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Thursday, January 6, 1921 HANNA ITEMS  Theo Bradford and Rosa Westfall were married Dec 29th.  They gave Hanna as their address.  Judge Huls performed the ceremony at his office.

Thursday, January 6, 1921 HANNA ITEMS  Granville Richmond of Allen, Okla., and Edith Stafford of Hanna, were married here by Judge Huls Dec 29th.

Thursday, January 13, 1921  GRAYDON BUSHART TO BE MARRIED  Graydon Bushart, fomerly with the State national Bank of this city, but now living at Poteau, is to be married to Miss Othello Brown of Fort Smith, Ark., soon according to the following which is taken from the Fort Smith Record of Tuesday, Jan. 11:  “Mr. and mrs. Fred browne, 415 No. Fifteenth street, announce the engagement of their eldest daughter, Othello, to mr. Graydon J. Bushart, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E.Bushart of 1112 Grand Avenue. . . .

Thursday, January 13, 1921  CHECOTAH ITEMS  Miss lurline Crabtree, daughter of Mrs. J. C. Crabtree of this city, and Mr. C. B. Rechal of Alexandria, Louisiana, were married in the later city January 4th and returned to Eufaula the first of the week . . . 

Thursday, January 20, 1921 HANNA ITEMS  Miss Eddie Miller of Alma, Ark., attended the wedding of her brother, Sam, and Miss Bernice Huls, here Sunday.

Thursday, February 3, 1921 HANNA ITEMS  Bailey Bullett and Lessie He?eha, Creek Indians, were married at Okema recently.

Thursday, February 10, 1921  HITCHITA ITEMS  Miss Reed, who was the 8th and 9th grade teacher in Hitchita public schools, resigned and was married to Bill McClinnie of Pueblo, Mr. McClinnie met Miss Reed in Kansas City, where they were married Monday morning, Jan. 7th.  They left Kansas City immediately for the west. . . 

Thursday, February 10, 1921  A wedding of much interest was solemnized Monday morning at nine o’clock, when Miss Anna Hays became the bride of Mr. Frank Moore of Holdenville.  The Catholic church. . . performed by the Rev. Omer Beel. . . out of twon guests were Miss Kathryn Moore of Holdenville, Mr. Martin Moore of Wetumka, Miss Sue Hays of Ardmore, Mr. Dave Hays of Muskogee, Mr. Bernie Hays of Tulsa and Mrs. W. R. Maher of Muskogee.


Thursday, March 17, 1921  HANNA ITEMS  Robert Neal and Miss Alta Massengale were married by J. W. Huls, justice of the peace, March 7, 1921 at his office in Hanna.

Thursday, March 24, 1921  HANNA ITEMS  Alex Clark and Miss Ethel Hunter, both of near Eufaula, were married here this week by Rev. J. F. Parsons.

Thursday, April 7, 1921  NICHOLS – YOUNG  Mr. Jack Nichols and Miss Marion E. Young, two of Eufaula’s most popular young society people, went to Tulsa Wednesday fo last week, where they were married at the home of Mr. Nichols’ sister, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Pfenighauses, by the Rev. W. O. Anderson of the Baptist church of that city. . . Mrs. Nichols is the charming daughter of Mrs. W. B. Young and was practically reared in this city, coming here with her parents a number of years ago. . Mr. Nichols came here with his parents from Hanna a few years ago . . . 

Thursday, April 7, 1921  MARRIAGE LICENSE  Marriage license in McIntosh county were issued to the following since April 1st:

Curtis A. Jones, 25, Checotah; Miss Elsie Owens, 23, Checotah.
Scott layman, 21, Mellette; Miss Neva Adams, 19, Mellette
Leo Tankersley, 18, Dustin; Miss reynolds, 16, Hanna
Norman McNeal, 24, Tulsa,; Miss Lillie Wright, 18, Vernon

Thursday, April 14, 1921  HANNA ITEMS  Leo Tankersley of Dustin and Lizzie Reynolds of Hanna were married here April 2 by J. W. Huls, justice of peace.

