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Friday January 10, 1913  SOCIETY HAPPENINGS  Roy M. Howard and Miss Andromeda DeRossett of Eufaula were married on the afternoon of December 25 at El Paso, Texas, by the pastor of the Baptist church of that city.  Their home will be in Deming, New Mexico.

Mr. Howard was formerly cashier of the Eufaula National Bank, but has lived in the west for the past several years.  Miss De Rossett has been a resident of Eufaula for about ten years and during the past several years has been connected with the faculty of the Eufaula Boarding School. . . 

Friday, January 17, 1913 WEDDINGS  Mr. William R. porter and Miss Harrett P. Turner, of Brush Hill, were married by Father Kutchum of Washington, at the court house in this city Wednesday, Jan. 1.  Mr. Porter is one of McIntosh county’s best farmers and Miss Turner is the daughter of Ham Turner, delegate to the constitutional convention from the north end of the county.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Porter are popular and well known.  They will reside at Brush Hill.

J. L. Sezemore and Miss Annie Corbett of Texana, were united in marriage by the Rev. Stratton, of the M. E. Church at the court house in Eufaula, Jan 16.  Mr. and Mrs. Sezemore will make their home at Texana.

Marriage licenses were issued Thursday to Antonia Thierry and Miss Guillory both of Texanna.  Neal Ferguson of Rentesville and Dora Green of Checotah.

Friday, January 24, 1913  JACOMINI – AULTMAN  The marriage of Mrs. Olouise Aultman and J. Jacomini was celebrated on Christmas night at 7:30 at the parsonage of the first Baptist church with the Rev. James S. West officiating.

The bride . . . was attended by her sister Mrs. L. Buckner and the was attended by his brother, Dan Jacomini.  The mother of the room Mrs. C. N. Simoni entertained . . . 

Friday, February 7, 1913  MARRIED  D. A. Wilkereson and Miss 
Angelin Reeves were married by the Rev. Stratton of the Methodist church at the parsonage Fridday evening of last week at 8 o’clock.

Mr. Wilkerson recently came here from Fort Smith and has a confectionery store in one of the Tully buildings on Main street.  Miss Reeves is from California.

Friday, February 21, 1913  LOCAL AND PERSONAL  Married at the Methodist parsonage on Tuesday, Feb., 18th at 10 o’clock, Mr. Benjamin T. Woods of Checotah and Miss Ethel Cowan of Stidham.

Friday, March 7, 1913  MILLIONAIRE INDIAN  Beeley Derrisaw, the million heir Indian boy of Eufaula, that was married to Miss Sallie Sindell of this city last week and kidnapped a few days later by his parents and officers from the Indian agency, who claim the boy is only 17 years of age and are attempting to annual the marriage, is causing his bride much worry and trouble and law suits are coming fast involving oil lands valued at more than a million of dollars. . . . 

Mrs. Beeley Derisaw, whose husband was taken from Eufaula to Muskogee last week, aned afterwards placed in the Carlisle Indian school by herb House has employed W. T., Hutchings of Muskogee and Judge O’Reilly of this city to look after her interests.  Mrs. Derrisaw claims that the statements given out that her husband is but seventeen years of age are entirely unfounded ant that she can produce evidence showing that he is moor than twenty-one.  The records show that Beeley was enrolled in 1895 and if this be true he is certainly more than eighteen years of age. . . 

Friday, March 7, 1913  SOCIETY NOTES  Last Saturday evening March 1, 1913 at 8:30 o’clock, Mrs. Jessie B. Wright and Mr. James C. Brennan wee quietly married at the home of the bride on W. First Street. . . Mrs. Wright has made Eufaula her home for the past eight years. . . She was an employee in the Register of Deed office for 3 years, and has for the past two years been an efficient assistant in the County Superintendent’s office.

Mr. Brennan, whose former home was Mexico, Mo., came to Eufaula a year ago and has since held the position as Chief Engineer of the Eufaula Electric and Power Co.  . . . 

