowe, Aug.13-1919

Lowe Edith, dvf.v.s.William Lowe, July 9-1935

Lowe Santford, dvf.v.s., Gertie Lowe, Dec.10-1929

Lowery Della, dvf.v.s., Edgar Lowery, Oct.16-1922

Lowery Ollie, dvf.v.s., James Lowery, Sept.22-1929

Lowry Lydia, dvf.v.s., Archie Lowry, May 5-1929

Loyd Charlie, dvf.v.s., Anna Laura Loyd, #6932, Jan.5-1925

Luckey Lee, dvf.v.s., Wayman C.Luckey, Nov.9-1939

Luna Josephine, dvf.v.s., Nick Luna, Aug.1-1935

Lusk Nellie, dvf.v.s., Norman Lusk, Oct.14-1925

Lutz Dora, dvf.v.s., Ed Lutz, Feb.10-1928

Lutz Dora, dvf.v.s., Ed Lutz, Jan.22-1931

Lybar E.C., dvf.v.s., Lucy Lybar, Oct.17-1923

Lykins Lena M., dvf.v.s., Edward W.Lykins, Feb.18-1910

Lynch Margaret, dvf.v.s., Tod Lynch, Aug.6-1920

Lynch Marjoria, dvf.v.s., Tob Lynch, Aug.5-1920

Lynch Oapl, dvf.v.s., Robert J.Lynch, March 10-1940

Macke Ruby Lee, dvf.v.s., J.P.Macke, March 17-1940

Mackey Laura J., dvf.v.s., David J.Mackey, #447, March 23-1906

Maddox Florence, dvf.v.s., J.R.Maddox, March 1-1929

Madigan Zelphia, dvf.v.s., Orville Madigan, Jan.1-1933

Madrey Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Herman Madrey, Feb.21-1929

Mafferey Helen Esther Marie, dvf.v.s., Jack Ted Mafferey, Sept.11-1925

Magee S.F., dvf.v.s., Girthie Magee, Oct.20-1941

Maisoneuve J.A., dvf.v.s., Lora Maisoneuve, July 3-1938

Manke Minnie, dvf.v.s., F.C.Manke, #7317, June 11-1925

Malone Ed, dvf.v.s., Lillian Malone, Oct.3-1922 & March 18-1923

Malone Lunda L., dvf.v.s., Evelyn Malone, Jan.21-1942

Malone Merle, dvf.v.s., Jim Malone, Jan.23-1934

Malone Pauline, dvf.v.s., Ralph Otto Malone, June 10-1939

Maness Albert, dvf.v.s., Noma Maness, Sept.14-1925

Maness Albert, dvf.v.s., Noama Maness, Feb.24-1926

Maness Charles, dvf.v.s., Maude Maness, Feb.9-1923

Maness C.W., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Maness, Aug.26-1926

Maness Gladys, dvf.v.s., Ralph Maness, Nov.17-1926

Mann Della, dvf.v.s., Earl Mann, Sept.9-1925

Mann Ira, dvf.v.s., Jennie Mann, July 12-1927

Mann Jennie C., dvf.v.s., Ira Mann, Sept.4-1927

Mann Martha, dvf.v.s., Robert Mann, May 19-1929

Manous Leona, dvf.v.s., John Manous, Aug.15-1926

Mansfield Cora, dvf.v.s., Barney Mansfield, July 6-1927

Mansfield Ila (nee Barber), dvf.v.s., J.F.Mansfield, June 15-1923

Manson Lillian, dvf.v.s., David A.Manson, April 27-1926

Marang Rose, dvf.v.s., Alvin Marang, Nov.24-1940

Marcus Leon, dvf.v.s., Grace Marcus, Dec.24-1933

Marguiss H.E., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Marguiss, Dec.30-1929

Mariatt Ernest, dvf.v.s., Alma Mariatt, April 1-1925

Marlar Clara, dvf.v.s., John Choat, Sept.15-1924

Marler Ethel, dvf.v.s., Arthur Marler, Oct.25-1925

Marler Leon J., dvf.v.s., Emma Marler, March 31-1930

Marlott Ernest, dvf.v.s., Alma Marlott, May 26-1925

Marlow Jim, dvf.v.s., Stella Marlow, May 31-1935

Marlow Stella, dvf.v.s., James Marlow, Sept.3-1931

Maroney Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Jack Maroney, Sept.12-1923

Marquand Maggie, dvf.v.s., E.F.Marquand, Sept.30-1926

Marquiss H.E., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Marquiss, Sept.14-1927

Marquiss H.E., dvf.v.s., Myrtle Marquiss, July 22-1930

Marsh Daisy, dvf.v.s., Louis A.Marsh, April 29-1925

Marsh Mildred, dvf.v.s., Charles Marsh, Nov.30-1934

Marsh Nora, dvf.v.s., William Marsh, Jan.31-1919

Marsh William M., dvf.v.s., Evelyn Marsh, Dec.10-1939

Marshall Alberta, dvf.v.s., Joseph Marshall, Jan.27-1926

Marshall Eva, dvf.v.s., Edgar Marshall, April 29-1925

Marshall George R., dvf.v.s., Dawson Mary Marshall, Sept.3-1939

Mashall Joseph, dvf.v.s., Alberta Marshall, June 3-1931

Marshall Oscar, dvf.v.s., Tressie Marshall, Sept.25-1927

Marshall Oscar, dvf.v.s., Tressa Marshall, April 12-1928

Marshall Pat, dvf.v.s., Verday Marshall, May 1-1938

Martin Addie, dvf.v.s., Arthur Martin, Dec.12-1932

Martin Agens, dvf.v.s., George Martin, #8161, July 23-1926

Martin Ben, dvf.v.s., Stella Martin, Aug.7-1933

Martin Edith, dvf.v.s., Morgan Martin, Sept.14-1926

Martin Effie, dvf.v.s., Fred Martin, #7298, July 1-1925

Martin Elsey May (nee Morris), dvf.v.s., Mr.Martin, Sept.15-1923

Martin Ethel L., dvf.v.s., J.W.Martin, Dec.28-1922

Martin Fern, dvf.v.s., Claud Martin, Dec.16-1925

Martin Kathryn, dvf.v.s., J.F.Martin, May 27-1932

Martin Leota, dvf.v.s., James Martin, #1166, May 14-1915

Martin Lottie, dvf.v.s., Thomas D.Martin, Feb.16-1922

Martin Mattie, dvf.v.s., William A.Martin, July 6-1933

Martin Morty, dvf.v.s., Lit Martin, May 30-1926

Martin Roberta, dvf.v.s., Charles Martin, March 27-1924

Martin Virgil, dvf.v.s., Juanita Washington Martin, Dec.16-1925

Martin W.E., dvf.v.s., Eliza Martin, Oct.11-1929

Marval Charles E., dvf.v.s., Joseph Marvel, July 9-1939

Mary Maude, dvf.v.s., Henry Mary, #6870, Dec.1-1924

Mashburn Wesley A., dvf.v.s., Fren Mashburn, Oct.28-1930

Mason Eliza, dvf.v.s., W.R.Mason, Nov.22-1921 & Feb.9-1922

Mason Ella (nee Breeden), dvf.v.s., Willie Mason, April 20-1923

Mason Lydia Viola, dvf.v.s., Sam L.Mason, May 11-1923

Mason Sadie, dvf.v.s., Charles Mason, Jan.24-1908

Mathew M.E., dvf.v.s., James H.Mathew, July 6-1927

Mathews Ethel B., dvf.v.s., Ezekial E.Mathews, May 31-1922

Mathis Mary, dvf.v.s., David Mathis, Sept.12-1926

Mathis Mary, dvf.v.s.Dave Mathis, Nov.12-1929

Matney Aleetha B., dvf.v.s., James S.Matney, Dec.25-1914

Matsenbracher C.O., dvf.v.s., Cora Matsenbracher, March 27-1925

Matt Marie (nee Musgrove), dvf.v.s., Merly R.Matt, Aug.29-1923

Matteer Jess, dvf.v.s., Lena M.Matteer, May 1-1941

Matthews Arrett, dvf.v.s., Ezikel, Feb.4-1925

Matthews Myrtle, dvf.v.s.William L.Matthews, Nov.9-1939

Matthews Sarah, dvf.v.s., Perry D.Matthews, Dec.16-1925

Matthews Willis L., dvf.v.s., Rosa Matthews, Sept.21-1924

Mattison Ida, dvf.v.s., Riley Mattison, Dec.17-1925

Mattison Ida, dvf.v.s., Riley Mattison, Jan.27-1926

Maudlin Imogene, dvf.v.s., Paul Maudlin, Dec.27-1934

Mauldin Annie, dvf.v.s., Harry Mauldin, Sept.4-1941

Mauldin Harry, dvf.v.s., Pauline Mae Mauldin, Nov.10-1940

Maxwell Maggie, dvf.v.s., Alexander Maxwell, Nov.7-1920

May Clifford A., dvf.v.s., Grace May, Dec.16-1924

May Mary, dvf.v.s., Foster May, Nov.8-1934

May Mary, dvf.v.s., Foster May, Jan.9-1935

May Richard, dvf.v.s., Vera May, Oct.7-1926

Mayberry Claude, dvf.v.s., Mabel Mayberry, March 3-1940

Mayden J.E., dvf.v.s., Mary Mayden, April 15-1932

Mayden Mataline, dvf.v.s., J.E.Mayden, Dec.29-1925

Mayer Lucille, dvf.v.s., John Mayer, Dec.10-1934

Mayes F.G., dvf.v.s., Allie Mayes, Sept.12-1919

Mayfield Helen Lucille, dvf.v.s., Archie Lee Mayfield, June 2-1941

Mays Vivian, dvf.v.s., John Mays, May 7-1939

McAfee Roxie A., dvf.v.s., George McAfee, Oct.30-1928

McAfee Roxie, dvf.v.s., George McAfee, Dec.30-1929

McAfee Roxie, dvf.v.s., George McAfee, April 30-1930

McAlister Saint, dvf.v.s., Amanda McAlister, Jan.7-1919

McBean O’Dessie, dvf.v.s., W.A.McBean, March 3-1927

McBee Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Leon”Bud”McBee, May 16-1933

McBee Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Eugene H.McBee, Dec.29-1925

McBee Gladys, dvf.v.s., Harvey McBee, Aug.7-1932

McBee Gordon, dvf.v.s., Helen McBee, July 23-1939

McBee Hubert E., dvf.v.s., Pearl McBee, March 31-1940

McBee John D., dvf.v.s., Flora Lucille McBee, Dec.21-1941

McBee Leona Bell, dvf.v.s., W.S.McBee, Dec.12-1935

McBee Vera, dvf.v.s., T.E.McBee, Aug.5-1921

McBride, dvf.v.s., Earl McBride, April 23-1926

McBride Agens, dvf.v.s., Arthur McBride, Feb.19-1925

McBride Arlie, dvf.v.s., Violet McBride, Sept.12-1929

McBride Arthur, dvf.v.s., Agens McBride, Oct.8-1929

McBride Bessie E., dvf.v.s., Ton McBride, Dec.11-1938

McBride Everett, dvf.v.s., Mary Lavon McBride, Jan.15-1942

McBride Gertie, dvf.v.s., Oscar McBride, March 4-1930

McBride Gertie, dvf.v.s., Oscar McBride, Nov.30-1931

McBrien Beulah, dvf.v.s., Harleigh McBrien, Oct.13-1940

McBrien Beulah, dvf.v.s., Harleigh W.McBrien, Feb.9-1941

McBrien Myrtle, dvf.v.s., W.W.McBrien, July 11-1929

McBrien Warden , dvf.v.s., Myrtle McBrien, Sept.24-1931

McCabe Laura, dvf.v.s., J.B.McCabe, #319, Dec.20-1907 & Dec.3-1909 & Feb.18-1910

McCabe Manda Loretta, dvf.v.s., John McCabe, May 3-1935

McCall Katie, dvf.v.s., Charles McCall, July 31-1934

McCamack Guy, dvf.v.s., Cecil McCamack, Dec.19-1927

McCamack Guy, dvf.v.s., Cecil McCamack, Feb.2-1928

McCarmish William H., dvf.v.s., Mary McCarmish, Nov.24-1926

McCarole J.E., dvf.v.s., Ida McCarole, #6695, Aug.25-1924

McCartney John, dvf.v.s., Callie McCartney, July 19-1927

McCartney M.E., dvf.v.s., Rhoda McCartney, Aug.13-1922

McCarty Frances, dvf.v.s., William A.McCarty, Feb.20-1936

McCarty Letta, dvf.v.s., Hobert McCarty, Aug.18-1927 & Nov.28-1927

McCarver Lulu, dvf.v.s., Jesse McCarver, Jan.19-1917

McCaslin Clara, dvf.v.s., George McCaslin, July 8-1927

McCauley Anna E., dvf.v.s., O.O.McCauley, April 27-1923

McCaurkin Callie, dvf.v.s., J.L.McCaurlin, Aug.18-1931

McClain Cary, dvf.v.s., Mattie McClain, April 25-1920

McClain Lyle, dvf.v.s., Lillian McClain, Aug.1-1941

McCartney John, dvf.v.s., Collie McCartney, Aug.18-1925

McClaskey Lena, dvf.v.s., Robert McClaskey, Oct.27-1925

McCleary Bonnie, dvf.v.s., Clifford McCleary, Feb.18-1926

McCleery Annie, dvf.v.s., Sam McCleery, Aug.2-1934

McCleery S.J., dvf.v.s., Annie McCleery, Jan.23-1925

McClellan Mary Jane, dvf.v.s., Kenneth McClellan, April 29-1932

McClintic Dora E., dvf.v.s., George McClintic, April 2-1939

McCoin Marjorie, dvf.v.s., Jesse D.McCoin, Sept.14-1954

McCollum Imgene, dvf.v.s., Seth McCollum, Oct.15-1929

McConnell Thula, dvf.v.s., George McConnell, July 26-1933

McConnse Isabelle, dvf.v.s., Joseph McConnse, #643, April 19-1911

McCoontze Joseph, dvf.v.s., Mary McCoontze, Oct.11-1936

McCoy Edith, dvf.v.s., Raymond McCoy, April 30-1931

McCoy George, dvf.v.s., Ritchie McCoy, Feb.15-1942

McCoy Maggie, dvf.v.s., Ray McCoy, Dec.3-1939

McCoy May, dvf.v.s., David L.McCoy, #80, May 8-1908

McCoy Pearl, dvf.v.s., Henry McCoy, March 8-1936

McCoy Vera Mae, dvf.v.s., Oliver McCoy, May 1-1947

McCoy Volie, dvf.v.s., Murt McCoy, Nov.14-1933

McCracken Pearl, dvf.v.s., Mart McCracken, May 25-1928

McCreary L.J., dvf.v.s., Nell McCreary, Jan.27-1919

McCullough George, dvf.v.s., Mary McCullough, Jan.6-1928

McCullum Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Theodore McCullum, Aug.18-1940

McDaniels Myrtle, dvf.v.s., George E.McDaniels, #7485, Sept.9-1925

McDonald Amy, dvf.v.s., Arlie McDonald, Aug.22-1928

McDonald Cleta, dvf.v.s., Fred McDonald, May 5-1935

McDonald Lucille, dvf.v.s., Howard McDonald, June 11-1931

McDonald Marie, dvf.v.s., Lafayette McDonald, May 27-1920 & Aug.2-1920

McDonald Myrel, dvf.v.s., Dolta McDonald, Sept.18-1935

McDonough Virgil, dvf.v.s., Minnie McDonough, May 1-1938

McDowell Monte, dvf.v.s., Franklin McDowell, Nov.23-1934

McDoyl G.L., dvf.v.s., Ora McDoyl, June 22-1917

McDunner Ardina Griffin, dvf.v.s., Ralph McDunner, Nov.24-1940

MCElhany Evaline, dvf.v.s., Martin McElhany, Aug.27-1939

McFarland Lottie, dvf.v.s., Jim McFarland, Aug.9-1936

McGaw May K., dvf.v.s., W.P.McGaw, May 24-1921

McGee Effie, dvf.v.s., Estel McGee, Sept.30-1930

McGee Opal, dvf.v.s., John McGee, April 29-1925

McGhee Alma, dvf.v.s., D.B.McGhee, Jan.16-1903

McGhee Ellie, dvf.v.s., John McGhee, June 23-1926

McGhee Elva M., dvf.v.s., Saladin C.McGhee, Nov.28-1922

McGhee J.F., dvf.v.s., Wilmoth McGhee, June 24-1934

McGhee Jo T., dvf.v.s., Ida McGhee, Jan.27-1931

McGhee L.R., dvf.v.s., wife McGhee, Sept.10-1923

McGhee Marry Willis, dvf.v.s., William, May 18-1920

McGhee Virda, dvf.v.s., Earl McGhee, Feb.19-1941

McGinnis Lillie Ackley, dvf.v.s, Tim (Luther) McGinnis, Oct.20-1921

McGinty Floyd, dvf.v.s., Beulah McGinty, Oct.13-1940

McGinty Ray, dvf.v.s., Vivian McGinty, July 10-1933

McGinty Robert I., dvf.v.s., Vivian Blanch McGinty, Dec.13-1928

McGinty Thena, dvf.v.s., James W.McGinty, March 16-1926

McGonigal Eunice, dvf.v.s., Clayton McGonigal, April 27-1926

McGraw Anges, dvf.v.s., James W.McGraw, Aug.11-1940

McGraw Mary K., dvf.v.s., William P.McGraw, Sept.8-1920

McGraw Nellie, dvf.v.s., Roy McGraw, Dec.9-1924

McGraw Nellie, dvf.v.s., Roy McGraw, Feb.18-1925

McGuirk William H., dvf.v.s, Flossie McGuirk, May 29-1921

McHaffie George, dvf.v.s., Vesta McHaffie, March 11-1927

McHaffie Vesta, dvf.v.s., George McHaffie, Aug.22-1928

McIlraith  Blanche A, dvf.v.s., Charlie H.McIlraith, #1645, Jan.12-1917

McIntire Macy, dvf.v.s., Tom McIntire, Nov.13-1924

McIntire Macy, dvf.v.s., Tom McIntrie, Jan.27-1926

McIntire Mary H., dvf.v.s., Claud McIntire, Sept.11-1925

McIntire N.I., dvf.v.s., W.M.McIntire, June 5-1928

McInturff, dvf.v.s., Anna McInturff, Dec.9-1923

McIntyre Irene, dvf.v.s., James Lewis McIntyre, April 28-1940

McIrvin Anna, dvf.v.s., Kenneth McIrvin, #8150, July 16-1926

McIrvin K.L., dvf.v.s., Edith McIrvin, Nov.1-1925

McIrwin Edith, dvf.v.s., K.L.McIrwin, June 28-1934

McKay Donna, dvf.v.s., Morris McKay, June 8-1933

McKay Lillie V.(nee Yancy), dvf.v.s., Elmer S.McKay, Nov.10-1922

McKay Winifred, dvf.v.s., Lewis A.Mckay, Nov.5-1925

McKay Winifred, dvf.v.s., Lewis A.McKay, Sept.5-1926

McKee Jewell, dvf.v.s., Hubert McKee, Oct.21-1927

McKee Lowell, dvf.v.s., Alley McKee, Dec.29-1925

McKee Sophia, dvf.v.s., William McKee, #1640, March 2-1917

McKenzie Gabe, dvf.v.s.Mae McKenzie, Sept.22-1940

McKibben Blanche F., dvf.v.s., Alta McKibben, Sept.1-1940

McKibbens Elsie, dvf.v.s., Frank McKibbens, March 31-1925

McKibben Ellen, dvf.v.s., Harvey McKibben, Nov.6-1941

McKim Clara, dvf.v.s., W.R.McKim, Oct.25-1920 & May 1-1921

McKnight Florene, dvf.v.s., Clarence McKnight, June 1-1927

McKinzie Mae, dvf.v.s., Gabe McKinzie, Feb.7-1934

McLelland Jewette, dvf.v.s., Charles A.McLelland, Feb.16-1930

McLeod D., dvf.v.s., Ruby McLeod, April 11-1929

McMahan Clemma L., dvf.v.s., Pink McMahan, April 30-1930

McMahan Clennie, dvf.v.s., Pink McMahan, Dec.26-1929

McMahan Susie, dvf.v.s., Marvin McMahan, Jan.10-1927

McMains Leola, dvf.v.s., Orville McMains, Dec.21-1927

McMain Rosey, dvf.v.s., Joseph C.McMain, #1292, Oct.1-1915

McMain Wanda Hope, dvf.v.s., Leonard D.McMain, Feb.15-1942

McManama Minnie, dvf.v.s., R.F.McManama, April 29-1925

McNamera George, dvf.v.s., Marry Willis McGhee, May 18-1920

McNeal Frances, dvf.v.s., Ben R.McNeal, July 19-1926

McQuade Flora P., dvf.v.s., J.C.McQuade, Sept.23-1919

McQuillen Alex, dvf.v.s., Matilda McQuillen, Jan.18-1928

McQuinty Ray, dvf.v.s., Vivan McQuinty, Sept.7-1934

McQuirk Viola, dvf.v.s., Bert McQuirk, #7606, Oct.21-1925

McVay Will, dvf.v.s., Lula McVay, Feb.27-1925

McVey Bessie, dvf.v.s., William McVey, April 26-1934

McWalters Minnie May, dvf.v.s., O.H.McWalters, Sept.23-1919

McWethy Frank, dvf.v.s., Netta Mae McWethy, April 22-1930

McWethy Frank, dvf.v.s., Netta Mae McWethy, June 24-1930

Meador George, dvf.v.s., Josie Meador, #349, April 29-1910

Meadows B.D., dvf.v.s., Fannie Meadows, Jan.28-1927

Meadows Dorothea, dvf.v.s., Samuel Meadows, May 25-1930

Meadows J.D., dvf.v.s., Ruth E.Meadows, April 9-1930

Meagher Bessie, dvf.v.s., Lee Meagher, Oct.3-1933

Meaghers Bessie, dvf.v.s., Lee Meaghers, March 18-1934

Medley Daisy, dvf.v.s., J.A.Medley, March 31-1926

Medley Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Lowren Medley, May 27-1923

