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Wright Hotel, Checotah, OK

Alpheus Wright

Alpheus and Amanda Wright
               Alpheus and Amanda Wright
Alpheus WRIGHT was born February 19, 1826 in Henry County, Indiana. He and his 3rd wife, Amanda HENDERSON SONGER WRIGHT moved to Checotah in the Indian Territory Oklahoma in 1889.

Alpheus WRIGHT built and operated the Wright Hotel in 1893. It was a landmark in old Checotah until it burned in 1933. Newspaper accounts tell us that it was "the only building east of the railroad tracks at that time. In the early days it was ranked as on of the best hostelries on the Katy lines in Oklahoma and was known as a 'money maker' frequented by travelers and railroad men."

Alpheus WRIGHT was a Freemason and was elected Alderman in Checotah's first election. He died on March 24, 1900 and is buried in the Indian Territory Checotah Cemetery. His tombstone was restored by the family in May of 2003.

His wife, Amanda, ran the Wright Hotel for many years after her husband's death. Her obituary states, "For many years she managed the old Wright Hotel, east of the Katy depot and during her regime the hotel was a popular place and many an old time traveling man will bow his head in sorrow when the news of her death is learned."

Alpheus WRIGHT married (first) Huldah RATLIFF on December 9, 1849 in Henry County, Indiana. They had two sons, George, December 7, 1848, and Cyreneus Judge, January 5, 1852. When Cyreneus Judge was 15 days old Huldah died of "childbed" fever. Alpheus married (second) Huldah's sister, Sarah RATLIFF, on February 19, 1858 Miami County, Indiana . To them were born Hannah and Cassius. Sarah died August 24, 1865, when Cassius was almost 5 years old. Alpheus then married (third) Amanda HENDERSON SONGER, October 2, 1866. To them were born 7 children-- Minnie, Clarence, Ernest, Cora, Bessie, Jessie, and Garvey.

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