Thursday, April 14, 1921  MARRIAGE LICENSE  marriage license issued in McIntosh county since last week’s report:

H. I. Holmes 21, Hanna, Miss Anna L. Williams 20, Durant.
Winifred Faulkner 22, Texanna, Miss Sarah Campbell 23, Texanna
Lector Odis henson 21, Eufaula, Miss Flossie Cook 19, Eufaula.
Lloyd Perkins 21, Macon, Mo., Miss Nancy Putnam 18, Checotah.
N. F. Fulton 26, Eufaula, Miss Alice Durning 19k Eufaula.

Thursday, May 5, 1921  MARRIED IN NORHT CAROLINA  Miss mary Primrose, daughter of mr. and Mrs. J. T. Primrose of this city, and mr. O. F. Palmer of macon, Norht Carolina, were married at the home of the parents of the groom, in Macon , last Saturday.  Miss Primrose was reared in this city . . 

Thursday, May 5, 1921  CITY CLERK KELLEY MARRIED  City Clerk E. C. Kelley and Miss Virginia Harcdin of Hartshorne, were married in that city Saturday, April 16k, and the wedding was kept a secret until the latter part of last week, when the news leaked out. . . 

Thursday, May 12, 1921  MARRIAGE LICENSE   The following marriage licenses have been granted in McIntosh county since the Journal’s last report:

Albert Deere, 34, Eufaula; Heley Manley, 33, Eufaula
Everett Foster, 18, Mellette, Minnie bean, 16, Mellette.
Jim Summers, 18, Indianola; Nora Browder, 18, Indianola
M. J. Johnson, 54, Vernon, Laura Richards, 54, Vernon, 
Joe Frederich, 41, Checotah; Ola Casey, 17, Watalula, Ark.
Lawrence Gage, 21, Fame; Emma Counts, 19, Fame
Ben Owens, 26, Pierce,; Nora Weathers, 19, Pierce.

Thursday, June 2, 1921  THREE COUPLES MARRIED AT MELLETTE  Rev. W. C. Vanerpool of Mellette was in Eufaula Tuesday shaking hands with friends.  Rev. Vanderpool informs the Journal he has performed three marriage ceremonies at Mellette in the past 10 days.  They were Mr. Frenchie Kirby and Halley Flud, Dave Davis and Miss Laura Perryman and James M. Horn and Susie Chapman.  All parties will make their homes in and around Mellette.

Thursday, June 16, 1921  MARRIAGE LICENSE  The fololwing marriage licenses have been issued since our last report:

Will Freeman, 30, Checotah; Stella v. Grayson, 25, Checotah
Hugh Cook, 22, Checotah; Myrtle Summers, 19, Checotah
Howard Boatman, 24, Checotah; Lillie Winkle, 18,k Texanna
Raymond Foulk, 21, Bridgeport, Illionis; Miss Bessie Marie Dean, 19, Checotah
Roscoe Lyons, 21, Eufaula; Delia Jones, 17, Eufaula
\Tony Barnett, 37, Eufaula; Miss Rhoda Cato, 22, Eufaula

Thursday, June 23, 1921  MILLS – HARRISON  About nine o’clock on June 8th, Miss Fillie Mills and Mr. B. A. Harrison drove down to the Cethodist church where they were married by Rev. W. Y. Switzer in the presence of Mrs. Switzer and Mrs. Clarence Mills. . . Miss Willie is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mills, . . . Mr. Harrison is of a fine family of Akron, Ohio and taught here a few years ago. . . 

Thursday, July 7, 1921  A WEDDING  A marriage of interest to quite a number of Eufaula people was that of miss Bertha Wells, the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wells, and Mr. H. R. Reed of Dallas, Texas, which was solemnized at the home of a friend in Muskogee last Saturday.  The bride’s sister, Miss Toy was brides maid, and Mr. Roscoe Norton attended the groom.  The Rev J. A. Reinhardt performed the ceremony in the presence of a large number of friends. . . The happy couple left for Dallas where they will make their future home.

Thursday, August 18, 1921  RUSHING – ROBERTS  On Monday morning at Fort Smith, Ark., Miss Leda Rushing and Mr. Fred Roberts, two of Eufaula’s well known and popular young people were united in Marriage and returned to this city Tuesday evening.  The bride has lived here for years . . the groom, although living here only about a year. . . 

