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Surname: WINDERS
Submitted on 12Feb2015 by Jordan Winders
Looking for any inormation about my great great grandparents John Melvin Winders, Anna Winders, and great grandpa Hiram Abiff Winders. They all resided in Pawhuska around 1910-????. Anything at all would be helpful. 

Submitted on 14Jan2015 by: Myron McKee
Being the first born son of the late Rose, Howell, McKee, Ahlrichs,  I would like to contact descendants of my late motherís birth parents. My mother was born;  Billie Louis Brewer on March 9, 1931 in Pawhuska, OK. Her birth father was;  C.E. Brewer, a white 28 year old laborer, born 1903 (?). Her birth mother was;  Alma Griffin, a white 19 year old house wife, born 1912 (?). There was also a previous child born to Alma Griffin.

My mother was adopted by James and Hazel Howell of Wynona OK, and her name was changed to;  Rosazetta Margaret Howell.  
All contact was lost/severed with the birth parents. 84 years later I, her first born son would like to contact my birth grandparents offspring/relatives/friends to learn who these people were/are.
Surname:  ELLIS
Submitted by Charlotte Flock on 22May2014
Looking for a obit for Martha Ellen Ellis died 17 Mar 1907 or 28 Mar 1908. The first date was found on her headstone in the Pawhuska Cemetery. Martha went by the name of Ellen. Also a obit for her husband Robert B. Ellis. His middle name may be Brack / Breck or Breckenridge. Robert is also buried in the Pawhuska Cemetery he had died 11 May 1933. Robert might of died in Tulsa County or in Stillwater, Payne County. Oklahoma.
The children they had are:
Matilda, Grover, Robert Leslie, Hannah A, Ruby J SLOAN, Talitha and David Newmaris (sp) Ellis.
I hope this will give you enough information to find Martha Ellen Ellis RAINS obit. and her husband Robert B. Ellis
Surname:  WILLMORE
Submitted by Susan Bell on 12Oct2013
My Mother's maiden name was Willmore and I am trying to find where our relatives are buried in Osage  The last place they lived was in Fairfax as far as I know.  The names are Knight Willmore, died July 1968,  and Alice Willmore, died Sept. 1980.   I have looked in every cemetery in Osage County in Find a Grave and cannot find them, but I know sometimes people have not been added to a cemetery. 
Surname: POTTS
Submitted on 28Feb2013 by Peggy Duncan
Looking for Simon Ashford Potts correct death date and where he is buried. SSDI states his last address was Pawhuska, OK. Would like to find an obit that would tell me if his wife was still alive when he died. His death date was shown as June, 1989. Thank you for any info you can give me.

Surname: HORSLEY
Submitted on 18Nov 2012 by: Kenneth Kent
Looking for information on family members who resided in Barnsdall, Osage, OK
Grandfather: Donald W. Horsley
Grandmother: Marie Horsley
Mother: Alla Rae Horsley Kent Born Oct. 3 1924

Submitted on 11Nov2012 by Dolores Lee Williams Miller
Searching for family members by the name of Williams. My father was Walter Francis Williams married to my mother Dorothy Carpenter Williams whose maiden name was Baker. They were lived in Pawhuska & were married there. Walter was born In 1889 & passed away in 1995 in Madera, California. Dorothy was born in 1902 & passed away in 1999 in Salina, Oklahoma. Any help you can give me I will appreciate it. I am interested in finding descendants of the Williams family. If you need any more info. Please let me know. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted on 29Mar2012 by: Bill Sloan
How can I go about finding if there was a death in Osage County in 1912? Stella Cordelia Drew Mc Cleskey or Mc Cluskey, my great aunt. Her husband was Rufus Baxter Mc Cleskey. Any direction or help would be appreciated

Submitted on 20Mar2012 by Bob Foster William Riley Foster m. Lucy Ann Summerford
Iíve just learned that William Riley Foster (1882 AR to 1977 Osage County) was the informant on the 1927 death certificate of Milly Foster in Carroll Co., Arkansas. I thought I had all of Millyís children, but maybe not. Does anyone know if he was one of her sons, or was he related to her in some other way?

Surname:  CAMAK
Submitted on 28Dec2011 by Michelle Camak
I am trying to learn more about my grandmother who was Osage her name was Lucille, I am her son, William Jack Camak's, daughter.  I have 2 daughters that would also like to know more about their ancestry if anyone has any information on my grandmother we would greatly appreciate it.I also have from my cousin Krissi or Kristin Camak who has also tried to research our grandmother but fell short. She only has that her father David Richard Camak, SR is the son of Lucille & Samuel S. Camak, SR.

