First Baptist Church - Davis, OK

The information on this page is taken from the records of the First Baptist Church original registry book.  This old book is very tattered and torn.  The pages are very yellow and brittle and falling out of the book.  I volunteered to put the records on computer files if I was allowed to post the data to this website.  It was agreed to and I have began the task.  The first two links are posted.   I am now gathering the information on the general membership.  The first date in the book is November of 1901.  This does not mean that the membership is only after 1901.  The names may have been copied from an earlier book,  that is long gone,  into this book.  I will have the membership posted as soon as I can get it completed.  There are thought to be about 1,000 names in the registry.


Official Register - Pastors

Sunday School Superintendents

Church Treasurers

   Alphabetical Register of Church Membership