Thursday, September 1, 2000  CONSTANTO – STIDHAM  On Wednesday evening at eight o’clock, a beautiful and impressive marriage ceremony was solemnized by Dr. Theo. F. Brewer, at the home of Mrs. Lee Stidham when her youngest daughter, Eloita, became the  bride of Mr. Joe A. Constantino of Ft. Smith Ark. . . . The bride, the daughter of Mrs.’s Lee Stidham, was born and reared in our city. . . Mr. Constantino a son of Mrs. A. Constantino of 814 South 20th Sat. Ft. Smith Arkansas. . . 

Thursday, October 6, 2000  NORTON – WELLS  Roscoe Norton, the popular young salesman of the Cates Bakery and confectionery store, and Miss Toye Wells, charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wells, were married in the city at 8:30 o’clock Tuesday morning by the Rev. Switzer of the Methodist church. . . 

Thursday October 13, 1921  JUSTICE CHAPMAN MARRIES TWO COUPLES HERE WEDNESDAY  Justice of the peace A. E. Chapman united in Marriage here Wednesday afternoon Chas. McKinney and Miss Bess Williams of Oktaha, and T. P. McAdams and Miss Walsie Dixon of Checotah.

Thursday, October 20, 1921  WALTER HOMAN MARRIED  News reached Eufaula this morning that Walter Homan of this city and Miss Lura Johnson of Stilwell were married at the home of the bride in the latter city Wednesday evening.  Mr. Homan is . . . . from Stilwell some eight or ten years ago. . . . 

Thursday October 27, 1921  MCMURRAY – BOYD  Mr. Robert Boyd and Miss  Birdie McMuraray, both of this city, were united in marriage at the postoffice last Saturday evening by Rev. Haskell Hammer.

The bride has for some time been manager of the local telephone office.  The groom is employed in the post office here.  Both young people were reared in the Mellett community prior to coming to Eufaula.  They will make Eufaula their home, . . . 

Thursday, November 3, 1921  HANNA  Miss Maudie Smith and Mr. David Wills, both of Mellette Okla., were happily united in marriage Saturday, October 22nd at 10:30 a.m., at the home of the bride, the Reverend Audey Urqhart officiating. . . 

Thursday, December 15, 1921  LEHMAN WILSON MARRIED  The following, announcing the marriage of Lehman Wilson, a former Eufaula boy sho was born and reared in this city, is taken from the Eureka Springs, Ark, daily of Dec. 1st which no doubt will be of interest to many readers of the Journal:

“Last night at 10 o’clock, at the parsonage, Rev. B. L. Harris, pastor of the M. E. church, south, united in marriage Miss Alfretta Rosetta Tyree and Mr. Lehman Wilson.  Mrs. Wilson is the daughter of Rev. Tyree, a resident of this city.  Rev. Tyree is willing to go to any length to accommodate his daughters, but when it comes to giving one away, he balks, and so Rev. Harris performed the marriage ceremony. . . 

Thursday, December 22, 1921  HANNA  The marriage of Miss Treola Fusha and Ray McGee, which occurred at the home of the bride’s parents northeast of Hanna, on the eve of December 7th, came as a surprise to the many friends of the happy couple. Judge Huls performed the ceremony.  Miss Busha is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Busha, and is popular with a host of friends.  Mr. McGee is the son of jack McGee . . . 

Thursday, December 22, 1921  LOCAL AND PERSONAL ITEMS  Clampitt Mangum of Checotah and Miss Rosa King of Vivian, were married Wednesday evening by Rev. Wright of Checotah.  The young couple will make their home at Richardsville.

Thursday, December 29, 1921  CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS  Jay Pipkins of this city and Miss Belle Brower of Stillwater, Oklahoma , were married at the homeof the bride’s parents in the latter city in the afternoon of Christmas Eve at one o’clock. . . 

Harold Thirion of this city and Miss Grace Truman Standley of Okemah, stole a march on their friends and were quietly married here on the afternoon of Christmas Day.  . . . 


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