Surname:  DeWALT
Submitted 13Jun2011 by Roberta Summers
Need someone to lookup a couple obits for me. Thomas Barton DeWalt died 21 July 1964 in Barnsdall Osage County. Sarah Alice DeWalt died 5 Aug 1974 Barnsdall Osage Co.  Also would anyone have a list of marriages for Osage County? I have several  DeWalt children who would have married around 1920's & 1930's.
Submitted on 4Jau2011 by David Weston
Looking for anyone that may know who has the pictures that hung on the walls
inside Newport Chevrolet in Hominy, OK.  I hope someone removed them before the building was torn down in the early 1970,s. 

Surname: LANE
Submitted 29May2011 by Lisa Pemberton
I recently found out that one of my ancestors S. C. Lane was listed as living on Pawhuska Osage Indian Reservation on the 1900 census. This was the last census I am able to find him on. He would have been 51 yrs and I suspect he may have died there. Does anyone know if they had death certificates then? He was single and lived in a boarding house. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Surnames: CARR, HUTSON
Submitted 18May2011 by Marlene Hahn
Trying to find the cemetery that my great aunt is buried in. We believe she died in Wynona March 13, 1920. Her name was Edith Elizabeth Carr. Husbands name was William (Bill) Her parents were Samuel and Huldah Hutson. I would appreciate any information that anyone can give. I do not have a death certificate for her. Would an Oklahoma death certificate state the cemetery?

Submitted on 8Mar2011 by: Janet Stephenson
I am looking for information on my ancestors. I have hit a dead end when I am looking for Ida May Jones Smith Vadney. She was born approximately May of 1877-1879. We are unsure of her birth location. She is listed on the 1920 census as living in Black Dog, Osage, Oklahoma with Charles Milt Vadney. On this census, she indicates she is Native American and cannot read or write. On the 1930 census, she is listed as living in Skiatook, Osage, Oklahoma, and this is where we show that she died around 1948. I have a copy of a marriage certificate stating she married James W. Smith when she was under 18, having written consent from her mother, L. B. Jones. She is the mother of John McKinley Smith who is my great-grandfather.
Surnames: MORSE
Submitted on 4Mar2011 by: 
Mark Morse
I have been trying to find any information about my grandfather John Sydney Morse.  I know that he lived in Pawhuska, passed away in Nov of 1979, and is buried at the Pawhuska Cemetery. I also found out that he was married to Allene Morse who I believe is still alive and was still living in Pawhuska in 2001. I would like to get in touch with any relatives if possible to find out more information on that side of my family.

Surnames:  Williams
Submitted on 8Feb2011 by:
Sally Seaman
Is anyone researching Jno. West WILLIAMS b. abt 1840 PA and wife, Lois A. b. abt 1854 Canada-East?  Their children included Angus C. WILLIAMS b. 1875 Wisc; Kyler B. WILLIAMS b. 1879 Minn; twins boys Wilfred WILLIAMS b. 1880 Minn and Wilbur C. WILLIAMS b. 1880 Minn.  This family lived in Big Hill, Cross Twp., Osage Co. in 1920 and in Ponca City, Kay Co., in 1930 but continued farming in Osage County.  Wilfred WILLIAMS wife was Edna Jane b. abt 1886 Montana and she died between 1920 and 1930.  Is she buried in Osage Co. or in Kay Co.?
Submitted on 19Jan2011 by:
Vicki Raifsnider
I am located in Pennsylvania, and am wondering if anyone is willing to retrieve an obituary from the local library for my family tree research.

John A Raifsnider born in 1907 and died in Jun 7 1976. Buried in A. J. Powell Memorial Cemetery
There are some contradictions in his tombstone record for his date of birth and that which showed on his social security record and military records.
There are actually TWO John Raifsnider's born in Reading PA in 1907.  I am trying to determine which one is which and hope the obituary would help.

