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Friday January 1, 1915  SOCIETY NEWS  On Tuesday evening at St. Paul’s church in Muskogee, Miss Laura Dell Sweeney and Mr. Harry Parris were married by Rev. J. E. Carpenter, in the presence of a few of their immediate friends from Eufaula. . . 

Friday, January 29, 1915  STIDHAM  Mr. Fred Johnston and Miss Gail McElroy were quietly married Sunday evening at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McElroy.  Mr. Johnston is a prosperous young farmer living near Stidham . . . 

Friday, February 5, 1915  MELLETTE  On Tuesday evening, Jan 26th, Mr. B. E. Wells and Mrs. Ida Tackett were quietly and happily married at the home of the bride’s brother, Mr. W. J. Bean.  Rev. W. P. Jones of Stidham, officiating.  . . . 


Friday, February 5, 1915   STIDHAM NEWS  Boney Rumsey and Miss Sammie Pitman, youngest daughter of J. W. Pitman, were married Sunday at the residence of Bro. Story of Fame. . . . 


Friday, February 12, 1915  MELLETTE  Slipping Quietly away from their friends, to the home of Rev. M. P. Cotton, Mr. Jeff Jones and Miss pearl Clark were quietly made man and wife, last Sunday afternoon. . .

Friday, February 19, 1915  MARRIED AT CROWDER  Rev. W. V. Teer went down to Crowder Monday morning in response to a call and made happy two lives by pronouncing Dr. C. S. Wallace of Dustin and Miss Velma Ward of Crowder man and wife. . . . 

Friday, February 19, 1915  STIDHAM  Dillion Choate and Miss Myhrtle Bradshaw were married last Sunday at the residence of Bro. Marlin, the Baptist preacher of Brush Hill.  . . . .

Friday, February 19, 1915  SOCIETY  February 15th marked the 16th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Primrose of this city. . . . 

Friday, February 26, 1915  MELLETTE  On Wednesday evening, Feb. 18th at the home of Rev. M. P. Cotton.  Mr. Chas. L. Clark and Miss Eva Porter were quietly joined in the holy bonds of wedlock. . . the bride is the daughter of Mr. E. W. Watkins of Mellette. . . 


Friday, March 12, 1915  MELLETTE  Mr. David Abney of Turkey, Texas, and Miss Lillie Cook of forty Two were married on the banks of the Canadian river in Pittsburg county, on Saturday, Feb. 27th.  Mr. Abney arrived Friday and the young people met, and came to an understanding, the same day, and early Saturday morning drove across the river where they were married by Rev. Montgomery, in the presencde of but a few close friends.  Mr. Abney is the well known son of Mr. E. E. Abney, formerly of this place and the bride is the charming and accomplished daughter of one of our most substantial farmers, Mr. J. D. Cook.  . . . They will make their future home in Turkey, Texas.

Friday, April 9, 1915  HANNA  A quiet wedding took place at 2 p.m. last Sunday Fred King and Miss Rosa Braswell plighted troth before Judge James W. Huls who pronounced them man and wife.  May their troubles be no more than little Kings.


Friday, April 16t, 1915  SOCIETY NEWS  As quite a pleasant surprise to their many friends here comes the announcement of the marriage of Miss Carrie L. Metcalfe and Judge H. L. Marshall.  The wedding occurred at the home of the bride’s mother Mrs. Mary C. Metcalfe of 5700 Etzel Ave. St. Louis Wednesday, April fourteenth.

The bride is a sister of Mrs. I. T. primrose of this city and has spent a great part of her time here. . . . Judge Marshall formerly made his home here, holding the office of Untied States Commissioner prior to statehood after which time he practiced law for several years. . . They will be at home to their many friends at Grove, Oklahoma which place they will make their future home. . . 

Friday, June 4, 1915  WAS SINGLE YESTERDAY, TODAY SHE IS MRS. BEAR  Caesar Bear and Susie Johnson, two fullblood Indians, stepped before Justice of the Peace W. G. Miller yesterday, and told him they desired to get married. 