Meeds Cora, dvf.v.s., Willie Meeds, Feb.19-1929

Meeds Cora, dvf.v.s., Willie Meeds, May 17-1936

Meek Ethel, dvf.v.s., Homer Meek, March 27-1941

Meek Homer, dvf.v.s., Gussie Meek, April 25-1933

Meek Homer, dvf.v.s., Doreen Meek, Jan.28-1934

Meeks Violet, dvf.v.s., Daciel Meeks, Nov.19-1929

Mehaffey Ethel, dvf.v.s., Harold R.Mehaffey, Jan.19-1936 & Nov.8-1936

Melley Daisy, dvf.v.s., J.A.Melley, July 8-1925

Melton Edna, dvf.v.s., Hubert Melton, May 29-1931

Mendenhall Tryphosia, dvf.v.s., George W.Mendenhall, Dec.10-1939

Menefee Nadine, dvf.v.s., Joseph A.Menefee, July 12-1936

Mercer Albert L., dvf.v.s., Bessie Bell Mercer, Jan.8-1924

Mercer Fairy, dvf.v.s., Horace Mercer, Dec.20-1932

Mercer Florence, dvf.v.s., Albert Mercer, 1933

Mercer Ruby, dvf.v.s., A.L.Mercer, July 28-1940

Merchant Bertha, dvf.v.s., W.J.Merchant, Oct.15-1921

Meredith Leona, dvf.v.s., Joe Meredith, Oct.18-1936

Mericle Delphine, dvf.v.s., Elmer Mericle, March 8-1936

Mericle Mabel E., dvf.v.s.Arthur D.Mericle, May 26-1940

Merriman Maude, dvf.v.s., John Merriman, June 4-1920

Merriss Elmer E., dvf.v.s., Lulu Merriss, April 15-1941

Mersman Ben, dvf.v.s., Vera Mersman, March 11-1927

Messer Roy, dvf.v.s., Vida Messer, Oct.19-1926

Michael William, dvf.v.s., Hattie Michael, #7318, June 11-1925

Middleton Charles, dvf.v.s., Cpral Von Middleton, May 14-1939

Middleton Charles, dvf.v.s., Georgia Middleton, April 1-1930

Milam S.A., dvf.v.s., Ors Milam, Oct.9-1924

Millar Howard, dvf.v.s., Gladis Millar, Jan.16-1929

Miller A.L., dvf.v.s., Bessie Miller, Nov.19-1928

Miller Bessie, dvf.v.s., A.L.Miller, Feb.26-1925

Miller Bessie, dvf.v.s., Ora E.Miller, Sept.6-1936

Miller Dessa, dvf.v.s., John Miller, March 22-1926

Miller Earcle, dvf.v.s., Ruby Miller, March 9-1923

Miller Elsie, dvf.v.s., Yost Miller, June 13-1923

Miller Ernest, dvf.v.s., Ruby Miller, March 18-1923

Miller Freda, dvf.v.s., George Miller, Sept.27-1936

Miller Georgia, dvf.v.s., Jim Miller, Aug.6-1939

Miller Harold K., dvf.v.s., Waunita White Miller, Nov.5-1939

Miller Howard, dvf.v.s., Gladys Miller, Feb.6-1929

Miller Ina, dvf.v.s., Willie Miller, Dec.2-1934

Miller Irene, dvf.v.s., Henry Miller, Nov.24-1925

Miller James, dvf.v.s., Elsie Miller, Oct.18-1936

Miller Jerry, dvf.v.s., Irene Miller, Dec.3-1939

Miller J.W., dvf.v.s., Mayme Miller, May 26-1925

Miller Leverna, dvf.v.s., Garfield Miller, Oct.10-1926

Miller Lillian, dvf.v.s., Garfield Miller, June 3-1921

Miller Mary, dvf.v.s., John Miller, Sept.21-1922

Miller Maude, dvf.v.s., R.L.Miller, #347, April 29-1910

Miller Maude E., dvf.v.s., Edward G.Miller, Jan.3-1934

Miller May, dvf.v.s., C.S.Miller, May 9-1927

Miller Thelma, dvf.v.s., Earcle Miller, Dec.1-1925

Miller Thelma, dvf.v.s., Earclie Miller, Jan.27-1926

Miller William, dvf.v.s., Jewell Miller, March 31-1925

Milliken Grace, dvf.v.s., Charles W.Milliken, April 29-1935

Mills Bessie, dvf.v.s., Ed Mills, Feb.6-1929

Mills Bessie F., dvf.v.s., Edward Mills, Dec.24-1928

Mills Fay, dvf.v.s., Auburn Mills, July 18-1924

Mills Fay, dvf.v.s., Auburn Mills, Sept.22-1925

Mills Mabel, dvf.v.s., Clifton Mills, Oct.24-1920, cross file

Miner Lillie D., dvf.v.s., George W.Miner, Aug.31-1926

Minielly Margaretta, dvf.v.s., Milton Minielly, June 14-1929

Minnick Charles, dvf.v.s., Elsie Minnick, Aug.27-1933

Minnick W.J., dvf.v.s., Fannie"Frankie"Minnick, Dec.14-1924

Minton William, dvf.v.s., Sadie Minton, Feb.18-1930

Mirires Myrtle(nee Ballard), dvf.v.s., William Mirires, Aug.13-1919

Mitchell Alva C., dvf.v.s., July 1-1919

Mitchell Anna, dvf.v.s., H.P.Rotter S.Mitchell, #559, Oct.6-1911

Mitchell Anna, dvf.v.s., Uel Mitchell, March 11-1919

Mitchell Elizabeth, dvf.v.s.Alfred Mitchell, Feb.18-1925

Mitchell Ella, dvf.v.s.Charles Mitchell, Nov.119-1939

Mitchell Esther, dvf.v.s., Ptto Mitchell, Oct.25-1928

Mitchell Mary, dvf.v.s., Walter Mitchell, Feb.19-1919

Mitchell Mary Jane, dvf.v.s., J.T.Mitchell, May 6-1932

Mitchell Nora, dvf.v.s., Joe J.Mitchell, Oct.3-1922, Nov.28-1922

Mitts Thelma Lee, dvf.v.s., Thomas J.Mitts, May 16-1932

Mixon Marry A., dvf.v.s., Frank Mixon, July 10-1919

Moad Bessie, dvf.v.s., J.T.Moad, Sept.12-1929

Moad Bessie, dvf.v.s., J.G.Moad, April 22-1930

Moad John, dvf.v.s., Ruby Moad, July 15-1919

Mock Lizzie, dvf.v.s., A.A.Mock, Oct.5-1928

Modlin Jessie L., dvf.v.s., William O.Modlin, Aug.13-1929

Moffatt Minnie, dvf.v.s., Charles B.Moffatt, July 30-1935

Moll Hazel (nee Moorehead), dvf.v.s., Ralph Moll, May 18-1923

Molley Mary Jane, dvf.v.s., Lony Molley, April 16-1929

Monett Della, dvf.v.s., Louis Monett, Aug.18-1934

Monroe Florence, dvf.v.s., J.W.Monroe, March 27-1930

Montee Goldie, dvf.v.s., Charles Montee, Aug.18-1940

Montgomery G.L., dvf.v.s., Gladys Montgomery, April 30-1920

Montgomery J.E., dvf.v.s., Phoebe Montgomery, Aug.1-1926

Montgomery William, dvf.v.s., Alice Montgomery, Sept.11-1935

Montgomery William, dvf.v.s., Minnie Lee Montgomery, Sept.4-1938

Moon Delores, dvf.v.s., Charlie R.Moon, Jan.9-1927

Moon Marie, dvf.v.s., Frank Moon, Sept.13-1931

Moon S.J., dvf.v.s., Hattie Moon, Jan.30-1941

Moor Corrine, dvf.v.s., Harold Moor, Dec.10-1941

Moore Ada, dvf.v.s., Ira Moore, Aug.26-1926

Moore Altay Pearl, dvf.v.s., Frank D.Moore, Dec.10-1909

Moore Anna, dvf.v.s., George Moore, June 5-1919

Moore Carl, dvf.v.s., Jewell Moore, Oct.30-1928

Moore Carl, dvf.v.s., Jewell Moore, Feb.6-1929

Moore Delmar, dvf.v.s., May Moore, June-1929

Moore Dorcas, dvf.v.s., Theodore, Aug.23-1925

Moore Dorcas, dvf.v.s., Theodore Moore, Aug.6-1926

Moore Earl, dvf.v.s., Jewell Moore, Oct.30-1928

Moore Edwin, dvf.v.s., Elsie Moore, May 8-1928

Moore Elizabeth Hoge, dvf.v.s., Carl Moore, Oct.8-1939

Moore Elsie, dvf.v.s., Edwin Moore, March 31-1925

Moore Etta, dvf.v.s., H.D.Moore, Nov.18-1924

Moore Eula, dvf.v.s., George More, #7442, Aug.7-1925

Moore Evelyn, dvf.v.s., William Moore, April 16-1929

Moore Fay, dvf.v.s., Charlie Moore, Oct.13-1940

Moore Florence B., dvf.v.s., Jess L.Moore, March 8-1936

Moore Flossie, dvf.v.s., Stein Moore, Sept.24-1924

Moore Frances, dvf.v.s., John Moore, Sept.3-1933

Moore Letha, dvf.v.s., Willie Moore, Jan.12-1936

Moore Ira, dvf.v.s., C.M.Moore, Oct.28-1926

Moore Ira, dvf.v.s., Emma Moore, Aug.16-1932

Moore Irene, dvf.v.s., Everett Moore, Aug.8-1935

Moore J.L., dvf.v.s., Florence Moore, June 6-1926

Moore John, dvf.v.s., Oma Moore, June 11-1939

Moore John W., dvf.v.s., Gertie Moore, Dec.9-1923

Moore Ruby, dvf.v.s., Unis Moore, March 15-1935

Moore Sadie, dvf.v.s., James Moore, Dec.12-1926

Moore Stella, dvf.v.s.George Moore, July 23-1939

Moran Fannie, dvf.v.s., George Moran, Jan.18-1926

Moran Flossie, dvf.v.s., Charlie Moran, July 24-1929

Morey Maude, dvf.v.s., Henry Morey, Nov.26-1924

Morgan A.D., dvf.v.s., Gladys Morgan, April 16-1925

Morgan B.L., dvf.v.s., Lillie B.Morgan, Dec.3-1919

Morgan Denna, dvf.v.s., Earl Morgan, April 29-1925

Morgan Frank, dvf.v.s., Dawn Morgan, Feb.14-1923

Morgan Grace Ethel, dvf.v.s., H.R.Morgan, June 3-1919

Morgan Jessie Pauline, dvf.v.s., Raymond Morgan, Jan.17-1926

Morgan Lillian, dvf.v.s., Arthur Morgan, April 15-1923 & June 15-1923

Morgan Mae, dvf.v.s., Charley Morgan, Jan.9-1942

Morgan Nora, dvf.v.s., Dave Morgan, Nov.9-1928

Morgan Nora, dvf.v.s., Dave Morgan, Feb.6-1929

Morgan Oliver, dvf.v.s., Helen Morgan, Dec.4-1924

Morgan Rosalee, dvf.v.s., Carey T.Morgan, June 15-1924

Morgan William, dvf.v.s., Anna Morgan, March 6-1924

Morris Charles A.J., dvf.v.s., Sadie Morris, May 26-1925

Morris Flo, dvf.v.s., Earnest Morris, Aug.9-1936

Morris Mamie, dvf.v.s., Stanley Morris, Nov.2-1928

Morris Phillip, dvf.v.s., Eula Morris, Oct.17-1933

Morris P.M., dvf.v.s., Gladys Leona Morris, May 1-1921

Morrison Anna, dvf.v.s., Joe Morrison, Nov.20-1927

Morrison C.D., dvf.v.s., Frances Morrison, March 31-1925

Morrison Flossie, dvf.v.s., Joe Morrison, June 2-1925

Morrison Frona, dvf.v.s., Sherman Morrison, Jan.27-1931

Morrison Gertie, dvf.v.s., Joe Morrison, Dec.21-1933

Morrison Gertie, dvf.v.s., Joe Morrison, Nov.11-1934

Morrison Richard E., dvf.v.s., Bula Mae Morrison, Dec.8-1955

Morrison William, dvf.v.s., Pauline Morrison, Dec.13-1928

Morse Freeman, dvf.v.s., Florerence Morse, April 16-1939

Morton Ollie, dvf.v.s., Andy H.Morton, June 19-1923

Moseley Ruby, dvf.v.s., William Moseley, June 14-1933

Moser Della, dvf.v.s., Samuel Moser, Nov.2-1923

Moser Mary Christine, dvf.v.s., Benjamin A.Moser, May 16-1935

Mosher Dora B., dvf.v.s., Norris J.Mosher, Oct.31-1922

Mosher Dora B., dvf.v.s., N.J.Mosher, April 5-1925

Mosher Dora B., dvf.v.s., N.J.Mosher, Oct.24-1928

Mosier Lena, dvf.v.s., Walter Mosier, May 12-1929

Mosley Ruby, dvf.v.s., William B.Mosley, April 12-1936

Moss Emma, dvf.v.s., Alva Moss, Sept.9-1925

Moss Dimle, dvf.v.s., William H.Moss, Jan.26-1926

Moss Olieta May, dvf.v.s., Roy Moss, April 23-1920

Most Maggie, dvf.v.s., Chester Most, June 1-1930

Mounce Hazel, dvf.v.s., Johnnie Mounce, Jan.12-1941

Mounce Martha, dvf.v.s., George L.Mounce, March 5-1934

Mouriquand E.F., dvf.v.s., Maggie A.Mouriduand, #8097, June 24-1926

Moyer Howard, dvf.v.s., Hazel Moyer, Feb.10-1941

Moyer Ovah Mae, dvf.v.s., Howard Moyer, April 14-1931

Moyer Ruby, dvf.v.s., Hubert Moyer, Jan.26-1941

Muldrew William I., dvf.v.s., Sarah E.Muldrew, June 6-1922

Mullen G.E., dvf.v.s., Mrs.Alva Mullen, June 22-1922

Mullen Grace, dvf.v.s., Joseph Mullen, Sept.19-1922

Mullens Velma Flo, dvf.v.s., Ernest Mullens, Dec.4-1938

Mullins Alva(nee Davis), dvf.v.s., Guy E.Mullins, July 25-1920

Muncy H.A., dvf.v.s., Jessie Muncy, Feb.2-1927

Munson R.R., dvf.v.s., Hazel Munson, Oct.11-1927

Murdock Rhonda, dvf.v.s., Claudine Murdock, June 191-1938

Murphy Geraldene, dvf.v.s., W.J.Murphy, June 27-1935

Murphy Marie, dvf.v.s., Wilber Murphy, March 2-1917

Murray Berene, dvf.v.s., Fred M.Murray, Sept.14-1928

Murray Dollie, dvf.v.s., Farley Murray, July 29-1919

Murray Edna, dvf.v.s., Jack Murray, April 9-1941

Murray Gertie, dvf.v.s.Claude Murray, Sept.3-1939

Murray Suzie, dvf.v.s., Ollie L.Murray, #572, Sept.8-1911

Musgrove Frances, dvf.v.s., Homer Musgrove, July 10-1928

Musgrove Frances, dvf.v.s., Homer Musgrove, April 2-1929

Musgrove Frances, dvf.v.s., J.S.Musgrove, June 11-1929

Musgrove Homer M., dvf.v.s., Frances Musgrove, Jan.18-1927

Musgrove Ruby, dvf.v.s., Homer Musgrove, July 19-1934

Musselman Fred, dvf.v.s., Margie D.Musselman, Oct.15-1926

Musselman Mattie, dvf.v.s., Eddie Musselman, April 23-1924

Musser M.C., dvf.v.s., Orena Musser, Sept.25-1938

Myers Alice, dvf.v.s., J.D.Myers, March 19-1920

Myers Clara, dvf.v.s., Charles Myers, June 19-1925

Myers Della, dvf.v.s., Wesley Myers, Oct.27-1925

Myers Effie, dvf.v.s., George Myers, May 11-1931

Myers Fred P., dvf.v.s., Carrie H.Myers, #1284, Sept.24-1915

Myers Helen, dvf.v.s., Raymond Myers, Oct.16-1935

Myers J.C., dvf.v.s., Alma Myers, July 21-1933

Myers L., dvf.v.s., Daisy Myers, Aug.31-1919

Myers Lorene, dvf.v.s., Wayne Myers, June 23-1940

Myers Mabel, dvf.v.s., Frank Myers, #350, April 29-1910

Myers Oral S., dvf.v.s., Alta Myers, Sept.4-1941

Myers Robert E., dvf.v.s., Dorothy Myers, Sept.17-1939

Mykel Frank B., dvf.v.s., Rena Mykel, March 31-1925

Nading Bessie, dvf.v.s., Clifford Nading, Oct.28-1930

Nafus Cors(nee Gamble), dvf.v.s., J.L.Nafus, June 5-1925

Nafus Margaret Nellie, dvf.v.s., Jess L.Nafus, Feb.12-1939

Nall Josie, dvf.v.s., Cary Nall, Dec.4-1925

Nally Lovina, dvf.v.s., Bert Nally, Aug.25-1932

Nance C.W., dvf.v.s., Hazel Nance, May 25-1927

Nance Helen Jeanette, dvf.v.s., Leroy Nance, May 22-1938

Nance Leone, dvf.v.s., Leroy Nance, Nov.6-1930

Nance Leta, dvf.v.s., Robert A.Nance, Nov.24-1940

Nance Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Robert Nance, March 23-1917

Naranjo Geneva, dvf.v.s., Ben Naranjo, Dec.10-1941

Nash Reitha, dvf.v.s., W.L.Nash, Jan.17-1928

Nash W.L., dvf.v.s., Retha Nash, Oct.13-1927

Natch Ida, dvf.v.s., Arthur Natch, #1135, Feb.13-1915

Naten Ida, dvf.v.s., Artur Naten, May 14-1915

Nauman A.R., dvf.v.s., Elizabeth Nauman, Sept.25-1927

Nave Maxine, dvf.v.s., Calvin Nave, Dec.27-1934

Nay William R., dvf.v.s., Flossie Nay, Jan.18-1925

Neal Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Archie J.Neal, Sept.5-1927

Neal Frank B., dvf.v.s., Mamie D.Neal, June 19-1930

Neal Grace, dvf.v.s., W.R.Neal, Aug.14-1927

Neal Walter, dvf.v.s., Nancy Neal, Sept.5-1929

Neff Inez, dvf.v.s., Walter Neff, #6553, May 27-1924

Negrim Armonitie, dvf.v.s., Charles Negrim, Jan.15-1925

Neighbors Edna, dvf.v.s., J.Frank Neighbors, May 28-1925

Nelson Beulah, dvf.v.s., Jack Nelson, Nov.17-1933

Nelson Charles, dvf.v.s.H.A.Nelson, Feb.9-1917

Nelson Davie, dvf.v.s., Lousie Nelson, Aug.24-1927

Nelson Ellen, dvf.v.s., A.T.Nelson, Nov.9-1936

Nelson May (nee Maybell), dvf.v.s., Noah Nelson, Nov.2-1923

Nelson W.L., dvf.v.s., Loretta Nelson, Jan.24-1918

Nesbill F.R., dvf.v.s., Edna Nesbill, Nov.21-1917

Nevitt Charles, dvf.v.s., Jennie Nevitt, Dec.12-1929

Newman Ada, dvf.v.s.Clarence Newman, April 29-1932

Niberger L.J., dvf.v.s., .Bell Niberger, #109, Sept.25-1908

Niceley Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Glenn Niceley, March 9-1925

Nicholds Ruth, dvf.v.s., Cecil L.Nicholds, Oct.13-1940

Nichols Alberta, dvf.v.s., Burl Nichols, March 29-1920

Nichols Cecil, dvf.v.s., Annie Nicholds, July 21-1933

Nichols Marie, dvf.v.s., Watson Nichols, Jan.19-1926

Nichols Pauline, dvf.v.s., George W.Nichols, July 1-1925

Nichols Pearl, dvf.v.s., Harvey E.Nichols, Oct.18-1936

Nicholson Clydia, dvf.v.s., Lee Nicholson, Nov.14-1930

Nicherson D.H., dvf.v.s., Alta Nicherson, Nov.25-1924

Nicholson George W., dvf.v.s, Kate Madge Nicholson, Jan.26-1936

Nicholson Harry D., dvf.v.s., Alma Nicholson, Sept.6-1936

Nicholson Jewell, dvf.v.s., Jean Nicholson, July 19-1932

Nickell Rhoda, dvf.v.s., Royal Nickell, Dec.11-1934

Nickerson D.H., dvf.v.s., Alta Nickerson, Nov.25-1924

Nidiffer Emilece, dvf.v.s., Connelly Nidiffer, June 16-1925

Nidiffer Emilee, dvf.v.s., Connolly Nidiffer, April 18-1927

Nidiffer Ethel, dvf.v.s., George Nidiffer, April 20-1923

Nidiffer Phoebe, dvf.v.s., Charles Nidiffer, #527, April 7-1911

Nidiffer Ray O., dvf.v.s.Imogene Nidiffer, Oct.1-1939

Nidiffer R.E., dvf.v.s., Bessie Nidiffer, June 21-1925

Noble J.E., dvf.v.s., Emma Noble, June 18-1939

Noble J.E., dvf.v.s., Jessie Noble, Aug.31-1927

Noble R.E., dvf.v.s., Eunice Noble, Sept.28-1926

Nocolay Donna Maye, dvf.v.s., Howard F.Nocolay, March 23-1917

Nogle John A., dvf.v.s., Harriett Nogle, #417, July 29-1910 & April 7-1911

Nolan Leova, dvf.v.s., Joe Nolan, March 13-1938

Nolan Mildred, dvf.v.s., W.Edward Nolan, Aug.14-1919

Norduist Niles, dvf.v.s., Nancy Norduist, Aug.24-1926

Norman Faye, dvf.v.s., John Norman, Dec.21-1941

Norman Lee, dvf.v.s., Lula Norman, #1891, July 13-1917

Norris Pansy, dvf.v.s., Virgil Norris, Aug.14-1930

Norsworthy Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Louis S.Norsworthy, #764, June 27-1913