Any other advice for searching in the Oklahoma area would be great.
Surname: Lines, WHITE
Submitted on 9Nov2010 by:
Debbie Gurley
I have been looking for info about my Great Grandmothers Family. Her  Families name was Lines. She had 1 sister, 3 brothers. Her name was Alice Ida Lines, 2 child was a boy named Joe. She Was born in 1900 as far as the other 3 children the only info I have is 1 sister. 2 more brothers the last boys name was Wilbur and had polio. Their mother died soon after Wilbur was born. The Fathers name was John Lines, soon after his wife died he remarried her name unknown. Soon after that the children were put in a orphanage in Bartsville,  OK or nearby. My Grandmother and her Brother Joe was old enough not to go, my Grandmother stayed in Bartsville, OK married John White. Joe moved to Chicago and was later Wilbur moved with him, I have no info on the other 2. Please send me anything that anyone knows, and the name may have been Line instead of Lines.
Surname: POOLE
Submitted by
Anthony Alexander on 14Oct2010  
I am trying to find a birth certificate (for the purpose of determining her parents, my great grand parents) for Annie T. Poole, born on December 10, 1903    Thanks in advance
Surnames:  COX
Submitted by
Sandra Cox on 4Oct2010
looking for the final resting area of my husbands grt, grt grandfather.  His name is William Benjamin Cox.  He died 12 May 1926 in Grainola, Oklahoma per some genealogy websites.  I have no "sources" to verify this information.  He was born 14 May 1866 in Missouri.  Please advise if you can assist with the name of the cemetery where he is buried as my husband and I will be traveling through the state of Oklahoma in December or January and would like to stop by.  If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me
Submitted by
Jane Quade on 7July2010
In 1936 Lewis Robinson was born and still living somewhere in OK.  His real Mother was Evelyn Luckie Brown daughter of Stella and Floyd Jesse Brown.  His Father took custody or Evelyn just left, I don't know the details but I am trying to locate a Marriage record for her and Robinson and a Divorce record.  Maybe another marriage.  
Lewis Robinson had been with his father from age 3 on.  I imagine the marriage took place with Evelyn and his father about 1935 or1936.  Divorce approx 1939-1940.  
Evelyn was born in Fairfax, Osage Co.  according to the 1920 census she was 1 yr and 9 months then.  
Her Father Floyd Jesse Brown had a  niece Maudie Dunn 4 years of age in the 1920 census who lived with his parents Alfred E Brown and Valetta May Rose Brown.  I have record that Alfred and Valetta aka May  were died in CA. Valetta was my Great Aunt.
Can you advise me where to look for that marriage record or should I start with Osage County records? 

Submitted on 5May2010 by Sandra Miller
I am looking for my children's other side of the family. Their grd father, Fred Leonard Burton, was born maybe around Pryor, Ok. abt 1909, his wife was Clara Sharp, born abt 1920, around Pryor, Ok. or vicinity. Would like to know more about the families with those sir names. The Sharp name was said to be Indian. My e-mail is: larmi55@aol.com   Sandra Miller

Surnames: HARVILL
Submitted on 5Apr2010 by George H. Myers

Searching for Fred William Harvill.  Deceased July 1981, Pawhuska, Osage Co., OK.  Searching for the cemetery records that might show where he is buried. The link to the cemetery is broken, but he might be searchable thru a Funeral home record.  

Surnames: COX, HARGETT
Submitted on 21Mar2010 by: 
Danesa Borgerding
My name is Danesa Hamilton Borgerding.  I was told by my great uncle that my grandmother did have part Indian and she did speak Osage.  Her father was from Ireland which I believe then that her mother Martha Matilda Cox had the Indian in  her.  Her fathers name was John W. Cox.  My address is  5327 Tamarack Trail, Greenville OH 45331, my phone number is 9375479656.  If you have any information or need any information from me, I would sure love the help. 
Scott, Wait, Waite, Waits, Parham, Sims, Graves
Submitted by: Iris Horne on 25Feb2010
I would like to know more about the family of Jonacon/Jonathan/Johnson? Scott and wife Virginia who are found on the 1900 census on the Osage Indian Reservation listed as white. Jonathan age 67 born 1833 KY and Virginia age 62 born 1837 IL. They are shown married 44 years. Virginia is shown having 7 children with 4 living. She was born in IL.  I think is is possible these might be my great great grandparents. Virginia Wait Scott was born about 1830-1836 and married to a John Scott in about 1855, about the same time these two were married. My Virginia had 4 living children, also. It is possible that this man might be a Jonathan Winfrey Scott.  Living close by on the census is Joseph H. Scott age 22 born 1877 KS and wife Myrtle born 1881 KS, who might be kin. Thanks for any help. My Scott family was part Native American.

Surnames: COX
Submitted by:
Peggy Vangorp on 18Feb2010
I am looking for a family named Cox who were in Hominy, OK in the 30'a.  The man was one of the early managers of the Penneys store when it was there.  That's all I know about the family except he and his wife adopted a baby fathered by my Dad who is dead now.  
Peggy Vangorp
7917 Jordan Lane
Sperry, Oklahoma 74073

Submitted by:  Dorris Smith on 14Feb2010

Emery D.and Ollie Mae (Routh) Silvernail, were living in Osage Co. Okla. 1920.  (Hominy)
Ollie Mae Silvernail died 6-8-1943 in an Oklahoma City hospital. Does anyone know where this couple is buried?
Looking for printed copies of their obituaries and/or corresponding with descendants.  Thank You,
Dorris in Indiana , I have failing eyesight.

