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Friday, January 2, 1914  LENNA NEWS  Mr. Roy McCracken and Miss blanch Browning married Christmas and will soon go to house keeping.

Friday, January 30, 1914  MARRIAGE LICENSE Issued by the Clerk of the County Court
Geo. W. McGuire of Lenna to Miss Gracie L. Moore of Muskogee
Jim Wayland, Eufaula to Fannie Guinn, Checotah.
Geo. Munford, Eufaula and Miss Florence Price, Eufaula
Arthur Johnson, Cathy and Louisa Thompson, Eufaula
Wesley Cates and Dora Anderson of bower

Friday, January 30, 1914  MCGUIRE – MOORE  The marriage of Mr. Geo. W. McGuire and Miss Florence Moore of Muskogee, was solemnized at the Methodist Parsonage Sunday morning, rev. Stratton officiating.  Mr. McGuire is one of the coming young men of McIntosh county, having been born and reared near Lenan. . .. They will be at home in Lenna, where Mr. McGuire is principal of the public schools.

Friday, February 20, 1914  SOCIETY NEWS  The wedding of Miss Irene Brennan to Mr. Charles Moody M. Bryce of Eufaula will take place this evening at 8”30 at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brennan, 317 South Seventh street. . . . 

Friday, February 27, 1914  MARRIAGE LICENSED issued from the Office of the Clerk of the County Court
D. Channell and Maudie Owens of Pierce.
Andrew White and Otha Martin of Checotah.
Geo. Alexander and Louisa Armstead of Cathay.
Sam Crabtree and Ollie Claxton of Checotah.
Frank J. Ward and Vernon Oma Mooney of Brooken.
Tim Motley and Kansa Chandler of Checotah
Dave Richardson and Lula Bashen of Checotah.

Friday, March 27, 1914  UNDAUNTED BY OBJECTIONS OF PARENTS  After the second attempt to evade parental objection Mr. J. M. Roark and Miss Nora Sapulding of Canadian were married Monday evening by Rev. Statton at the Methodist Parsonage.  Sunday evening they attempted to elope and boarded the train at Canadian for Muskogee. The parents of the youthful bride wired the authorities here to be on the lookout and when the train arrived here Chief Winkleman went on board the train , placed the parties under arrest and carried them back to their parents on the night train

They were not to be outdone however and the following evening returned here, secured their license and went on their way rejoicing.  It is said that they youthfulness of the contracting parties was the cause of the objection of their parents.

Friday, April 3, 1914  BOOTLEGGERS OT BE TRIED  Steve and Rufus Shannon, charged with the murder of henry Alexander will have their preliminary hearing before Justice O’Reilly this afternoon.  Rufus Shannonis charged with the murder of henry Alexander who attempted to hold him up on the night of the 30th.  Rufus Shannon had been to Ft. Smith it is thought for whiskey, and had returned to Wirth, where he got off the train an started to Eufaula thru the country.  Alexander and another negro had heard of his trip and attempted to hold him uyp imprersonating officers in order that they might take their supply of liquor.  In the meantime Stevfge Shanon, the father of Rufus had heard of the plot and notified Rufus.  When they attempted to stop him, Rufus opened fire, killing Alexander at once.  In the meantime, the other negro returned the fire, wounding Rufus Shannon. 

Friday, April 24, 1914  SOCIETY NEWS  As a surprise to their many friends, the marriage of Miss Stella Miesh and Mr. Sam T. Hays was solemnized yesterday morning at 5:30 at the Ihurrh of the Assumption, rev. Joseph Van Hulse officiating.  Only a few friends and relatives were present at the ceremony.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Miesh, F. and Dayton Sts. . . .They will make their home in Muskogee. - - - Phoenix, Tuesday.

Friday, April 24, 1914  TYNER – WELLS  Mr. John Tyner and Miss Minnie Wells were quietly married Wednesday evening at the home of the bride here.  Mr. Tyner is engaged in the plumbing business here while Miss Wells , who has been in the city for several months, has been in the employ of the Eufaula Democrat.  They will make this their future home.