Friday, March 28, 1913  LOCAL AND PERSONAL  Mr. J. A. Young and Miss Emma Flud were married in this city Thursday night.  They will reside in Eufaula.

Friday, April 11, 1913  GIBSON – GREEN  Charles Gibson, and old and familiar figure, interpreter and writer of note, was married on Wednesday of last week to Mrs. Leah Green at the residence of the bride’s home, three miles west of Eufaula.  Rev. Wm. McCombs officiating.  The occasion was celebrated with a grand feast to which Indians alone are accustomed. 

This is the second adventure of both the contracting parties upon the matrimonial sea. . . .

Friday, May 23, 1913  IN SOCIETY  Dr. Ely and Mrs. Georgia Musser were married in Muskogee Thursday of last week.  Mrs. Musser was reared in this city and her friends are numbered by the score.  Dr. Ely is a practicing dentist, and has made Eufaula his home for the past year.  From Muskogee they went to Adtadarko which place they expect to make their home.


Friday, May 30, 1913  SOCIETY  Tabor – Duncan Wedding.  The marriage of Miss Bessie Duncan of Ripley, Miss., to Mr. Britton H. Tabor, formerly of Muskogee, but now a young attorney of Checotah, was solemnized Sunday afternoon at Grace Episcopal church, in Muskogee, the rector, Rev. H. J. Loyd officiating.  Miss Duncan has taught in the public schools in Checotah for the past three years.  Mr. and Mrs. Tabor left for Chicago to spend their honeymoon and after June 5 will be at home in Checotah.

Friday, May 30, 1913 MARRIAGE LICENSES  Issued During the Past Week. 
S. R. Graham of Checotah and Bessie Duckworth of Checotah
John Jerningan and Sarah Taylkor of Checotah
James Gilbert and Norah Simpson of Checotah
Fernando G. White of Henryetta and Mrs. Mary E. Craft of Hoffman
Walter Marshall and Jeanetta Richard of Eufaula

Friday, June 13, 1913  MARRIAGE LICENSE ISSUED 
Mr. R. J. Brandon and Miss Lena Andrews of Brush Hill

Friday, June 13, 1913  IN SOCIETY  One of our popular young business men, Lester Clark, manager of the Oklahoma Title Co., left Tuesday for Carthage Ill., where he will be married on the 17th to Miss Edith Helfrich.

Lester came to Eufaula in may 1907 and was engaged with the above named firm and by his genial manner and carful attention to business, attained his present position of manager of one of the largest conceerns of its kind in the state. . . Miss Helfrich, the bride-to-be is well known to many of us having visited here on many occasions, during the first of which the romance which is to be consummated in their marriage, was begun. . . They will return to Eufaula next Wednesday. . . 

Fred Owen and lola Campbell of hanna
William H. Worthy and Lucinda Snow of Eufaula
J. W. McCaslin and Addie McMillan of Eufaula
W. E. Brown of Okmulgee and Lizzie King of Eaton, Colo.

Friday, June 20, 1913  PERSONAL ITEMS Mr. W. E. brown of Okmulgee and Miss Lizzie King of Euton, Colo, were married at the residence of Rev. T. S. Stratton Tuesday evening.

Friday, June 27, 1913  MARRIED  James William Cook and Miss Maud Moffitt of Mellette were married by Judge Ben D. Gross at the County Court Wednesday morning.

Friday, June 27, 1913, WHITAKER – MARTIN Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock the marriage of Mr. Land Whitaker and Miss Marie Martin was celebrated at the residence of the bride’s parents  on Railey avenue.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. T. S. Stratton. . . 

Friday, July 11, 1913  MARRIAGE LICENSE Issued since last week.
J. A. Ramsey and Miss Rosie Hedrick of Texanna.
Sevorn J. Fuller and Miss Georgie Lacey of Warner.
Dave Hale and Miss Gussie Hart of Hanna.
Dalice Thompson of Porum and Mis Ethie Evans of Texanna.
Arthur Parks and Niecie Blackburn of Checotah.

