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Fom The Territorial News Vinita, I.T..November 9, 1901


A Few Interesting Facts About Our Lively Little Neighbor City

A representative of THE TERRITORIAL NEWS who spent a part of last Saturday in looking after the interests of the paper at Pryor Creek, has prepared for THE NEWS an interesting "write up" of his experiences in our enterprising neighboring city.

Pryor Creek is not quite as large as some towns in the Indian Territory, but she is about as industrious and well known. The population is estimated at between six and seven hundred and is increasing at a steady, healthy rate, with no indications of a "boom," which usually works more damage than good to a town. The dwelling houses of the city are remarkably good for a small town, there being very few of the "shack" variety. Pryor Creek has few trees and almost no side walks, but as far as clean streets and alleys are concerned, she might well be taken as a pattern by most of the larger towns of the territory. The trees and sidewalks will, of course, come later on, as "Coo-y-yah" is young yet.

The Graham bank block is the largest and finest building in town, and would be the largest and finest building in many other towns of twice or thrice Pryor Creek's size. It is two stories high, is built of pressed brick and cut stone, and is in every way as fine a structure as anything of its size and class that is to be found in Vinita, Wagoner or Muskogee.

The first acquaintance THE NEWS ran across on starting out in search of subscribers Saturday morning, was Dick Wheet, formerly of Vinita. The Wheet brothers, Dick and Joe, are proprietors of the Wheet Bros. Meat Market, are building up a fine trade in the butcher business, which they have, through square, honest, and courteous treatment of their customers, monopolized, so far as the city trade is concerned. The boys follow carpentry in connection with the meat businesses, and in attending to both, they about have their hands full. They have erected a neat dwelling house of their own in the east part of the city and "expects to stay." Mr. Wheet had very little time to talk, but he professed to be glad to see us and subscribed for the paper, as he wished to keep posted on Vinita affairs. The Wheet brothers are business men of sound judgment and will make a success of whatever they undertake.

The Palace Drug Store was the next place visited. Messrs. Green & Tolbertare the proprietors. We were shown over the store by Mr. Green, whom we have known for several years. The Palace has been running about two years and is the popular drug store of Pryor Creek. They carry the largest and most complete line of drugs, paints, oils, varnishes and chemicals in the city, and have the best cigar trade in town. We can testify to the high quality of cigars carried because Mr. Green presented us with one out of his stock, and we know a good cigar when we see it and smoke it. The Central Office of the Indian Territory Telephone Co. is located in this store. After chatting awhile with Mr. Green, we started for the Mayes Mercantile Company store, but while crossing the street dropped our pencil, and suddenly realized that two buttons, after long and faithful service, had suddenly resigned their positions and left for parts unknown. Just what office these two buttons performed this deed in was, of course, of no particular interest to the reader. Enough that they are generally considered essential to the peace and welfare of every civilized American. Just how to get the buttons replaced was a hard question but a sign which said "Millinery" seemed to hold out some hope.

We were a little in doubt as to whether milliners included this branch of work in their profession or not, but there was nothing to do but try. The millinery store was located in the Graham building and as we entered a young lady wearing a red waist asked: "Would you wish something?" "Yes; some buttons." "How many?" "I would wish them sewed on." "On what." "On me." "Oh! We don't do that, but go to Mrs. Luttrell's, around the corner." "Around the corner?" "Yes; south." Mrs. Luttrell is a first-class tailoress, and as she sewed the buttons on, she called our attention to some very fine tailor work she had just turned out. She has been in business in Pryor Creek six years and during this time has had but one complaint of unsatisfactory work, and this was in the case of an order which she had filled out of town, on account of having more work than she could attend to.

At the Buckeye Hotel, where we went for supper, we got the best meal for 25c that we have eaten in a long time. The Buckeye is located near the South C. B. Church, and is run by J. W. Hyde and family. Besides having a large number of regular boarders, the Buckeye does a good transient business, and we can certainly recommend this house to all who enjoy nice clean beds and first class table fare at a very reasonable rate. The hotel has been running under the present management for about six years, and has always given satisfaction in every way.

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