North Lorine, dvf.v.s., John North, Nov.24-1925

North Mae, dvf.v.s., C.R."Ray"North, Sept.8-1940

Norton Arthur E., dvf.v.s, Ethel Norton, Mrach 21-1922 & April 30-1922

Norton Florence, dvf.v.s., E.O.Norton, Nov.8-1936

Nottingham Cordelia, dvf.v.s., Marion J.Nottingham, July 1-1925

Novak Minnie, dvf.v.s., Mike Novak, Aug.28-1923

Nunn N.L., dvf.v.s., Albert Nunn, Oct.12-1923

Nyberg Doris, dvf.v.s., Ned Nyberg, June 23-1940

Nyberg Gertrude, dvf.v.s., Oscar Nyberg, July 17-1938

O’Banion Alice, dvf.v.s., Bert O’Banion, July 21-1935

O'Berg Ted, dvf.v.s., Mabel O'Berg, Aug.20-1939

O’Brien Belle, dvf.v.s., Charles A.O’Brien, Sept.16-1925

Obyrne Lloyd, dvf.v.s., Ava Obyrne, July 12-1936

O’Dell Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Garland W.O’Dell, Aug.8-1935

Odneal Edna, dvf.v.s., Wallace Odnael, Jan.31-1933

Odneal Laura, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Odneal, May 19-1940

Odneal Rosa, dvf.v.s., Cleveland F.Odneal, Aug.12-1925

Odneal Wallace E., dvf.v.s., Edna Odneal, Oct.28-1929

O’Ferrell Otto, dvf.v.s., Hazel O’Ferrell, May 1-1929

Offett Margaret, dvf.v.s., Fred L.Offett, Jan.5-1941

Offutt B.A., dvf.v.s., Lillie Ofutt, Feb.14-1934

Offutt Bert, dvf.v.s., Minnie Offutt, March 3-1940

Offutt Thelma, dvf.v.s., L.L.Offutt, Sept.4-1938

Ogle Victor, dvf.v.s., Grace Ogle, Sept.12-1922 & March 18-1923

Ohlhansen Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Arch D.Ohlhansen, Oct.21-1928

Ohlhauser Ona, dvf.v.s., Dewey Ohlhauser, #7082, May 26-1925

Ohlin Daisy, dvf.v.s., Louis Ohlin, Oct.15-1918

O’Kelley Frank, dvf.v.s., Effie B.O’Kelley, Dec.21-1925

O’Kelley Frank M., dvf.v.s., Effie B.O’Kelly, Jan.27-1926

Oldham J.E., dvf.v.s., March 20-1927

Oliphant Rachael, dvf.v.s., Russell Oliphant, Oct.21-1935

Oliver Bele, dvf.v.s., Dayton Oliver, Jan.17-1913

Olson Hazel, dvf.v.s., Aug.17-1927

Olson Lucile, dvf.v.s., Paul Olson, June 11-1930

Orndorff Clara, dvf.v.s., Vernon Orndorff, Jan.14-1934

Orrell Lottie, dvf.v.s., Alpha Orrell, Nov.14-1924

Osbea Della, dvf.v.s., C.P.Osbea, Sept.9-1925

Osborne J.T., dvf.v.s., Maggie M.Osborne, #1273, Sept.10-1915

Ott Bessie Lee, dvf.v.s., Elmer Ott, Aug.15-1928

Ott Dora, dvf.v.s., George J.Ott, June 19-1925

Ott Viola Mae, dvf.v.s., Elmer Ott, Aug.9-1936

Outlaw Clara, dvf.v.s., Oscar Outlaw, Jan.27-1926

Overly Inez, dvf.v.s., Paul Overly, Sept.9-1926

Overly Inez, dvf.v.s., Paul Overly, July 22-1928

Overstreet Bertha, dvf.v.s., Sherman Overstreet, March 30-1923

Overton Hallie, dvf.v.s., Giles Overton, July 29-1924

Owen Willie, dvf.v.s., Allie J.Owen, June 3-1927

Owens D.H., dvf.v.s., Mary Ownes, Jan.21-1942

Owens Mabel B., dvf.v.s., O.O.Owens, March 1-1923

Owens Susie K., dvf.v.s., Mont Owens, Nov.19-1920

Owensby Bernice, dvf.v.s., Fred Owensby, Oct.11-1923

Owsley Nettie, dvf.v.s, Vanus O.Owsley, #1141, May 15-1915

Oxford Cleo (nee Stephens), Henry Oxford, March 16-1923

Oyler Louise, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Oyler, June 7-1931

Oyler Sarah, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Oyler, Oct.1-1933

Pace Abbie, dvf.v.s., Arthur Pace, Nov.1-1931

Pace Thomas E., dvf.v.s., Marie Pace, Sept.6-1927

Paden Enda, dvf.v.s., George T.Paden, Feb.2-1917

Page Arthur, dvf.v.s., Oleta Page, Sept.25-1929

Page Bertha, dvf.v.s., Vancil Page, Dec.16-1924

Page Lowry A., dvf.v.s., Hazel Page, May 4-1917

Pagett John W., dvf.v.s., Thelma Padgett, Feb.6-1930

Painner Gertie, dvf.v.s., John Painner, Oct.9-1938

Palmer Edward M., dvf.v.s., Ethel Palmer, #7486, Oct.27-1925

Pangarakis Lillian M., dvf.v.s., John N Pangarakis, Dec.1-1922

Panter Amy Greenback, dvf.v.s., Tom Panter, Oct.22-1923

Panter Irene, dvf.v.s., James G.Panter, Nov.24-1920 & Dec.23-1921

Panther Amy G., dvf.v.s., Thomas Panther, Sept.11-1925

Panther Amy, dvf.v.s.Thomas Panther, Oct.3-1929

Panther Amy Greenback, dvf.v.s., T.Thomas Panther, March 11-1930

Parham Floy, dvf.v.s., Clarence Parham, Feb.6-1928

Park Thelma, dvf.v.s., Cleo Jay Park, April 10-1938

Parker Ada, dvf.v.s., H.M.Parker, July 21-1927

Parker Julia, dvf.v.s., Arthur Parker, Dec.29-1932

Parker Jesse Carr, dvf.v.s., Janies E.Parker, May 17-1956

Parkes Caroline, dvf.v.s., Arthur M.Parkes, Jan.8-1928

Parks C.B., dvf.v.s., Sopronia I.Parks, #335, Feb.4-1910

Parks Buford, dvf.v.s., Josie Parks, Nov.15-1934

Parks Frank H., dvf.v.s., Iva Parks, March 17-1929

Parks Grace F., dvf.v.s., Tom Parks, March 5-1924

Parks Rebecca, dvf.v.s., Willie Parks, Oct.16-1938

Parks Vernie, dvf.v.s., Willie Parks, June 26-1931

Parks Vernie, dvf.v.s., Willie Parks, Nov.15-1934

Parnell Doris, dvf.v.s., Lester Parnell, April 9-1941

Parnell Edward, dvf.v.s, Pearl Parnell, Nov.28-1922

Parrish Eula, dvf.v.s., Orville Parrish, Jan.10-1930

Parsons dvf.v.s., May Parsons, Nov.4-1917

Parsons Harry, dvf.v.s, May Parsons, March 14-1919, stricken

Parsons Harry, dvf.v.s., Ester Parsons, Nov.1-1936

Parsons Harvey, dvf.v.s, Ada Parson, Aug.5-1919

Parsons Laura, dvf.v.s., John W.Parsons, #7389, Feb.1-1925

Pascoe Inez, dvf.v.s., Orville Pascoe, April 29-1930

Pate Ella Rouch, v.s., E.W.Pate, March 5-1919, separation

Patrick Lucy, dvf.v.s., W.D.Patrick, Aug.29-1919

Patrick Lula, dvf.v.s., Deck Patrick, Jan.31-1924

Patterson Bee Belle, dvf.v.s., Marion Patterson, June 18-1929

Patterson Belle, dvf.v.s., Marion Patterson, Feb.21-1935

Patterson Carl, dvf.v.s., Reba Patterson, June 18-1939

Patterson Grace, dvf.v.s., Marion Patterson, May 24-1936

Patterson Grace, dvf.v.s., Marion Patterson, March 20-1938

Patterson Josie, dvf.v.s., Thomas Patterson, Oct.1-1925

Patterson Lilla, dvf.v.s., George J.Patterson, Feb.19-1941

Patterson Lucille M., dvf.v.s., Chester M.Patterson, Oct.12-1922

Patterson Lynn, dvf.v.s., Marjorie Patterson, Dec.1-1941

Patterson Richard, dvf.v.s.Patsy Patterson, June 14-1956

Patterson Robert, dvf.v.s., Barbara Patterson, April 24-1934

Pattillo Ann Ice, dvf.v.s., G.H.Pattillo, Aug.9-1921

Pattison Earl F., dvf.v.s., Eva Pattison, July 21-1935

Pattyson Agens, dvf.v.s., Maynard A.Pattyson, May 15-1924

Paxson Woodow W., dvf.v.s., Lillie M.Paxson, Sept.29-1955

Payne Jesse R., dvf.v.s., Annabell Payne, Nov.15-1927

Payne John O., dvf.v.s., Katie Payne, April 3-1924

Payne John O., dvf.v.s., Maude Payne, #7091, April 29-1925

Payne Robert C., dvf.v.s., Mary H.Payne, Oct.12-1926

Payson Elizabeth, dvf.v.s, Harry Payson, Oct.17-1922

Payson Ferba E., dvf.v.s., Henry E.Payson, June 14-1923

Payson Mabel, dvf.v.s., Harry Payson, Sept.17-1925

Payson Mable, dvf.v.s.Harry, Oct.12-1926

Peace J., dvf.v.s., Wanita Peace, Jan.31-1932

Peale Callie, dvf.v.s., Harry Peale, April 13-1923

Pearce Forest D., dvf.v.s, Nettie L.Pearce, Oct.25-1920

Pearce Irene, dvf.v.s., Robert Pearce, Dec.12-1926

Pearce Jesse E., dvf.v.s., Cynthia C.Pearce, Oct.25-1920 & May 1-1921

Pearce Patricia S., dvf.v.s., Donald W.Pearce, Nov.10-1955

Pearce Ruth, dvf.v.s., Clyde Pearce, Nov.20-1938

Pearce W.W., dvf.v.s., Zelma Pearce, April 18-1927

Pearson Ella, dvf.v.s., Joe Pearson, March 30-1926

Pearson Ellen, dvf.v.s., Jay Pearson, March 28-1926

Pearson Myrtle, dvf.v.s., George Pearson, Oct.24-1920

Pearson William, dvf.v.s., Eulah Pearson, Nov.16-1926

Peay Edwin E., dvf.v.s., Zada Peay, July 5-1936

Peck Alma, dvf.v.s., Harold Peck, Sept.13-1929

Peck Alma Frances, dvf.v.s., Harold Peck, April 19-1936

Peck Nellie J., dvf.v.s., George C.Peck, Oct.11-1917

Peerce Elbert, dvf.v.s., Sammie Peerce, May 11-1923

Pees Henry A., dvf.v.s., Natalie E.Pees, Nov.19-1935

Pendergraft H.C., dvf.v.s, Ellen Pendergraft, Sept.21-1922 & March 18-1923

Pendergraft Opal, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Pendergraft, June 14-1929

Penny Charles, dvf.v.s., Eula McKay Penny, Dec.21-1923

Penny Charles N., dvf.v.s., Eula Penny, Dec.19-1927

Penrod Eugene Edward, dvf.v.s., Pauline Penrod, June 28-1955

Peoples Sebern, dvf.v.s., Margaret Peoples, Aug.6-1925

Peoples Sebern, dvf.v.s., Margaret Peoples, Nov.22-1926

Peppard Nettie, dvf.v.s., Wesley Peppard, March 26-1919

Peppers Goldie, dvf.v.s., Jim Edward Peppers, Sept.16-1925

Peppers Goldie, dvf.v.s., Jim Peppers, Aug.11-1926

Peppers Jim, dvf.v.s., Lillian Peppers, Feb.8-1927

Perdue Edna, dvf.v.s., Henry Perdue, #6604, June 24-1924

Perdue Irene, dvf.v.s., Frank C.Perdue, April 15-1941

Perkins Dixie, dvf.v.s., Curtis Perkins, Sept.20-1928

Perkins Dixie, dvf.v.s., Curtis B.Perkins, Sept.4-1938

Perkins Lucy mae, dvf.v.s.Lennie Perkins, Feb.23-1931

Perkinson Myrtle(nee Heap), dvf.v.s., William E.Perkinson, Aug.24-1920

Perna Viola Grace, dvf.v.s., Pete Perna, Dec.10-1941

Perry Bessie, dvf.v.s., Claude Perry, Sept.29-1925

Perry Marie, dvf.v.s., Silas Perry, Sept.6-1929

Perry Silas, dvf.v.s., Lucy Perry, March 29-1927

Peterson Ida, dvf.v.s., T.H.Peterson, April 12-1922

Peterson Ruth(m1-Obrien), dvf.v.s, Don Peterson, March 15-1918

Petitte Minnie, dvf.v.s., Don Petitte, Sept.6-1929

Petty J.T., dvf.v.s., Maxine Petty, Jan.5-1936

Petty Marie, dvf.v.s., Dillard H.Petty, Dec.7-1932

Petty Mary, dvf.v.s., Albert Petty, #1944, Aug.17-1917

Petty Olive, dvf.v.s., Juliua L.Petty, Feb.27-1941

Petty Virginia, dvf.v.s., Dillard Petty, June 18-1939

Pevehouse Maud, dvf.v.s., Wiley P.Pevehouse, #932 Dec.5-1913

Phelps Kathrine E., dvf.v.s., Clifford A.Phelps, July 12-1929

Phelps Lois, dvf.v.s., Walter Phelps, Dec.27-1934

Phelps Loma May, dvf.v.s., Gerald Phelps, March 22-1927

Phelps Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Claud Phelps, March 1-1925

Philer Allie, dvf.v.s., Thomas Philer, March 30-1900

Phillips James R., dvf.v.s., Edna E.Phillips, #6871, Dec.1-1924

Phillips James R., dvf.v.s., Edna E.Phillips, Feb.25-1925

Phillips John W., dvf.v.s., Anna Phillips, March 30-1917

Phillips Josie, dvf.v.s., Sherman Phillips, #1617, Dec.1-1916

Phillips Laverne, dvf.v.s., E.C.Phillips, Oct.30-1938

Philpott Janie, dvf.v.s., B.H.Philpott, May 14-1929

Pickard Harriett, dvf.v.s., Jacob E.Pickard, Feb.27-1941

Pickard Jacob E., dvf.v.s., Hattie Pickard, Feb.14-1929

Pickens Georgia, dvf.v.s., Alva C.Pickens, March 23-1920

Pickens Ulia, dvf.v.s., Fred W.Pickens, March 15-1936

Pickler Anna Belle, dvf.v.s., Moses B.Pickler, Sept.4-1918

Pickett Flora, dvf.v.s., Clay Pickett, Oct.6-1940

Pierce Charles F., dvf.v.s., Frankie Pierce, Nov.4-1926

Pierce Ella, dvf.v.s., Frank Pierce, Sept.15-1929

Pierce Ila, dvf.v.s., Rube Pierce, Sept.22-1940

Pierce Jane, dvf.v.s., Richard Pierce, Oct.25-1925

Pierce Juanita, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Pierce, March 19-1934

Pierce Lizzie, dvf.v.s., Roy Pierce, Aug.24-1927

Pierce T.D., dvf.v.s., Nettie Pierce, Jan.30-1919

Pierce Walter W., dvf.v.s., Earmal Pierce, Nov.8-1929

Piercefield Hercell Loretta, dvf.v.s., Joseph F.Piercefield, Oct.8-1939

Piercefield Lucille, dvf.v.s., Noah Piercefield, June 15-1941

Piercefield W.M., dvf.v.s., Anna Piercefield, Dec.12-1935

Pilgrim Etta( nee Nixon), dvf.v.s., Walter Pilgrim, Aug.8-1920, legal separation

Pinel Norma Lea, dvf.v.s., Raymond A.Pinel, Sept.9-1954

Pinnell Maxine Marie, dvf.v.s., Jack L.Pinnell, March 12-1939

Pinnon Carrie, dvf.v.s., Carl L.Pinnon, Aug.4-1940

Pinson Lorene, dvf.v.s., Burley Pinson, Nov.25-1924

Pittman Effie, dvf.v.s., Orville Pittman, April 11-1923

Pittman Effie, dvf.v.s., Orvel Pittman, Dec.2-1931

Pittman Rosa Fay, dvf.v.s., Daniel Pittman, Feb.23-1923

Pitts Bessie, dvf.v.s., Frank Pitts, Aug.16-1929

Pitts Mable, dvf..v.s., Robert Pitts, #382, Feb.11-1910

Pitts Nancy, dvf.v.s., Henry Pitts, April 14-1931

Plaster Dora D., dvf.v.s., Randolph Plaster, March 21-1933

Plaster Gladys, dvf.v.s., Lyman Plaster, May 6-1929

Pliler Gordon, dvf.v.s., Effie Pliler, #305, Feb.11-1910 & April 29-1910

Pliley Dayton, dvf.v.s., Mary Pliley, April 20-1923

Plummer May, dvf.v.s., Walter Plummer, Jan.25-1923 & March 18-1923

Poe Jessie Buffalo, dvf.v.s., Otis M.Poe, May 14-1939

Poe Otis M., dvf.v.s., Jessie, Sept.24-1939

Poff C.A., dvf.v.s., Lucille Poff, April 12-1928

Pogue Bessie, dvf.v.s , James Pogue, March 30-1900

Pogue Nellene, dvf.v.s., John Pogue, March 12-1939

Point Belle, dvf.v.s., B.F.Point, Aug.10-1923

Pointer E.L., dvf.v.s., Effie Pointer, June 26-1938

Points Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Frank Points, June 15-1923

Points William Robert, dvf.v.s., Eva Points, June 28-1926

Poole Thelma, dvf.v.s., Frank Poole, Oct.11-1936

Pooler Charles, dvf.v.s., Neil Pooler, March 21-1926

Pooler Faye, dvf.v.s., Charles Pooler, Dec.29-1929

Pope Belle, dvf.v.s., Luther Pope, July 11-1924

Pope Elsie Luevine, dvf.v.s., Lester L.Pope, Oct.15-1931

Posey Golie, dvf.v.s., Hesekiah Posey, Dec.10-1939

Poss Lucille, dvf.v.d., Creed Poss, Feb.26-1926

Potter Ethel, dvf.v.s., Okeal Potter, May 17-1936

Potter O.F., dvf.v.s., Jaunita Potter, May 7-1935

Potter Thomas, dvf.v.s., Lucy Potter, Oct.15-1918

Pottorff John, dvf.v.s., Lorraine Pottorff, April 17-1942

Pottorff Maxine Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Ivan Pottorff, May 14-1939

Potts Richard, dvf.v.s., Hazel Potts, April 25-1924

Pounds George, dvf.v.s., Beulah Pounds, Sept.13-1936

Powell Cordelia, dvf.v.s., Dick Powell, Aug.1-1941

Powell Honch A., dvf.v.s., Alma Powell, Oct.27-1925

Powell Louise, dvf.v.s., Jack Powell, March 10-1925

Powell Rita, dvf.v.s., Earl Powell, Oct.21-1935

Powell Winnie, dvf.v.s., Hiram Powell, March 11-1919, dismissed

Powers Bessie, dvf.v.s., Melvin Powers, June 3-1934

Powers Emma, dvf.v.s., Homer Powers, April 25-1941

Powers Irene, dvf.v.s., Edward Powers, Feb.25-1932

Powhatan Louise, dvf.v.s., L.Powhatan, May 22-1924

Poynter Ester, dvf.v.s., Harry Poynter, March 8-1936

Poyser Joanna E., dvf.v.s., Miles R.Poyser, March 9-1925

Prater Gustie, dvf.v.s., Frank Prater, June 16-1933

Pratt Clinton E., dvf.v.s., Lola Pratt, Jan.17-1927

Preising Anna M., dvf.v.s., Clarence A.Preising,  #478, March 23-1906

Price Angnes, dvf.v.s., H.W.Price, June 2-1927

Price Annie, dvf.v.s., J.B.Price, Sept.21-1924

Price Clyde, dvf.v.s., Inez Price, Aug.26-1935

Price Edna, dvf.v.s., Walter Price, Dec.31-1920 & May 24-1921

Price Ethel, dvf.v.s., Claude Price, July 17-1927

Price Geneva, dvf.v.s., Bill Price, Nov.24-1940

Price H.W., dvf.v.s., Villie Price, Oct.20-1924

Price J.B., dvf.v.s., Anna Price, May 25-1925

Price Lucy, dvf.v.s., John H.Price, April 16-1925

Price Ray L., dvf.v.s., Elsie Marie Price, Sept.17-1939

Prim Mary, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Prim, Aug.14-1929

Primm Lawrence Duncan, dvf.v.s., Dessie Primm, #6665, Aug.1-1924

Primm T.H., dvf.v.s., Annie E.Primm, March 20-1927

Prince Artie, dvf.v.s., John Prince, July 24-1919

Pritchard Maggie, dvf.v.s., William A.Pritchard, July 14-1935

Province Girtie, dvf.v.s., Polie Province,  #132,  Sept.25-1908

Prueitt Mable, dvf.v.s., William Prueitt, April 27-1926

Pruett Opal, dvf.v.s., Sam Pruett, Sept.8-1927

Pruitt Dorothy M., dvf.v.s., Neria Pruitt, Jan.8-1924

Pruitt J.H., dvf.v.s., Vera Pruitt, Feb.10-1941

Pruitt Letha Peoples, dvf.v.s., George Pruitt, April 1-1954

Pruitt Minnie, dvf.v.s., John Pruitt, March 30-1917

Pryor Allene Louise, dvf.v.s., Virgil Pryor, June 15-1941

Pryor Grace, dvf.v.s., William Pryor, April 3-1934

Pugh Belle, dvf.v.s., Oscar Pugh, April 4-1920

Pugh Cora, dvf.v.s., Oscar Pugh, April 6-1920

Purdin John, dvf.v.s., Louella Purdin, May 26-1925

Purdy Nina, dvf.v.s., Jack Purdy, May 1-1928

Putman Pearl, dvf.v.s., Roy Putman, Sept.16-1930

Pyah-Hunka Laura, dvf.v.s, .Harry Pyah-Hunka, July 28-1916

Pyah-Hunka Lena, dvf.v.s., Harry Payh-Hunka, March 30-1917

Pyle Beulah, dvf.v.s, Francis Pyle, Sept.8-1927

Pyle Hazel, dvf.v.s., Francis Pyle, March 17-1929

Pyle Lillian, dvf.v.s., Felix Pyle, April 17-1930

Qualls Dora, dvf.v.s., Otis J.Qualls, March 9-1925

Qualls Euwala, dvf.v.s., Robert Qualls, Oct.26-1930

Qualls Maurene, dvf.v.s., Otis Qualls, Nov.10-1925

Qualls Morine, dvf.v.s., Otis Qualls, Jan.27-1926

Quapaw Bertha, dvf.v.s., Louis Quapaw, Sept.19-1929

Quapaw Charles Melvin, Annul.v.s., Mildred Quapaw, Oct.2-1935

Quapaw Harrison, dvf.v.s , KaDah Quapaw, #146, Sept.25-1908 & dismissed-April 8-1910