W. F. Glick and Miss Cora May Greenly.
Jay Stubblefield and Miss Ossie Nall of Eufaula.
Sam Fowler and Miss Zonie Bell Helms of Eufaula.
Jeff Potter and Miss Bessie Easley of Eufaula.
Louis Griffin and Miss Janie Patt of Checotah
John Bruner and Lona Martin

Ray Haislip and Miss Belle Millsaps of Hanna.

Friday, August 8, 1913 MARRIAGE LICENSE
Robt. L. Colbert of Vivian and Miss Alice Drew of Muskogee.
Mark Rule of Raiford and Lucie Hopkins of Vivian.
D. W. Null of Hitchita and Mrs Addie Dillardon.
Jodie Adkerson and Oline Britton of Oktaha.

Friday, August 15, 1913  FAME ITEMS  Miss Martha Hardin and Mr. Roy Toller were very quietly married Sunday at 9 a.m. at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hardin. The Rev. Buie officiating.

Friday, August 22, 1913  BAILEY – HOPKINS  Mr. Scott Bailey and Miss Laura Hopkins were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents in Vivian last Sunday morning. . . 

Richard A. Hanley and Miss Ervin Patterson of Stidham.
Scott Bailey and Miss Laura Hopkins of Vivian.
Lonnie Thompson and Miss Thelma Reaves of Eufaula.
R. B. Russell and Miss Laura Young of Hanna.
James McLaney and Miss Rosa Bolton of Council Hill.
Lando Scott of Porum and Miss Lena Dake of Texanna.
L. A. Jones and Miss Ida M. Cuin of Checotah.
Ricdhard C. Moore and Miss Lida Crone of Council Hill.
Will D. Collins and Miss Minnie Pratter of Brush Hill.

Friday, September 5, 1913  JORDAN – PARTAIN  On Tuesday evening, August 31st, between the hours of 6 and 7 o’clock, the quiet but beautiful wedding of Mr. M. G. Jordan and Miss Laura Partain was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jordan, the parents of the groom.  The marriage . . was performed by Rev. T. S. Stratton of the Methodist church. . . 

Charlie Hill of Hanna and Lillie brown of Hughes.
Fred Thomas and May Cooper.
John Miller and Mrs. Brunette Whisenhunt of Texanna.
Wallace Thompson and mrs. Mary Alvis Eufaula.
Davis Green and Bertha Paul.
J. B. Collins and Exia Boland, Brush Hill.
Pilot Quabner and Mattie Paul.
Frank J. Goad and Dollie Hale.

Friday, September 26, 1913  YOUNG – SANGER  Last evening, one of the most beautiful and impressive weddings was solemnized at the palatial home of Captain and Mrs. G. W. Grayson, when their granddaughter, Miss Mable Sanger and Mr. Thomas J. Young were quietly married. . . 

Friday October 17, 1913  MARRIAGE LICENSE Issued by the Clerk of the County Court.
John W. Fairchild and Miss Ollie Nichols, both of Canadian.
Wylie J. Babbitt and Miss Gertrude Bell, both of Eufaula.
William Foreman and Miss Pet Bertholf, both of Tesxanna.
Jesse A. tilman and Miss Ivor Biddel, both of Eufaula.
James Gardnere and Mrs. Ada Livisay of near Rentiesville.
Mose Daniel and Maylissie Mosely, both of Checotah.
Jack Carruthers and Miss Pirlie Stribbler, both of Lenna
Pate Hargrove and Miss Emma Nichols, both of Rentiesville.

Friday, October 17, 1913  CLARK – SWEENEY  One of the most beautiful and sacred home weddings was solemnized Thursday evening at 8:30 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Sweeney, when their daughter Anna Vivian and Mr. Luther Lloyd Clark were quietly married. . . 

