Midway High Yearbook 1970-1971

Courtesy of Linda Keylon now Linda Houdashell



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Cover '71 Charger  


Page 1 Presented by Yearbook Staff  
Page 2 Dedication Page
Page 3  Faculty Page
Page 4

Mr. Cleo Guthrie, Superintendent

Mr. Haskell "Hack" Layman

Page 5-Midway Teachers

Cleo Guthrie, Haskell Layman, Lawrence McCullah, Maye Mullen, Leah Layman, Jerry Manley, Dennis Overman, Sue Southern, Cardelia Self,  and Edith Wiley,


Page 6-Staff Photos Linda McCullah, Cleo Guthrie, Lawrence McCullah, Dennis Overman, Miss Maye Mullen, Jerry Manley, Haskell Layman
Page 7-Staff Photos Joe Keylon, Paul Keys, Pete Haggard, R.D. Hammons, Cora Davis, Lorene Swadley
Page 8-Yearbook Staff Barbara W. Marci H. Pat C., Barbara P. Linda C. Carrolyn G. and Miss Mullen, Rest ???
Page 9- Seniors Page
Page 10-Sr Page Mr, McCullah-Sponsor, Paulette Keys-President, Steve Jones-Vice President, Barbara Williams - Secretary & Treasure, Robert Bogges, David Carson,
Page 11-Sr Page James Cowles, Patricia Crosby, Ronald Gerig, Carrolyn  Guthrie, Richard Haggard, George Harris
Page 12-Sr Page Ronnie Hester, Glenn HOwell, Marci Hutcherson, Jackie Johnson, Jimmy Miller, Jerry Pippin
Page 13-Sr Page Dale, Purdom, Ronnie Reese, Glenn Sevier, Richard Staton, Archie VanBrunt and Resia Watson
Page 14-Sr Page Senior 71-Class Motto, Flower, Colors
Page 15-Juniors
Page 16-Juniors Keith Barnett, Kathy Carpenter, Linda Carr, Kathy Castleberry, Leon Culver, Ted Duvall, Jerry Gerig, Duane Greenlee, Gary Keylon, Rhonda Keys, Lester Lawson, Randy Marshall, Don Neumeyer, Rickey Oglesby, Barbara Pierce, Joel Sligar, Jonny Sullins,  Sharon Vanderpool
Page 17-Sophomores
Page 18-Sophomores Joe Adair, Earl Brown, Linda Choat, Debbie Crawford, Susan Davis, Mickey Durett, Gary Duvall, Mark Duvall, Rowena Greenlee, Donna Guthrie, Monty Hart, George Morgan, Jimmy Peters, Ronnie Rodgers, Leon Staton, Jeryl Sullins, Shelia Sullins, Arvil Walker, Leonard VanBrunt, Angela Harris/Purdom, Linda Keylon
Page 19-Freshmen
Page 20-Freshman Rickey Allison, Gary Grosby, Bryan Davis, Vickie Davis, David Duvall, Terry Duvall, Julie Guthrie, Jimmy Hamm
Page 21- Freshman Michael Hammond, Judy Hart, Sharon Hatcher, Don Jenkins, Sharon King, Evonne Lee, Rhenda Marshall, Janice Morgan
Page 22-Freshman Joy Pierce, Steve Ray, Rhonda Reese, Judy Shoun, Teryl Sullins, Doug Williams, Gary Wooten
Page 23
Page 24-8th Grade Jackie Brown, Randy Bunch, Holly Durrett, Phyllis Hamilton, Randy Harris, Jimmy Hester, Rebecca Hopkins, Justin Howell, Linda Marshall, Jeannie Morrison, John Neumeyer, Sharon Oglesby, Jeanette Peters, Kathy Rule, Debbie Smith, Debra Sparks, Stanley Staton, Elaine Stump, Randy Sullins, Jo Etta VanBrunt, Deborah West
Page 25-7th Grade Dickie Allison, Sammy Bennett, Benny Durrett, Lonny Durrett, Carol Fraizer, Rockey Gourley, Joe Haggard, Paul Hamm, Glenn Lawson, Francis Owens, Debbie Rule, Kathy Shoun, Pam Morse, Sammy Wooten
Page 26-6th Grade Leslie Bennett, Ricky Bunch, Lea-Ann Castleberry, David Cooper, Edwin Durrett, Paul Durrett, Marana Howell, Darlene Keys, Stephen Mcreynolds, Norma Morgan, Bobby Rule, Eldon Staton, Robert VanBrunt, Larry Voight, Stephen Watson
Page 27-4th-5th Grade

5th-Reba Durrett, Rickey Lawson, Danny Pogue, Virginia Southern, David Voight,

4th-David Allison, Julie Allison, Sharalee Bennett, Kelly Bunch, Carla Collins, Arlan Morse, Tommy Durrett, Barry Howell, Cathy Keylon, Mary Morgan, Anette Southern, Timothy Stump, Patricia Thomas, Milton West

Page 28-3rd Grade Gaylene Brown, Robert Bunch, Brian Durrett, Mark Durrett, Richard Hamilotn, Anna Howell, Eddie Lee Keylon, Penny Morrison, Dorman Pierce, Michael Rule, Diane Smith, Jerry "Gip" Southern, Terry Sparks, Charles Voight, Gene Paul Voight, John Ward, Pamela Watson, Ricky Watson, Shelia Watson, Vicki Watson
Page 29-2nd & 1st Grades

2nd-Debbie Allison, Sherry Brown, David Busha, Sandra Cooper, Shellie Durrett, Stacey Durrett, Paula Duvall, Carl Morgan, Carolyn Oglesby, Ray Pierce, Richard Pogue, Darla Smith, Susan Thomas, Judy Ward, Connie Staton

1st-Chet Allison, David Allison, Mitchell Bunch, Dan Lowrance, Kenny Morgan, Robert Morrison, Terry Pogue, Darrell Rule, Clint Staton


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