Quapaw John, dvf.v.s., Alice Quapaw, May 22-1927

Quapaw Leona, dvf.v.s., James Quapaw, Jan.12-1936

Quapaw Lewis, dvf.v.s., Bertha Quapaw, May 25-1930

Quapaw Martha Sigdah, dvf.v.s., Jess Quapaw, Oct.28-1923 & Nov.5-1923

Quapaw Minnie, dvf.v.s., Soloman Quapaw, #76, April 17-1908

Quarles Velma(nee Spillman), dvf.v.s, Frank H.Quarles, Nov.14-1920, legal Separation

Quarles Velma (nee Spillman, dvf.v.s., Frank Quarles, March 15-1921

Queen Helen, dvf.v.s., Herman Queen, Feb.21-1924

Quick Mary, dvf.v.s., Ira M.Quick, Nov.17-1927

Quilling Letha, dvf.v.s., Walter Quilling, Sept.3-1919

Quinn Mildred, dvf.v.s., Olen Buford Quinn, Jan.5-1941

Rader Earl, dvf.v.s., Georgia Rader, Oct.27-1929

Ragland Maude, dvf.v.s., Oliver Ragland, April 29-1925

Raia Ruth, dvf.v.s., Joe Raia, Oct.2-1938

Rainnie Leona, dvf.v.s., Charles Rainnie, June 2-1933

Rains Dora, dvf.v.s., Henry Rains, April 10-1925

Rains Lula D., dvf.v.s., O.F.Rains, April 12-1931

Rakes Kathleen, dvf.v.s., Walter Rakes, Aug.27-1939

Rakes Kathleen, dvf.v.s., Walter Rakes, Aug.18-1940

Rambo G.B., dvf.v.s., Etta M.Rambo, Aug.1-1919

Ramsey Charles F., dvf.v.s., Gladys Keener Ramsey, Feb.2-1956

Ramsey Dee, dvf.v.s., Laura Ramsey, Sept.6-1936

Ramsey Imogene, dvf.v.s., Luther Ramsey, Jan.20-1927

Ramsey Lillie, dvf.v.s., Ova Ramsey, June 3-1934

Ramsey Lillie, dvf.v.s., Ovan Ramsey, March 31-1935

Randall Ernest, dvf.v.s., Marie Randall, Nov.28-1932

Randall Ernest, dvf.v.s., Macie Randall, March 10-1933

Randall Rosetta, dvf.v.s., Herman H.Randall, Dec.17-1939

Ransom Fredrick R., dvf.v.s., Effie F.Ransom, Oct.15-1926

Ransome J.T., dvf.v.s., Grace Ransome, April 9-1930

Rapp Irene, dvf.v.s., Guy Rapp, May 18-1923

Rasbach Inez L., dvf.v.s., A.W.Rasbach, March 11-1927

Rasey I.J., dvf.v.s., Ruth Rasey, Dec.28-1924

Rash Gusta Bernice, dvf.v.s., Thomas Rash, #8149, July 16-1926

Rathburn A.A., dvf.v.s, Stella Rathburn, Aug.1921

Rather Leda, dvf.v.s., John W.Rather, May 3-1936

Rausch Kenneth C., dvf.v.s., Rose Mary Rausch, May 5-1955

Ravencroft Lola, dvf.v.s., Carl Ravencroft, May 14-1941

Ray Anna, dvf.v.s., B.H.Ray, Jan.24-1908

Ray Bell, dvf.v.s., Jess Ray, Jan.23-1929

Ray Clara, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Ray, Sept.6-1929

Ray Claud R., dvf.v.s., Gladys Ray, Feb.16-1936

Ray Florence, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Ray, July 28-1940

Ray Goldie, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Ray, July 21-1935

Ray James, dvf.v.s., Fannie Ray, March 30-1900

Ray May”Mary”, dvf.v.s., Fred Ray, #7538, Oct.27-1925

Ray Virginia, dvf.v.s., Don Ray, Aug.1-1941

Raymo Iva(nee Darnell), dvf.v.s, James Raymo, Nov.21-1920

Raynor Bessie, dvf.v.s., Claude Raynor, April 12-1927

Read Arletta, dvf.v.s., Delbert Read, May 19-1933

Read Dora Doris, dvf.v.s., Delbert N.Read, April 3-1935

Read May, dvf.v.s., Delbert Read, Sept.19-1926

Reader Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Charles Reader, Sept.24-1924

Record C.Mae, dvf.v.s., F.W.Record, Nov.17-1940

Records Lena Mae, dvf.v.s., Charles Records, July 19-1921

Rector Beulah R., dvf.v.s., William R.Rector, #7122, March 24-1925

Rector John, dvf.v.s., Alice Rector, June 1-1926

Redeagle Annie Wilson, dvf.v.s., Doan Redeagle, Dec.4-1924

Redeagle Mary, dvf.v.s., Leroy Redeagle, July 23-1926

Redell Jeanette, dvf.v.s., James F.Redell, #7470, Oct.27-1925

Redlinger John, dvf.v.s., Nelle Redlinger, June 5-1929

Redlinger Ross, dvf.v.s., Flossie Redlinger, Sept.23-1926

Reece Bessie, dvf.v.s., Edward J.Reece, Nov.19-1925

Reece Maud, dvf.v.s., J.T.Reece, Sept.1-1929

Reece Melba, dvf.v.s., Loren Reece, June 23-1929

Reed Ada N., dvf.v.s., F.M.Reed, Sept.27-1935

Reed Anabel, dvf.v.s, Lloyd A.Reed, Jan.8-1922

Reed Clara, dvf.v.s., C.S.Reed, Sept.24-1923

Reed Dora C., dvf.v.s., J.C.Reed, July 3-1919

Reed Ethel, dvf.v.s., Charles Reed, Aug.9-1927

Reed Ethel, dvf.v.s., Floyd Reed, May 11-1932

Reed Jessie, dvf.v.s., M.F.Reed, Feb.25-1930

Reed Mary Belle, dvf.v.s., Melvin L.Reed, Jan.3-1956

Reed Olga Amanda, dvf.v.s., John Leroy Reed, June 23-1940

Reed William, dvf.v.s., Jennie Reed, Jan.24-1922

Rees Tishey, dvf.v.s., William Rees, March 5-1923

Reeves Thomas B., dvf.v.s., Virane Reeves, April 1-1954

Regan Etta, dvf.v.s., Randolph Regan, Oct.12-1932

Reid Dessal, dvf.v.s., Tom A.Reid, May 19-1925

Reid Gladys, dvf.v.s., Jim L.Reid, Feb.26-1939

Reid Ralph, dvf.v.s., Lida Reid, March 10-1933

Reid William , dvf.v.s, Jennie Reid, Jan.25-1922,

Reid William, dvf.v.s., Jennie Reid, May 31-1922

Reitz Charles, dvf.v.s., Cora Reitz, Nov.14-1926

Reives Dora, dvf.v.s., C.A.Reives, Sept.21-1927

Remley Emil, dvf.v.s., Vernon Renley, Feb.8-1925

Renfrow Thomas L., dvf.v.s., Mary B.Renfrow, Feb.18-1918

Renick Dona, dvf.v.s., Grover Renick, Aug.20-1939

Renick Grover, dvf.v.s., Rebaugh Renick, May 3-1936

Reno Loran, dvf.v.s., Ella F.Reno, Dec.19-1927

Renolds Grace, dvf.v.s., Rudolph Renolds, Oct.27-1925

Revard Ruth, dvf.v.s., Mc.N.Revard, Nov.9-1926

Revels Elva, dvf.v.s., Ruby Revels, May 27-1928

Revels Marie, dvf.v.s., Augburn Revels, June 18-1933

Revels Willie J., dvf.v.s, Vianey E.Revels, Feb.24-1921 & May 1-1921

Revels Wynona, dvf.v.s., Neely Revels, Jan.15-1928

Reynolds C.F., dvf.v.s., Callie Reynolds, Aug.10-1927

Reynolds Ethel, dvf.v.s., John Reynolds, #566, Oct.6-1911

Reynolds Floyd, dvf.v.s., Clyde Reynolds, Oct.10-1934

Reynolds Frank, dvf.v.s., Estell Reynolds, Dec.12-1929

Reynolds Roy, dvf.v.s., Nettie Reynolds, Jan.17-1913

Reynolds Lolita, dvf.v.s., K.R.Reynolds, Oct.22-1930

Rhodd Louise, dvf.v.s., Louis Rhodd, Oct.6-1940

Rhodes Lafayette, dvf.v.s., A.Mae Rhodes, Sept.7-1925

Rhodes R.B., dvf.v.s., Mary Rhodes, Oct.29-1929

Rice Helen, dvf.v.s., Oliver Rice, Nov.24-1933

Rice Naoma, dvf.v.s., Roy Rice Jr., Sept.28-1927

Rice Nathan, dvf.v.s., Nettie Rice, Dec.25-1914

Rich Florence, dvf.v.s., Charles Rich, March 20-1925

Rich Grace M., dvf.v.s., Herman L.Rich, #7982, June 1-1926

Rice Helen, dvf.v.s., Oliver Rice, Nov.15-1934

Richards Fannie, dvf.v.s., J.L.Richards, Sept.29-1929

Richards Tommie, dvf.v.s., J.L.Richards, April 29-1934

Richardson Iva, dvf.v.s., Thelbert Richardson, July 26-1936

Richardson John W., dvf.v.s., Mary H.Richardson, March 30-1927

Richardson M.W., dvf.v.s., Gertie Richardson, Oct.4-1927

Richardson Sallie, dvf.v.s., McKinley Richardson, Oct.20-1932

Richardville Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Tom Richardville, June 25-1934

Richison Belle, dvf.v.s, Henry Richison, May 3-1922

Rickard Geneva, dvf.v.s., Wayne Rickard, June 7-1928

Rickard Geneva, dvf.v.s., Wayne Rickard, May 27-1931

Rickett Ruby, dvf.v.s., Ernest Rickett, July 24-1929

Riddle Alma, dvf.v.s., Lilburn Riddle, Sept.8-1940

Riddle Clara, dvf.v.s., Lilburn Riddle, Sept.1-1927

Riddle Clara, dvf.v.s., Lilburn Riddle, March 27-1928

Riddle David, dvf.v.s., Tessie Riddle, #6048, Aug.16-1923 & Oct.5-1923

Riddle Ethel, dvf.v.s., Ed Riddle, Sept.12-1923

Riddle Frankie, dvf.v.s., Lilburn F.Riddle, July 10-1934

Riddle Gertie Musgrove, dvf.v.s, David Kind Riddle, March 6-1918

Riddle Hattie, dvf.v.s., John Riddle, Feb.15-1942

Ridenhour Ethel, dvf.v.s., Elmer Ridenhour, Oct.3-1933

Riggs Gladys, dvf.v.s., Carmen Riggs, July 15-1930

Righthouse Woodrow, dvf.v.s., Ruby Righthouse, Nov.15-1934

Riley Ed Arthur, dvf.v.s., Nona Riley, Aug.16-1933

Riley George, dvf.v.s, Katherine Riley, Dec.8-1922 & June 15-1923

Riley Jane, dvf.v.s, Moses Riley, Nov.30-1917

Riley Ruby, dvf.v.s., Raymond Riley, Jan.12-1941

Rinehart Dale, dvf.v.s., Minnie Rinehart, Jan.9-1933

Rinehart D.T., dvf.v.s., Mary Rinehart, Sept.7-1926

Rinehart Minnie, dvf.v.s., Dale Rinehart, May 11-1933

Rizer Carrie, dvf.v.s., Ed Rizer, Sept.7-1933

Roache Nancy, dvf.v.s., Ignacuis Roache, May 28-1933

Roache Nancy, dvf.v.s., I.B.Roache, Sept.16-1934

Roadlander Gladys, dvf.v.s., W.E.Roadlander, Dec.2-1926

Roark Della, dvf.v.s., Charles C.Roark, Nov.14-1920, legal separation

Roark Dollie, dvf.v.s, Charles G.Roark, Nov.14-1920

Roath Arthur, dvf.v.s., Loyce Roath, March 1-1925

Robards Mary, dvf.v.s., Robert Robards, April 11-1934

Robberson Fay, dvf.v.s., Ferrel Robberson, May 23-1929

Robbins Chester Lloyd, dvf.v.s., Bertha Robbins, Sept.3-1939

Roberts Beulah, dvf.v.s., Clarence Roberts, Sept.22-1929

Roberts Cora, dvf.v.s., Elbert Roberts, Dec.8-1926

Roberts Elvin, dvf.v.s., Amelia Roberts, Sept.8-1933

Roberts Emma, dvf.v.s., W.D.Roberts, April 29-1925

Roberts E.S., dvf.v.s., Edith Roberts, July 20-1926

Roberts J.C., dvf.v.s., Gladys Roberts, June 29-1927

Roberts Lucille, dvf.v.s., Dan Roberts, Oct.31-1934

Roberts Lucy, dvf.v.s., Oscar Roberts, June 8-1928

Roberts Mabel, dvf.v.s., Browne Roberts, Aug.10-1933

Roberts Milon, dvf.v.s., Christine Roberts, March 7-1934

Roberts Myron, dvf.v.s., Christine Roberts, Dec.10-1933

Roberts Pearl, dvf.v.s, J.C.Roberts, May 18-1922 & Aug.20-1922

Roberts Walter, dvf.v.s., Mary A.Roberts, March 25-1930

Robertson Beulah, dvf.v.s., Bertie Robertson, Nov.14-1933

Robertson Francella, dvf.v.s., Eddie Robertson, Sept.6-1929

Robertson Lucille Marie, dvf.v.s., Ed E.Robertson, May 3-1935

Robertson Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Leonard Robertson, Aug.29-1933

Robertson Nellie, dvf.v.s., Ed Robertson, Dec.21-1921

Robertson Nettie, dvf.v.s., Ed Robertson, March 14-1920

Robertson Paul A., dvf.v.s., Letha M.Robertson, Nov.24-1955

Robinson Clifford R., dvf.v.s., Ruth Robinson, Sept.29-1940

Robinson  Julia, dvf.v.s., L.D.Robinson, Nov.5-1909 & dismissed-April 8-1910

Robinson Lee G., dvf.v.s., Ida Robinson, Jan.22-1939

Robinson Lois, dvf.v.s., George Robinson, Sept.4-1931

Robinson Lula, dvf.v.s., Joseph Robinson, July 28-1931

Robinson Mary, dvf.v.s., Thomas Z.Robinson, #106, Sept.25-1908

Robinson Stella J., dvf.v.s., S.D.Robinson, April 9-1920

Robinette Rose, dvf.v.s., James Robinette, April 24-193

Rockhill India, dvf.v.s., M.E.Rockhill, Dec.20-1936

Rodden Charles F., dvf.v.s., Edna Rodden, Oct.29-1924

Rodden Ida, dvf.v.s., Willie Rodden, #7088, March 9-1925

Rodgers Pearl, dvf.v.s., Ernest Rodgers, June 24-1930

Roe Ester, dvf.v.s., Jeff Roe, March 20-1927

Rogers D.A., dvf.v.s, Nannie Rogers, Oct.22-1919

Rogers Gerf, dvf.v.s., Lucillie Rogers, Nov.13-1938

Rogers Gerf, dvf.v.s., Lucille Rogers, April 23-1939

Rogers Helen Ruby, dvf.v.s., Albert Rogers, Jan.28-1940

Rogers Josephine, dvf.v.s., W.L.Rogers, June 8-1932

Rogers Lela, dvf.v.s., Henry Rogers, May 24-1932

Rogers Lena Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., James Richard Rogers, May 4-1926

Rogers Lena, dvf.v.s., James T.Rogers, June 2-1926

Roland Jasper, dvf.v.s., Louise Roland, Dec.3-1939

Roland Lester, dvf.v.s., Mary Roland, Oct.31-1920

Roland Pauline, dvf.v.s., Charles Roland, Dec.20-1936

Roll Anna Mae, dvf.v.s., Ernest Roll, Oct.6-1940

Roller Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Raymond Roller, Oct.28-1934