:All right, “ said the justice, and he went through the wedding ceremony in words of one syllable, thinking that he had to deal with a couple who might not be able to understand English very well.

When the ceremony was completed, Justice Miller said:

:Now, I always give my brides white carnations, but I’m out just now an I’ll have to give you one of these pretty red roses.”  So saying he pinned the flower on the bride.

But the husband insisted that something was lacking.  Stepping to the telephone, he asked a florist to “send over two tulips right away.”  Then he sat down to wait.  When the tulips came, the Indian Pinned on on his bride and the other on himself and demanded a rose for himself from the justice.

Then he whispered something to his bride and the couple marched gaily out of the door, singing in perfectly good English and in perfect good tune.

“When you wore a tulip, a sweet yellow tulip, and I wore a big, red rose.”

“Mm,” said Justice Miller.  “It just goes to show you never can tell.”  -- Phoenix

Friday July 2, 1915  CARR CREEK Mr. Martie Dornam and Miss Clara Emberson were married at the residence of Justice of the Peace C. DC. Grimes about 2 o’clock Sunday evening 

Friday July 30, 1915 HANNA Married in Holdenville Saturday, July 17th, 1915, by justice of the peace Welch, Mr. C. C. Gatlin and Miss Jewel Utzman.

Friday August 6, 1915  HANNA At 3 o’clock p.m. Thursday July 29th, 1915 Mr. John Reeve and Miss Livia Clayton were united in marriage by Judge F. M. Palmer at his office in the city of Hanna. 

September 3, 1915 P. J.Wadsworth and Mary A. Cox were married for the second time in Muskogee Saturday by Justice Miller.  Both parties are form this county.  They were married a number of years ago, and later Wadsworth was sent to the state penitentiary after a shooting affair at Cathay, on the charge of manslaughter.  While in prison his wife secured a divorce, but after serving his time, he returned and again wooed the damsel that had once shared his life for “better or worse.”

Friday September 3, 1915  CARR CREEK Eld. Scarbrough performed a marriage ceremony on last Sunday morning at 10 o’clock that made a Mr. Polard and Miss Pearl Mangrum man and wife.

Friday November 5, 1915  RUMSEY-JONES Mr. Elijah Jones and Miss Virgie rumsey, both of Stidham, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony last Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  Dr. Noblitt of the Christian Church officiated.

Friday November 12, 1915  GREENHAWS-HOYT  Mr. J. A. Greenhaws and Mrs. Mayr Hoyt, both of Eufaula, were united in marriage by Dr. Noblitt, pastor of the Christian church, Wednesday, November 3re at the home of the officiating minister. 

Friday December 24, 1915 RAIFORD ITEMS  Mr. Jonah Williams and Miss Maude Pollard were united in marriage Sunday, December 19th.  The ceremony was performed by O. J. Stevens, justice of the peace.

Friday December 24, 1915 TEXANNA AND ENVIRONS (by Ned)  A prominent young couple, formerly of Texanna, Robert Keels and Clara Patterson, were united in marriage December 15, at Porum. . . . Miss Patterson has been living near Porum while Mr. Keels has been in southern Texas the past few years.

Friday December 31, 1915  A SURPRISE WEDDING Mr. M. E. Turner, a prominent Eufaula attorney and Miss Vera Lane were united in marriage at Muskogee on the evening of the 23rd.  . . Both parties are residents of Eufaula. . . 

Friday December 31, 1915  MARRIAGE LICENSE During the past week marriage license have been issued from the Court Clerk’s office to the following:

Robert Lowe and Miss Cubie McGriff of Checotah.;
R. G. Goudean and Miss Nellie Green of Pierce;
Logan Fite and Miss Cordia Carner of Checotah;
J. R. Byars and Miss Florence of Checotah;
George Harrison and Miss Emma Kitchen of Hitchita;
J. J. Watts and Miss Mattie Mask of Mellette;
Lewis Duty and Miss Lottie Herrod of Vernon;
Levi Haile and Miss Lima Jernigan of Fawn;
Orgie Baker and Miss Line Mitchell of Checotah.



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