Thomas Combs, Checotah….. Katie Morgan, Checotah
Bert B. Harner, Fawn…. Ethel Bedford, Fawn
Tom Haley, Stidham….. Oda Ernest, Stidham
Bud Collins, Checotah……. Lena Storts, Checotah

L. C. Thompson and Dorie Glenn of Eufaula.
Sherman V. Milspas and Miss Maggie Young of Checotah.
Tom Bee and Miss Grace Shepherd of Brush Hill.
Felix Titsworth and Olivia Jones of Eufaula.
Trafvis McFee and Miuss Minnie Gentry of Checotah.
Charles Tomlinson and Miss Bell Clayton of Hanna.
Wm. E. Brown of Okmulgee and Miss Lizzie King of Eaten, Col.
Moses Thomas and Miss Lena Ambers of Hitchita.
Ben Horton and Miss Minnie Armstrong of Chetopa, Kas.
M. L. Poteet and Miss C. E. Chase of McAlester.
Tom Bailey and Miss May Stubblefield of Lenna.


Charles Rucker and Eliza Middlebrook.
Joe Wood and Miss Bessie Rogers of Checotah.
Wirt McJunkin of Eufaula and Mary Hutton of Huttonville.
Charles Ansiel and Miss Maud Morgan of Checotah.
Ruben hiopot and Miss Lenora Sexton of Checotah.
William Raper and Mrs Fannie Carr of Lenna.

Friday, November 21, 1913  MCCOY – GULLEY  J. H. McCoy of Eufaula, Okla., and Miss Minnie Gulley of Hutton Valley were married this afternoon at the South M. E. parsonage on West main St. Rev. E. F. McDaniel officiating.  The groom is a prominent building contractor of Eufaula, and met his bride while she was visiting in Oklahoma.  Mrs. McCoy who is one of Hutton Valley’s most charming young women, is a daughter of one of Howells county’s most prominent and highly respected pioneer families, being a granddaughter of the late Judge P. N. Gulley.. . . 

Guss Scruggs and Ardilla Hanley of Lenna
Edward Gonzales of McAlester and Miss Emma Hunt of Porum.
Elbert Williams and Miss Ellen Self of Checotah.
Nath Wright and Miss Pearl Baker of Mellette
Jess Cryus and Miss Florency Graham of Fawn.
Fred Ladd and Miss Alice Capps of Checotah.

Jesse Cyrus and Florence Graham of Fame.
Cernall melon of Vernor and Miss Maude Frazier of Hanna.
Dolphus Bizzell and Abbie Colbert of Pierce.
Frank Thomas and Maggie Harmon of Checotah.
Frank Ladd and Miss Alice Capps of Checotah.
Ned Steward and Sarah Wilkins of Nero.

Friday, December 19, 1913  TRAMWELL – TYLER  Mr. Will Tramwell of Eufaula and Miss Cora Tyler of Mellette were quietly married at the home of Rev. T. S. Stratton Tuesday.  . . .

Friday, December 26, 1913  TYNER – PEMBERTON  Mr. G. A. Tyner of Eufaula and Miss Vila Pemberton also of Eufaula were married at the Kirkpatrick home on the east side of tomwn Friday December 19th at 7:30 P. M. by Rev R. H Seabough past or of the Baptist Church. Mr. Tyner is in  the employ of the Western Natural Gas Company.

Friday, December 26, 1913  MARRIAGE LICENSE . . . 
Thomas Jones and Eliza Tong of Nerotown.
Toney Keeney and Florence Maurad, Lenna
Will Love and Joie Maxhill of Nerotown.
Emmitt Tillman and Jeffie Park of Pierce
John Thomas and Perlie Parker, Pierce
J. S. Grooks and Tressie Rhodes, Checotah.
Frank McKee and Needa Cameron, Texanna
J. S. Holliday of Muskogee and Eliza Bell of Eufaula.
Moses Shoals and Isabell Taylor, Cathay
Ray McCracken and Blanche Browning, Lenna
Joe Frederick and Maude Campbell, Eufaula.
Warren Moseley and Ciminia Cotton, Rentiesville.
Elmer Hughes and Lillie Vanburen, Eufaula.
Armour Willis of Fawn and Ruth Riffle of Porum
Bonnie Cooksee and Lola Fork of brush Hill
Jessie Finley and Emma Mitchell, Checotah.
Lewis Hall and Julia Davfis, Eufaula.


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