Rollins Charles H., dvf.v.s., Iva Mae Rollins, Sept.25-1938

Rollins Della, dvf.v.s., George Rollins, Feb.3-1927

Romick Ellen, dvf.v.s., Phillip Romick, April 19-1934

Romick Ellen Whitebird, dvf.v.s., Phillip Romick, July 24-1938

Romine Ethel Mae(nee Boyd), dvf.v.s., Alfred E.Romine, April 3-1921 & May 3-1921

Roomsburg Leona, dvf.v.s., Howard Roomsburg, Feb.24-1926

Roomsburg Luther, dvf.v.s., Hattie Roomsburg, July 3-1921

Roper J.P., dvf.v.s., Mary B.Roper, Nov.2-1925

Rosbolt James W., dvf.v.s., Lenora E.Rosbolt, Aug.15-1920

Rose A., dvf.v.s , E.M.Rose,  #476, April 6-1906

Rose L.E., dvf.v.s., Coleman Rose, Jan.17-1913

Ross Janice, dvf.v.s., W.J.Ross, Nov.8-1936

Ross Lucille, dvf.v.s., Charles Ross, Dec.11-1924

Ross Pearlie Mae, dvf.v.s., Kelsie Baker Ross, Sept.16-1941

Ross Sam, dvf.v.s., Laura Ross, jan.5-1933

Ross W.T., dvf.v.s., Rella Ross, Oct.19-1926

Roth Jewell, dvf.v.s., Carl Roth, Dec.31-1933

Rotter J.W., dvf.v.s., Maude Rotter, April 8-1910

Roush Lavina E., dvf.v.s., Henry Roush, Oct.11-1925

Rouse Rose A., dvf.v.s., E.M.#476, March 23-1906

Rowden Ethel, dvf.v.s., Albert Rowden, Oct.24-1928

Rowe Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Elmer Rowe, May 1-1929

Rowe Nadine Graham, dvf.v.s., Floyd Rowe, Oct.16-1935

Rowin Ethel, dvf.v.s., Clarence Rowin, Dec.6-1926

Roy Helen, dvf.v.s., Earl Roy, Oct.11-1936

Royal John, dvf.v.s., Cluster Royal, July 6-1919

Ruark Sybil, dvf.v.s., Mr.Everett Ruark, Feb.26-1923 & March 2-1923

Ruby Clara, dvf.v.s., Charles Ruby, Nov.18-#552, Nov.18-1910

Ruby Charles A., dvf.v.s., Clara E.Ruby, July 21-1911

Rucker May, dvf.v.s., Will Rucker, #108, Sept.25-1908

Ruckman Ethel, dvf.v.s., William Ruckman,  #458, Nov.24-1905

Rude Damon, dvf.v.s., Clara Rude, Sept.6-1929

Rupe Beneva, dvf.v.s., Oscar Rupe, Dec.10-1941

Rupe Montez, dvf.v.s., Alfred Grant Rupe, Aug.30-1956

Rush Dolly, dvf.v.s., William Rush, Dec.25-1914

Russell Edna, dvf.v.s., Herman Russell, June 2-1932

Russell Lena, dvf.v.s., Earl Russell, June 7-1927

Rustin William, dvf.v.s., Kate Rustin, April 29-1919

Ruth Armeta, dvf.v.s., Norman Ruth, March 31-1940

Rutherford Anna Mae, dvf.v.s., Walter Rutherford, July 11-1941

Ryan J.A., dvf.v.s., Nami Ryan, Sept.16-1954

Ryan Alberta, dvf.v.s., Charles Ryan, July 25-1933

Ryan Grace, dvf.v.s., Oscar Ryan, Aug.3-1934

Ryder Nellie S., dvf.v.s., H.E.Ryder, July 17-1929

Ryker Nellie S., dvf.v.s., H.E.Ryker, Sept.6-1929

Sackett Della, dvf.v.s., E.W.Sackett, #7802, Jan.26-1926

Sackett Ernest, dvf.v.s., Sadie Sackett, March 28-1920

Saddler Jesse R., dvf.v.s., Hazel Marie Saddler, Sept.26-1926

Saffell Dorothy, dvf.v.s., P.C.Saffell, March 15-1922

Saggert Ollie, dvf.v.s., Ben Saggert, June 15-1923

Saggert Ollie, dvf.v.s.Ben Saggert, March 25-1924

Saggert Tresa, dvf.v.s., Ben A.Saggert, March 24-1927

Salisbury Jesse, dvf.v.s., Fred Salisbury, Dec.31-1925

Salisbury Jessie, dvf.v.s., Fred Salisbury, Jan.10-1926

Sallee Hugh, dvf.v.s., Floy Sallee, Feb.28-1930

Salsbury Lena, dvf.v.s., Dow Salsbury, June 15-1941

Salsbury Pearl, dvf.v.s., Benjamin F.Salsbury, July 12-1936

Sampel Ruth, dvf.v.s., G.A.Sampel, April 5-1932

Sampsell Judia, dvf.v.s, .G.A.Sampsell, March 20-1917

Sanders Alice, dvf.v.s., William Sanders, April 24-1924

Sanders Dessa, dvf.v.s, James Sanders, May 26-1922

Sanders Edith, dvf.v.s., B.T.Sanders, Jan.12-1941

Sanders Esther L., dvf.v.s., Hugh B.Sanders, Dec.11-1923

Sanders Grace, dvf.v.s., Bethuel Thomas Sanders, Sept.14-1927

Sanders Grace, dvf.v.s., Thomas Sanders, May 14-1929

Sanders John A., dvf.v.s., Annie Sanders, Dec.9-1923

Sanders Neva, dvf.v.s., Edgar Sanders, May 31-1928

Sanders Sterling, dvf.v.s., Dessa Sanders, Nov.9-1928

Sanders Sterling, dvf.v.s., Dessa Sanders, March 5-1930

Sanders W.E., dvf.v.s., Cora Lee Sanders, Nov.17-1926

Sandlin Ida, dvf.v.s., Ray Sandlin, July 10-1927

Sanford Madalyn Knowles, dvf.v.s., Vernon Thayer Sanford, Sept.6-1936

Sapp A.L., dvf.v.s., Ellen sapp, March 18-1923

Sapp Ellen, dvf.v.s., A.L.Sapp, March 11-1922 & April 7-1922

Sappington Cordellia, dvf.v.s., Verlin Sappington, Jan.22-1939

Sappington Ruby, dvf.v.s., Russell Sappington, Oct.13-1940

Satterfield R., dvf.v.s., Maude Satterfield, Oct.28-1931

Saunders Audrey, dvf.v.s., Virgil L.Saunders, Sept.23-1928

Savage Laura Eileen, dvf.v.s., Robert S.Savage, Aug.4-1940

Savard Frances M., dvf.v.s., Phillip Savard, May 14-1915

Scaggs Ruby, dvf.v.s., Edward Scaggs, March 25-1930

Scanlon Josephine, dvf.v.s., Peter Scanlon, May 14-1919

Scarbrough Jeff, dvf.v.s., Beulah Scarbrough, #1256, Sept.3-1915

Scarbrough Laura, dvf.v.s., Roy Scarbrough, July 23-1933

Schiffbauer Murl, dvf.v.s., Rody Schiffbauer, July 9-1935

Schlight John, dvf.v.s., Zelma Schligh, Oct.5-1933

Schmidt Dot, dvf.v.s., Ernest Schmidt, Jan.21-1942

Schmidt Ella, dvf.v.s., Charles Elmer Schmidt, Feb.23-1927

Schmidt Minnie, dvf.v.s., Everett Schmidt, July 8-1923

Schmidt Myrtle Dorland, Alva H.Schmidt, Sept.2-1929

Schmucker Ted, dvf.v.s., Stella Schmucker, Dec.18-1956

Schmulback William, dvf.v.s., Ida Schmulbach, March 9-1925

Schofield John, dvf.v.s., Elizabeth A.Schofield, 1926

Schreckengants Martha, dvf.v.s, Clarence Schreckengants, May 31-1922

Schrimpacher Ethel May, dvf.v.s., Matthias Schrimpacher, May 11-1928

Schultz Charles, dvf.v.s., Lola Schultz, Nov.14-1924

Schultz Hallie, dvf.v.s., Descon Schultz, Jan.15-1929

Schultz Lillie E.(nee Fish), dvf.v.s., Ralph C.Schultz, Nov.7-1922

Schultz Lillie E. (nee Fish), dvf.v.s., Ralph C.Schultz, Jan.19-1923

Schwartz G.F., dvf.v.s., Eunice Iren Schwartz, Nov.26-1919

Scibert Elva, dvf.v.s., Charles Scibert, April 5-1933

Scott Chester, dvf.v.s., J.T.Scott, June -1929

Scott Dora C., dvf.v.s., Rufus Scott, Oct.27-1925

Scott Eva, dvf.v.s., Sterline Scott, Feb.2-1928

Scott June Michner, dvf.v.s., Garland Scott, Aug.14-1928

Scott Mary, dvf.v.s., Howard Scott, Dec.12-1932

Scott Mayme, dvf.v.s., Carl Scott, March 31-1926

Scott Midgi, dvf.v.s., Joe Scott, Sept.17-1930

Scott M.L., dvf.v.s., Minnie Scott, May 26-1925

Scott Vada, dvf.v.s., Ellis Scott, Oct.4-1932

Scott Voda, dvf.v.s., Ellis Scott, Nov.4-1934

Scribner Minnie, dvf.v.s., E.W.Scribner, Nov.17-1925

Seaburn Anna, dvf.v.s., John W.Seaburn, Dec.29-1923

Seaman Albert P., dvf.v.s., Christine M.Seaman, #7782, Jan.19-1926

Seaman John W., dvf.v.s., Mary A.Seaman , #1275, Sept.17-1915

Seaman Lois, dvf.v.s., Ralph Seaman, Dec.15-1920

Searcy Herman, dvf.v.s., Juanita Searcy, June 19-1930

Searcy Josephine, dvf.v.s., Elmo Searcy, June 19-1929

Sears Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Don Sears, Oct.13-1940

Sears Lena, dvf.v.s, Guss Sears, Feb.15-1920 & Oct.27-1922

Sears Lena, dvf.v.s., Gus Sears, March 18-1923

Seat Anna Marie, dvf.v.s., Sherman Lee Seat, Dec.18-1938

Seat Arnold, dvf.v.s., Arlene Seat, Feb.15-1942

Seaton Lena Mae, dvf.v.s., Claude Seaton, Aug.15-1934

Seay Albert C., dvf.v.s., Irene Seay, Aug.16-1936

Seay Albert C., dvf.v.s., Ruth Seay, Dec.17-1939

Seay Bryan, dvf.v.s., Ruth Seay, July 9-1935

Seay Ruth, dvf.v.s., Bryan Seay, Jan.12-1936

Secondine Alice(nee Thomas), dvf.v.s., Harrison Secondine, May 26-1920

Secundine Edward, dvf.v.s., Juanita Secundine, April 27-1927

Sellars Anna, dvf.v.s, Vaughn Sellars, June 12-1921

Sellers Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Roy Sellers, May 17-1934

Selson Grace, dvf.v.s., Ralph S.Selson, #6582, June 12-1924

Setser Grace, dvf.v.s., R.B.Setser, Jan.24-1926

Severs Thelma Jean, dvf.v.s., William Jackson Severs, Feb.19-1941

Severs Thelma, dvf.v.s., Jack Severs, Dec.10-1941

Seward Hildred Irene, dvf.v.s., Marion Seward, Sept.7-1922

Seward Hildred Irene, dvf.v.s., Marion Seward, March 18-1923

Seward Mildred Irene, dvf.v.s., Marion Earl Seward, March 23-1923

Seymour Ora Bell, dvf.v.s., Charles V.Seymour, April 30-1909

Shackelford Frankie M., dvf.v.s., Walter Shackelford, Feb.17-1955

Shadwick Ruth, dvf.v.s., Howard Shawick, Sept.4-1930

Shafer Margaret, dvf.v.s., Guy Shafer, Feb.24-1926

Shaffer Mildred, dvf.v.s., Thurman Shaffer, Feb.11-1940

Shaffer Sinda, dvf.v.s., Tom F.Shaffer, June 7-1928

Shailer Vida, dvf.v.s., William R.Shailer, March 17-1940

Shannon D., dvf.v.s., Lee Sahannon, Jan.19-1930

Shannon Leola, dvf.v.s., Jack Shannon, Nov.24-1929

Sharbett Oapl, dvf.v.s., Hildrey Sharbett, Jan.25-1929

Sharp Harold, dvf.v.s., Juanita Sharp, March 28-1933

Sharp Irene S., dvf.v.s., C.W.Sharp, Nov.2-1923

Sharpe Ethel, dvf.v.s., Tanda Sharpe, March 14-1929

Shaw Emma G., dvf.v.s., Mr.Shaw, June 30-1921

Shaw Emma G., dvf.v.s., Thomas H.Shaw, Feb.7-1922

Shaw Florence, dvf.v.s., D.H.Shaw, April 10-1924

Shaw Pearl, dvf.v.s., Arvilla Shaw, Sept.25-1925

Shaw Pearl, dvf.v.s., Arvilla Shaw, March 19-1926

Shears Clara Mae, dvf.v.s., William Shears, Aug.16-1936

Shears Elsie, dvf.v.s., Joe Shears, June 4-1923

Shedlebar Clora, dvf.v.s., Ted Shedlebar, Sept.18-1938

Shedlebar Ted, dvf.v.s., Wilma Shedlebar, Dec.15-1940

Sheehan Tillie, dvf.v.s., Vernon Sheehan, July 18-1926

Shellman Ella, dvf.v.s., Dee Shellman, Jan.9-1942

Shelton Elizabeth M., dvf.v.s., Charles E.Shelton, May 14-1915

Shelton Elizabeth, dvf.v.s.E.E.Shelton, Aug.6-1939

Shelton Luke, dvf.v.s., Geneva Shelton, Oct.13-1940

Shelton Mary King, dvf.v.s., Truman G.Shelton, Nov.10-1955

Shelton Ruth, dvf.v.s., William C.Shelton, Jan.10-1928

Shenkle Lilly, dvf.v.s., Edgar Shenkle, Sept.26-1930

Shephard Susie, dvf.v.s., J.W.Shephard, March 29-1920

Shepherd Elnore, dvf.v.s., Jess Shepherd, Oct.8-1939

Shepherd Mattie, dvf.v.s., Amos Shepherd, July 31-1938

Sherer Martin H., dvf.v.s., Sarah V.Sherer, March 7-1920

Sheridan Flordia, dvf.v.s., William Sheridan, July 29-1929

Sherill Ethel, dvf.v.s., Kenneth Sherill, Aug.19-1928

Sherill Gladys, dvf.v.s., Henry Sherill, July 22-1930

Sherman Thelma, dvf.v.s., Frank Sherman, June 19-1929

Sherwood Blanche, dvf.v.s., C.Sherwood, Aug.25-1925

Sherwood Jewell, dvf.v.s., Everett Sherwood, March 9-1923

Sherwood Lillie, dvf.v.s., Marion Sherwood, June 29-1927

Sherwood Mattie, dvf.v.s., Lafe Sherwood, May 22-1924

Shetley Fleeta, dvf.v.s., George Shetley, Feb.2-1917

Shewmake Juliet, dvf.v.s., Ray Shewmake, March 16-1941

Shewmaker Zelphia, dvf.v.s., Maiben Shewmaker, Oct.18-1836

Shields J.W., dvf.v.s., Mamie Shields, Nov.26-1909

Shields Pearl Lee, dvf.v.s., John W.Shields, Aug.6-1920

Shiew Esther, dvf.v.s., Frank Shiew, April 10-1927

Shiew Vada, dvf.v.s., D.W.Shiew, Oct.27-1940

Shoemaker Clarence, dvf.v.s., Pearl Shoemaker, Oct.31-1929

Shipman Alleen, dvf.v.s., Luther Shipman, Jan.19-1941

Shook Sylvia, dvf.v.s., Ernest A.Shook, May 14-1941

Shore Mattie, dvf.v.s., Charles Shore, July 19-1934

Short Audis, dvf.v.s., Jessie Short, March 29-1936

Short Bert F, dvf.v.s., Gusto M.Short, #772, June 27-1913

Short Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Leroy Short, Oct.27-1925

Short Maggie, dvf.v.s., Jess Short, March 31-1925

Short Vera, dvf.v.s., Robert Short, May 25-1923

Short William M., dvf.v.s., Mrs.E.Short, Dec.8-1919

Shouinick E.G., dvf.v.s., W.H.Shouinick, March 30-1917

Shouse Lorene, dvf.v.s., John Shouse, Oct.26-1926

Shouse Mary, dvf.v.s., Hansom P.Shouse, May 24-1929

Shouse Mary, dvf.v.s., Hinson Shouse, May 9-1924

Shouse Mary, dvf.v.s., Henson P.Shouse, Oct.29-1930

Shouse Mary, dvf.v.s., Henson Shouse, April 5-1933

Shouse Nellie, dvf.v.s., H.P.Shouse, Oct.2-1938

Shreckengust Martha, dvf.v.s., Clarence Shreckengaust, Feb.14-1922

Shrole Ethel, dvf.v.s., Dempsey Shrole, July 28-1940

Shrole Margaret, dvf.v.s., Dempsey Shrole, Aug.16-1936

Shultz Charles, dvf.v.s., Lola Shultz, March 9-1925

Shultz Lillie E., dvf.v.s., Ralph C.Shultz, March 18-1923

Shumker Clarence C., dvf.v.s., Pearl Shumaker, Sept.10-1929

Sibert Opal, dvf.v.s., Hugh Sibert, May 31-1936

Sibwell Maud, dvf.v.s., William Sibwell, Jan.26-1927

Sidwell Bertha, dvf.v.s., George Sidwell, Dec.14-1926

Silcox Mildred, dvf.v.s., Leroy Silcox, Aug.1-1941

Silgar Dollie, dvf.v.s., John Silgar, Nov.24-1925

Sikes Roy, dvf.v.s., Eunice Sikes, June 30-1933

Sillaway James, dvf.v.s., Myrtle, Sillaway, July 12-1933

Simington May, dvf.v.s., W.R.Simington, #7484, Sept.9-1925

Simmons C.C., dvf.v.s., Esther, Simmons,

Simmons Frank B., dvf.v.s., Alice Simmons, Feb.10-1927

Simmons Ida L., dvf.v.s., Howard Simmons, Nov.28-1935

Simmons Mary Ann, dvf.v.s., Frank Simmons, June 14-1934

Simmons Oliver, dvf.v.s., Oapl Simmons, Oct.10-1927

Simmons Roy, dvf.v.s., Mildred Simmons, Feb.27-1941

Simmons Ruby, dvf.v.s., J.M.Simmons, May 26-1940

Simms Frank B., dvf.v.s., Alice Simms, Feb.10-1927

Simms Viola, dvf.v.s., Truman C.Simms, Oct.13-1926

Simons Ruth, dvf.v.s., Frank Simons, July 7-1940

Simpson Alberta, dvf.v.s., Jack Simpson, Aug.16-1928

Simpson B.F., dvf.v.s., Janie F.Simpson, Dec.27-1923

Simpson Carl, dvf.v.s., Nellie Simpson, Feb.15-1927

Simpson Grace, dvf.v.s., Ben Simpson, Oct.27-1925

Simpson Jerry, dvf.v.s., Emma Simpson, March 1-1935

Simpson Josephine Fay, dvf.v.s., Robert E Simpson, Aug.7-1939

Simpson Nannie E., dvf.v.s., F.L.Simpson, Oct.28-1925

Sims A.W., dvf.v.s., Donzella Sims, March 22-1934

Sims Daisy, dvf.v.s., Frank Sims,  #437, Sept.23-1910 & April 7-1911

Sims Helen M., dvf.v.s., Frank Sims, Sept.8-1929

Sims Ray Albert, dvf.v.s., Bertha Sims, April 3-1931

Sims Ray, dvf.v.s., Bertha Sims, Jan.21-1932

Sims Verne A., dvf.v.s., Thelma Sims, Feb.15-1942

Singleton J.M., dvf.v.s., N.E.Singleton, #592, Oct.13-1911

Singleton Maude H., dvf.v.s., Harry Singleton, April 26-1920

Singleton Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Luther SingletonOct.8-1939,

Sipe Sadie R., dvf.v.s., George W.Sipe, Jan.26-1917

Sizemore Edna, dvf.v.s., George Sizemore, March 8-1929

Sizemore Edna V., dvf.v.s., George Sizemore, May 13-1930

Skaggs Clarence, dvf.v.s., Luella Skaggs, May 28-1934

Skaggs Herbert Allen, dvf.v.s., Ina Beatrice Skaggs, June 2-1941

Skaggs J.W., dvf.v.s., Nellie Skaggs, April 4-1927

Skaggs Lela, dvf.v.s., Attle Skaggs, Dec.18-1923

Skaggs Mark E., dvf.v.s., Olga Belle Skaggs, March 16-1941

Skaggs Pearl, dvf.v.s., Thomas Skaggs, April 2-1922

Skaggs W.E., dvf.v.s., Minnie Skaggs, Aug.1-1932

Skeith Sarah A., dvf.v.s., Thomas Skeith, Oct.6-1925

Skeith Thomas, dvf.v.s., Sarah Skeith, Jan.10-1927

Skinner Maude M., dvf.v.s., Charles S.Skinner, Sept.8-1925

Skiver Grace, dvf.v.s., Levi Skiver, Oct.13-1933

Skiver Levi, dvf.v.s., Ada Skiver, Jan.3-1926

Skye Cora, dvf.v.s., Jessie Skye, March 17-1925

Skye Pearl, dvf.v.s., George Skye, Sept.29-1929

Skye Pearl, dvf.v.s., George Skye, Jan.10-1930

Slanker Cora, dvf.v.s., William Slanker, Oct.27-1925

Slattery E.J., dvf.v.s., Nettie May Slattery, Dec.24-1922

Slay Jewell, dvf.v.s., George E.Slay, #7219, May 26-1925

Sloan Eleanor, dvf.v.s., Ellis Blair Sloan, Oct.3-1941

Sloan Ena, dvf.v.s., D.R.Sloan, March 4-1930

Slusher Cora Bell, dvf.v.s., William H.Slusher, Feb.6-1927

Small Wanda, dvf.v.s., Franklin Small, Nov.10-1929

Smalley Joe H, dvf.v.s., Lillie M.Smalley, May 2-1920

Smalley Joseph H., dvf.v.s., Lillian M.Smalley, March 26-1919

Smelters George F., dvf.v.s, Minnie Smelters, Dec.15-1921

Smith---dvf.v.s., Kate Smith, Oct.11-1934

Smith Albert B., dvf.v.s., Maggie Smith,  #438, Sept.23-1910 & Nov.11-1910

Smith Albert, dvf.v.s., Maude Smith, Jan.21-1925

Smith Alta, dvf.v.s., Tillman R.Smith, Nov.10-1925

Smith Bertha, dvf.v.s.Albert Smith, Dec.3-1939

Smith C.L., dvf.v.s., Ombra Smith, May 27-1928

Smith Clara B., dvf.v.s., Orrell Smith, #7783, Jan.19-1926

Smith Clara B., dvf.v.s., Orrell Smith, Sept.21-1930

Smith Clay, dvf.v.s., Marthelys Smith, Oct.3-1941

Smith Cora, dvf.v.s., W.Smith, Jan.16-1927

Smith Daphne, dvf.v.s., Leon Smith, July 6-1919

Smith Dixie, dvf.v.s., Ray Smith, Nov.17-1932

Smith Dona, dvf.v.s., Doyle Smith, May 8-1930

Smith Dorothy, dvf.v.s., J.P.Smith, March 31-1940

Smith Edna, dvf.v.s., Fred Smith, Dec.20-1926

Smith Emma, dvf.v.s., Melvin Smith, May 26-1925

Smith Ernest, dvf.v.s., Willie Smith, Nov.17-1940

Smith Esther, dvf.v.s., Ronnie Smith, Sept.4-1938

Smith Ethel, dvf.v.s., Arthur Smith, Oct.19-1926

Smith G.M., dvf.v.s., Alice Smith, Oct.1-1939

Smith Grace, dvf.v.s., Huston Smith, Feb.3-1927

Smith G.W., dvf.v.s., Jan.30-1919

Smith Harold Eugene, dvf.v.s., Mildred Smith, March 26-1939

Smith Harry, dvf.v.s., Violet Smith, #6581, June 12-1924

Smith Jewel, dvf.v.s., J.C.Smith, Dec.15-1925

Smith J.D., dvf.v.s., Katie Smith, Feb.8-1934

Smith J.F., dvf.v.s., Mary Smith, #7265, Oct.27-1925

Smith J.J., dvf.v.s., Flora Smith, Nov.29-1936

Smith John M., dvf.v.s., Augusta Smith, Jan.31-1908

Smith Laura, dvf.v.s., John Smith, March 10-1931

Smith Leon, dvf.v.s., Avonell Smith, Dec.11-1938

Smith Lola(nee Watkins), dvf.v.s., H.F.Smith, Dec.21-1922

Smith Lola, dvf.v.s., H.F.Smith, March 18-1923

Smith Lucille, dvf.v.s., Glen Smith, Feb.10-1924

Smith Lucille, dvf.v.s., Frank O.Smith, Aug.6-1939

Smith Luvenia Josepline, dvf.v.s., Charles H.Smith, April 20-1927

Smith Mable, dvf.v.s., Alfred Smith, July 1-1925

Smith Marion, dvf.v.s., Catherine Smith, Dec.23-1934

Smith Marvin, dvf.v.s., Catherine Smith, Dec.23-1934

Smith Mattie Pearl, dvf.v.s., Clarence Smith, March 5-1930

Smith Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Roy Smith, Sept.13-1936

Smith Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Russell Smith, Jan.1-1939

Smith Nettie, dvf.v.s., Ben Smith, Dec.7-1919

Smith Nellie, dvf.v.s., J.C.Smith, Sept.9-1925

Smith Nona, dvf.v.s., William Smith, March 21-1929

Smith Opal Rayburn, dvf.v.s., J.L.Smith, April 28-1940

Smith Pleasant, dvf.v.s., Pinkie B.Smith, #1654, Jan.12-1917

Smith Ruby, dvf.v.s., James Smith, Sept.5-1934

Smith Ruth, dvf.v.s., Arney L.Smith, Dec.7-1919

Smith Sadie, dvf.v.s, James F.Smith, May 26-1925

Smith Shirley, dvf.v.s., Minerva Smith, July 17-1932

Smith Sterling P., dvf.v.s., Minerva Smith, May 26-1932

Smith Thomas C., dvf.v.s., Mildred Leota Smith, Jan.12-1941

Smith Violet, dvf.v.s., Harry Smith, May 26-1926

Smith W.C., dvf.v.s., Olive M.Smith, Dec.4-1924

Smith W.F., dvf.v.s., Bertha Smith, July 14-1922

Smith Walter, dvf.v.s, Bertie Smith, Sept.3-1922 & March 18-1923

Smith Zelma, dvf.v.s., Glen Otto Smith, June 4-1931

Smithson Roy, dvf.v.s., Ova Smithson, March 4-1934

Smitters Zuba, dvf.v.s, Earl E.Smitters, April 10-1922

Smock Isaac, dvf.v.s.Ellen Smock, #467, Oct.6-1911

Smock Vada, dvf.v.s., Ben Smock, March 25-1924

Snider Bell, dvf.v.s., W.M.Snider, June 7-1926

Snider Gertie, dvf.v.s., W.S.Snider, March 10-1926

Snider Mana, dvf.v.s., William Snider, March 8-1936

Snowhill Jessie, dvf.v.s., Kyle Snowhill, June 27-1913

Snyder Francis, dvf.v.s., Fred Snyer, Oct.3-1941

Snyder Lena, dvf.v.s., Cecil Snyder, Feb.5-1920

Snyder Retha, dvf.v.s., H.W.Snyder, Aug.16-1936

Snyder Velma, dvf.v.s., Albert E.Snyder, July 12-1936

Sockett Ernest W., dvf.v.s., Mrs.Sockett, Jan.21-1920

Son Eula, dvf.v.s., Claud Son, Oct.29-1919

Southard Ollie, dvf.v.s., Samuel Southard, Sept.21-1919

Spafford Lillian, dvf.v.s., Jack Spafford, Sept.18-1935

Sparkman Audrey Mae, dvf.v.s., W.C.Sparkman, Sept.6-1936

Sparlin M.B., dvf.v.s., Ella Sparlin, Sept.28-1927

Sparlin Mamie, dvf.v.s., Cecil Sparlin, Feb.22-1928

Spears May, dvf.v.s., W.T.Spears, Nov.20-1925

Spears May, dvf.v.s., W.T.Spears, June 1-1926

Speer Cora J., dvf.v.s., Thomas J.Speer, Feb.3-1930

Speer Thomas J., dvf.v.s., Cora J.Speer, March 11-1919

Speer Thomas J., dvf.v.s., Cora J.Speer, Sept.24-1923

Speers Hattie, dvf.v.s., Monroe Speers, Dec.27-1935

Spence Minnie Mae, dvf.v.s., James H.Spence, Oct.21-1935

Spencer Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Thomas Spencer Jr., Feb.2-1932