Friday, May 15, 1914  HENDERSON – FREDRICKSON  Miss Mary J. Henderson, a charming young girl who has become quite well known among the Columbia people during her residence here, was married to Mr. E. J. Frederickson, a Seattle man Wednesday afternoon.  The wedding took place at the home of the groom’s brother at Tacoma.

Miss Henderson came here from Oklahoma two years ago and has been making her home with Mrs. A. O. Phelps, by whom she is much esteemed.  She has  been employed in the city, but has become quite favorable known to this community and has made may friends who will be glad to know of her happy marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederikson will be at home to their friends after may 15th a t 1913 Yesler Way.

The above from the Rainer Valley Citizen of Seattle will be of interest to the friends of the bride who lived near here for some time and who was for a long time employed with the Coody firm here and was held in high esteem by all her friends.

Friday, June 5, 1914  FAME  Mr. Joe Salters and Miss Janie Bouy (Bouie) were married last Sunday at 4 o’clock p.m. Rev. Wm. Story officiating.  The nuptials took placed at the home of the bride.


Friday June 26, 1914   BRICE – GALLOWAY  Married at the M. E. parsonage in Oklahoma City, Thursday, June the 18th, Mary Grace Galloway7 and William kelley Brice, both of Geary, Okla.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Galloway. . . The groom is a son of T. K. Brice, a well known farmer living three miles southwest of town.  He too having been a teacher for several years. . . the newly married couple will leave for Checotah where they will make their future home. . . – written for the Geary Booster.

Friday, July 10, 1914  FAME ITEMS  Mr. Willie Downum and Miss Essie Hensley were married Sunday evening by the Rev. Marlin.  The writer did not have the wedding garment and cannot go into details.

Friday July 24, 1914  FAME ITEMS  Mr. Cord jackson and Miss Zona Keeny were united in marriage Sunday, July 19th.  The ceremony was performed at the home of mr. Keny’s by the Rev. W. L. Story.  . . 

Friday July 24, 1914  FAME ITEMS  Mr. John Rap and Miss Kattie Andrews were united in marriage Sunday.  The ceremony was performed at Stidham. . accompanied to Stidham by Mr. Audd Andrews, the bride’s brother and Miss Hester Turner. . . 

Friday August 27, 1914  COLLINS – GLADNEY  “Who giveth away this woman in marriage?”  “I do, in behalf of her father.”  The above question was asked by Rev. T. M. Hartman of the Presbyterian church at the Eufaula Boarding School on Monday evening Aug. 24 at 6 o’clock.  It was answered by Norman C. Campbell, foster father of the bride.

The contracting parties made man and wife by the ceremony that followed were Mr. Eugene M. Gladney of Tuskahoma and Miss Gertrude B. Collins, who for the past two years has been a member of the faculty of the Government Indian School at that place.

Mrs. Gladney, formerly Miss Collins, is a foster sister of Miss Gertrude Campbell, Supt., of the Eufaula Bording School . . . 

Friday August 27, 1914  MONNETT – BROWN  Prof. Victor E. Monnett of Ithaca, N. Y. and Miss Catherine O. Brown of Laclede, Mo. Were married Friday, Aug 21 at the residence of the groom’s parents of this city, Rev. Hartman officiating.

Prof. Monnett is an instructor in Cornell University Ithaca, N. Y. and the happy couple left for their future home there.

Friday, September 25, 1914  MULLINS – ROGILLIO  The friends of Mr. Robert J. Mullins, the distinguished editor of the Indian Journal of this city will be happy to learn of his marriage to Miss Nettie Rogillio, the charming and accomplished daughter of one of the most distinguished and well known families of Gloster, Mississippi on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1914.

