Early Schools

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    Please email  me, to include the names of teachers and the school in which they taught.
Please include the years they were teaching if known. Any other information about the schools would be appreciated.

Accident (Hulsey) Atwood Beulah Benedict Bethel 
Bethel Pictures Big Prairie Big Springs Bilby Bohannon
Buffalo Calvin Calvin Kids Carmichael Carson
Cebar Central Central Picture Citra Coachman
Coston Cross Roads Dustin Fairview  Friendship
Friendship Pictures Gate Wood Gerty Gerty Pictures Greasy Creek
Green Leaf Gum Springs Hastings Hickory Grove Hill Top
Hilltop Pictures Hobson Holdenville Jackson Lamar
Lamar Pictures Lawnwood Leader Little River Loan Oak
Lone Star Lowrence Maple Grove McMahan Middle Creek
Mingo Pictures Moss Mt. Grove Mt. School Non 
Noon Springs O. K. School Oak Dale Oak Ridge Ozark
Pecan Grove Pleasant Ridge Pleasant View Rock Creek Round Prairie
Shady Grove Shawnee Hill Social Spaulding Spring Creek
Spring Hill Stony Point Stuart Sunny Dale Texas Banner
Valley View Wetumka  Yeager    


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