Submitting Information and FAQ

I would love to make this site as large as possible containing as much information as I can.

But, I need your help to do this. Here are some tips to help me to this.


Photos: Please send only jpg or gif images, the smaller the file size the better. I can adjust the width and height of the image, but we want the images to load quickly for all visitors. If sending a headstone photo, please include the name(s) and date(s) on headstone, and the cemetery. If you are related to the individual please also send contact information to be included with the photo.

Obituaries:   Please include the name and date of the paper the obit came from.

Newspaper articles: Please include the name and date of the paper the article came from.

Family Group Sheets: These must be in Text format. Please do NOT send the gedcom.

Family biographies: These must be in Text Format.

Cemetery Additions or Canvasses: These must be in Text Format. Email for details.


How long will it take for the information I send to appear online? I can't say exactly. I will put all information I receive up as quickly as I can. If you don't see your infomation online within a week for something small a month or more for a very large file, please feel free to email me to make sure I recieved it.

Will I get credit for what I send in? Yes, it is important to me that others seeing this information be able to contact the person sending it in. It could be a long lost relative that you can connect with. I also am very thankful to all information sent in and will make sure to give proper credit.

What do I do if my contact information changes? Please email me as soon as you can. That way if someone needs to contact you regarding information you have sent in, they find a bounced email.

Can you do lookups for me? Unfortunately, no.

How do I volunteer to do lookups? Send me an email. I LOVE volunteers, and so do many many others. If you can go to the library, courthouse, cemetery, or anywhere else, or have books to do lookups out of , please let me know.




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