Spencer Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Tom Spencer, May 25-1934

Spencer Fred, dvf.v.s, Anna Spencer, March 1-1920

Spencer Jessie, dvf.v.s., Mr.Spencer, Nov.16-1923

Spencer Mabel, dvf.v.s., Vernon Spencer, April 12-1934

Spencer Martha, dvf.v.s., Luther Spencer, March 23-1926

Spencer Minnie Lee, dvf.v.s, Charles Spencer, April 24-1921

Spencer Sallie, dvf.v.s., Thomas Spencer, Jan.21-1931

Spencer Verda, dvf.v.s., Forbis Spencer, Nov.30-1931

Speers Ora, dvf.v.s., Robert Speer, May 1-1921

Sperry Daisy, dvf.v.s., Robert Sperry, May 13-1931

Sphweitzer Bertha, dvf.v.s., Daniel Sphweitzer, July 24-1932

Spicer Henrietta, dvf.v.s., O.B.Spicer, Nov.20-1929

Spicer Otto A., dvf.v.s., Anna Belle Christenbury Spicer, March 28-1924

Spinks Ted, dvf.v.s., Lela Spinks, Sept.29-1931

Spoon Charles E., dvf.v.s, Mattie Belle, Dec.11-1919

Spoonhour Claud T., dvf.v.s., Neil Spoonhour, April 22-1935

Spragg Doris, dvf.v.s., Earl W.Spragg, April 6-1926

Spragins Cora, dvf.v.s., Charles Spragins, Feb.21-1929

Spraker V.Kathryn, dvf.v.s., Ealum Spraker, April 28-1930

Spriggins Cora, dvf.v.s., Charles Spriggins, Dec.13-1928

Spry Marie, dvf.v.s, John Spry, July 11-1919

Spurgeron Andrew, dvf.v.s., Sadie Spurgeon, March 2-1920

Stacey Dessie, dvf.v.s., Wiley Stacey, June 1-1926

Stacks Doyle Dee, dvf.v.s., Clara Stacks, Feb.21-1946

Stacy Bess, dvf.v.s., Alfie Stacy, Oct.27-1925

Stacy Dessie C., dvf.v.s., Wiley Stacy, March 3-1926

Stacy L.A., dvf.v.s., P.W.Stacy, Aug.27-1919

Stafford Ola, dvf.v.s., Carl Stafford, Aug.1-1941

Stalcup Rosa, dvf.v.s., John W.Stalcup, Oct.13-1931

Stamps C.C., dvf.v.s., Anna Stamps, Dec.18-1938

Stanberry Sylvia, dvf.v.s., Cecil Stanberry, Feb.5-1942

Stand Bessie, dvf.v.s., Raymond Stand, April 30-1930

Stand Mary Y., dvf.v.s., Henry Stand, Dec.9-1925

Stand Mary Y., dvf.v.s., Henry Stand, Feb.24-1926

Stand Wilson, dvf.v.s., Lula Stand, May 15-1931

Standefer A.P., dvf.v.s., Leta Standefer, June 5-1928

Standefer Jesse, dvf.v.s., Clifton K.Standefer, April 7-1926

Standefer Wiley, dvf.v.s,  Jane Standefer, Dec.25-1914

Standlee Elsie, dvf.v.s., Lewis A.Standlee, Aug.6-1939

Standley Lulu, dvf.v.s., Pervis Standley, April 9-1939

Staner Opal, dvf.v.s., W.Z.Staner, Dec.6-1922 & March 18-1923

Stanfill Maud, dvf.v.s., A.C.Stanfill, Jan.18-1920

Stanhouse Ethel, dvf.v.s., George Stanhouse, March 16-1930

Stanley Bessie, dvf.v.s., Jack Stanley, April 1-1924

Stanley Clara, dvf.v.s., James C.Stanley, Oct.18-1932

Stanley Eavenolia, dvf.v.s., Orville Stanley, Aug.27-1926

Stanley Jasper, dvf.v.s., Mary Stanley, March 25-1934

Stanley J.R., dvf.v.s., Mary W.Stanley, Sept.18-1938

Stanley Lula Smith, dvf.v.s., Pervis Stanley, Sept.30-1930

Stanley Louise Wilson, dvf.v.s., J.E.Stanley, April 9-1941

Stannard Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Walter Stannard, Oct.3-1927

Stannard Mabel, dvf.v.s., W.A.Stannard, Aug.17-1917

Stannard Mabel Pearl, dvf.v.s, Walter A.Stannard, Aug.14-1919

Stansberry Ora, dvf.v.s., Mary Stansberry, Aug.18-1940

Stanton Florence, dvf.v.s., William Stanton, Feb.3-1931

Stapleton Lavie, dvf.v.s., Jackson Stapleton, March 21-1920

Stapp Ethel, dvf.v.s., Thomas E.Stapp, Nov.10-1925

Stapp Ethel P., dvf.v.s., Thomas F.Stapp, Feb.27-1927

Stark Pearl M., dvf.v.s., Leslie O.Stark, March 16-1941

Starr Edna, dvf.v.s., Ezekial Starr, Oct.28-1925

Starr Margaret, dvf.v.s, Wilbur Starr, Sept.4-1941

Starr Martha, dvf.v.s., Roy Starr, Aug.1-1928

Starr Walter W., dvf.v.s., Jennie L.Starr, Jan.26-1927

Staton Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Traverse Staton, Nov.30-1932

Staton Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Treveise Staton, July 12-1936

Staton Freda, dvf.v.s., Frank Staton, Oct.27-1929

Staton Sarah, dvf.v.s., Frank Staton, April 29-1925

Staton Treverse, dvf.v.s., Hazel Irene Staton, Nov.22-1926

Stearns Anna, dvf.v.s., Donald Stearns, Dec.7-1927

Stears Clara, dvf.v.s., Cubb Stears, Aug.4-1919

Steck Mildred, dvf.v.s., Paul Steck, Dec.3-1939

Steele Samuel J., dvf.v.s., Ruby Steele, March 4-1954

Steely Laura, dvf.v.s., Dave Steely, March 26-1930

Stegall Marie, dvf.v.s., Norman Stegall, June 27-1934

Stein Ethel, dvf.v.s., Herman Stein, #1291, Sept.24-1915

Steinmiller Florence, dvf.v.s., Joe Steinmiller, Feb.13-1919

Stephens Charles A., dvf.v.s., Emma Stephens, Aug.27-1917

Stephens Edith, dvf.v.s., Olen W.Stephens, Oct.28-1925

Stephens Edith, dvf.v.s., Olen Stephens, March 31-1926

Stephens Eunice, dvf.v.s., Edgar Lee Stephens, Feb.14-1924

Stephens Hazel, dvf.v.s., Monte Stephens, Dec.16-1924

Stephenson Geraldeen, dvf.v.s., Hayden Stephenson, March 16-1941

Stepp Everett F., dvf.v.s., Lekel Stepp, April 29-1929

Stepp Mildred, dvf.v.s., Harry Stepp, Sept.6-1929

Stevens Cora, dvf.v.s., James Stevens, #499,  Feb.24-1911

Stevens Clara, dvf.v.s., John Stevens, May 18-1933

Stevens Neva, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Stevens, Sept.21-1930

Stevens Virginia, dvf.v.s., John Stevens, Feb.12-1939

Steward Emma, dvf.v.s., Samuel J.Steward, Nov.25-1924

Stewart Bertha, dvf.v.s., Charles H.Stewart, April 15-1941

Stewart Ella, dvf.v.s., Almes Stewart, Aug.11-1926

Stewart Ella, dvf.v.s., Lane Jess Stewart, Aug.2-1926

Stewart Ella Mae, dvf.v.s., Lanes O.Stewart, Sept.6-1929

Stewart Emma, dvf.v.s., Charles Stewart, July 24-1938

Stewart Georgia Irene, dvf.v.s., W.Stewart, Aug.15-1941

Stewart Lottie, dvf.v.s., Leslie Stewart, March 13-1938

Stewart Thomas C., dvf.v.s., Bertha Stewart, Jan.24-1918

Stewart W.R., dvf.v.s., Sarah Stewart, July 24-1928

Stibbens Leonard, dvf.v.s., Emma Stibbens, July 21-1935

Stice Jack, dvf.v.s., Charlene Stice, Dec.5-1935

Stice Jack, dvf.v.s., Martha Stice, April 3-1938

Stiefel August, dvf.v.s., Marie Stiefel, Dec.17-1933

Stiffin James, dvf.v.s., May Stiffin, Jan.18-1922

Stiffin Jim, dvf.v.s., May Stiffin, Nov.17-1921

Stills Belle, dvf.v.s., C.R.Stills, Sept.21-1919

Stines Buck, dvf.v.s., Genevieve Stines, Oct.8-1939

Stines Velvevoilva, dvf.v.s., Fred Earl Stines, April 10-1941

Stinhouse Ethel, dvf.v.s., George Stinhouse, April 17-1930

Stites Martha I., dvf.v.s., J.W.Stites, #447 Nov.24-1905-Jan.19-1906

Stites Rosa E., dvf.v.s., Earl Stites, Jan.29-1919

Stivers Martha J., dvf.v.s., Louis Stivers, Aug.15-1920

Stockton Faye, dvf.v.s., Jewell Stockton, Feb.2-1936

Stoddard Flordia, dvf.v.s., Nash Stoddard, #8206, Aug.18-1926

Stoffer Lottie, dvf.v.s., C.C.Stoffer, Sept.21-1924

Stone J.Bryan, dvf.v.s., Nellie Stone, April 13-1923

Stone Lucy D., dvf.v.s., Frank Stone, April 20-1928

Stone Millie, dvf.v.s., Perry J.Stone, April 21-1940

Stoner Charles, dvf.v.s., Bertha Stoner, Feb.10-1930

Stoner Dollie, dvf.v.s., Charles Stoner, May 28-1933

Stoney Bertah, dvf.v.s, Phreow P.Stoney, Dec.21-1919

Story Bell, dvf.v.s., J.H.Story, #770, Feb.21-1913

Story M.E., dvf.v.s., S.A.Story, Sept.10-1934

Stotts Reva, dvf.v.s., Lena Stotts, April 21-1924

Stout Bessie, dvf.v.s., Austin Stout, March 30-1917

Stout J.E.dvf.v.s., Elsie E.Stout, Nov.30-1917

Stout Madelyn, dvf.v.s., Claude E.Stout, Aug.15-1941

Stovall Beryle, dvf.v.s., Leonard Stovall, Sept.22-1925

Stovall Julia M., dvf.v.s., Benjamin R.Stovall, Sept.17-1939

Stovall W.D., dvf.v.s., Vernie Stovall, Oct.14-1919

Stovers Martha J., dvf.v.s., Louis Stovers, Oct.12-1920

Strague Cora, dvf.v.s., Charles Strague, Dec.12-1928

Strait Laura, dvf.v.s., W.T.Strait, Dec.30-1925

Stratton Lottie, dvf.v.s., Joe Stratton, Feb.29-1924

Strecker Ethel, dvf.v.s., Henry Strecker, Jan.10-1933

Street Edith Mae, dvf.v.s., Earl Kenneth Street, June 28-1936

Strom Lorain, dvf.v.s., Jack Strom, April 27-1926

Stuart Hazel M., dvf.v.s., Amos H.Stuart, Feb.5-1939

Stuart Sybal, dvf.v.s., A.H.Stuart, Sept.20-1936

Studard Cora, dvf.v.s., J.T.Studard, Feb.17-1931

Sullivan Audrey, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Van Sullivan, Nov.30-1926

Sullivan Audrey, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Sullivan, Feb.13-1929

Sullivan Cecil, dvf.v.s., Madge Sullivan, Aug.29-1928

Sullivan Lola, dvf.v.s., Pat Sullivan, Feb.10-1941

Sullivan Madge, dvf.v.s., Cecil F.Sullivan, May 25-1927

Summers Charles Lewis, dvf.v.s., Pauline Summers, Nov.16-1941

Summers Lois, dvf.v.s., Allen Summers, Oct.16-1930

Summers Wanda, dvf.v.s., Allen Summers, Oct.27-1940

Summerville Miley G., dvf.v.s., Millie Summerville, May 10-1927

Sunderland Will, dvf.v.s., Ethel Sunderland, May 23-1934

Sutherland Ada, dvf.v.s., Archie Sutherland, Nov.19-1923

Sutter Ester, dvf.v.s., Charles Sutter, Feb.24-1929

Sutton Della Sue, dvf.v.s., Harry Sutton, Oct.20-1921

Sutton Essie, dvf.v.s.Elmer Sutton, Jan.5-1941

Sutton Harold, dvf.v.s., Helen Sutton, Aug.2-1920

Sutton Theodore, dvf.v.s., Willa Mae Sutton, Aug.4-1940

Swadley C.W., dvf.v.s., Susie J.Swadley, Aug.15-1941

Swartz Helen, dvf.v.s., E.C.Swartz, Feb.17-1929

Sweazy Lela, dvf.v.s., Harold Sweazy, Aug.21-1927

Sweeney May Etta, dvf.v.s., Mr.Sweeney, Aug.20-1922

Sweeten Theodore, dvf.v.s., Dulcia Sweeten, Nov.11-1934

Sweeton Myrtle, dvf.v.s., John Sweeton, June 23-1925

Swindall Maxine, dvf.v.s., Ralph Swindall, May 12-1929

Swindle Maxine, dvf.v.s., Ralph Swindle, March 25-1930

Swindle Ralph, dvf.v.s., Bessie Swindle, April 16-1924

Swindler Gertie, dvf.v.s., Clayton Swindler, Nov.16-1923

Swink Blanche, dvf.v.s., Lee Swink, Sept.4-1923

Swords Francis, dvf.v.s., W.M.Swords, April 12-1934

Swoveland Pearl Douthitt, dvf.v.s., William Swoveland, March 6-1921

Swoveland S.W., dvf.v.s., Pearl Swoveland, May 25-1923

Tabor Helen, dvf.v.s., Amos Tabor, Jan.23-1934

Tabor Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Amos Tabor, Sept.30-1930

Tackett Arthur, dvf.v.s., Virginia Tackett, July 28-1940

Taft Rebecca, dvf.v.s., G.H.Taft, Nov.13-1924

Taft Rebecca, dvf.v.s., G.H.Taft, Feb.18-1925

Talone Treasure L., dvf.v.s., Mario P.Talone, Jan.6-1955

Tannehall Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Tannehall, Feb.8-1925

Tannehill Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Tannehill, March 31-1926

Tanner I.A., dvf.v.s., Cora Tanner, Aug.14-1919

Tate G.W., dvf.v.s., Julia Tate, Oct.20-1923

Tate Minnie, dvf.v.s., E.P.Tate, #765, June 27-1913

Taulman Louvenia, dvf.v.s., Wayne Hunt Taulman, May 14-1939

Taulman Mary, dvf.v.s., Claude N.Taulman, Dec.6-1936

Taylor Christine, dvf.v.s., T.S.Taylor, Aug.22-1926

Taylor Elsie, dvf.v.s., Jessie J.Taylor, April 17-1929

Taylor Florence, dvf.v.s., Charley W.Taylor, Dec.20-1936

Taylor Frances, dvf.v.s., Robert Taylor, April 24-1926

Taylor Hattie, dvf.v.s., Adolphus Taylor, Sept.15-1920

Taylor Inez, dvf.v.s., Eck Taylor, April 9-1939

Taylor Jewell, dvf.v.s, Harry V.Taylor, July 2-1922

Taylor Madeline, dvf.v.s., Robert Taylor, July 8-1931

Taylor Madlin, dvf.v.s., Robert Taylor, May 22-1927

Taylor May, dvf.v.s., George Taylor, #1158, March 19-1915

Taylor Mrs.R.E., dvf.v.s., O.S.Taylor, Feb.6-1914

Taylor Nellie, dvf.v.s., George Taylor, Feb.22-1920

Taylor Nova Irene, dvf.v.s., Marion Henderson Taylor, Dec.21-1941

Taylor Sylvia, dvf.v.s., Carl Taylor, Dec.1-1941

Taylor Thomas, dvf.v.s., Susie Taylor, March 25-1924

Teague Anna, dvf.v.s., Marion Teague, July 3-1938

Teague Elbert, dvf.v.s., Stella Teague, March 20-1929

Teague Fred, dvf.v.s., Beulah Teague, May 20-1934

Teague Velma, dvf.v.s., Bruce Teague, April 29-1925

Teehee Hattie, dvf.v.s., Houston Teehee, Feb.12-1939

Teehee Martin, dvf.v.s., Pearl Teehee, Sept.10-1933

Teiten Laura, dvf.v.s., Woody C.Teiten, Dec.21-1941

Tennison Lula, dvf.v.s, Roy Tennison, Feb.1-1921 & May 1-1921

Terrell Laura, dvf.v.s., Jerry Terrell, Jan.22-1920

Terry W.E., dvf.v.s., Eliza Terry, #352, Feb.25-1910

Testerman Ben, dvf.v.s., Ollie Testerman, Nov.2-1925

Testerman Ruby Lee, dvf.v.s., Virgil Leroy Testerman, Sept.5-1935

Thomas Beulah G., dvf.v.s., Burton Thomas, May 10-1932

Thomas Edith Irene, dvf.v.s., Huston Eugene Thomas, April 21-1940

Thomas Emerson , dvf.v.s , Emma Thomas, Sept.29-1905

Thomas Esther, dvf.v.s., Peter W.Thomas, Jan.17-1913

Thomas Eva Mae, dvf.v.s., Houston Eugene Thomas, April 25-1941

Thomas France B., dvf.v.s., George E.Thomas, Aug.11-1940

Thomas Frances, dvf.v.s., S.Liewelyn Thomas, May 17-1956

Thomas Guy, dvf.v.s., Mildred Thomas, Dec.18-1938

Thomas Jefferson D., dvf.v.s., Sarah F.Thomas, #434, Nov.11-1910

Thomas Loyal, dvf.v.s., Edna Thomas, Dec.31-1930

Thomas Loyal, dvf.v.s., Edney Thomas, Feb.18-1931

Thomas Mable, dvf.v.s., Elmer Thomas, Sept.27-1936

Thomas Neva Helen, dvf.v.s., George Thomas, March 6-1934

Thomas Opal, dvf.v.s., Ray Thomas, March 3-1940

Thomas Roy, dvf.v.s., Pearl Thomas, Aug.21-1932

Thomas Sarah E., dvf.v.s., Wallace Thomas, #720, Jan.17-1913

Thomas Ray F., dvf.v.s., Opal V.Thomas, Nov.14-1924

Thomason Frances E.(nee Walsh), dvf.v.s., Truman L.Thomason, Aug.1-1923

Thomason Frances, dvf.v.s., Roy Thomason, May 12-1931

Thomason Frankie, dvf.v.s., Ross Thomason, March 24-1931

Thomason Roy, dvf.v.s., Ethel Thomason, Sept.29-1927

Thomason Ruth DeHannas, dvf.v.s., Ross Thomason, Oct.11-1934

Thomlinson Emma, dvf.v.s., Jesse Thomlinson, April 15-1930

Thomp Emma, dvf.v.s., Elijah Thomp, #1735, March 9-1917

Thompson A.A., dvf.v.s., Letha Thompson, May 25-1930

Thompson Andrew, dvf.v.s., Gertrude Thompson, Oct.24-1928

Thompson Arizona, dvf.v.s., George Thompson, June 19-1933

Thompson Clarence B., dvf.v.s., Alice Thompson, Aug.29-1926

Thompson Earl, dvf.v.s, Nina Thompson, Sept.19-1922

Thompson Elsie, dvf.v.s., Charles Thompson, Dec.16-1930

Thompson H.G., dvf.v.s., Bessie Thompson April 22-1920

Thompson Ida, dvf.v.s., Robert M.Thompson, April 17-1927

Thompson I.N., dvf.v.s., Leala Thompson, Oct.10-1923

Thompson Ina, dvf.v.s., Robert Thompson, July 17-1924

Thompson Jesse, dvf.v.s., Ray Thompson, March 8-1912 & #635, April 19-1912

Thompson Julia, dvf.v.s., Fred Thompson, May 15-1923

Thompson Lelia May, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Thompson, Oct.31-1926

