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Algiers 1904 near Skiatook in SE Osage County; post office from May 1904 - Dec 1904; named for the city in North Africa
Apperson 1920 4 miles NW of Burbank; townsite established Aug 1920; named for Apperson automobile; ghost town
Arondale 1921 near Hominy; post office Sep 1921 - Jul 1935; named for Aaron Steele, oil field superintendent; oil field boom town; no longer in existence
Avant 1906 7 miles SE of Barnsdall; post office established Aug 1906; named for Ben Avant, prominent Osage Indian; Big Heart twp.; oil boom town
Barnsdale 1911 near Barnsdall; post office from Jan 1911-Jan 1915; name is variant of Barnsdall Oil Company
Barnsdall 1921 formerly Bigheart; post office name changed  to Barnsdall, Nov 1921; name from Barnsdall Oil Company
Bartlett 1908 near Fairfax; post office from Dec 1908 - Jun 1910; named for Don Carlos Bartlett, early day resident; no longer in existence
Belford 1907 5 miles SE of Ralston; post office from Sep 1907- Mar 1915; Big Hill twp.; no longer in existence; named for Irene Belford, first postmaster
Betts   Santa Fe Railway switch stop; 7 miles W of Pawhuska; named for C. E. Betts, general auditor of the Santa Fe
Bigheart 1906 12 miles N of Pawhuska; Caney twp.; post office established Jan 1906, name changed to Barnsdall, Nov 1921, named for James Bigheart, Osage chief; ghost town
Blackland 1911 12 miles NW of Pawhuska; Foraker twp.; post office established Jan 1911, named for black soil; Dec 1917, post office moved 3 miles SE and name changed to Pearsonia; now cattle loading area outside Tallgrass preserve; during WW II more cattle were unloaded and loaded here than any spot in the United States; ghost town
Boulanger 1914 19 miles NW of Pawhuska; a former townsite established in 1914; named for Isaac Boulanger, townsite owner; Original Layout of Town
Bowring 1923 18 miles NE of Pawhuska; post office established Nov 1923; Caney twp.; named for two ranchers, Mart Bowhan and Richard Woodring
Burbank 1907 18 miles W of Pawhuska; Big Hill twp.; post office established Dec 1907; name believe to have been taken from nearby rocky bluff along Salt Creek, covered with cockleburs
Carter Nine 1928 22 miles NW of Pawhuska; Fairfax twp.; post office established Aug 1928, named for Carter Oil Company and land description - Section 9 of township 26 North, Range 6 East; ghost town
Cooper 1923 8 miles N of Burbank; post office from Aug 1923 - Oct 1939; named for Edward E. Cooper, early resident; ghost town
DeNoya 1921 3 miles SW of Shidler; Fairfax twp.; known locally as Whizbang; post office from Dec 1921 - Sep 1942; named for Joseph F. DeNoya, prominent Osage; ghost town
Embree 1891 6 miles W of Ramona on the Osage county line; post office established Nov 1891 to Mar 1892
Fairfax 1903 post office established Feb 1903; several versions explain name origin; name is probably in honor of Lord Fairfax of Virginia
Foraker 1903 7 miles NE of Shilder; post office established Feb 1903, named for Joseph B. Foraker, US senator from Ohio; shipping point boom town serving the Burbank Field; ghost town
Frankfort 1910 10 miles NW of Foraker; Foraker twp.; post office from Jan 1910 - Aug 1912; named for Frank Murphy, townsite developer; ghost town
Grainola 1910 formerly Salt Creek; 6 miles NW of Foraker; post office name changed to Grainola Mar 1910; closed Jun 1974
Gray Horse 1890 5 miles SE of Fairfax; post office from May 1890-Dec 1931; named for Gray Horse or Ko-wah-ho-tsa, an Osage medicine man; ghost town
Hampton 1892 5 miles west of Copan, post office established Oct 1892 - Oct 1897; named for William A. Hampton, first postmaster
Henry 1896 15 miles W of Tulsa; post office established Sep 1896 - Mar 1905; named for Henry Anderson, husband of the first postmaster
Herd 1915 13 miles NE of Pawhuska; Caney twp.; post office from Apr 1915- Mar 1945; named for Joe Herrod, local rancher and cattleman; ghost town
Hominy 1891 16 miles S of Pawhuska; established Feb 1891; there are several versions of the origin of the name; word is probably corruption of Harmony, referring to Harmony Mission in Missouri
Hulah 1918 10 miles N of Bartlesville; townsite plat filed Mar 1918; name is Osage word for "hluah" meaning "eagle"; ghost town
Keefe   3 miles E of Fairfax; rural community; named for J. H. Keefe, vice-president of the Santa Fe Railway
Land 1894 adjoining Ponca City in western Osage County; post office established Jul 1894 - Mar 1895; named for James T. Land, first post master
Little Chief   5 miles SE of Burbank; rural community; named for nearby Little Chief Creek; ghost town
Lyman 1924 6 miles NW of Shilder; Foraker twp.; post office from Mar 1924 - Feb 1956; named for A. J. Lyman, townsite owner; ghost town
McInnis   8 miles W of Pawhuska; switch and loading point on the Santa Fe Railway; named for E. E. McInnis, Santa Fe Railway attorney
Mitscher 1901 6 miles NE of Foraker; post office established Oct 1901 - Jun 1902; named for O. a. Mitscher of Pawhuska, later Mayor of Oklahoma City and father of Admiral Marc Mitscher
Nelagoney 1906 7 miles SE of Pawhuska; Strike Axe twp.; post office from Dec 1906 - Feb 1959; name is Osage word meaning "good water" or "spring"
New Prue   north of the former Prue townsite; relocated because of the Keystone Reservoir
Okesa 1906 11 miles W of Bartlesville; Strike Axe twp.; post office from Jan 1906 - Dec 1940; name is Osage word meaning "halfway", the site being halfway between Pawhuska and the Cherokee Nation boundary
Osage 1906 5 mile E of Cleveland; post office established Nov 1906
Osage City 1906 Hominy twp.