Submitted by: 
Fred Sherman  GNSHRM@mo-net.com on 12Jan2010

Was wondering if  someone that would look up a census image for me. Would like to know where the following were listed as being born in the 1920 census image. Listed in the 1920 Osage Co Census index as John L Hardy born abt. 1884 and Josepe Hardy born abt 1887.
Their actual names are John C Hardy and Josephine C Sinclair. They are my Uncle's  Wife's parents.

Surnames: ROWLEY
Submitted by:
 Jean <kjsk> on 21Oct2009
I know Alice Mary Rowley was born 6 April 1923 in Fairfax, OK. But I am unable to locate any thing on this family. Can't find her parents or her any where.
I am hoping you can point me in a direction to pursue or give me a idea. I am at a loss.  Alice has died so  that is a dead end

Surnames:  CATLETT
Submitted by: Bruce Catlett on 2Sep2009

My great Aunt Anna Pearl Catlett died in Fairfax between the years of 1942 & 1943. I am pretty sure she was buried in the cemetery there. Her husbandís name was Rufus Catlett. At the time of her death she had 5 children, all very young. I would love to know how to find her grave if she is indeed buried there.

Surnames: MYERS Family
Submitted by:
John Whitinger on 6Jul2009

My great-grandfather, was Abraham Harvey Myers.  He was from Pennsylvania, but moved with this 1st wife (Ellen Jane Wiles) before 1914 to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The had two children.  Floyd Myers and Nellie Myers.  Nellie married in 1912 in Ohio and Floyd was listed as living in Bushiehead, Oklahoma in Ellen Jane Wiles Myers obituary in 1914. After Ellen died, Abraham married a lady named Charlotte.
On October 31, 1925, Abraham Myers while driving a Ford car, was struck by a streetcar.  He died a week later on November 8, 1925 in his son's home in Oklahoma City. Charlotte sued the Oklahoma Railway Company.
A witness to the will of Abraham Harvey Myers was a W. J. Myers of Avant, Oklahoma.  in April 1920.
What I would like to know is if W. J. Myers was related to Abraham Myers and if so, how? 
I note that the town of Avant is in Osage County, in a Native American Reservation.  In theory, I believe it possible that Charlotte Myers was a Native American.  In December 1928, Charlotte sold property (in the Belle Isle Addition in Oklahoma City while she was living in Los Angeles, California)   that belonged to my father and my aunt - but they were minors and lost their property rights. 
Any information you can assist me with would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: Newbury, Couch and Combs
Submitted by: Lorene McGhee on 29Apr2009

My great grandparents, Ben and Martha Newbury are listed on the 1910 Osage census, in the Black Dog township. Their three children were Myrtle (my grandmother), Mae and Abe. I am looking for other family members in Osage, including Combs and Couch and possibly in the same township. Thanks so much

Submitted by Melinda Jameson on 4Apr2009
I am searching for funeral records or death records of Billy Whitecotton. He was my grandmothers brother. He died around age 5 and around 1935 before she was born. His parents were Nellie Ruth (Cox) Whitecotton and Delois Edward Whitecotton. Her Aunt states that he was buried in Fairfax. I called information for the Fairfax Cemetery but I did not get any help from there. She was around his age so that is all she can remeber. My great-grandparents (Whitecottons) lived with my Great-Great-Grandparents Flora (Jones) Cox and (John) Franklin Cox at the time. My four Great-Grandparents are barried in Osage Gardens but nothing listed there about Billy. He was born and passed around the time SS# were being established so I don't believe he ever received one. They say he died from diptheria.
I appreciate any help

Surnames: Hayes or Hays, VEST
ubmitted by  Amy Crooks <amyrebba@adelphia.net> on 23Mar2009 

