David A. McLaury
of Lone Oak (Cushing), Oklahoma
(1849 - 1932)

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Reverand David Allen McLaury was sent to Oklahoma Territory by the Board of Home Missions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church as a circuit rider, preaching the gospel wherever he was asked. At the time, he and his family were living in Carroll County, Missouri. In the fall of 1892, he decided to move his family to the Cushing area. He purchased a relinquised homestead on Wildhorse Creek in what would become Lincoln County (SW 1/4, Sec 28, Twp 17N, R53) 5 miles south of Cushing.

Rev. McLaury and his sons, Elmer, Guy and Floyd and two daughters, Eva and Zelpha, came to I.T. in two covered wagons with the family possessions in a caravan of neighbors and acquaintances from Missouri. Later, his wife, Laura Ellen (Bartlett) and younger children came by train to Guthrie and from there, over land by lumber wagon to their new home in the Lone Oak School District.

Rev. McLaury helped establish Sunday Schools and churches in many communities organizing congregations in Chandler, Davenport, Avery, Ingalls, Blackburn and Cushing. In addition, he preached wherever he was asked to do so regardless of the denomination.

School Districts were being established in every township with located every three miles. Lone Oak School District had as its first school board the Rev. McLaury, F. M. Bonebrake and Tom Lindley. The first building was a 14-ft. by 14-ft. log structure. The first 6-mo. term was held in 1894.

When the town of Cushing was established in 1894, Rev. McLaury preached to the residents in the Methodist Church before the founding of other denominations.

David McLaury was born to Richard McIntosh and Eleanor (Leslie) McLaury May 15, 1849 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania of Scotch Presbyterian ancestry. He moved, as a child, with his parents to Carroll County, Missouri where he eventually married Laura Ellen Bartlett November 6, 1873.

The children of David and Laura Ellen were: Guy Leslie (1874 - 1952); Elmer Richard (1875 - 1951); Eva May(Mrs. Floyd L. Griffeth 1877 - 1955); Lilburn Baxter (1879 - 1880); Zelpha Ann(Mrs. Tom Moffatt, 1880 - 1924); Floyd Bartlett 1882 - 1932); Virgie Mabel (1884 - 1892); Atha Ellen (Mrs. Robert G. Boatright 1886 - 1949); Hattie Aurella (Mrs. Charles Morgan 1888 - 1951); Hugh Telford (1890 - 1955); David Carroll (1892 - 1895); Irma Nell (Mrs. Leo Applegate 1900 - 1960); Carrie Lorene (Mrs. Benjamin Eben Naugle 1898 1952); Lee Sheldon (1900 - 1957); and George Edwin (1902 - 1960).

Rev. McLaury died in Cushing, March 13, 1932.

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