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Can you help identify the unknown IOOF members in this 1940 photograph?
(click on pic for larger view)
Front Row L to R  
1. Lee Hays      2. Jeff Lemley     3. Robert North      4. Humphrey Rainwater   5.Unknown     
6. Bill Norwood    7. Audie Griffith    8. Bill Wilks    9. Art Frye
Middle Row L to R
10. Unknown  11. Unknown  12. Unknown   13. Golden Brandon  14. Willie Smith  
15. Ed Marlin   16. Dike Hollenback  17. Jim Gates  18. Turner Bear     19. Fred Ogle    
20. Andy Hill    21. Pugh Looper 
Back Row L to R
22. Oscar Dunlap      23. Lawrence Wright      24. Unknown      25. Marvin Williams      
26. Kermet Hayes      27. Marvin James      28.Unknown      28. Unknown      29.Unknown      
30.Unknown         31. Harry Chenault

Photograph submitted by Earl Griffith <egriffith4@cox.net>

Can you help identify these Oklahoma Lawmen?
approx 1898

(click on pic for a larger view)
George Henry DYAS, is the tall
man standing second from the left.  The third
man standing from the left is Jim WALLACE, 
deputy US Marshal for the Eufaula area
Contact David Dyas <dyas@igalaxy.net> 
(grandson of Henry Dyas)
if you know the identity of the other
men or when the photograph was taken.

Below are pictures of unknown persons.
Click on the images for a larger view. 
Please send additinal information or your own contributions to
Ron & Elaine Long <ronglong@adacomp.net>

"Shorty Woodruff's friends"

Does anyone know these people? (Taken at Hanna mid/late 1920's)
Contributed by Roger Woodruff <Roger.Woodruff@tinker.af.mil>

Can you identify this person?
The only identification is the word "Eufaula, Oklahoma" on the back.
If you can help please contact us or Linda Preece

Can anyone identify any of these people?
One of the men is suppose to be my grandfather, John H Baker.
Pat Barlow <pbrlw@yahoo.com>


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