Paha 1908 7 miles SE of Ponca City; post office established Jun 1908 - Jan 1911; named for Pretty Hair, an Osage tribal leader
Pawhuska 1876 post office established May 1876; named for Osage chief, Paw-Hiu-Skah, names means "white hair"; Osage County seat
Pearsonia 1917 formerly Blackland; 9 miles NW of Pawhuska; Foraker twp.; post office moved 3 miles SE and name changed to Pearsonia, Dec 1917; post office discontinued Dec 1936; named for Joseph R. Pearson, townsite owner;  ghost town
Perrier 1918 8 miles E of Hominy; townsite plat filed Sep 1918; named for James Perrier, prominent Osage
Pershing 1919 5 miles SE of Pawhuska; Big Heart twp.; post office from May 1919 - Mar 1957; named for General John J. Pershing
Prue 1905 9 miles SE of Cleveland; post office established Sep 1905; named for Henry Prue, townsite owner; ghost town; see New Prue
Pulare 1920 9 miles NW of Sand Springs; post office established Aug 1920 - Sep 1928
Red Eagle 1920 12 miles NW of Bartlesville; post office established Aug 1920 - Oct 1930; named for Paul Red Eagle, Osage chief
Remington 1905 5 miles S of Burbank; post office Jan 1905 - Mar 1912; name came from the Remington rifle; ghost town
Salt Creek 1906 in NW Osage Co.; Foraker twp.; post office established Nov 1906; named changed to Grainola Mar 1910; took name from nearby Salt Creek, tributary of the Arkansas River
Shidler 1922 21 miles NW of Pawhuska; Foraker twp.; post office established Feb 1922; named for E. S. Shidler, townsite developer
Skiatook 1880 13 miles north of Tulsa on the Tulsa, Osage county line; post office established Mar 1880; until Apr 1892, official spelling of the post office was "Ski-a-took"; named for Skiatooka, prominent Osage, the community around his home being known as Skiatooka's Settlement
Soldani   adjoining Burbank; a switch and loading point on the the Santa Fe Railway in western Osage County; named for Sylvester Coldani, prominent Osage
Souter 1914 near Cleveland; post office from May 1914 - Sep 1917; named for George W. Souter, prominent local resident
Strohm   7 miles NE of Fairfax; named for Charles B. Strohm, Santa Fe Railway official; ghost town
Tallant 1921 3 miles NW of Barnsdall; Strike Axe twp.; post office established Mar 1921 - Mar 1957; named for Ralph K. Tallant, executive of Cities Service Oil Co.; ghost town
Wau-ti-au-cah 1880 6 miles NW of Skiatook; post office established for a short time in 1880; named for Wah-ti-au-cah, an Osage sub-chief
Webb City 1922 NW Osage County; post office established Dec 1922; named for Horace Webb; townsite owner
Whizbang   local name for DeNoya; name from Captain Billy's Whizbang, a magazine popular at the time
Wolco 1922 5 miles E of Barnshdall; Big Heart twp.; post office from Dec 1922 - Mar 1957; named for  Wolverine Oil Company; ghost town
Woolaroc   14 miles SE of Bartlesville; well known ranch of the late Frank Phillips; now a game preserve and museum; name coined from words woods, lakes, and rocks
Wynona 1906 8 miles south of Pawhuska; post office established Dec 1903; named is a Sioux word meaning "first born daughter"; oil boom town;
1. Post Offices Located in Oil Boom Towns Created Between 1906 and 1928 (exact name of printed source unknown (Jul 2003)]
2. Oklahoma Place Names by George H. Shirk, University of Oklahoma Press, 1965.

Date established as a townsite, community, settlement or Post Office.

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