Leading Men of the Chickasaw Nation


In about the year 2001, I was doing some research in the library and came across a book called Leaders and Leading Men of  Indian Territory, Vol. 1, Chickasaws and Choctaws.  H. F. O’Beirne wrote this volume in 1891.  I further discovered that there were supposed to be five volumes in this work. 

Upon further investigation it was learned that Mr. O”Beirne died in 1891 just after completion of the first volume.  We are truly indebted to him for this valuable collection of contemporary biographies of more than 3200 people.  His work puts people’s names and faces into important historical events, which occurred in the Arbuckle Mountain area.  This book contains the 1891 biographies of whites, Indians, men and women.  Remember this date as you read these bios.

Here we present the bios of people who were there when the history of the area was made. This column will be ver batum from the book with notes in parenthesis for clarity.




Contributed by Dennis Muncrief September, 2003.