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Partial Transcription of Old Adair Cemetery, Adair, Mayes, Oklahoma

 Last Name   First Name      DOB         DOD         Comments
 Edwards Esther J.       19 Aug 1880 
 Holt        Dorothy Mae 12 Jan 1913     13 Nov 1968 
 Holt        Homer Levi      23 Sep 1914 1 Jan 1998  
 Holt        Latisha Mae 11 Mar 1933 11 Mar 1933 Dau of Tom D. and Sylvia D. 
 Holt        Linda Joeline   10 Dec 1946 10 Dec 1946 
 Holt        Mary Jane       1 Feb 1884      6 Mar 1961  
 Holt        Melburn Lee 17 Dec 1923 20 Nov 1936 
 Holt        Monroe Allen    28 Apr 1910 9   Jun 1978    
 Holt        Sylvia          18 Mar 1913                 Living as of May 
 2000, wife of Tom D.
 Holt        Tom D.          27 Jul 1908     21 Nov 1987 Aka "Beau Holt"
 Holt        Vesta V.        11 Feb 1902     
 Holt        Walter C.       25 Jun 1901     22 Jan 1981 
 Holt        William Carroll 9 May 1878      21 Nov 1955 
 Jeffries        Marie           14 Aug 1908 8 Dec 1980      Arzilla Marie 
 Miles, wife of Frank Jeffries, dau of J.T. Miles
 Keen        Ester           22 May 1900 10 Nov 1975 Olive Ester Miles, sis to 
 Marie Jeffries, wf. Raymond Keen
 King        Kenneth James   21 Nov 1927 21 Nov 1927 Son of Mary J. and T.C. 
 King        Lamira Faye 4 Jun 1929      4 Jun 1929      Dau of Mary J. and T. 
 C. King
 King        Mary J.         12 Oct 1894 2 May 1989      Mary Jane Miles, wife 
 of T.C. King, dau of J.T.Miles
 King        T. C.           20 Sep 1887 8 Jan 1961      Husband of Mary Jane 
 Lingren     John            2 Jun 1862      4 Jan 1944      Husband of Mary 
 Evaline Proffitt
 Lingren     Linnie Pearl        14 Feb 1917                 Dau of Alexander 
 Lingren     Mary E.         15 Mar 1874 30 Jul 1964     Mary Evaline 
 Proffitt, dau of John M., wife of John Lingren
 Lingren     Pete            20 Jun 1914     2 Apr 1971  
 Miles       Emma            21 Jun 1901     10 Feb 1975 Wife of James Augusta 
 Miles, MNU, sis Lena Wheeler 
 Miles       Guss            16 Mar 1904 19 Jan 1978     James Augusta Miles, 
 son of J.T. Miles & Nancy E. Proffitt
 Proffitt        Charles L.      28 Feb 1877 28 Nov 1945 Son of John Melvin 
 Proffittand Jane Mesecher
 Proffitt        Davy C.         1859            1929            David 
 Crockett Proffitt, bro to John Melvin Proffitt
 Proffitt        Flora Belle     7 Nov 1887      21 Jan 1953 
 Proffitt        George W.       28 Apr 1868     1 Jan 1941      Son of John 
 Melvin Proffitt
 Proffitt        Helen           27 Dec 1882 17 Feb 1954 Helen "Effie" 
 Jeffries, wife of James E. Proffitt
 Proffitt        James E.        22 Sep 1879                 d. 21 Oct 1965, 
 "Jim," son of John Melvin Proffitt
 Proffitt        John M.         1 Nov 1846      26 Aug 1928 John Melvin 
 Proffit, son of David K. Proffitt and Jane Melvin
 Proffitt        June [Jane]     24 Jul 1846     1 Jul 1929      Jane 
 Mesecher, wife of John Melvin Proffitt
 Proffitt        John W.     26 Oct 1882 31 Dec 1959 John William Proffitt, 
 bro to John Melvin Proffitt

 Additional Transcriber's comments:
 John Thomas Miles (above J.T.Miles) is reported to also be buried here, but I 
 was unable to find his gravestone.  I would assume that Nancy Elizabeth 
 Proffitt Miles, wife of J.T. Miles is also buried here as her parents, most 
 of her siblings, and some of her children are here, but I was also unable to 
 find her gravestone.

 This is only a partial transcription of the graves in this cemetery.  A full 
 transcription can be found at the Pryor Public Library, Pryor, Mayes, 
 Oklahoma.  The cemetery itself is located in Adair, Mayes, Oklahoma.  It is 
 off the beaten path, and I don't have an exact address for it.  It is seldom 
 used anymore.

 I have done my best to keep errors to a minimum, but typos may occur.  Please 
 double check all dates.  Anyone desiring more information  on the Miles, 
 Proffitt, Jeffries families of Mayes County,OK, or with corrections, please 
 contact me.

 Submitter: Samantha Edwards Boydstun
 16905 E. 480 Rd., Claremore, OK 74017
 May 1, 2000