The wedding is the consummation of a pleasant romance which began while they were students at Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss., Mr. Mullins having graduated from this institution in 1909 and the bride having completed her work in 1911 and afterward took a course, completing it this year, at Berlitz School,  Washington D. C.

The ceremony was quietly performed in the presence of a few intimate friends of the happy couple at the residence of Dr. T. W. Lewis of Memphis Tenn., who was a member of the faculty of Millsaps College while they were students there.

Mr. and Mrs. Mullins will return Sunday to this city where they will be at home to their many friends . . . 

Friday, October 16, 1914  BLYTHE – CALHOUN  In the presence of only a few of their most intimate friends, Miss Mallie Blythe of Sulphur Springs, Texas and Mr. Robt. G. Calhoun, were quietly married Thursday evening at the home of Rev. Lynam of the Catholic church.

The bride is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hogan . . . 

Friday, October 16, 1914  BURDETTE – SMITH  Mrs. Sudie Burdette and Mr. R. C. Smith were married Wednesday at Ft. Worth, Texas.  Mrs. Burdette is one of the leading ladies of Eufaula, while Mr. Smith, the fortunate groom is a prominent banker of Chcikasha. . . the happy couple left for Chickasha, their future home. . . 

Friday, October 23, 1914  WEDDING AT ODD FELLOWS HOME  Tuesday evening Mr. Claude Flynn and Miss Annie Bullard were marreid at the Odd Fellows’s home in Checotah, where they met several years ago.  Mr. Glynn was a small boy when he went to the home in 1903, he being among the first to enter the home after its opening.  In 1907 the bride, one fo the first girls to enter arrived at the home.

They were married Tuesday evening in the presence of over theree hundred people, memberos of the Odd Fellows and Rebecca lodges of the state and friends of the contracting parties.  Rev. Rogers of the Checotah Methodist Church officiated while Mrs. Dr. Ralph Brown of Waukomis played the wedding march. . . Mr. Falnnigan Taylor was best man and Miss Deliah Wilcox was bridesmaid. . . mr. Glynn is now assistant superintendent of the water works and electric light plant of checotah and will make his home there. . 

Friday November 6, 1914  ECKELKAMP – LEWALLEN  At the residence of the brides father on Braodway last evening, Miss Ida Eckelkamp and Mr. O.J. Lewallen were quietly married in the presence of the immediate family of the contracting parties. . . . left on the south bound train for a visti to the home of Mr. Lewallen’s parents . . will return here in a few days to begin their residence and mr. Lewallen to resume his duties as electrician with the light and power plant here. . . . 

Friday, November 27, 1914  MARRIAGE LICENSE  The following applications for marriage license have been issued by Ben Venator, Clerk of the County Court, during the past week.
E. H. Garner, Eufaula and Miss Lonnie Derrick.
Sam McQueen Rentiesville and Maggie Lewis, Rentiesville.
Harve Harris, Hanna and Miss Roxie Knox, Hanna
Marion Layman, Hanna and Miss Mary Trest, Hanna.
Gid Donelson, Grayson and Elizabeth, Grayson.
Will Hawkins, Texanna and Settie Taylor, Texanna.
Arthur Watters, Checotah and Margeret Wadkins, Checotah.
Virgil Rumsey, Vivian and Miss Annie Ayers, Vivian.
Bennie Burnett, Eufaula and Luanna Zachry, Eufaula.
Jessie Davis,l Dalem and Lizzie Gambler.
J. H. Kennedy of Wagoner and Mrs. Oliva purdom of Eufaula.

Friday, November 27, 1914  PURDOM – KENNEDY  Mrs. Oliva purdom and Mr. J. H. Kennedy of Wagoner were quietly married Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. Charles Follansbee.  Mrs. Purdom was for several years connected with the Eufaula boarding School as superintendent . . . 

Friday, December 11, 1914  MELLETTE NEWS  Two weddings have recently been pulled off in these parts; John m. Cline to Miss Vera Blaylock, and John L. Pierce to Mrs. Rolfe.



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