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Shiloh Church was constituted September 6, 1896, at Remus School house, Indian Territory. The church was constituted with six members, viz., Sister N. A. Jones, Sister S.T. Cates, Sister M. E. Caudle, Sister S. M. Rose, Brother E. H. Cates, and Brother N.E. Caudle. These all had letters from Sharon Church, Wilbarger County, Texas. Following the constitution, at the first conference, Elder J. J. Johns was received into the Church with a letter from the same church mentioned above.

The Presbytery was composed of Elder J. J. Johns of Wilbarger County, Texas, Sharon Church; Elder W. M. Startzmon of Missouri; Elder J. B. Adams and Deacon J. W. Fisher of New Hope Church, Oklahoma Territory. On Sunday Brother H. A. Bolton joined the church by experience.

Elder J. J. Johns was selected to serve the church as pastor and served until 1901 when Elder B. M. Green began serving. In April of 1902, Elder J. J. Johns was called to serve as joint pastor with Elder Green. In 1904 Elder G. M. Snider was called to serve as joint pastor with Elder Green.

The church moved from the Remus school to the Collins School, and later was in St. Louis. In 1925, the church elected Elder J. M. Newman to serve as pastor. He pastored the church until 1930. The church chose to leave the St. Louis area and move to Sulphur to its present location. The grounds upon which the church was built was purchased for $555.00 and plans to build were begun.

Elder B. M. Green continued pastoring the Church until his death in 1934. Elder H. Z. Bulman was elected pastor and served until 1938. In 1939 Elder M. L. Welch was elected pastor and served until December of 1945 during which time he took a break of about two years due to war time gas rationing and shortage of tires. In his absence Elder H. Z. Bulman served the church. In August of 1946, Elder Ben Howze, Big Spring, Texas was elected pastor and served until 1947 when he asked to be released due to ill health. Elder Marvin Smith was elected and served from 1947 to 1957.

Shiloh Church was one of the original four churches which constituted the First Primitive Baptist Association of Oklahoma, in August 1900.

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