Town of Sparks

Contributed by Sherry Babb - whose husband Bill G. Babb was born near Sparks and was raised there on his grandfather's farm. His grandfather (Ludy L. NEIGHBOURS) moved into Lincoln County about 1900 when he was about six years old. Their farm was about 4 miles SE of Sparks.

Sparks is located about 17 miles NW of Prague. There is very little left of Sparks now, except a post office. Even the schools are closed. The school does have a reunion each year and a few years ago this article was given out.


Railroads came to Sparks, Oklahoma in 1902. The location of two junctions was especially favorable for a town site. At that time, "deed warranty" lists the "consideration" for a main street lot as three hundred dollars. Opening day for Sparks was August 26, 1902.

In 1903-04, the business places in Sparks included: 2 banks, 2 lumber yards, 2 hardware stores, 2 farm implement dealers, 3-6 grocery stores, 1-2 butcher shops, 2 grocery-dry goods stores, 1-2 drug stores, 1 shoe shop, 2 barber shops, 1-2 millinery shops, 1 newspaper and print shop, 5 saloons, 3-5 hotels, 1-2 restaurants, 3 wagon yards, 1-2 livery stables, 1 blacksmith shop, 1 saw mill, 2 pool halls, 1 feed store, 1 cotton gin, 2-3 doctors and 2 lawyers.

Most all necessities and luxuries desired could be, and were, purchased right at home. In 1907 the population of Spark, OK was 503.

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