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My name is Kathleen Lipsmeyer Nichols. My husband's great grandfather, Robert H. NICHOLS ran in the Land Run of 1891. I want to be sure to have our information as a FIRST FAMILY for they were. Robert Hatton Nichols Land Run of 1891 is T16N, R6E, Section 31 NW quarter, Ponca Township. Robert Hatton Nichols b. 11 March 1837 Clermont County, OHIO d. 09 Feb 1916 Stroud, Oklahoma. m. Nancy A. CALHOUN, 13 October 1861. Children: Velma Marie b. 11 August 1862 d. 29 Mar 1915 m. Frank Monday near Valley Center Kansas Adelbert Perry b. 17 Dec 1865 d. 7 Dec 1943 Avilla, Mo. m. Carrie Heuston 3 Mar 1898 d. 30 May 1906 Lorena Hall b. 5 June 1910 d. 29 Aug 1933 Neosho Mo. Mary Houston 1 July 1934 d. 30 Apr 1947 Grace Ann b. 15 Dec 1869 d. 15 Nov 1928 Neosho Mo. m. Thomas Hamer Godfrey 2 July 1890 Ks. Thomas Godfrey b. 14 Feb 1856 d. 19 Mar 1942 Thomas Godfrey homesteaded a farm one and one-half miles west of a house that was 1 mile north of the Rt 66 Dosie Creek bridge. The original house burned in 1950s. Thomas ran in the 1891 land opening and was a close friend and neighbor of Adam Sporleder. Thomas was known as "Hamer". Thomas and Grace Nichols Godfrey raised Ernest Nichols as their own son, when Cora Nichols, his mother died soon after his birth. Other family members homesteading in the county besides Robert H. Nichols, Thomas Hamer Godfrey, are Frank T. Nichols, A.P. Nichols and W.H. Godfrey. Gerald Nichols, my husband, lived in the house near the Dosie Creek bridge for several years, and Gerald attended Pleasant Hill School, which has since moved to Davenport Okla. and is now a store building. *William Birdsal NICHOLS b. 26 Aug 1872 d. 14 Sept 1959 Glencoe Okla. Married: Cora Eva Hale Nichols 24 Dec 1894 Chandler Okla. d. 10 Jan 1909 buried Stroud Okla. Married: Lillie M. Seltzer Nichols 14 Dec 1910 d. 30 May 1977 Stroud Ok. Married: Chandler Okla. *Wm. B. NICHOLS is Gerald Lee Nichols grandfather. Frank Thomas b. 30 May 1875 d. 30 Mar 1947 Avilla Mo. Married: Lydia Button 1899 Chandler Okla. d. 12 Oct 1963 Divorced: 1924 Miami Ok. Married: Lula Pannebecker 11 Mar 1941 Mo. I have other interesting facts and data about Okla. esp. Lincoln County and Noble County. CHANDLER: Prior to 22 September 1891, the site now occupied by the city was a portion of the domain of the Sac and Fox tribe of Indians. On that date these lands were thrown open for settlement, and six days later, Chandler sprang into existence. Prior to that time the only settlement of any importance in what is now Lincoln County was the Sac and Fox Agency, located in South Keokuk Township. STOUD: Stroud dates its existence from 1898, the date of the building of the Frisco line west from Sapulpa to Oklahoma City and is located in North Keokuk Township. Stroud was a typical western town in the early days of its existence with nine saloons. William Birdsal NICHOLS Sr., Gerald Lee Nichols grandfather, and Cora Eva Hale NICHOLS were married in Chandler Okla. on 24 Dec, 1894. There were 5 (five) Children of William and Cora Eva Nichols: Gerald L. Nichols father ERNEST HATTON NICHOLS b. 15 Nov 1905 was also married in Chandler Okla. 15 Nov 1923 to Myrtle Lay Nichols. They are buried in Stroud cemetery. Ernest and Myrtle Lay Nichols had 4 children: Gerald Lee Nichols b. 1 Sept 1936 is one of the four.

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