I am looking for information on the family of James HAYES and Mary Jane VEST HAYES.
Mary Jane was married twice before. Both husbands died possibly in MO. They were John Charles Clayton and a Mr. Knott. One child was born to John and Aria in 1885. John was killed in 1886. Then sometime before 1892 Mary remarried to a Mr. Knott and they had three children, Annie and Nannie both born around 1892 and Charlie about 1897 in OK. Then Mr. Knott was killed. Iím not sure if he died in MO or OK though. By 1904 Mary married James Martin Hayes and they had three more children, Pearl born 1904, Martin born 1907 and Opal born 1906 all in OK. I found the family in the 1910 census living in Black Dog, Osage, OK. The last name was spelled as Hays, not Hayes. Mary also goes by the name of Mollie. Then I find them again in 1920 in Hominy, Osage, OK. I have found Maryís marriage to John Clayton in MO, but still have not been able to find her marriage to Mr. Knott and still donít know anything more about him other than the surname. Nor have I been able to find her marriage to James Martin Hayes. Their son General Martin Hayes is my great grandfather, so the family group of James and Mary is the most important part to me. What Iíd like to find is the marriage record of James Martin Hayes and Mary Jane. Most likely around 1903, but could have been as early as 1897 in OK. Iíd also like to find where Mary and several of the girls are said to be buried in Osage County, OK, most likely in Hominy. James Martin Hayes and son Martin Hayes died and are buried out in CA. I believe it likely that Mary died in the 1960ís. I know she was near 100 years old at time of death.
Amy Crooks, Genealogist, Cell 208-660-3834, www.untangledfamilyroots.blogspot.com

Surnames:  HOGARD, CASEY
Submitted on 17Mar2009 by: Marsha Hogard
I am looking for any information on the Osage County Poor Farm of 1930 era.  My husband's family on both sides lived in Osage County, near Fairfax.  His gggrandma lived at the Poor Farm, which I understand was an actual working farm.  She was 67 on the 1930 census, so I don't think she was able to get to the fields a lot...  Her name was Julia M. Jones Hogard.  Not sure what the M stood for and her name was often spelled July....  I was told she was Cherokee, but all the documents I find show her as White.  I was also told she was buried at Gray Horse Cemetery, but no one has found this record. Her son, Benjamin Harrison Hogard also lived at Fairfax with his family of 11 kids, but i cant find him, either.    Also, looking for and Andrew Jackson "Jack" Casey and his family who reportedly lived in the area as well as being buried there, too.  I cant seem to find any information on the Casey's at all.  Can you direct me to someone or a source who can help me?  I am in West Monroe, LA.  Many thanks.  Marsha Hogard

Surname: MORRIS
Submitted by Mary M. Tate on 7Mar2009

            The second family of Oliver G. (Ollie) MORRIS is enumerated in Osage County, 1920, p.33 hh#61/63.  Ollie MORRIS died 1924 and appears to be buried in the family plot near Dallas, TX.  This family included his wife Lena, age 24 in 1920, daughters Burnice and Beatrice, ages 5 and 3 in 1920, and a son born after the census of 1920.  Any information on these people would be appreciated.  Did Ollie and Lena marry in Osage County?  Did the family stay there for the 1930?  Any marriage records for Lena and/or the children?  Iím revising a MORRIS genealogy I completed 25 years ago and updating as much as possible. 

From: tomdebmon@yahoo.com
Subject:Turner family 1910 Census Strike Axe Twp.
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 08:31:10 -0800 (PST)
The William Turner family was enumerated in the Strike Axe Twp. on the 1910 census. I am hoping that there are other researchers who monitor this list that can help me narrow down where in the township they might have lived. 
In 1969 there was an interview done with my great grandmother and she mentioned the Jefferson family and the Johnson family as neighbors. She also mentioned that they traded in the town of Elgin. I know that Elgin is in Kansas just on the boarder with Oklahoma. William Turner is buried in the Elgin Cemetery. 
From a few maps that were emailed to me by another kind researcher Strike Axe Twp. didn't reach all the way to the boarder with Kansas. The other thing that was mentioned on the taped interview was that they lived by the river and from the comments made it sounded like it was prone to flooding. 
Last July I traveled to Elgin and then drove down to Pawhuska. We arrived too late in the day to spend much time at the museum or the library. I did look at some newspaper microfilm at the library trying to find a possible mention of my grandmother's birth in January of 1910, or the death of my great grandfather William Turner 3 July 1915, but no luck. 
Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated.  Thank you, Deb in Oregon

Posted by Theron L Dowell on Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:27 pm

I posted a new cemetery in Find A Grave (Pixley Cemetery) located in Osage Co.
Mainly how can I get someone to Photograph the Cemetery entrance and a general photo of the Cemetery and send it to me or have the photographer post it to Find A Grave?  Also none of the graves have been photographed.

Theron L Dowell  Palmdale, Ca.
(The County Coordinator would also like a photo of the Cemetery- Jeff Smith)


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