Thompson Lucie M., dvf.v.s., Edward B.Thompson, Jan.12-1926

Thompson Viola, dvf.v.s., Claude Thompson, June 15-1930

Thornbrugh Delia, dvf.v.s., Thomas H.Thornbrugh, April 29-1925

Thorne Elsie May, dvf.v.s., James A.Thorne, June 4-1930

Thorne Iona, dvf.v.s., Theodore Thorne, Aug.30-1925

Thornhill Cora M., dvf.v.s., Ira M.Thornhill, Feb.1-1920

Thornhill Corda, dvf.v.s., Wallace Thornhill, Aug.18-1940

Thornhill Maude, dvf.v.s., Ira M.Thornhill, Feb.26-1923 & March 2-1923

Thornton Edna, dvf.v.s., Louis Thornton, Dec.17-1926

Thornton Gillie, dvf.v.s., Floyd Thornton, Dec.30-1919

Thrasher Jane, dvf.v.s., Dave Thrasher, April 9-1939

Thulin Troy, dvf.v.s., Katherine Thulin, June 2-1941

Thurman Nellie, dvf.v.s., Daniel J.Thurman, March 11-1925

Thurston Blanche, dvf.v.s., John R.Thurston, July 7-1940

Thurston Mary B., dvf.v.s., John R.Thurston, July 17-1923

Timms Jefferson, dvf.v.s., Mable Timms, Sept.30-1924

Timpy Roy, dvf.v.s., Leona Timpy, March 16-1927

Tindle Anna, dvf.v.s., Otto Tindle, Jan.18-1925

Tindle Anna, dvf.v.s., C.R.Tindle, June 6-1933

Tinsley Helen Clair, dvf.v.s., A.H.Tinsley, Oct.28-1925

Tipton Clara Bell, dvf.v.s., Thomas Jefferson Tipton, March 12-1925

Tittle Dick, dvf.v.s., Edith Tittle, April 19-1936

Tittle Edith, dvf.v.s., Richard Tittle, Sept.9-1926

Todd Ethel, dvf.v.s., Ed Todd, Oct.26-1919

Todd Ethel, dvf.v.s., Ed Todd, Jan.16-1920 & March 2-1923

Todd Joanna, dvf.v.s., William E.Todd, July 28-1940

Todd Lula, dvf.v.s., Ivan Todd, Oct.2-1929

Todd Maude A., dvf.v.s., Grover Todd, Aug.26-1935

Toler Nora Ellen, dvf.v.s., William Henry Toler, Dec.10-1941

Tompkins Bertha, dvf.v.s., William Tompkins, March 17-1925

Tonkins W.L., dvf.v.s., Edith Tonkins, Feb.18-1919

Toolate Carrie, dvf.v.s., Worcester Toolate, #1643, Jan.12-1917

Tope Fern, dvf.v.s., John Tope, July 25-1926

Torbert Georgia, dvf.v.s., W.M.(Jack) Torbert, March 2-1917

Tourtellout Raymond H., dvf.v.s., Roxie Tourtellout, Jan.29-1930

Townsend George, dvf.v.s., Anna E.Townsend, March 15-1921

Townsend George, dvf.v.s., Anna E.Townsend, March 2-1927

Townsend Raymond, dvf.v.s., Sibyl Townsend, July 22-1922

Townsend Ruby Lou, dvf.v.s.Clarence Townsend, Oct.8-1931

Trammel Julius C., dvf.v.s., Beatrice E.Trammel, March 15-1923

Trantham R.L., dvf.v.s., Bessie Trantham, Feb.9-1923 & June 15-1923

Trask Cora, dvf.v.s., Empress Trask, March 20-1917

Trask Lucy, dvf.v.s., Empress F.Trask, Oct.20-1916

Travis Dema, dvf.v.s., Russell Travis, Jan.12-1927

Trigg Minerva J., dvf.v.s., Elias Trigg, Aug.24-1919 & July 3-1920

Trim Cloria, dvf.v.s., Charley Trim, Feb.13-1919

Trimball May, dvf.v.s., Henry Trimball, March 2-1923

Trimble Lena, dvf.v.s., Jack Trimble, May 1-1932

Triplett Elzora, dvf.v.s., Ernest Triplett, July 25-1927

Trotter Eloise, dvf.v.s., Elvin Trotter, Nov.17-1929

Trotter J.A., dvf.v.s., Laura E.Totter, March 15-1929

Troutt Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Perke L.Troutt, March 9-1927

Trout S.H., dvf.v.s., Edna Trout, Nov.30-1924

Trowbridge O.D., dvf.v.s., Emma Trowbridge, #683, July 5-1912 & June 27-1913

Truelove Marjorie, dvf.v.s., Raymon Truelove, Dec.17-1939

Truelove Sidney M., dfv.v.s., Lydia Truelove, July 25-1935

Truitt Dave, dvf.v.s., Edna Truitt, Aug.17-1928

Tuck T.P., dvf.v.s., Pearl Tuck, Jan.10-1919

Tucker Alta, dvf.v.s., Cedric E.Tucker, Feb.29-1924

Tucker Eva M., dvf.v.s., Luther Tucker, April 25-1924

Tucker Lillian, dvf.v.s., Jim Tucker, Sept.17-1924

Tucker Verle E., dvf.v.s., Nellie P.Tucker, July 30-1923

Tucker Vera E., dvf.v.s., Nellie P.Tucker, Sept.24-1924

Tulley Clara, dvf.v.s., W.T.Tulley, Oct.1-1928

Tully Clary, dvf.v.s., W.P. Tully, Sept.30-1928

Turkey Ed, dvf.v.s., Mary L.Turkey, #7008, Feb.6-1925

Turkeyfoot Milton, dvf.v.s., Lizzie Turkeyfoot, March 22-1923 & June 19-1923

Turley Ora Mae, dvf.v.s., Sylvester Turley, Aug.29-1928

Turnbull May, dvf.v.s., Henry Turnbull, Sept.7-1922

Turnbull Mary, dvf.v.s., Henry Turnbull, March 18-1823

Turner Anna, dvf.v.s., James Turner, Dec.3-1929

Turner Betty, dvf.v.s., Gerald Turner, Oct.8-1939

Turner Charles, dvf.v.s., Margaret Turner, Oct.20-1940

Turner Ellen, dvf.v.s., James Turner, May 7-1933

Turner Ellen, dvf.v.s., James D.Turner, Feb.7-1936

Turner Grace, dvf.v.s., Will Turner, Feb.15-1923

Turner Mildred S., dvf.v.s., Roswell G.Turner, Nov.28-1926

Turner Oletha May, dvf.v.s., George C.Turner, June 20-1922

Turner Stella, dvf.v.s., James P.Turner, July 6-1927

Turrentine Thelma, dvf.v.s., William Turrentine, March 23-1933

Turtine Pearl, dvf.v.s., J.W.Turtine, Dec.17-1939

Tuthill Nina, dvf.v.s., Mortimer Tuthill, Nov.28-1922

Twiggs Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Harrison Twiggs, May 21-1929

Tyler Maude, dvf.v.s., Guy Tyler, Oct.31-1922

Tyner William, dvf.v.s., Emma Tyner, Feb.19-1941

Tyree Flossie, dvf.v.s., Clarence Tyree, Oct.15-1939

Tyree Leonard, dvf.v.s., Zena Tyree, July 14-1935

Tyree Mary Louise, dvf.v.s., William Evert Tyree, June 2-1955

Tyree Vera Ellen, dvf.v.s., Leonard Newton Tyree, Feb.5-1942

Uder Willa A., dvf.v.s., Rosa J.Uder, May 29-1927

Ulrey Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Ray Ulrey, July 28-1940

Ulrey Beatrice, dvf.v.s., Ray P.Ulrey, Jan.15-1942

Underwood H.L., dvf.v.s., Emma Underwood, #1912, Aug.3-1917

Uequehart Blanche, dvf.v.s., Milton Urquehart, Aug.18-1934

Urquehart Louise, dvf.v.s.Bunnl Urquehart, Jan.8-1939

Ussery Levy, dvf.v.s., Mamie Ussery, March 8-1933

Ussery W.H., dvf.v.s., Mabel Ussery, June 23-1940

Ussery Zella, dvf.v.s.Paul Ussery, Oct.8-1939

Ussery Zella, dvf.v.s., Paul Ussery, Oct.6-1940

Utter Emojene (nee McFadden), dvf.v.s., Earl Utter, June 15-1923

Valley Frieda, dvf.v.s., J.N.Valley, Aug.27-1925

Valliere Audry, dvf.v.s., James Valliere, Sept.11-1931

Valliere Audrey, dvf.v.s., James Valliere, Oct.19-1932

Valliere Lillie, dvf.v.s., James A.Valliere, June 27-1928

VanAusdal Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Harvey G.VanAusdal, Nov.15-1935

Vandergrift Frankie Woodrow, dvf.v.s., Charles Lois Vandergriff, Aug.8-1933

Vanderpool John, dvf.v.s., Lucille Vanderpool, Oct.4-1922 & Jan.26-1923

VanDeventer Bulah, dvf.v.s., Omer VanDeventer, Oct.15-1928

Vanermark Ada, dvf.v.s., Lazell Vandermark, April 3-1934

Van Fleet F.M., dvf.v.s., Iva Van Fleet, #1287, Sept.24-1915

Vanfleet Paul, dvf.v.s., Bertha Vanfleet, April 14-1924

Vangel Bill, dvf.v.s., Nadine Vangel, April 19-1934

Vannoy Martha Janet, dvf.v.s., Fred Lester Vannoy, Oct.8-1935

VanTreese Neva, dvf.v.s., Earl VanTreese, May 26-1940

Vanvesdall Annie, dvf.v.s., F.S.Vanvesdall, Dec.22-1920

Varner Lillian, dvf.v.s., Robert E.Varner, Oct.8-1923

Varner Mildred, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Varner, Oct.28-1935

Vassar Aileen, dvf.v.s., Eugene Vassar, Dec.3-1939

Vasser Maxine J., dvf.v.s., Eugene B.Vasser, March 1-1956

Vaughan Elizabeth, dvf.v.s., Jack Vaughan, June 14-1927

Vaughan J.R., dvf.v.s., Clara Vaughan, May 25-1930

Vaughn Inez, dvf.v.s., Harvey Vaughn, Sept.15-1923

Vaughn Ira L., dvf.v.s., Mabel Vaughn, Feb.8-1923 & March 18-1923

Vaughn Lena, dvf.v.s., Chester Vaughn, Dec.21-1927

Vaughn T.N., dvf.v.s., Eva Vaughn, Oct.1-1922

Veach Emma, dvf.v.s., W.F.Veach, June 10-1928

Veerkamp Om B., dvf.v.s., Jewell Veerkamp, Oct.14-1927

Veith Charlen, dvf.v.s. Lincoln H.Veith, Dec.4-1938

Velsir Glayds, dvf.v.s., Louis James Velsir, Dec.13-1936

Verner Emma, dvf.v.s., E.R.Verner, Sept.29-1929

Vickers William, dvf.v.s., Ethel Vickers, #1484, June 26-1916

Vickrey Maydean, dvf.v.s., Fred Vickrey, Dec.21-1941

Vicory Clara, dvf.v.s., Elmer Vicory, Aug.30-1925

Victor Rosa, dvf.v.s., Glenn Victor, Feb.13-1929

Viers Laurel, dvf.v.s., Ray Viers, Aug.29-1934

View Eilza, dvf.v.s, W.J.View, May 18-1919

Vincent Emma, dvf.v.s., E.H.Vincent, March 5-1930

Vincent Nellie A., dvf.v.s., J.E.Vincent, Jan.12-1925

Voss Nelle Jean, dvf.v.s., Hazel Voss, Oct.25-1931

Vowill Emma, dvf.v.s., Roy Vowill, June 23-1925

Voyes Maud, dvf.v.s., William Voyles, Oct.27-1925

Wacher Orpha, dvf.v.s., E.P.Wacher, Aug.18-1925

Wachter Edna M., dvf.v.s., L.P.Wachter, #1547, Sept.8-1916 & June 22-1917

Wade Claude L., dvf.v.s., Bertha Wade, Oct.2-1927

Wade Doris, dvf.v.s., Emris Wade, Oct.27-1925

Wagoner Ada, dvf.v.s., W.A.Wagoner, #840, Aug.29-1913

Wagoner Eileen, dvf.v.s., W.A.Wagoner Jr., Dec.4-1934

Wagy Dora, dvf.v.s., Sherman Wagy, Feb.19-1919

Walcole W.H., dvf.v.s., Vina Walcole, Jan.7-1940

Walden Nettie, dvf.v.s., William Walden, May 28-1919

Waldon Bertha C., dvf.v.s., Bert Waldon, Jan.15-1939

Waldroup Myel, dvf.v.s., Clarence Waldroup, Aug.8-1926

Walkenshaw Margaret, dvf.v.s., Earl Walkenshaw, March 13-1924

Walker Aaron M., dvf.v.s., Laura Walker, June 10-1920

Walker Bessie, dvf.v.s., Dick Walker, Dec.3-1928

Walker Bessie, dvf.v.s., Dick Walker, Feb.6-1929

Walker Dora, dvf.v.s., Robert Walker, May 4-1917

Walker Dora, dvf.v.s., Robert Walker, July 101-1919

Walker Grace, dvf.v.s., Roy Walker, April 9-1934

Walker India, dvf.v.s., Vernon Walker, July 18-1932

Walker Johnny, dvf.v.s., Romaine Walker, March 11-1932

Walker Laverda, dvf.v.s., Elmer Walker, March 31-1926

Walker Lola, dvf.v.s., Dick Walker, March 23-1932

Walker Mabel, dvf.v.s, J.A.Walker, #366, April 15-1910

Walker Madge (nee DeMant), dvf.v.s., Willie Walker, Nov.16-1923

Walker M.Ethel, dvf.v.s., James A.Walker, Aug.16-1936

Walker Nannie, dvf.v.s., Matthew R.Walker, Aug.19-1918

Walker Nita, dvf.v.s., Johnson Walker, Jan.7-1930

Walker Paul, dvf.v.s., Lucy Walker, Nov.24-1925

Walker Paul, dvf.v.s., Elsie Walker, April 7-1930

Walker Paul, dvf.v.s., Irene Walker, June 18-1930

Walker Roy, dvf.v.s., Grace Walker, June 27-1935

Walker Ruth, dvf.v.s., Mike Walker, March 13-1932

Walker Vernon, dvf.v.s., India Walker, Aug.21-1934

Walker Virginia lee, dvf.v.s., Paul Velton Walker, March 30-1934

Walker Vivian, dvf.v.s., Claude Walker, Aug.18-1931

Wallace Cecil, dvf.v.s., Eddie Wallace, Sept.9-1925

Wallace Raymond W., dvf.v.s., Ellen Wallace, July 15-1926

Wallace Zella, dvf.v.s., Frank Wallace, May 26-1940

Wallen Grace, dvf.v.s., Ben Wallen, Sept.1938

Wallen Jack, dvf.v.s., Edith Wallen, Nov.9-1928

Wallen Jack, dvf.v.s., Roberta Wallen, Aug.23-1929

Wallis May, dvf.v.s., Carl Wallis, July 21-1929

Walls Mamie, dvf.v.s., Ed Walls, April 9-1926

Walsh Bernice, dvf.v.s., J.A.Walsh, Jan.26-1923 & March 18-1923

Walsh Marjorie, dvf.v.s., Richard Walsh, Oct.14-1932

Walton Gladys, dvf.v.s., Reece Walton, Sept.5-1927

Walton Harriet, dvf.v.s., Charles T.Walton, March 31-2929

Wano Lizzie Lavore, dvf.v.s., Gabriel Wano, #1136, Sept.24-1915

Ward Audry, dvf.v.s., Robert Ward, Nov.20-1931

Ward Audry, dvf.v.s., Robert B.Ward, March 2-1932

Ward Bert, dvf.v.s., Maude Ward, March 30-1923

Ward Buford, dvf.v.s., Bertha Ward, March 11-1919, dismissed

Ward Christ F., dvf.v.s., Mary E.Ward, Dec.2-1924

Ward Christ F., dvf.v.s., Mary E.Ward, Sept.9-1919

Ward Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Chris Ward, Aug, .23-1936

Ward Elsie M., dvf.v.s.Carl Ward, Dec.16-1924

Ward Frieda, dvf.v.s., Ebb Ward, Feb.25-1936

Ward James P., dvf.v.s., Marie Ward, April 15-1928

Ward Julia May, dvf.v.s., Bernard Ward, March 17-1927

Ward Ray, dvf.v.s., Bernice Ward, Nov.5-1928

Ward Roy, dvf.v.s., Bernice Ward, Feb.6-1929

Ward Roy F., dvf.v.s., Callie Ward, Sept.5-1935

Warden Fred, dvf.v.s., Lucinda Warden, #1285, Sept.24-1915

Wardon Cora, dvf.v.s., Raymond Wardon, Jan.29-1931

Ware Buena, dvf.v.s., Elden Ware, Oct.27-1931

Waresback Nora, dvf.v.s., Wailliam Waresback, Aug.12-1919

Warner Ethel May, dvf.v.s., Frank Warner, April 19-1932

Warner Everett, dvf.v.s., Eunice Warner, Feb.9-1932

Warner Fannie, dvf.v.s., Ray Warner, Feb.16-1936

Warner Frances, dvf.v.s., Roy Warner, Nov.13-1933

Warner Harry J., dvf.v.s., Anna V.Warner, April 30-1909

Warner Ray, dvf.v.s., Fannie Warner, May 11-1927

Warner W.M., dvf.v.s., Violet T.Warner, Sept.20-1926

Warren Helen, dvf.v.s., J.G.Warren, Oct.12-1930

Warren Lillian, dvf.v.s., Ora Warren, Oct.27-1925

Warren Myrtle, dvf.v.s , James W.Warren,  #125, Sept.25-1908

Warren Verna, dvf.v.s., Albert Warren, Aug.19-1931

Washington Daisy, dvf.v.s., Louis Washington, May 31-1922

Washington Lucy, dvf.v.s., Ed T.Washington, Sept.7-1926

Washington Louis, dvf.v.s., Daisy Washington, Feb.29-1920

Wasson Rosa, dvf.v.s., Ervin Wasson, May 24-1925

Waters Blanch, dvf.v.s., Rollie Waters, 1926

Waters Rollie, dvf.v.s., Zola Waters, Sept.20-1922

Watkins Alberta, dvf.v.s., Barney Watkins, Sept.14-1926

Watkins Corene, dvf.v.s., Euclid Watkins, Nov.17-1940

Watkins Irvin, dvf.v.s., Jane Ann Watkins, Dec.9-1925

Watkins Lena, dvf.v.s., John Watkins, Oct.28-1935

Watkins Lillian, dvf.v.s., Barney Watkins, June 19-1929

Watkins Ruby, dvf.v.s., Leroy Watkins, Sept.22-1920

Watkins Ruth, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Watkins, May 26-1940

Watson Ethel, dvf.v.s., Dempsey Watson, May 14-1931

Watson Frances, dvf.v.s., Walter Watson, Jan.23-1938

Watson Jess, dvf.v.s., Helem Watson, Oct.18-1934

Watson Josephine, dvf.v.s., Gus Watson, #652, March 21-1912

Watson Mary(nee Perry), dvf.v.s., Claud Watson, March 5-1922

Watson Mary, dvf.v.s.Leroy Watson, Aug.18-1929

Watson Mary Wilson, dvf.v.s., Leroy Watson, Dec.7-1930

Watson Mary Wilson, dvf.v.s., Leroy Watson, July 26-1931

Watson Morris, dvf.v.s., Ethel Watson, Nov.26-1923

Watson Rebaugh, dvf.v.s., Morris Watson, Dec.20-1934

Waters A.Z., dvf.v.a., Mary Waters, Sept.17-1928

Watters Evert, dvf.v.s., Florie Watters, Dec.6-1926

Watterson Guy, dvf.v.s., Mary Jane Watterson, Sept.17-1925

Watterson Henry G., dvf.v.s., Mary Watterson, Oct.13-1926

Watts Elcie, dvf.v.s., Henry Watts, Feb.24-1927

Watts Georgia, dvf.v.s., Leonard Watts, Aug.6-1939

Watts Georgia, dvf.v.s., Leonard Watts, Dec.10-1941

Watts Leslie, dvf.v.s., Opal Watts, Aug.13-1928

Watts Livingston, dvf.v.s., Lillie Watts, March 31-1926

Watts Mina, dvf.v.s., S.J.Watts, Jan.5-1928

Watts Mona, dvf.v.s., F.J.Watts, Oct.9-1927

Weaver Charles R., dvf.v.s., Pansy Weaver, Oct.12-1926

Weaver Dora Blanch, dvf.v.s., Virgil F.Weaver, June 18-1923

Weaver Leona, dvf.v.s., M.A.Weaver, Jan.10-1927

Weaver Leona, dvf.v.s., W.A.Weaver, March 29-1927

Weaver Lillian, dvf.v.s., Virgil Weaver, Dec.21-1927

Weaver Lillian, dvf.v.s., Virgil Weaver, Aug.22-1928

Webb Audrey L., dvf.v.s., Elbert Webb, Jan.5-1928

Webb Blanche, dvf.v.s., Clarence Webb., Jan.4-1925

Webb Crawford, dvf.v.s., Lula Webb, June 12-1927

Webb Della, dvf.v.s., Henry Webb, Aug.1933

Webb Delia, dvf.v.s., Henry Webb, March 21-1934

Webb Florence, dvf.v.s., Everett Webb, May 18-1923

Webb Ethel, dvf.v.s., George Webb, Aug.18-1931

Webb Evelyn, dvf.v.s., Everett Webb, Sept.24-1939

Webb Gertrude, dvf.v.s., George S.Webb, July 5-1936

Webb James H., dvf.v.s., Sylvia Webb, Dec.3-1926

Webb John E., dvf.v.s., Noama Webb, Oct.11-1925

Webb Maggie, dvf.v.s., Payte Grist, #7361, June 30-1925

Webb Naoma, dvf.v.s.John E.Webb, July 20-1924

Webb Rosie, dvf.v.s., Guy Webb, May 14-1941

Webb Sylvia May, dvf.v.s., James H.Webb, June 26-1929

Webb Wilma Lee, dvf.v.s., J.D.Webb, June 23-1940

Webber Charles F., dvf.v.s., Mildred Webber, March 3-1930

Webber Jacob, dvf.v.s., Hannah Webber, Dec.2-1925

Webber Lorene, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Webber, June 25-1934

Weddel Lila Ann, dvf.v.s., Emery Weddel, Oct.8-1939

Weddle G., dvf.v.s., Jesse Weddle, Oct.8-1925

Wedel Noah E., dvf.v.s., Flossie I.Wedel, June 12-1935

Weeks Allie F., dvf.v.s., William R.Weeks, Sept.24-1918

Weeks Phyllis, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Weeks, Oct.11-1931

Weeks Phyllis, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Weeks, Aug.16-1932

