Bill Tilghman Family History

As told by Paul Stewart: G. G. Grandson


The Tilghman family originated in Germany.There they were called the
Von Tills. When the Tilghman family moved to England they anglicized
he name to Tillman, which later became more anglicized with the
Tilghman spelling. My great great grandmother married Bill Tilghman
when she was 17 years old. She and Bill had courted on and off for a year
before but Bill kept leaving to go on long hunts or drives. On one very
long hunt Bill came back to find Flora married and expecting. When
Flora's baby was only 3 months old her husband, Joe Robinson was
killed when his horse fell on him. Flora knocked on Bill's door not long
after destitute and starving. Bill took her in, let her stay, and adopted the
boy as his own. They were married soon after and had three more children.
Flora divorced Bill in 1890 (absolutely unheard of at the time), and went
to live with her mother in Dodge City KS. She and Bill had fought for years
over the huge periods of time Bill would be away. It drove her literally insane. Finally she couldn't take it and left him, (their bible is at OU's Western Collection). My great grandmother was born at Fort Wingate
NM, she was Bill and Flora's oldest child. Dorthy grew up near Chandler
and married Daniel Norton. Dorthy spent her entire life in Chandler
and is buried very close to her father.



Bill Tilghman married
1. Flora Kendall: 3 Children

Dorthy Tilghman, oldest child of Bill & Flora, married Daniel Norton
Children of Dorthy & Daniel Norton: Burford, Jessie,
Agnes and Bill
Agnes Norton married Gerald Stewart
Children of Agnes & Gerald Stewart: Norton &
Richard Stewart married Judith Matson
Children of Richard & Judith Stewart:
Paul, Lynn and Jerry
Paul Stewart married Madeleine McGrath
Children of Paul & Madeleine Stewart: Aidan and Allis
Lynn Stewart married Mark Lightman
Children of Lynn & Mark Lightman: Booker


Bill Tilghman married
2. Zoe Stratton in 1903


I would like to thank Paul Stewart for sharing this information.