Marshall County, Oklahoma


Lodge building


Now Creekmore Lodge #74

Madill, Oklahoma

There was one time at least six Masonic Lodges in Marshal county. They were at the following locations.

Oakland  - Woodville
Lebanon  - Willis
McMillian  - Madill, which was the Oakland Lodge.

Oakland moved to Madill. Until then there was no lodge in Madill

      On August 19, 1893 a group of Masons, most of whom were members of Mannsville Lodge No. 65, met in Oakland, IT. in a building designated as a Masonic Lodge. They appointed the following as officers to form a new lodge and elect officers. R.W. Choate, Worshipful Master; J.H.C. Creekmore, Senior Warden; I.O. Lewis. Junior Warden; L. J. Bailey, Secretary; J. A. Donehoo, Treasurer, W. T. Beasley, Senior Deacon; W. H. Hibler, Junior Deacon, P. R. Flat, Senior Steward; H. Swindell, Junior Steward; C. C. Yargain, Tyler: Other present were R. Ober, J. K. Bibbs, J.W. Vandervort. Visitors, J. H. Thompson, Pineville, Arkansas Lodge No. 306 and P. M. Deer, Caddo Lodge No. 3 Indian Territory.

The Worshipful Master opened the Lodge on the Master Mason Degree and after some remarks about the reason for the meeting, declared Oakland Lodge U.D. (Under Dispensation) duly coated under a dispensation issued by Most Worshipful Andrew Hardy, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indian Territory, dated August 12, I893.

A committee was appointed to procure four lamps, two dozen aprons, window shades and material for stations. The lodge was closed in due form to meet on Saturday after full moon in each month at three o'clock P.M.

Signed by P. W. Choate as Worshipful Master and L. J. Bailey as Secretary. The second meeting of Oakland Lodge U. D. was on September 2,1893 and a Committee on By-laws, P. R. Flat, Henry Swindell and W. H. Hibler was appointed. Also a committee finance, J. W. Vandervort, W. A. Kibler and J. C. Pinchbeck. Also a committee on Education, L. J. Bailey, P. R. Flat and J. H. C. Creehmore. During the year the lodge was Under Dispensation three new members were added: W. L. Riffe and Thomas Boyd by conferring of Degrees and Charlie Jones by affiliation. On May 24, 1894 the lodge meeting time was changed from three P.M. to seven P.M.

On August 30, 1894 a special meeting was called by District Deputy Grand Master, Brother B.H. Tanner, and Oakland Lodge No. 67, Indian Territory was granted its charter. An election was held and the following members were elected: J.H.C. Creekmore, Worshipful Master; J.W. Vandervort, Senior Warden; C. A. Vandervort, Junior Warden; J. R. Donehoo, Treasurer, L. J. Bailey, Secretary; I. O. Lewis, Senior Deacon; T.M. Boyd, Junior Deacon; W.W. Hibler, Senior Stewart; W.T. Beasley, Junior Steward; P.R. Flat, Tyler. These officers were duly installed by Worshipful Brother E.H. Tanner, District Duty Grand Master.

Daring the year 1908 R.W. Choate, who was the first Worshipful Master of Oakland Lodge No. 67, served as Grand Master of the Indian Territory Grand Lodge and on June 1, 1905 Oakland Lodge No. 67 was moved from Oakland to Madill. On February 3,1909 the lodge held its last meeting as Oakland Lodge No. 67 Indian Territory and on March 6, 1909 it held its first meeting as Oakland Lodge No.74, under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, AF & AM of the State of Oklahoma.

By 1970 the old lodge building at the corner of Madill Plaza and East Main was in such bad condition the lodge could not get insurance coverage on it and so made plans for a new building. A fund raising project was started and as funds were accumulated a lot was purchased at 307 West Lillie, plans for the lodge building were drawn up and a concrete floor slab was run and plumbing roughed in.

The Masons and Eastern Star were beginning to wonder how long it would take to finish the building project "poor boy style" when the lodge received a letter from a law firm in California notifying the lodge it was a beneficiary of two thirds of the Estate of Ennis and Emma Creekmore.