Weeks Ralph Virgil, dvf.v.s., Francis M.Weeks, Feb.11-1954

Weems Clyde, dvf.v.s., Lola Weems, May 17-1929

Weese Mary S., dvf.v.s., Otto Weese, March 5-1930

Weir Dorothy, dvf.v.s., Charles Natheniel Weir, July 2-1939

Weir J.A., dvf.v.s., Betty Weir, Sept.6-1929

Weir Minnie, dvf.v.s., Ralph R.Weir, Sept.5-1935

Weir Tula, dvf.v.s., Ralph Rex Weir, April 17-1942

Weitz Bertha, dvf.v.s., John Weitz, Dec.27-1934

Welch Bertha, dvf.v.s., Ben H.Welch, Aug.15-1941

Welch Bessey, dvf.v.s., Frank Welch, March 18-1925

Welch Cynthia, dvf.v.s., James Wech, #535, April 18-1913

Welch Faye, dvf.v.s., James J.Welch, Jan.12-1925

Welch Josephine, dvf.v.s., Jewel Welch, Nov.19-1939

Welch Josephine, dvf.v.s., David Welch, Sept.10-1929

Welch Josephine, dvf.v.s., Jewel Welch, March 4-1930

Wells Belle, dvf.v.s., Charles W.Wells, Aug.31-1920

Wells Nettie, dvf.v.s., Ode F.Wells, Jan.30-1921 & Feb.23-1921

Wells Olive, dvf.v.s., Ruby Wells, Nov.14-1922

Wells Ruben A., dvf.v.s., Olive Wells, Sept.3-1919

Welsey Jesse, dvf.v.s., Leonard Welsey, May 29-1925

Wendell Lyda Hughes, dvf.v.s., Jack Wendell, July 29-1929

West Bell, dvf.v.s., Orie West, Jan.26-1917

West Lela, dvf.v.s., A.W.West, Sept.9-1928

West Lulu, dvf.v.s., Benjamin C.West, #1076, Sept.11-1914

Wheat H.B., dvf.v.s., H.A.Wheat, Sept.29-1930

Wheeler Clarence, dvf.v.s., Hazel Wheeler, Feb.19-1939

Wheeler Julia A, dvf.v.s., Bert Wheeler, Sept.26-1919

Wheeling Verda, dvf.v.s., Cubert Wheeling, July 10-1932

Whipkey Annie, dvf.v.s., Abraham Whipkey, Oct.21-1932

Whipkey Gilberta, dvf.v.s., Clarence Manuel Whipkey, Sept.6-1936

Whitacker Mamie, dvf.v.s., Harrison Whitacker, Oct.1-1939

Whitaker Eureka A., dvf.v.s., Robert C.Whitaker, Nov.8-1920

White Bessie, dvf.v.s., Stanford Lee White, May 25-1930

White Erma Lee, dvf.v.s., Marion Clell White, Nov.29-1956

White Ernest V., dvf.v.s., Ruby White, July 30-1939

White Ethel, dfv.v.s., Wesley White, April 1-1935

White Homer, dvf.v.s., Edith White, #7228, May 26-1925

White Lula Burnett, dvf.v.s., William White, # 498, Feb.24-1911

White Nettie, dvf.v.s., Roy White, Sept.25-1929

White Sanford, dvf.v.s., Barbara White, March 11-1934

White T.J., dvf.v.s., Lucy White, April 10-1932

Whitebird Flora Young Greenback, dvf.v.s., Harry Whitebird,  #386, May 6-1910

Whitebird Flora, dvf.v.s., Robert Whitebird, Feb.28-1932

Whitebird Helen, dvf.v.s., Robert Whitebird, Oct.2-1938

Whitebird Robert A., dvf.v.s., Helen Bowser Whitebird, March 24-1940

Whitebird Ruby G., dvf.v.s., Alphonse Whitebird, April 18-1929

Whitebird Ruby Greenback, dvf.v.s., Alphonso Whitebird, Feb.26-1930

Whitecrow Mollie G., dvf.v.s., Perry Whitecrow, Jan.12-1936

Whitecrow Pearl, dvf.v.s., Jake Whitecrow, Dec.8-1935

Whitemarsh Elmer, dvf.v.s., Maud Whitemarsh, Jan.30-1929

Whitemore Thelma, dvf.v.s., Noah Whitemore, Aug.4-1929

Whitetree Emma, dvf.v.s., Ogal Whitetree, Aug.8-1923

Whitman Lula, dvf.v.s., C.N. Whitman, Dec.12-1929

Whitson Frances Ellen, dvf.v.s., Vermont Whitson, May 6-1924

Whittenbeck C.W., dvf.v.s., Edna May Whittenbeck, Dec.21-1925

Whittington Christine Garman, dvf.v.s., Lawrence Whittington, June 18-1939

Whittington Dell, dvf.v.s., Charles Whittington, May 14-1930

Whittington Pearl, dvf.v.s., Lester Whittington, May 30-1926

Whitwell Maxine, dvf.v.s., Ed Whitwell, Sept.16-1941

Wickham Vina, dvf.v.s., Hiram Wickham, March 30-1900

Widick Hugh, dvf.v.s., Margaret Widick, March 19-1939

Wiford Bob, dvf.v.s., Elma Wiford, June 23-1940

Wilford Susie, dvf.v.s., James Wiford, Aug.16-1933

Wigton Elsie, dvf.v.s., Hugh Wigton, Feb.13-1927

Wilbanks Etta, dvf.v.s., J.P.Wilbanks, March 25-1910 & #371 April 7-1911

Wilbanks Juanita, dvf.v.s., Paul E.Wilbanks, June 9-1940

Wilcoxson Mildred, dvf.v.s., Rufus Wilcoxson, May 18-1927

Wiles Tillie, dvf.v.s., Frank M.Wiles, Oct.30-1927

Wiley Clara, dvf.v.s., Bruce Wiley, April 12-1936

Wiley Georgia, dvf.v.s., Oda Wiley, Feb.18-1925

Wiley Jewell, dvf.v.s., Forest Wiley, Dec.2-1954

Wiley Lester, dvf.v.s., Naomi Wiley, #7226, May 26-1925

Wilkins May Trussler, dvf.v.s., Harry Wilkins,  #696, Feb.28-1913

Wilkerson Martha D., dvf.v.s., F.M.Wilkerson, #1637, Dec.1-1916 & March 30-1917

Wilkison Ora Mildred, dvf.v.s., Claude Marion Wilkison, Nov.15-1936

Willard Alberta, dvf.v.s., Ray Willard, Sept.10-1929

Willard Rosa, dvf.v.s., Robert Willard, Dec.4-1924

Williams Aleen, dvf.v.s., Dempsey Williams, June 4-1939

Williams Alty, dvf.v.s., Johnnie Williams, Jan.6-1928

Williams Callie, dvf.v.s., Harry Williams, Sept.9-1925

Williams Delcia, dvf.v.s., Lee Owens Williams, Feb.5-1942,

Williams Dewey Alva, dvf.v.s., Mary Williams, Dec.1-1941

Williams Elizabeth Ann, dvf.v.s., N.L.Williams, Dec.8-1940

Williams Evalyn, dvf.v.s., John Williams, Feb.3-1930

Williams Francis, dvf.v.s., Harry H.Williams, Aug.9-1927

Williams George B., dvf.v.s., Ethel Williams, #1256, Sept.3-1915

Williams Glee, dvf.v.s., Charles Williams, Oct.16-1935

Williams Grace Bell, dvf.v.s., Abe G.Williams, Sept.21-1921

Williams Hazel, dvf.v.s., Jim Williams, #7021, April 29-1925

Williams H.C., dvf.v.s., Anna Williams, Nov.10-1940

Williams Henry A., dvf.v.s., M.A.Williams, Dec.2-1925

Williams Ida, dvf.v.s., H.J.Williams, Nov.9-1926

Williams Inez, dvf.v.s., Jophn Williams, May 29-1931

Williams Irene, dvf.v.s., Charles M.Williams, Oct.3-1926

Williams Irene, dvf.v.s., C.M.Williams, Oct.16-1928

Williams James F., dvf.v.s., Cora Williams, Sept.22-1922 & Jan.12-1923

Williams Jessie, dvf.v.s., William J.Williams, Feb.14-1926

Williams Juanita, dvf.v.s., Charles Williams, March 3-1940

Williams Louella, dvf.v.s., Geroge W.Williams, March 5-1923

Williams Lydia, dvf.v.s., John Williams, May 10-1936

Williams Lyta, dvf.v.s., Hugh Williams, Sept.3-1926

Williams Lyta Mae, dvf.v.s., Hugh J.Williams, Oct.17-1929

Williams Lyta, dvf.v.s., Hugh J.Williams, April 30-1930

Williams M., dvf.v.s., Frances Williams, June 15-1941

Williams Mary, dvf.v.s., Charles Harry Williams, April 29-1925

Williams Mattie, dvf.v.s., Claude S.Williams, June 28-1936

Williams May, dvf.v.s., Barney Williams, Jan.30-1929

Williams Maybell, dvf.v.s., Cecil Williams, Sept.4-1941

Williams Mollie, dvf.v.s., Linus L.Williams, Sept.30-1930

Williams  Myrtle, dvf.v.s., Riley W.Williams, May 14-1915

Williams Percy, dvf.v.s., Cora Williams, Jan.28-1927

Williams Rose, dvf.v.s., M.B.Williams, March 6-1923

Williams S.M., dvf.v.s., Luda B. Williams # 4189, July 15-1920

Williams Teresa, dvf.v.s., Frank Williams, Sept.6-1925

Williams Vesta, dvf.v.s., D.R.Williams, April 10-1925

Williams William, dvf.v.s., Laura William, Jan.16-1924

Williamson Elva, dvf.v.s., Jack Williamson, Aug.14-1938

Williamson G.W., dvf.v.s., Olive M.Williamson, March 23-1925

Williamson Wesley, dvf.v.s., Ollie Williamson, Feb.5-1929

Williamson Wesley, dvf.v.s., Mrs.Wesley Williamson, Sept.14-1930

Willis Martha, dvf.v.s., Thomas Willis, May 2-1920

Willis Martha May, dvf.v.s., Thomas A.Willis, Feb.10-1920

Wills Chester, dvf.v.s., Fren Wills, June 15-1941

Wills Lena, dvf.v.s., Jim Wills, Nov.17-1940

Wills Vera Woodson, dvf.v.s., Mark Wills, April 25-1921

Wilson ??, dvf.v.s., Caroline E.Wilson, May 1-1921

Wilson Bertha, dvf.v.s., Albert Wilson, July 7-1940

Wilson Bessie, dvf.v.s., Alvin H.Wilson, #543, April 22-1912

Wilson Delliah, dvf.v.s., Reed Wilson, July 26-1936

Wilson Dennis, dvf.v.s., Sallie Wilson, April 18-1929

Wilson Dennis, dvf.v.s., Ila Rae Wilson, Jan.17-1932

Wilson Dennis, v.s., Marie Knight Wilson, Nov.8-1932-annulment

Wilson Dennis, dvf.v.s., Marie Wilson, Jan.11-1933

Wilson Ella Osborn, dvf.v.s., Charles Wilson, Oct.10-1920

Wilson Ethel, dvf.v.s., James Wilson, Feb.8-1928

Wilson Ethel Mae, dvf.v.s., Leonard C.Wilson, Feb.13-1931

Wilson Georgia, dvf.v.s., James R.Wilson, Nov.22-1928

Wilson Georgia, dvf.v.s., James Wilson, Feb.6-1929

Wilson Illa Rae, dvf.v.s., Dennis Wilson, May 15-1932

Wilson India, dvf.v.s., Martin Wilson, Oct.17-1929

Wilson India, dvf.v.s., Martin Wilson, May 19-1930

Wilson Iva, dvf.v.s., C.D.Wilson, July 12-1936

Wilson Julia, dvf.v.s , I.Thamer J.Wilson, #41, Sept.11-1908

Wilson Lavene, dvf.v.s.Woodrow Wilson, Sept.18-1938

Wilson Lualle, dvf.v.s., Reed Wilson, April 24-1933

Wilson Oliver, dvf.v.s., Florence Wilson, May 19-1925

Wilson Lora, dvf.v.s., Jeff Wilson, Feb.24-1926

Wilson Opal, dvf.v.s., Woodrow Wilson, Sept.4-1941

Wilson Ora, dvf.v.s., Jessie Wilson, #6552, May 27-1924

Wilson Ray, dvf.v.s., Alta Wilson, Oct.9-1924

Wilson Reed, dvf.v.s., Luella Wilson, Jan.28-1934

Wilson Reed, dvf.v.s., Delidah Wilson, Dec.10-1941

Wilson Ursley, dvf.v.s., Harry Wilson, March 9-1917

Wilson W.L., dvf.v.s., Lydia Wilson, #134, Sept.25-1908

Wilson W.L., dvf.v.s., Caroline, Wilson, March 3-1921

Wimar Mina, dvf.v.s., George Wimar, April 9-1934

Wimberley Marie, dvf.v.s., Howard Wimberley, April 23-1934

Wimer Mina, dvf.v.s., George Wimer, April 11-1934

Wimsett Willa, dvf.v.s., Charles Wimsett, May 24-1929

Winans Clifford O., dvf.v.s., Mary O.Winans, Oct.22-1926

Windel Lida Hughes, dvf.v.s.Jack Windel, Sept.25-1929

Windle Louise, dvf.v.s , John A.Windle,  #431, March 17-1905

Winn Nola, dvf.v.s., Roscoe Winn, March 23-1925

Winsett Charles, dvf.v.s., Ruth Winsett, #7087, March 9-1925

Winters Catherine, dvf.v.s., George Winters, Jan.25-1933

Winters Lillie Opal, dvf.v.s., G.B.Winters, Aug.5-1927

Winters Lillie, dvf.v.s., Leo Winters, Nov.25-1930

Wisby Florence, dvf.v.s., Wallace Wisby, March 13-1938

Wisby Ollie, dvf.v.s., John R.Wisby, Sept.25-1927

Wise Jackie Lorene, dvf.v.s., Connie T.Wise, Sept.11-1947

Wishon Audrey, dvf.v.s., Roy Wishon, Oct.1-1925

Withers Otto, dvf.v.s., Rachel Withers, Feb.29-1920

Wolfe Ollie, dvf.v.s., Samuel Wolfe, Dec.6-1934

Wolfe Ruby, dvf.v.s., Samuel W.Wolfe, May 13-1930

Wolfenbarger R.W., dvf.v.s., Mabel Wolfenbarger, Dec.24-1929

Wolfinbarger Alice, dvf.v.s., G.J.Wolfinbarger, Jan.12-1926

Wolsey Jesse, dvf.v.s., Leonard Wolsey, Oct.27-1925

Womack B.B., dvf.v.s., Pearl Womack, Nov.10-1921

Womack Pearl, dvf.v.s., Bradford B.Womack, April 14-1924

Wood Floyd A., dvf.v.s., Gertrude Wood, Aug.23-1936

Wood Frank O., dvf.v.s., Cora I.Wood, April 11-1935

Wood Joseph, dvf.v.s., Nora Wood, #1941, Aug.17-1917

Wood Joseph, dvf.v.s., Nora Wood, March 11-1919, dismissed

Wood Mabel, dvf.v.s., Troy Wood, Sept.5-1928

Wood Mary E., dvf.v.s., George D.Wood, Nov.30-1926

Wood Mary E., dvf.v.s., George D.Wood, Feb.15-1927

Wood Ora, dvf.v.s., Ray Wood, Sept.30-1930

Wood Sarah Ruth (nee Raffil), dvf.v.s., Eldredge F.Wood, Nov.2-1923

Woodall Mardean, dvf.v.s., D.D.Woodall, Nov.5-1926

Woodall Mardean, dvf.v.s., D.D.Woodall, Jan.20-1927

Woodall Walter, dvf.v.s., Flo Woodall, Sept.7-1926

Woods Everett, dvf.v.s., Opal Woods, Aug.5-1929

Woods Fannie, dvf.v.s., Thomas Woods, Nov.5-1929

Woods Fred, dvf.v.s.Maude Woods, March 12-1929

Woods Jewell, dvf.v.s., Bryan Woods, April 1-1929

Woods Ruth, dvf.v.s., John Woods, Dec.3-1933

Woods Susie, dvf.v.s., M.L.Woods, Sept.4-1933

Woods W.J., dvf.v.s, J.H.Woods, Oct.15-1918

Woodson Georgie, dvf.v.s., Miles Woodson, Aug.4-1940

Woody Caroline, dvf.v.s., Willie Woody, #630, April 19-1912

Woody Luther, dvf.v.s., Leona May Woody, June 5-1938

Woody Maud, dvf.v.s., Gus Woody, #665, Jan.17-1913

Woody Nellie, dvf.v.s., Luther Woody, Aug.29-1926

Wooldridge B.M., dvf.v.s., Jennie Wooldridge, Sept.23-1931

Wooldridge C.O., dvf.v.s., Tennis Wooldridge, May 1-1934

Wooldridge Nell W., dvf.v.s., W.B.Wooldridge, June 23-1935

Woolf Hattie, dvf.v.s., Frank Woolf, April 15-1918

Woolworth Henry, dvf.v.s., Lucille Woolworth, Dec.29-1925

Woolworth Henry, dvf.v.s., Leffie Wollworth, Jan.27-1926

Woolworth Henry, annul.v.s., Lucille Woolworth, Nov.12-1935

Woolworth Margaret, dvf.v.s., Orin Wollworth, Sept.21-1924

Worley Minnie Lee, dvf.v.s., Archie Mason Worley, Oct.8-1939

Worley Nina Christian, dvf.v.s., Charlie N.Worley, Oct.8-1939

Wray William, dvf.v.s., Elizabeth Wray, April 10-1927

Wren Irene, dvf.v.s., Albert Wren, Feb.19-1933

Wren Norma, dvf.v.s., Howard Wren, Nov.3-1941

Wrest Lucy E., dvf.v.s, James W.Wrest, June 9-1922

Wright Beulah, dvf.v.s., George Wright, Feb.3-1931

Wright Cora, dvf.v.s., Woody Wright, Nov.12-1926

Wright Dewey, dvf.v.s., Paul Wright, Dec.27-1923

Wright Floyd, dvf.v.s., Loma Wright, March 7-1934

Wright Fronie, dvf.v.s., James Wright, June 17-1929

Wright Harry, dvf.v.s., Lizzie Wright, #7, Sept.11-1908

Wright James, dvf.v.s., Fronie Wright, Nov.28-1930

Wright Jesse, dvf.v.s., Charles Wright, March 9-1925

Wright Jessie, dvf.v.s., Charles Wright, May 29-1929

Wright Jessie, dvf.v.s., Charles Wright, Sept.30-1930

Wright Joe, dvf.v.s., Ruth Wright, June 11-1931

Wright L.A., dvf.v.s., Dorothy Wright, Aug.11-1940

Wright Mary Kathrine, dvf.v.s., William E.Wright, Oct.20-1940

Wright Melvin, dvf.v.s., Bertha Wright, Dec.11-1938

Wright Ora C., dvf.v.s., Vina Wright, July 12-1936

Wrightsman Claude, dvf.v.s., Edna Wrightsman, Nov.30-1919

Wyatt Edgar, dvf.v.s., Ethel Wyatt, Jan.29-1933

Wyatt Lula (nee Phillips), dvf.v.s., Sam Wyatt, Nov.19-1920

Wyatt Mabel (nee McGhee), dvf.v.s., Lee Ora Wyatt, March 13-1923

Wyatt Zona Thompson, dvf.v.s., Edgar Wyatt, Aug.8-1935

Wyatt Zonz Thompson, dvf.v.s., Edgar Wyatt, Sept.27-1936

Wynn Amos, dvf.v.s., Ida Wynn, April 18-1934

Wynn Elmer D., dvf.v.s., Carolyn Sue Wynn, March 15-1956

Wyrick Joe, dvf.v.s., Edith Wyrick, Dec.24-1926

Wyrick Joseph A., dvf.v.s., Louise Wyrick, Oct.19-1919

Wyrick Orzetta, dvf.v.s., Grover B.Wyrick, March 24-1940

Wyrick Sarah, dvf.v.s., Tom Wyrick, Sept.21-1924

Xavier Dora, dvf.v.s., Thomas Xavier, Feb.7-1930

Xavier Thomas, dvf.v.s., Dora Xavier, Nov.2-1930

Yager Gladys, dvf.v.s., Leander Yager, June 15-1928

Yates B.H., dvf.v.s., Sallie Yates, May 12-1924

Yates Jane Bibee, dvf.v.s., George Yates, Nov.19-1928

Yates Jane, dvf.v.s., George Yates, Feb.6-1929

Yates Mamie, dvf.v.s., Vern Yates, Aug.25-1929

Yates Vernon W., dvf.v.s., Grace Yates, July 19-1936

Yeager A.G., dvf.v.s., Ada Yeager, March 24-1929

Yeargain James Maxwell, dvf.v.s., Opal Yeargain, May 26-1940

Yeargin Robert P., dvf.v.s., Josephine Yeargin, Sept.23-1929

Yeomons Gloxie R., dvf.v.s., Raymond A.Yeomons, Jan.19-1926

Yocum Ina, dvf.v.s., Ernest Yocum, Oct.4-1934

York Lidia, dvf.v.s., Thomas York, April 22-1930

York Marvin, dvf.v.s., Mable York, Aug.27-1919

York Maude, dvf.v.s., C.L.York, Feb.6-1923

York Maudy, dvf.v.s., J.R.York, March 16-1923

Yost Ida, dvf.v.s., Frank Yost, March 6-1931

Yost Mollie, dvf.v.s., Pete J.Yost, Aug.30-1929

Yost Mollie, dvf.v.s., Pete Yost, May 13-1931

Yost Oma, dvf.v.s., John Yost, Nov.25-1929

Yost Virginia, dvf.v.s., George Yost, March 31-1926

Young Elva May, dvf.v.s., James Otho Young, Sept.16-1941

Young Ethel, dvf.v.s., Charles O.Young, May 15-1919

Young Gertrude, dvf.v.s.James L.Young, March 9-1925

Young Lela, dvf.v.s., Jesse Young, Jan.12-1936

Young Leona Fay, dvf.v.s., Roy H.Young, March 1-1927

Young Lucy, dvf.v.s., William L.Young, Aug.18-1935

Young May, dvf.v.s., Harry Young, May 11-1930

Young Susie, dvf.v.s., William M.Young, Dec.17-1925

Young Susie, dvf.v.s., William Young, Feb.24-1926

Young V.E., dvf.v.s., Marie Young, May 2-1924

Younger Earl, dvf.v.s., Pearl Younger, March 26-1919

Younger Virgil, dvf.v.s., Josephine Younger, March 28-1926

Zane Ella, dvf.v.s., Isaac Zane, #493, April 7-1911

Zane Emma W., dvf.v.s., Ethan Zane, #1849, June 22-1917

Zane Ethan A, dvf.v.s., Florence Zane, #15, Sept.11-1908 & April 17-1908

Zane Lois , dvf.v.s., Gordon Zane, April 19-1936

Zearley Margaret, dvf.v.s., George Zearley, July 28-1940

Zearly Margaret, dvf.v.s.George Zearly, May 15-1938

Zeiger Leatha, dvf.v.s., Harry Zeiger, June 9-1926

Zellhardt Gertrude, dvf.v.s.Willie Zellhardt, Aug.29-1928

Zimmerman Netta, dvf.v.s., Airdon Zimmerman, March 10-1923

Zimmerman Treffel, dvf.v.s., Lloyd Zimmerman, July 10-1934

Zinn J.B., dvf.v.s., Fannie May Zinn, June 6-1922