Ennis Creekmore was the son of the second Worshipful Master of Oakland Lodge No. 67, Brother J .H. C. Creekmore. Through the generosity of Brother Ennis and Mrs. Creekmore the lodge received almost sixty thousand dollars from their estate. This came just at the right time to finish the beautiful new Lodge Temple where the Masons, Eastern Star, DeMolay and Rainbow now meet.

      Oakland Lodge No.74 met for the first time in the new Temple on February 1, 1973 and on May 26,1973 the cornerstone was laid and the new lodge dedicated by Most Worshipful Master John W. Preble, Grand Master and his Grand Lodge Offices.

Brother Bill Barber, who had been the leader of the drive to build a new temple; didn't live to see his dream come true. He passed from this life June 23, 1972.

  Those who have served Oakland Lodge No.74, as Worshipful Master are:

RW. Choate,   J. C. Creekmore,   I.O. Lewis,   J.W. Vandervort,

J.N: Bowls,   F.B. Henson,   L. S. Dillingham,  H. J. Ledbetter,

W.M. Welch,  L.E. Creekmore,   J.C. Williamson,   F.J. Carter,

R: C. Barnett,   H. E. Small,   W.J. Russell,   G.L. Sneed,

Grady Webster,   W. I. Dowell,   J. W. McDuffee,   T. D. Alexander,

Adran Ewing,  R O. Pool,   C. K Beater,   R. L. Turner,

W. E. Pryor,   J. E. Grigsby,   J. E. Ewing,   G. M. Neal,

G. C. Wheeler,   N. W. Brillhart,   O. B. Perryman,   W. L. Jacks,

R. M. Hollingsworth,   C. W. Ward  , R. I. Stevenson,  J. H. Smith,

L. E. Ables,   R. R Henry,   J. R. Mahan,   R. L. Peters,

J. O. Murray,   M. F. Danner,   C. W. Gleason,   L. J. Weldon,

W. A. Barber,   H. D. Brown,   R. L. Bourne,   L. J. Underhill,

R. O. Livengood,   C. L. Clarkson,   O. O. Isaacs,   H. G. Savage,

E. J. Gibbs,   V. H. Maxwell,   W. L. Moore Jr.  , A. M. France,

B. D. Crook,   J. E Savage,   F.J. Limpek,   V. P. Smith,

J. P. Pickers,   H. E. Mayo,   C. E. Reed,   WY. Rushing,

J.T. Eldridge,   J. P. Eldridge,   H. C. Cantrell Sr.,   W.G. Adams,

W.C. Cantrell,   D.R Peoples,   LA. Berkley,   A. D. Wellman,

R. R Noah,   W. E. Reed,   C. Sisson,   W. C. Clure,

D. W. Grider is Worshipful Master for 1986.
by R. L. Bourne, Secretary

The Lodge is now the:
Creekmore Lodge #74
307 Lillie Blvd
Madill, Oklahoma 73446

officers for 2002

Officers of Creekmore Lodge for the year 2002.
Front row:
Carl Evans,  (Secretary) Bobby Howard  (SW)   Red Hall  (WM)  Michael Glenn   (JW)  Royce King  (Treasurer)
Back Row
Dan Grider  (Chaplin)  Monte Cates (Replaced by) Jason Howard  (JD)  Tommy Clayburn  (SD)  Bill Parish  (SS)  Michael Parish  (JS)  Tom Jones  (Tiler)

Creekmore Lodge Officer for 2003

officers for 2003

FRONT Row L. to R.
James Alexander (Treasure) - Michael Glen (Senior warden)
Bobby Howard( Worshipful Master)- Jason Howard (Junior Warden)
Gary Stowers (Secretary)
Back Row:
Bobby Crook (Senior Stewart) - Harvey Wilson (Junior Stewart & DDGM.)  
Manford Terrell (Tiler)- Tom Jones (Senior Deacon)  
Mike Parish (Chaplin) - Orin VanWinkle (Junior Deacon)

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